Pick Your Favorite Desserts And We'll Guess Your Sign

Does anyone here have a bit of a sweet tooth? Even though we know that it is important to get in 3 balanced meals a day, we also know that many people out there only eat the meals so that they can get to the dessert! Once we have covered all the bases by eating our veggies and proteins, we deserve to treat ourselves to something sweet and delicious. The question is: what kind of treat do we want to spoil ourselves with the most? Time to get to the bottom of which desserts are best!

In this quiz, we will be pitting two desserts against each other in each question. Some may be easy to answer, but some may take a moment or two of consideration. After all, no desserts are actually bad desserts, right? Once we have an idea of how everyone's taste buds are feeling, we will take a shot at guessing everyone's signs! What could be more telling about ourselves than our dessert choices? This is going to be one tasty quiz, so everyone should prepare themselves for the very real chance of a sugar craving popping up once it has been completed. Best to pick up a cake beforehand!

Question 1

Brownies or Rice Krispies?

Even though both of these dessert options are traditionally served in a square shape, the two treats could not be any more different from each other. We have a brownie, which is basically the best dessert option for the chocolate obsessed. Then on the other hand, we have Rice Krispies. While there is no chocolate involved in these, there is a ton of crispy cereal bits and even more gooey marshmallow. We can only pick one of them, so which will it be?

Question 2

Chocolate pudding or custard?

Here are a couple of desserts that fall into the easy to eat column. Neither of them is particularly filling to begin with, plus no chewing is really involved when eating these desserts either. Chocolate pudding is a bit of an easier dessert to get our hands on. We can easily find the plastic cups in any grocery store. However, let's pretend we have a fresh bowl of both options in front of us. Which would we choose to eat?

Question 3

Apple pie or apple crumble?

Now here is a pairing we are sure many have had to decide between in the past. When in the dessert section of a store, these are normally side by side. When we are making the dessert fresh at home, they both take about the same amount of work and preparation. This means, that it really comes down to which we prefer. A classic apple pie, or a traditional apple crumble? It may not be an easy choice, but we have to pick one!

Question 4

Confetti cake or cherry chip cake?

For this question, everyone is going to need to think back to when they were kids and what kind of cake they used to ask for at their birthday party. While there is certainly nothing stopping adults from enjoying either of these tasty desserts, they are a couple of flavors that tend to be quite popular among the younger crowd. Confetti cake is heavy on the sprinkles, and cherry chip is well, heavy on the cherry chips. Which are we picking?

Question 5

Key lime pie or lemon meringue pie?

Alright citrus fans, this question is for you! Both of these happen to be quite classic dessert options. They can normally be found on just about any dessert menu out there. That being said, while both desserts are very citrus themed, they are still both pretty different. Key lime pie is obviously more towards the lime side of things, but often times there is no meringue involved at all. Lemon meringue on the other hand, always has some of the fluffy white stuff on top!

Question 6

Churros or crepes?

Depending where we are in the world, both of these can actually be considered food truck desserts. While both desserts are sold in more high-end settings as well, there are areas where churros and crepes can be picked up on just about any street corner. Churros are fried up strips of batter, almost similar to that of a doughnut's. Crepes are like a thinner version of a pancake. Both options can be decked out with any kind of sauce or topping we like!

Question 7

Strawberry mousse or chocolate mousse?

The choice between chocolate or strawberry is one many of us have to face on a regular basis when dessert time rolls around. When thinking mousse, these two flavors do happen to be the most popular ones. That being said, the decision is definitely not an easy one to make! While some out there may always choose chocolate regardless of the dessert in question, we are sure there are some people who feel like strawberry is simply the only way to go. Thoughts?

Question 8

Doughnut or danish?

Even though we would not really call either of these desserts healthy, they do seem to be ones that get passed around during breakfast time a lot. We can find both options in just about any coffee shop out there, not to mention all of the specialty doughnut shops that have been opening up left and right. Which of these two "breakfast" options would we choose for ourselves? Maybe a glazed doughnut, or perhaps a cherry danish? We can only pick one!

Question 9

Pecan pie or chocolate pie?

