Pick Your Favorite Engagement Rings And We'll Give Everyone The Perfect Wedding Dress

Planning a wedding is huge. Some people have actually gone through all the steps leading up to that perfect day. Some people here may be planning weddings now! Others of us just like browsing through diamonds, trying on dresses and pinning beautiful ideas. And everyone here today will get to pick some favorite engagement rings and then end up with the perfect wedding dress!

So here is how this little game will work: Down below, there are 35 different engagement rings, and for each one, we need to say if we like it, would wear it and find it generally appealing or say if we dislike it, would not consider it and find it to be undesirable. Easy enough, right? Right!

Then, after all of the rings have been decided on, everyone will get paired with a dress for that big day; the styles of rings that are chosen will help in picking out the perfect wedding dress, a true match that could really work!

Will vintage rings lead to a romantic gown? Will modern rings work well with a contemporary dress? Will unique stones result in quirky outfit choices? Let us find out through this quiz, here and now...Ready...Set...And go!

1Thoughts on this engagement ring?

First up is this rectangular ring. There is a single stone, and it is a pretty good size. There are some angles and lines within the ring, so it makes a statement, with its clean and bold look. Thoughts on this engagement ring here - the first one in this quiz?

2What’s the opinion of this ring?

Next is a ring with some color and with several more stones. There is still one, large center stone, but it is surrounded by some diamonds in a dark blue color. There is also some more bling going out on the actual band. So what is the opinion of this ring with its color?

3How do we feel about this?

Those who want some shine may go for this ring! It has lots of different diamonds, in different shapes and in different areas, and all of that makes for some nice curves in this ring. How do we feel about it - good or bad, excellent or not so great at all?


4What about this one?

This engagement ring has a gold band and one decently sized stone. There are no other decorations or frills - just that one solitary diamond. So what about this one: Is this something that could be considered or something that will passed on over while taking this wedding-themed quiz here?

5Is this a good pick or no?

This ring also has one diamond, but it is presented in a new way; it is turned to its side and lifted up above the rest of the ring, and the band itself is like a spiral, creating some separation, for an updated look on an engagement ring. Is this a good pick or no?


6What is the main thought on this ring?

Another color option is up, and this time, it is green! We are also seeing lots more little diamonds on the side and around the stone...the big, angled, emerald stone. So what are the main thoughts when it comes to this one, this fresh option that is currently being presented?

7Thoughts on this engagement ring?

An infinity symbol is created out of the curves of this ring, and it is lined with bling. There is also that traditional, round stone in the middle, and the entire thing is a platinum silver color. Thoughts on this one? Let us know by choosing an answer down below!


8What’s the opinion of this ring?

Here is another option that provides a clean and simple band with one decoration, but this stone is a triangular shape. What is the opinion on that? Some will be really into this unique look, but others will find it unattractive. So which will it be for this one here?

9How do we feel about this?

Curves, new shapes and a pop of color combine to create this next engagement ring. The band has a gold tint to it. The diamond is a teardrop shape. There is a wave to the whole thing. And a little blue diamond sits atop of it all. How do we feel about this?


10What about this one?

This gold band has three little studs on each side, and at the center of it all is a diamond-shaped stone, laying on its side, which comes in a unique blue color. So what about this one. Are more people going to pick it, or are more people not digging it at all?

11Is this a good pick or no?

A vintage vibe is given off in this next option, which again, has lots of little diamonds in lots of different sizes. All that being said, would we consider this a good pick? Or are we feeling that this style is not the best for us, compared to the rest?


12What is the main thought on this ring?

Dainty is the best word that can describe this engagement ring here. It is small. It is simple. But it still has that sparkle and shine that is associated with most wedding rings. So tell us: What is the main thought on this ring that is presented in this particular question?

13Thoughts on this engagement ring?

More angles are presented here, in a gold ring with a square diamond. The thoughts will vary, as they will on each of these rings, but we have to know: Is this a winner, a yes and a contender? Or is this a no, a no and a definite no?


14What’s the opinion of this ring?

Ornate details are on the side of this big, round stone, and the diamond itself is surrounded by scallops that create a flower effect. After observing this ring, what is the opinion on it - good or bad, great or not so great, beyond wonderful in every way or another pass?

15How do we feel about this?

The one stone in a simple band has been updated with this modern twist. From the color to the cuts in the stone, it has a contemporary look, while still remaining romantic and traditional in a way. So how do we feel about this engagement ring - this one right here?


16Is this a good pick or no?

Is this one a good pick or no? Let’s break it down, in order to decide. It has a diamond in the middle. It has some bling on the edges. It has some swoops and scoops that add some interest. Some people here will love it, while others can find something better!

