Pick Your Favorite Female Characters And We'll Reveal If You'd Marry Penny Or Rachel

We reckon that when you sit down to create any form of art, the most important thing to consider is your characters. These are the conduits through which you will be telling your story, so it's important that you get a lot of things about them right. There are other example of storytelling, but we think that character based narratives are able to grab an audience a lot easier than any other. If you agree, then you will be like us, in that you will have numerous favorite characters.

We decided it would be fun for us to create a quiz all about female characters. As they're representative of real life oppression, the things that are done with these characters can be incredibly interesting. However, it can also go the other way. Many forms of entertainment end up creating regressive characters that represent the way that society used to see women. We've pulled together some female characters and we want you to either pick or pass. From the answers you give us, we'll be able to tell whether you're the sort of person who would either end up with Penny from The Big Bang Theory or Rachel from Friends!

So, are you ready to find out who you would marry? Looking forward to taking a look at some famous female characters? Well, we better get started then!

Question 1


Sure, she may be naive, but that just makes her all the more attractive. However, we don't have enough room here to get into why it's a little messed up that the male lead would be alright being with a woman who is physically incapable of talking...

Question 2

Phoebe Buffay

As much as we love Phoebe, there aren't many people who sincerely act like her in the real world. Most of them are putting it on for effect in the hope that it will get them attention. The ones who are sincerely like it though are people you want around you for the rest of your life.

Question 3

Hermione Granger

She can be a bit of a know-it-all, but without this character, the two main lads in the Harry Potter franchise would've never got as far as they did. If anything, she's the most impressive out of the trio, showing just as much bravery but having the brains to back it all up.

Question 4


We never really understood why all of the nerds out there were obsessed with this woman. We get that she's beautiful, but she's a warrior princess. She would eat you alive! You need to pick somewhere more your speed. Somebody who won't kill you.

Question 5

Rory Gilmore

The problem with this character is that she's incredibly smart, and at first that comes across as a positive character trait, but you realize towards the send of the series that she uses it to manipulate people. Deep down, she's a selfish woman really.

Question 6

Elle Woods

The best thing about this character is that she's an attempt to flip the blonde stereotype on its head, showing that just because you enjoy certain things, talk a certain way and have blonde hair doesn't mean you should be judged for that.

Question 7

Princess Leia

This female character is strong and defiant. While she certainly has been used in some films as a piece of eye candy, that never got in the way of her personality and character development, something that was always on the rise throughout her time in the Star Wars films.

Question 8

Wonder Woman

This is one of those characters that we're sure will never be interesting to us. In a way, she feels like the female counterpart to Captain America. You're going to have to try really hard and write something brilliant to make her interesting to us!

Question 9

Arya Stark

The tomboy female character is one that is ripe for interesting character development, so we always get excited when we see them in works of art. They are fighting against expectations, which is when the best is brought of people.

Question 10

Leslie Knope

Seeing a woman take her job so seriously in a comedy show was a genuinely interesting concept to us, especially when placed next to a male character who took none of it seriously. She was powerful, confident and always refused to give up.

Question 11

Black Widow

Again, we struggle to find this character interesting. We think the problem is that female comic book characters, for a very long time, were written as two dimensional beings, something for comic book fans to fantasize about. Not much has changed to be honest...

Question 12

Katniss Everdeen

If you're looking for a determined female character to root for, one who is willing to put everything on the line if it means helping herself and those she's close to, then Katniss is your girl. Well worth a watch if you like films aimed at young adults.

Question 13

Miranda Priestly

Some people out there, whether they be a man or a woman, are just out to be horrible to other people. They may pretend that's how they got to be so great, but we can promise you that these people are sad inside and will most likely end up along...

Question 14

Carrie Bradshaw

No, this is not the feminist hero that people were claiming she could've been back in the day, but she's still an honest portrayal of some women in this world, which still makes her valid. Whether or not you like her is entirely up to you though.

Question 15


If there is one Disney princess that we feel earned her stripes, it's this one. The whole story turns a female into the hero of the piece, which is something we would like to see more of in films made for children. Too many of them have the man saving the damsel in distress.