Here we have a couple desserts that would be well suited to anyone who happens to have a large sweet tooth. While chocolate pie is pretty straight forward and indeed very sweet, pecan pie has a lot more to offer than just a few nuts. Pecan pies are always made with a base of something very sweet. Honey, maple syrup, brown sugar and sugar syrup are all ingredients that are often used to make this dessert. Which pie do we want?

Question 10

Chocolate or candy?

Now here is a pretty interesting question. Many do consider chocolate to be a candy, but any true candy fans out there know that there is a huge difference. We want to know who here would pick up a simple bar of milk chocolate, and who would pass that up for a bag of mixed gummy candies instead. Any type of candy would work in this question, we just need to know who votes chocolate and who votes candy! Let us know!

Question 11

Ice cream sundae or banana split?

In this question, there is quite a bit of flexibility. When it comes to ice cream sundaes, there is no limit to the amount of awesome flavours we can use. Banana splits can be constructed with different flavors as well, though there is so escaping the banana part of the desert. A sundae will usually have a choice of sauce and maybe even some nuts or sprinkles. A banana split though, is a dessert that is excellent for sharing. Pick one!

Question 12

Carrot cake or spice cake?

Both of these desserts tend to come around more towards the fall season, though neither would be too difficult to find if we were to have a craving in the middle of July. Carrot cake does use a lot of the same spices that are used in a classic spice cake, but there is obviously a ton of carrot shavings and pieces included as well. Another big difference between the two, is the icing. Carrot cake is known for its cream cheese icing.

Question 13

Peach cobbler or blueberry cobbler?

Okay everyone, let's talk cobbler. A cobbler is a dessert made up of a kind of fruit, which has a layer of batter or biscuits placed on top. While just about any fruit or berry can be used to make this type of dessert, peach and blueberry have been very popular options for ages now. Both of these come into season around spring/summer, so when it starts to get warm outside, which of these desserts would call to us more?

Question 14

Chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal raisin cookies?

Here is a question we are sure will split up the room. This has been an ongoing debate for decades. While chocolate chip cookies may seem like more of a classic to some, others tend to view oatmeal raisin as the real deal in terms of freshly baked cookies. Obviously, neither of these options are wrong, but people do usually seem pretty set in their ways when it comes to picking their favorite cookie. Which of these does everyone prefer?

Question 15

Frozen yogurt or ice cream cone?

To get into either of these dessert options, we do have to be okay with a little chill. Since both of these are definitely frozen desserts, let's pretend that we are making this decision on the warmest day of the year. When the sun is strong and we need to cool off with a tasty treat, would we go for a bowl of frozen yogurt, or a classic cone with a scoop or two of ice cream? Which to pick?

Question 16

Cheesecake or coconut cream pie?

These desserts are quite a bit different from each other. Cheesecake is a classic for sure, but one really has to be into cream cheese to be able to back this kind of dessert. Cheesecake also happens to be super rich and filling. Coconut cream pie is certainly a lighter option, but for anyone who dislikes coconut, we can see why it would be an automatic pass up. Looking at these two options, which would we want to eat more?

Question 17

Fruit salad or peaches and cream?

We know that neither of these are the most exciting dessert options, but let's pretend that we have just eaten a huge meal and something like cake would simply be too heavy. Sometimes we still want a little something sweet, but aren't hungry enough for a full on dessert course. Here are two excellent options for that kind of scenario. A fruit salad is simple and sweet, though if peaches are in season, pairing them with a little cream is always delicious!

Question 18

Snickerdoodles or peanut butter cookies?

Here we have a real cookie showdown for everyone to speak up on. Snickerdoodles are basically just sugar cookies, though ones that have been rolled in a cinnamon sugar mixture after having been baked. Peanut butter cookies on the other hand, are pretty straight to the point. There is nothing too fancy about either of these cookies, but pulling out a fresh batch of either from the oven could make for an exciting afternoon! Which cookie would we rather munch on?

Question 19

Chocolate cake or vanilla cake?

Here is a question we are sure everyone will be able to answer rather quickly. When there are no crazy or wild flavors around, the choice usually comes down to vanilla or chocolate. Both flavors have tons of fans on their side, so today we will finally get to see who the real winner is between the two. When it comes to a simple piece of cake, would we rather it be vanilla or chocolate? Which flavor gets our vote?

Question 20

Twinkie or Hostess Pie?