17What is the main thought on this ring?

This ring stands tall, with points that also add some interest. It still has that simplicity that some will find it appealing, but it is presented in a fun and new way, which will draw in a different crowd, too. So give us the thoughts and such on this one!


18Thoughts on this engagement ring?

Want a big stone in the middle? Want a silver engagement ring? Want some fun shapes? Want some pops of color? Then maybe this one is the best option! Whether it is liked or not, we are going to need to know the thoughts about it - so tell us, please.

19What’s the opinion of this ring?

Nothing says love like a heart, right? That being said, some people may consider this the perfect engagement ring. However, not everyone is into shapes and over-the-top designs, so the opinion for others will be a negative one. Where do we stand? What do we think? Let us know here!


20How do we feel about this?

Those who want a more toned-down version can go for a sleek band and a small stone. It still gets the point across - a sparkly ring on *that* finger - but it does so in an understated way, which some people want and need. So how do we feel about this?

21What about this one?

This is big and bold, with a thick band that encompasses a round diamond. So what about this one? What about this engagement ring? What about this one-of-a-kind look? Let us know if it is something that would be considered or something that would be passed on over in general.


22Is this a good pick or no?

It may look like the center diamond is missing here, but this is just a unique design that still has plenty of bling! There are little round diamonds, then ovals surrounded by tiny stones then a hexagon that sparkles in a big way. So is this all good or not so good?

23What is the main thought on this ring?

This looks like a traditional engagement ring, which some people are really into. It even comes with a coordinating band, adding even more sparkle. What are the thoughts here? How are we feeling? What are we thinking? Tell us, tell us, tell us by picking an answer down below there!


24Thoughts on this engagement ring?

We have picked or passed on several rings, and the end is near - so give us the thoughts on this engagement ring: It is gold. Its band is braided, which is unique. And its stone is smooth, raised up and so clear and pure looking! Is this all good, or does this make for a pass?

25What’s the opinion of this ring?

Here is another band that is covered in lots of little sparkling diamonds, and then, there at the center, there is that main attraction. Look over this ring. Imagine it on a hand. Then tell us what the opinion of the whole thing is by selecting an answer from the provided options.


26How do we feel about this?

This engagement ring is a stack of a few! If people can’t decide between round stones, squares ones or oval ones...If people can’t decide between gold bands, silver bands or rose gold ones...If people can’t decide on lots of detailing or just some added bling here and there...This is the ring then!

27What about this one?

This has a stacked look, too, since the band is made up of three strips of sparkle. Even that center stone has lots of sparkle around it, too! So what about this one? Are more people that are here loving it, or are more of us just not feeling this one?


28Is this a good pick or no?

Some people opt for just a band when it comes to an engagement ring, and this one does not even need a big center diamond - just look at all that bling! Based on what is presented here, is this a good pick? Or is this going to be a no and a pass for some?

29What is the main thought on this ring?

This unique ring is flat on top, so that five darkly colored stones can be set down into it. After looking it over, tell us: What is the main thought on this ring? Are the thoughts good and positive, resulting in a pick, or are they quite the opposite of that?


30Thoughts on this engagement ring?

Are some people here into tons of little sparkles? Are some people here into the color pink? Are some people here into an antique vibe, when it comes to jewelry? Then this ring could be made for these people! Either way, everyone must select an answer from the choices that are listed down below.

31What’s the opinion of this ring?

We are getting close to the end of this quiz, meaning everyone will soon be matched with a wedding dress! But first, give us the opinions associated with this next engagement ring. It is silver. It has diamonds. It has a big center stone. Is it good, bad, better or worse?


32How do we feel about this?

For this next ring - one of the last ones! - we are presenting another dainty gold band. We do have two “normal” diamonds, but they are hugging up next to one cute, round, ruby-colored stone. How do we feel about all of this that is seen in this engagement ring here?

33What about this one?

Before we finish up, tell us...What about this one? It is gold, it has two triangles, and they are reaching out towards each other. Could that be metaphor for two about-to-be-married people, or is it just a pretty design? Either way, pick an answer down below, please and thanks!


34Is this a good pick or no?

Not all rings have to be bright and shiny; some are dark, for a more dramatic vibe, like this charcoal-colored one. But don’t worry, there is still a diamond and even a little black stone, to give this engagement ring some bling. So is this a good pick or no?

35What is the main thought on this ring?

There are only two more questions, and this one involves a ring that has a center stone (which is a circle that is set up in a square), that has a band and that has ornate detailing (on both bands). Yes, no, maybe so - give us all the thoughts here!

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