Pick Your Favorite Foods And Get The Perfect Baby Girl Name

Picking out the perfect name for our children is a super tough gig. Someone's name is such a tricky thing to figure out. It has to fit perfectly to their face and demeanor and personality, there's always some worry involved that the name the parents pick out just won't fit.

That's why it's always fun to turn to the things in our lives that we're all about — in this case, that would be our favorite foods! Think about it for a second. The food we love is so telling to who we are as people. If a person enjoys foods like spaghetti and meatballs and lasagna or fried chicken, that could mean they're into names that are more classic and traditional.

If someone is up on their health and isn't afraid to try new and exciting foods (including those that are plant-based), it could mean that they're willing to give their daughter a name that's maybe a bit more unusual or one that will help them stand out in the crowd.

So, please, even if babies aren't on the horizon anytime soon, take the 'Pick your favorite foods and get the perfect baby girl name' quiz for a good dose of fun!

Question 1

Spaghetti and Meatballs

There's something so comforting about classic spaghetti and meatballs. It's like going to grandma's house for dinner on a Sunday night — it's something you can depend on that totally warms you up inside. Plus, spaghetti just isn't the same if you do a standard bolognese and no meatballs. It's like having two scoops of vanilla ice cream in a perfect little bowl and not throwing caramel or hot fudge on top of it. How about it — is spaghetti and meatballs one of your favorite foods?

Question 2

Tuna Melt

The tuna melt exists for those people out there who are not afraid of a little mayonnaise, canned tuna, cheese and bread. We're sorry to say that if you're on any kind of plant-based diet, this meal is not for you. A tuna melt really works to take just a regular tuna salad sandwich up a notch as you have your tasty tuna put together with a creamy mayonnaise, but you get to add some nice cheese either on top or in the middle and get it all melted and delicious. Gosh, we're drooling just thinking about this sandwich!

Question 3

Cobb Salad

A Cobb salad is one of those diner menu items that people turn to when they're unsure of what to get because they're such a tried and true food item. The salad has such a great combination of flavors that it's hard to turn down. You have your lettuce and tomato and red onions, which are a usual component in just about any salad. But then you add in some avocado chunks, sliced turkey, hard boiled eggs, bacon and blue cheese — it becomes a whole different ballgame. Pick or pass on Cobb salad?

Question 4

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some version of chocolate chip cookies are such a staple in most households. If you need a little chocolatey snack when you get home from school or work prior to dinner, a chocolate chip cookie is your go-to. If you need just a little something sweet after a big meal to go with your tea or coffee, a chocolate chip cookie is completely fair. Whatever the occasion is, you just really can't go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie because it's sweet, chewy and totally satisfying.

Question 5

Apples and Peanut Butter

Apples and peanut butter is such a great snack because it's combining something crisp and tangy with something so delicious and creamy. Plus, there's just something so simple and easy about having an apple with peanut butter too. First off, they're two foods that you're almost always going to have on hand in your kitchen. Secondly, there's nothing hard or time consuming with cutting up an apple and getting out some peanut butter. Do you pick or pass on this healthy snack?

Question 6

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Barbecue chicken pizza is for all those pizza lovers out there who are fans of the general concept of putting pizza dough, sauce, toppings and cheese together, but enjoy mixing things up a bit as well. Barbecue chicken pizza is just the perfect blending of sweetness and spice. You have that tangy barbecue sauce usually taking place of the tomato sauce on the bottom. Some kind of combination of grilled chicken, onions and maybe other veggies. And when you put cheese on top, it's literally golden!

Question 7

A Slab of Steak

Even in the age of plant based diets and eating less red meat, for a lot of people out there, their go-to meal is still a nice steak. Not only is a steak a formidable source of protein and iron, but it also becomes such a conversation piece at a meal. Think about it, if you're dining out at a restaurant, the people you're with will ask you questions about its juiciness and flavor and texture. That's not something you find with a lot of other meals. Steaks tend to be special in that way.

Question 8


Tacos have become such a staple in our everyday food game. Think about it for a second — as much as the world loves pizza or lasagna, we haven't designated a day of the week that's dedicated to them. Taco Tuesday has become a big thing and we love that it's totally caught on with people. Tacos are so easily customized to any diet and there are so many great additions that you can make to your taco, it really is one of the greatest foods to ever exist.