Question 16

Lara Croft

It's a shame to think that there are probably some men who can't understand why Lara Croft isn't the perfect feminist icon. Women life Croft are obviously allowed to exist, but to paint them as some form of female empowerment is pretty disingenuous.

Question 17

Liz Lemon

With the tidal wave of unrealistic women on television whose entire purpose seems to be to prove that women are one of two extremes, Liz Lemon comes forward to show you what it's really like. Women are complex beings, and sometimes complex beings just want to eat things and have fun.

Question 18


By all accounts, this film was terrible. However, we think that if somebody came along and gave the character a bit of a Nolan treatment, you could get something good out of this. We're thinking of a much grittier portrayal than last time though.

Question 19

Selina Meyer

This woman won't take any messing around and is annoyed by the amount of incompetence on display when she's at work. If you're looking to get something done, then this is the woman you should come to. That sort of confidence comes at a price though...

Question 20

Clarice Starling

In the face of evil, this woman doesn't flinch. She's there to do the job she has to do, even if that means coming up against people who seem like they would do anything to hurt her. That is what you call a strong female character if you ask us.

Question 21

Sarah Connor

While it has been explored here and there, we don't think the mother and son paradigm is as widely used as the father and daughter paradigm. We would like to see some really weird and experimental films that mess with the concept a lot more than has been done in the past.

Question 22

Jessica Jones

Now this is a female superhero who has been allowed to grow her own personality. We are interested in her narrative and where she's headed, wanting to see how her character develops beyond the woman we were handed from the beginning.

Question 23


The concept that anybody would have a problem with a female character being in a film purely because they're female, in the modern world, is absolutely insane to us. People, you need to go out there and interact with real people. You need to grow up and mature.

Question 24

Dana Scully

Showing women alongside men, as equals, and sometimes even besting them is something that we wish there was more of in films and television. They deserve as high a place as the men, and we shouldn't still have to be fighting for this!

Question 25


This is one of those films where we bet a lot of people of a certain generation haven't even seen it all the way through. We all know the story of The Wizard Of Oz, but how many of us can truly say we have sat and watched her adventure all the way through?

Question 26

The Bride

Choosing to never give a name for a character is something that we think writers have to earn, and we're not sure Tarantino did it with this character. We actually consider these two movies to be the low point of his career. Slow and boring.

Question 27

Ellen Ripley

While we do think it's important that strong women in films and television are measured rather than entirely over-the-top, we love this woman. She is the definition of female strength in film, and yet she also manages to come across as vulnerable.

Question 28

Mary Poppins

This is the sort of woman that will work you hard but its always well worth it. She have you sorting your life out with days. Her entire life is sorting out everybody else, which must get pretty stressful. We can't imagine it's a calm life.

Question 29

Lorelai Gilmore

While we may not like her character's personality, we do have to admit that it takes a lot of a woman to raise a child on her own. Not only that, but her child is incredibly intelligent, so you know that she's doing something right. Seriously, she's pretty great.

Question 30


When you watch teen movies, the female characters are usually so extremely stereotyped that it can be hard to side with them. In Juno, you were handed a slightly eccentric female going through an insanely tough time in her life, and we loved it.

Question 31

Elaine Benes

People often forget that it's just as important to have representations of horrible women on the screen as it is representation of brilliant women. Seinfeld asked audiences to tune in and watch horrible people be unpleasant to others, and a lot of people did!

Question 32


Ah yes, Chun-Li. People have been aware of this woman since their childhood, when she burst onto their screens in the Street Fighter games. Since then she has continued to appear in many fighting games and even appeared in the Street Fighter movie.

Question 33

Marge Gunderson

One of the brilliant things about this character is that she comes off as being as dim as the people around her, but really she has an amazing intellect that she uses to get bad people arrested. She's a fantastic character in an absolutely brilliant film.

Question 34

Olive Kitteridge

If you haven't seen this television show based on a book then you owe it to yourself to watch it. Kitteridge is played perfectly by Frances McDormand who brings the misanthropic character to life in a way that is fascinating to watch if you ask us.

Question 35

Annie Wilkes

Annie Wilkes is the fan that all writers are terrified of existing, the one that will hunt them down if they don't write exactly how they want them to. If you dare write her favorite character out of her books, you will have hell to pay...

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