Let's head on over to the treat section of the grocery store. Both of these can be found in just about any food market out there. They have both been in production for many years, so we are sure by now most have had the opportunity to try both. Twinkies are a yellow sponge cake filled with a white cream, and Hostess Pies are handheld pies made with a variety of different fillings. Which of these sounds like the better option?

Question 21

Banana pudding or strawberry shortcake?

Sometimes a little fruit in a dessert goes a long way. Banana pudding is obviously very heavy on the banana. While the pudding itself is flavored with bananas, the dessert usually comes with actual pieces of the fruit as well. When talking shortcake, it would be a rather boring dessert if we didn't include the strawberries. This one may come down to which fruit we happen to like best between the two. How does everyone here feel about this decision?

Question 22

S'Mores or PB&J?

We know that neither of these are exactly traditional dessert options, but let's imagine we are on a camping trip for a moment. When camping, both of these options become very easy and appealing. Slicing up and serving a cake in the woods may not be the simplest thing to do, so why not toast up some marshmallows and make a S'More? Not a fan of marshmallows? No problem! A PB&J is a classic treat, and super easy to put together. Pick one!

Question 23

Blueberry pie or cherry pie?

Nothing too fancy about this decision, just two classic pie options going up against each other. Both of these fillings create a beautiful color and dessert. They are both a tad bit tart but still hold onto the sweetness needed for a dessert. If we were standing in front of a dessert table looking at both of these pies, which one would we take a slice of? Not an easy decision, but we have to make it to move on!

Question 24

Cream puffs or eclairs?

While they may look quite different, these two desserts do hold a few similarities. The shells used for both cream puffs and eclairs, are in fact the same one. Cream puffs are made into small bite-sized spheres, and the eclairs are made into oblong shapes. While the cream puffs usually have a dusting of powdered sugar on top, the eclairs get a nice thick coating of chocolate sauce instead. Which of these tasty treats sounds the best to you right now?

Question 25

Pumpkin pie or fruit cake?

Who's feeling a little festive today? In this question, we are going to be putting these two holiday favorites up against each other. Pumpkin pie usually starts hitting the shelves around October or November. The pie is made with a pumpkin filling and is loaded with all the best autumn spices. Fruit cake on the other hand, is very much a Christmas dessert. It is a dense cake packed with dried fruits, nuts, spices and usually some type of spirit.

Question 26

Cinnamon bun or cinnamon sugar pretzel?

Anyone heading over to the mall? Both of these sweet treats can easily be found at any shopping center in town. While they can both be made at home as well, there is something particularly mouth-watering about walking by the smell of one of these booths while strolling through the mall. Cinnamon buns are known for their ooey gooey stickiness. Cinnamon sugar pretzels are less sticky for sure, but good luck keeping all the sugar off your fingers and clothes!

Question 27

Cupcakes or muffins?

Some people tend to think that since these two desserts look so much alike, that they have the same recipe. However, this is not true at all! Muffins are typically made to be a whole lot less sweet than cupcakes are. Many times people will use ingredients like whole wheat flour and fruits. When it comes to the cupcakes though, they are most traditionally made to be very sweet and are usually topped off with a ton of sugary icing.

Question 28

Fudge or taffy?

Both of these desserts do fall into the candy category, though fudge isn't usually found next to the gummy worms when we are looking for it in the grocery store. Fudge is made by mixing sugar, butter and milk together, but keeping the mixture at the right temperature is the real key! Taffy is a combination of melted sugar and butter, which has been pulled and stretched, giving it a perfect chewy texture! Which of these treats is sounding best right about now?

Question 29

Snow cone or cotton candy?

Honestly, what fun is a dessert if it doesn't change the color of our mouths, right? Both of these youthful treats definitely cover the whole mouth-coloring thing. Snow cones are basically just piles of shaved ice, which have been topped with our choice of colorful syrup. Cotton candy has an interesting method behind its construction. It is sugar that has been spun at incredibly fast speeds. Obviously, food coloring and fun flavors get added to it during this process. Thoughts?

Question 30

Frosty (Wendy's) or McFlurry (McDonald's)?