Question 9

Yogurt with Fruit

There's something so calming about yogurt and fruit and we're not quite sure what it is exactly. Maybe it's because it makes you think of those dark morning hours. You know, when you're sitting at the kitchen counter eating in natural light after having done a 20 minute yoga session in the living room. Or maybe it's because anyone can whip up some yogurt and fruit at a moment's notice and it's perfectly delightful. Some delicious blueberries or strawberries with (several) spoonfuls of your favorite yogurt is a great way to start the day.

Question 10


Speaking of great and healthy snacks, hummus has got to be at the top of that list. It's creamy, flavorful and there are so many ways to eat it. You can do it the traditional way and use some warm naan for dipping. Or you can go the more health conscious route and get out the carrots, celery or cucumber (basically any vegetable that tickles your fancy) for dipping. Or you can put a few spoonfuls of hummus on your sandwich, wrap or in your salad for some added flavor too.

Question 11


Lasagna has to be such a classic crowd pleaser for a reason. You hear about so many couples or parents out there who make lasagna for their favorite people on special occasions because they just love it so much. What is it about lasagna that hits it out of the park with so many people? Is it because it's a pasta dish and nowadays people tend to steer clear of pasta a bit more because we're all counting our carbs. Or is it the cheese factor? Lasagna is just loaded with cheese and maybe that's the ticket to why people adore it so much.

Question 12

McDonald's Cheeseburgers

McDonald's cheeseburgers are such a staple to so many people out there who are fans of the massive franchise. They're totally up there with the Filet-O-Fish or the Big Mac or McChicken as a classic grab from McDonald's. There's really nothing like that flavor of that tiny beef patty put together with the cheese, minced onions, relish, ketchup and pickles. It's a flavor combination that makes you want to eat about three of these guys in one sitting — and admit it, you totally have!

Question 13

Berry Smoothie

Smoothies have become such a staple in our everyday lives. It's such an easy thing in the morning time to throw some of your favorite berries, yogurt or milk and basically whatever you'd like, in a blender and you're good to go. Smoothies have such a soft spot with people too because even if you're not a big breakfast person or don't have the time in the morning before work, there's really nothing to it. Plus, as an added bonus, you can take them with you on your travels to work!

Question 14

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken always feels like such a summer staple for a lot of people because it's so easy to bring along on picnics and cook-outs. There are usually so many great local places where you can pick it up for take-out or if you're feeling adventurous, fried chicken really isn't that hard to make. There's just something about having a chicken leg or thigh that's super moist on the inside and perfectly crisp on the outside. There's just nothing else like it.

Question 15

Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo is a go-to for a lot of people because you really can't beat those thick fettuccine noodles combined with a creamy rich alfredo sauce. It's one of those meals that really feels as though it just sticks to your ribs. For those people who aren't much into dairy, this may not be your ideal pasta meal because it's all about that creamy sauce which usually incorporates some Parmesan cheese on top as well. Who doesn't love to sop up that sauce with a nice piece of garlic bread too!

Question 16

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is the toast that dreams are made of for a lot of people out there. Seriously, what did everyone do for brunch before avocado toast came onto the scene? The truly great thing about avocado toast is that virtually anyone can make and enjoy it because it has to be one of the easiest things to make. All you have to do is toast some bread and mash up some avocado and you're basically set. If you want to add some herbs, cheese or eggs on top, that's totally up to the individual.

Question 17

Onion Rings

Did you know that onion rings don't just have to be on the side of a cheeseburger? That's right. If you have the nerve and the guts, you can pull up to just about any drive thru window and order all of the onion rings you want. And if you pay for them, they have to give them to you. So, let this be a lesson for you. Just because something traditionally comes "on the side" of something, it really doesn't have to. Onion rings can be your main, your side and your dessert if you want them to be!

Question 18

Prime Rib

Prime rib is one of those meats that people tend to go absolutely crazy for at a buffet because maybe it seems as though it's a special occasion and you're really treating yourself. If you're into beef, people tend to love prime rib because it's supposed to be the most tender, juicy and flavorful cut of beef that really doesn't need any extras — meaning, you can skip the gravy. Is prime rib a favorite of yours or do you always pass it in the line at the buffet?

