Pick Your Favorite Disney Movies And We'll Guess If You're A Millennial

Seeing as how all of our favorite Disney movies are getting a revamp right now, we figured it was a good time to go through all of the classics to see which ones still hold up. Everyone has their own favorites when it comes to Disney films, so let's see how everybody feels about these!

In this magic carpet ride of a quiz, we will be looking at some of the very best films to ever be released by Disney. All we are asking, is for everyone here to pick out all of the ones they happen to like best. Once that's done, we will take a shot at guessing who is a millennial and who isn't. Let's have some fun, and see what our taste in cartoons says about us!

Question 1

Toy Story

Question 2


Question 3

Peter Pan

Question 4


Question 5

101 Dalmatians

Question 6

A Bug's Life

Question 7

Big Hero 6

Question 8


Question 9

Lilo & Stitch

Question 10

Monsters, Inc.

Question 11

Christopher Robin

Question 12


Question 13

Sleeping Beauty

Question 14


Question 15

The Sword in the Stone

Question 16

Wreck-It Ralph

Question 17


Question 18


Question 19

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Question 20


Question 21


Question 22


Question 23

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Question 24

Inside Out

Question 25

Finding Nemo

Question 26

The Aristocats

Question 27


Question 28


Question 29

Brother Bear

Question 30

The Emperor's New Groove

Question 31

Robin Hood

Question 32


Question 33

The Incredibles

Question 34

Finding Dory

Question 35


Question 36

The Little Mermaid

Question 37

Incredibles 2

Question 38

Oliver & Company

Question 39


Question 40


Question 41

The Lion King

Question 42

Toy Story 2

Question 43


Question 44

Lady and the Tramp

Question 45

Alice in Wonderland

Question 46

Toy Story 3

Question 47

The Princess and the Frog

Question 48

Beauty and the Beast

Question 49

The Jungle Book

Question 50

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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