Time for a little trip to the drive-thru! When it comes to fast food desserts, there are a few classics that have never gone out of style. Wendy's Frosty has actually been on their menu since they opened their very first location. Obviously, people are still enjoying the soft serve ice cream today! The McFlurry came around in the mid-90s, and with so many awesome flavours constantly being released, we don't see it going anywhere any time soon! (Wikipedia)

Question 31

Crème brûlée or tapioca?

In this question, we have a rather ritzy dessert going up against one that is well, less ritzy. While Crème brûlée is definitely viewed as an upscale kind of dessert, it truly is just a rich custard with a toasted top. Tapioca though, is not something that is considered to be high-end at all. It can easily be purchased in a plastic cup format, but if we go looking in the right spot, we can find this dessert made with fresh ingredients!

Question 32

Chocolate roll or oatmeal cream pie?

When it comes to these two desserts, we have a few options available to us. Both of these are made by the Little Debbie company, though both can easily be made at home as well. Chocolate rolls are made by rolling a chocolate sponge cake up with a white cream filling. The oatmeal cream pies are made with a similar white cream filling, though it is sandwiched between two oatmeal cakes instead. Store-bought or freshly baked, which are we picking?

Question 33

Cherry Jello or lime Jello?

We hope everyone can get down with some Jello! Not only is Jello a quick, inexpensive and tasty treat, but it is super fun to play with also! There are no other desserts out there that can move like Jello moves! Since this dessert is available in so many different flavors, we thought we would narrow it down to two of the more classic ones. Some people will pick cherry no matter what the actual treat is, but in terms of Jello, we know some people can never pass up the lime!

Question 34

Strawberries or raspberries?

Let's leave all of the super sweet desserts aside of a moment. Sometimes a nice fresh batch of berries is exactly what we need after a hearty meal. When the season is right, both of these berries can be sweet, tart and all kinds of delicious. The question is though: which would we prefer to munch on as a dessert option? We are not adding any sugar or whipped cream to them, so we just need to pick the berry we enjoy best!

Question 35

Oreo or Chips Ahoy!?

We are going back to basics over here in this question. When we do not feel like baking or even picking up an entire cake, why not make things simple by grabbing a box of cookies? While there are just about a million different cookies we can pick up, there is no denying that these two happen to be some of the most popular ones in the aisle. When it comes to store-bought cookies, which of these do we prefer?

Question 36

Pancakes or waffles?

Okay okay, we realize that these are both traditionally breakfast meal items, but who are we kidding? If we leave out the tall glass of orange juice, these two meals easily become desserts. When the sweet tooth hits, which would ease the craving better? Are we going for a tall stack of pancakes covered in butter and syrup? Or do a couple of fresh waffles with some whipped cream and chocolate sauce sound better? We can only choose one of these options!

Question 37

Lemon squares or date squares?

They may both have the word "square" in their name, but these desserts are not the same at all! Since lemon squares are heavy on the citrus, they are tart as well as sweet. The dusting of icing sugar to the top really ensures the tartness is not too overpowering. Date squares though, are definitely a sweeter option. Even without sugar added to the top, the dates used in these give all the sweetness needed! Which square sounds best?

Question 38

Cake pop or lollipop?

When life gets busy, we may not always have the time to sit back and enjoy a dessert with our feet up. When this is the case, we need a sweet fix on a stick! Having a dessert on a stick, makes it possible to squash a sugar craving no matter where we are. A cake pop is hands down the easiest way to eat a piece of cake. A lollipop may be more of a candy than a typical dessert, but sugar is sugar, right?

Question 39

Nerds or Sweet Tarts?

Alright candy fans, time to make a tough choice! Here we have a couple of very classic candies. Nerds are tiny little candies, but man do they even hold a ton of flavor! Sweet Tarts have been around for generations, though when it comes to sweet candies, they are not the heaviest sugar holders. While they are of course made up of mainly sugar, their flavors tend to be more on the tart and slightly sour side. Which to pick?

Question 40

Bread pudding or rice pudding?

Dessert does not always have to be some over-the-top thing. Here are a couple of great examples of popular desserts that are easy to whip up, plus they won't break the bank! Bread pudding is a dessert made with stale bread, and just about any other ingredients we want! It is a delicious way to use what's in our cupboard before it goes bad. For a bowl of fresh ride pudding, all we need is rice and some milk. Some will also add in cinnamon and raisins!