Question 19


Is there anything better than a short stack of pancakes when you wake up on a Sunday morning after a long (but hopefully very fun) Saturday night out? We're going to say a big no to that one. There's just something about pancakes that are so very comforting and we can't quite put our finger on why. Maybe because it's a carb and carbs just make us feel better. Or maybe there's a sense of comfort that comes from the ceremony of putting the butter and syrup on pancakes every time. Whatever it is, pancakes truly get us!

Question 20


Calamari is one of those appetizers that you get at a restaurant or pub when you're just not feeling the nachos or spinach dip because you're in the mood for something a little more fancy. There's just something about seafood, even when it's deep fried, that steps the food game up a notch. And when you do squid deep fried, you're really not met with that kind of rubbery or chewy consistency. Plus, when you have dips or aiolis to dip them in, so much the better!

Question 21

Caesar Salad

Caesar salad isn't one of the world's most famous salads for no reason. There's really no other salad out there quite like it. It doesn't matter if you go homemade for the dressing or you get yours out of a bottle in the fridge, that creamy tang with a bit of spice and garlic on romaine lettuce just hits all the taste buds. Plus, when you add things like crunchy croutons, Parmesan cheese and bacon bits — it's the perfect combination that makes you forget you're even eating a salad.

Question 22

Egg Salad Sandwich

An egg salad sandwich is one of those handy little meals to have that are super easy to make, filling and it also travels so well that it's great to take to work or school. There's just something about the mellow taste of the egg put together with a tangy mayonnaise and maybe some celery or cucumber or dill pickles for a bit of a crunch. And then if you get some really nice crusty bread for it to sit in between, it's such a great combination.

Question 23

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries have become such a staple in restaurants and even in our meals at home, they've really just become second nature to regular french fries. In a lot of ways, they are kind of superior to classic french fries. First off, sweet potatoes are indeed sweet in taste, but not too much. They're healthier for us than regular starchy potatoes. Plus, they are so great for dipping into different sauces and aiolis. There is nothing quite like a yummy sweet potato fry!

Question 24

Poke Bowls

If you haven't seen a poke bowl pop up on your social media feed, really, who are you following because they are all the rage. In their defense, they do look pretty on camera because of all those colors, plus they offer up all those bragging rights that comes with eating something out of the ordinary. In case you didn't know, poke bowls are really just deconstructed sushi rolls. They feature your choice of fish (usually tuna or salmon), rice, seaweed, soy sauce and maybe some avocado.

Question 25


Do you have pickles on the side of a burger or sandwich and that's enough? Or are you the type of person who is all about that pickle life that you have at least three jars in the pantry at all times because sometimes you get pickles out for a snack all on their own? There are usually two distinct types of people when it comes to pickles. They'll either happily take them from time to time or they're completely all about them and everyone in their life is fully aware of this little tidbit.

Question 26

Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is usually known to be a great side to just about any pasta dish out there because it's the ideal tool to lap up all that extra sauce. Really though, what can you say about garlic bread that people haven't already said a million times already? Maybe that sometimes when you're feeling sad over a boy (or girl), it's the most satisfying food to stick in the oven with a ton of cheese on top and cry with as you watch a rom-com. It comforts you on a whole other level and for that we will be forever grateful to garlic bread.

Question 27


Omelettes are just a tried and true favorite for so many people because on any day of the week, almost everybody has eggs in their fridge. Plus, they're so awesome because you can basically put whatever you want in them and it won't screw them up. If you're a meat eater, throw in some bacon or sliced ham. If you're looking to clear out your crisper, gather all the veggies you want and throw those in. And the very best option out there would have to be all of the cheese you can fill them up with!

Question 28

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings have come a long way in recent years. Now, there are some people who will say these are absolutely not wings, but the boneless wings are certainly something to marvel at when you get the right sauce on them. But even if you go for the classic style wings that have the bone in and are maybe deep fried and just slathered in a sauce of your choice, there is really no going wrong. They're satisfying and basically no fail when you need to please a crowd.

Question 29

Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese has to be the very ultimate in comfort food. You just can't find food that reaches down in the deepest parts of the soul than macaroni and cheese. We'd like to believe that it possesses true healing powers. It really doesn't matter if you do it plant based style or do it true with real cheese, but once you pour that creamy cheese sauce over the pasta of your choice, your day is done — in the best way possible!

Question 30

Black Bean Burger

A black bean burger is such a great option if you're not about that meat eating life because it's hearty and flavorful and if it's done right, it feels like you're eating a good ol' hamburger. Since black beans are a legume, they are pretty healthy for you as well. They're chock full of iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium (Medicalnewstoday.com). Plus, once you get your normal fixings like ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles on one of these things, there's really no stopping it!

Question 31

Mashed Potatoes

The potato has to be one of the most versatile foods to ever exist. You can fry it, bake it, steam it, cut it up in cubes for hash browns or mash it up with a fork and some milk and you're all set with the ultimate side dish. Plus, you can't have a Shepherd's pie or a turkey dinner or a Salisbury steak without the traditional side of mash — it's pretty much the law. Besides, those foods just wouldn't seem right without mashed potatoes.

Question 32


Strawberries have to be up there on our list of nature's most sugariest little morsels. Seriously, if you find yourself craving something sweet and you don't want to reach for the chocolate or a piece of cake, then grab a bowl of strawberries. They do the trick every time. Not to mention that there's so many other things you can do with them. You can make homemade jam, put them on ice cream, bake a strawberry pie or cake. Strawberries are simply delightful!

Question 33

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Up there at the top of the list of comfort foods would have to be a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Doesn't it just remind you of packing your lunch for school or going on picnics to the local park with your grandparents in the summer? They're just so easy to throw together and you almost always have the fixings for them. Plus, you get to decide whether or not you want your bread toasted and that can take things to a whole other level depending on your taste.

Question 34


We're not kidding when we say that there are people out there in the world who simply could not live without bacon. They dream about when they go to sleep at night and they wake up thinking about it and have to immediately take to the kitchen to make their dreams a reality. Bacon is really such a versatile food that adds so much to any dish it accompanies. Of course you can eat it on its own, but by adding bacon to sandwiches, salads and pastas is like a huge thank you to yourself. Do it!

Question 35

Cashew Chicken

There's just nothing like a stir fry on a cold winter's night. And when you add things like chicken, cashews and a savory sauce to it for a nice Cashew Chicken type of situation, it's so much the better. There's just something about frying up those veggies in that lovely sauce (which usually consists of garlic, hoisin and soy sauce), and getting your chicken and cashews and letting that all sink into a nice bed of rice. It's the perfect meal for a nice night in with good food, TV and hopefully some cuddling!

Question 36


Bruschetta is such a great crowd pleaser appetizer because even though it is chock full of flavor, there's really not much in there that most people don't love. Of course you can cut back a little on the onions or shallots if need be, but basically it's just diced tomatoes, garlic and onions with some olive oil and you're golden. All you have to do is pick out your favorite baguette. Plus, when you start adding things like a nice balsamic glaze or maybe some goat cheese, it can really take things over the top in flavor country!

Question 37


Lobster has to be considered one of the world's most decadent meals for a reason. After all, what other food can you personally pick out of a tank before you eat it? Nothing else comes to mind. It may be a little bit of work to get into the meat of it all, but once you're there, it really is delicious. Lobster has a great mild fish taste to it that has a lovely hint of sweetness. Plus, when you dip it in that gorgeous butter that they give you — you will be singing show tunes (or rap songs) all week long!

Question 38

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate are for those people out there who are looking for something chocolatey and delicious after their meal, but maybe can't do the usual sweet milk chocolate (for whatever reason). There are also a whole host of health benefits if you jump on the dark chocolate band wagon as well. Not only is it chock full of fiber, iron and magnesium, but it's also said to help lower the risk of certain cancers as well (beatcancer.org). Really, there's no going wrong with dark chocolate, so let's all go grab some ASAP!

Question 39

Beef Burrito

We don't care whether or not you drive thru Taco Bell for your beef burrito with all the fixings or you go the healthier route and make it at home, but sometimes you just need one. Beef burritos are a totally different game than beef tacos too. With tacos, sure you wrap them up, but sometimes your fixings all fall out and you're pretty much left with a taco salad. But with a beef burrito, it's just a bit heartier and all nicely wrapped up in a lovely little burrito blanket. Who can say no to that?

Question 40

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup really hits the spot whether you're feeling under the weather or it's super cold outside and you just need to warm up your insides. With that savory chicken broth combined with your choice of veggies — usually carrots and celery are a huge hit with this one, and some nice egg noodles. Oh, and did we mention the little morsels of actual chicken throughout? Dish that out with some crackers or a buttered roll on the side and you'll instantly feel better.