Question 41

Ice cream cake or coffee cake?

They may both be cakes, but these two deserts are offering completely different things! Ice cream cake is always a great alternative for those who really don't care much for traditional cake. Though, since it is quite cold, we gotta make sure our teeth aren't too sensitive! Coffee cake is a simple treat, but one that goes a long way for anyone who can never fit enough coffee into their diets. While the caffeine level is not something to worry about, we do need to enjoy the coffee flavor for this one!

Question 42

Sugar pie or cheese pie?

There are two kinds of desert people in this world. We have the sugar fanatics, and then we have those who try to steer clear of the super sweet. This is the perfect pairing for both types of people! Sugar pie is no doubt one of the sweetest desserts we could ever go for. Cheese pie though, is made to be a bit more savory than sweet. There are no wrong answers here, we just gotta pick the better dessert!

Question 43

Mud pie or Boston cream pie?

For those unfamiliar with these old school desserts, let us give a rundown on them both. Mud pie is a dessert made with chocolate lovers in mind. The base is made out of chocolate cookie crumble, then there are layers of chocolate mousse and chocolate sauce. Boston cream pie on the other hand, does have a chocolate glaze on top, though the interior is made with a yellow butter cake and classic custard. Which of these sounds like the better treat?

Question 44

Cannolis or tiramisu?

When it comes to food in general, Italy has given us many of our most favorite dishes. When it comes to desserts though, they have given us even more! Cannolis are a classic Italian treat. They are fried hollow pastry shells, filled with a creamy cheese filling. Tiramisu is also an Italian classic, but it is a cake made up of ladyfingers which have been soaked in coffee first. Not an easy choice, but we gotta pick one of them!

Question 45

Apple pie (McDonald's) or Blizzard (Dairy Queen)?

When we need a quick sugar fix, why not stop by one of our favorite fast food joints? The baked apple pie at McDonald's has been a favorite for years now. The crust is flakey, and the inside is warm and gooey. If we aren't feeling up for anything too warm, than obviously a Blizzard would be a great alternative. We can have a Blizzard made with any number of treats inside of it. Oreos, Reese, Skor, you name it!

Question 46

Chocolate fondue or peanut butter fondue?

Here we have the most interactive dessert option on our list. Fondue is not only a tasty treat, but it can actually make for a pretty fun evening as well. We can use anything from fruit to marshmallows for dipping, but the question here is: which flavor would we want to dip these treats into the most? Chocolate is the more traditional option, but anyone who loves peanut butter, may be tempted to choose that instead! What do we think?

Question 47

Skittles or M&M's?

In this question, we have paired up a couple of snacks that happen to look very much alike, yet taste completely different when bitten into. Skittles are colorful little candies, that hold a ton of fruity flavor. M&M's though, are colorful dolops of candy-coated milk chocolate. Mixing these two in a bowl is a sure-fire way to start some arguments at a party! Looking at these two snacks, which would we actually prefer to munch on? Skittles or M&M's?

Question 48

Watermelon or cantaloupe?

When melon season rolls around, it can be a pretty exciting time. Both of these melon options are all kinds of sweet, and can usually be found in their ideal state during the summer season. Watermelon can be bought in both a pink and a yellow variety, though the pink is usually more popular. Cantaloupe is always a light shade of orange, and can sometimes be found perfectly ripe even when it is not summer time. Which melon is best?

Question 49

Oh Henry! or Snickers?

We all have our own personal favorites when it comes to candy bars. The options are limitless at this point, but a few of the classics will always remain at the top of the most popular lists. Both of these happen to be very popular candy bars indeed. Since they are both chock full of good stuff like peanuts and nougat, this one will come down to everyone's own personal preference. Looking at these two chocolate bars, which seems tastier?

Question 50

Chocolate milkshake or vanilla milkshake?

Feeling up for something sweet, but also feeling a bit thirsty? Why not go for a milkshake? While there are thousands of different ice creams and ingredients we can add to a milkshake to make it unique and delicious, in this question we are keeping things simple. A few scoops of either chocolate or vanilla ice cream, blended to perfection with some ice cold milk. Obviously, both options will come topped with whipped cream! Which one are we choosing here?

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