Question 41

Cheese Board

Over the last couple of years, having a photogenic and aesthetically pleasing cheese board has become as important as who you invite to your party. A party just isn't a party nowadays without a good cheese board. The most important part is obviously the cheese and you can go so many different ways. But you have to get your crackers or breadsticks just right. Plus, you can add things like preserves and nuts and pickles and fruits for different textures. It's best to plan ahead when doing a cheese board.

Question 42

Butternut Squash Ravioli

Butternut squash ravioli is often featured in restaurants in the fall because with the squash and usually a brown butter sage sauce, it just feels like the perfect Autumn pasta dish. But if you're really a fan of the sweet butternut squash inside your savory ravioli, it certainly doesn't need to be October for you to partake. When you get that slightly spicy tomato sauce over top with maybe some crushed pecans and a little goat cheese, it just takes you to a whole different place. And you'll never want to come back!

Question 43

Pepperoni Pizza

For a good chunk of the population, pizza is simply not pizza unless it is a simple as pepperoni and cheese. For a lot of us, these two go together like peanut butter and jelly. Of course, if you're a vegetarian or vegan, this one really won't do, but otherwise, you're pretty much golden ordering pepperoni and cheese. If you're having a party and don't know what to order for everyone — pepperoni and cheese! It just soothes the crowd and brings people together like no other food.

Question 44

Kale Salad

For those who keep an eye out for foods that hit the headlines in a good way, you probably haven't missed it that the world is still in love with kale. A member of the cabbage family, kale is supposed to be one of the most nutrient dense foods out there (Healthline.com). It's chock full of Vitamin A and B6 as well as calcium and potassium. So, when you do something like make yourself a kale salad with extra veggies and fruit in it, you're basically doing your body a huge favor. It will thank you later!

Question 45

Ice Cream Sundae

Ice cream sundaes just hit the spot for so many people because it's not like it's just a scoop or two of ice cream, it's so much more than that. First off, you don't have to pick really. If you want a scoop of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, you can have it all! Then you can pick your sauces like hot fudge or caramel or even sweet strawberry sauce. Some added toasted nuts give great texture to the thing. Plus, a nice cherry on top for a picture perfect shot of deliciousness!

Question 46

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict has become such a staple when going out for brunch on the weekend or having your friends or family over for breakfast on a Sunday because it's such a crowd pleaser. You have your cozy little nest of bread that's usually an English muffin. Then you put your poached eggs on top of that. And just when you think that could be enough to please your taste buds, you get some savory yet creamy hollandaise sauce to ooze over the eggs.

Question 47

Veggie Chips

Veggie chips are an awesome alternative to potato chips because you don't get all those extra calories, but they still provide that great chip crunch. Veggie chips are also just cool because if you make your own, you don't have to go the route of just doing sweet potatoes, parsnips or carrots. You can add in cool things like green beans as well. Also, if you make your own and are cutting down on things like sodium to make them healthier, you can always add a great dip for some extra fun.

Question 48

Chicken Panini Sandwich

Just when we thought the concept of a sandwich couldn't get more enticing, this thing called a panini press came along and stole the show. Paninis take your sandwich game up a notch because it allows for everything inside your sandwich to get warm, gooey and that much more delicious. Paninis are extra great if you feature some meat inside, like chicken. The heartiness of the chicken with some grilled veggies and cheese of your choice is a great meal for just about anyone.

Question 49

Brussel Sprouts

You may be wondering what the heck brussel sprouts are doing on this list, but some people are all about that veggie lifestyle — and honestly, good for them! Sure, not everyone likes brussel sprouts as they certainly aren't broccoli, which you can completely cover in cheese sauce, but they do have their own unique charm. Plus, nowadays people are doing such fun things with this vegetable. You can add a nice balsamic glaze or make them into a salad with bacon bits. The options are vast with this one.

Question 50


Is there any other dessert out there that feels super decadent but still doesn't have an attitude? We're thinking that cheesecake is the perfect blending of a fine dessert that's still super accessible to anyone who wants it. Maybe it's because you can easily customize it to your own personal tastes. If you're in the mood for fruit, make it a blueberry or raspberry cheesecake. Or if you're looking for sweetness, pop some caramel or chocolate sauce on top. It's even delicious if you just do it plain — that's the genius of cheesecake!

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