Pick Your Favorite DCEU Ladies, And We'll Reveal Your Inner DC Superhero!

The DC Extended Universe is full of beautiful and strong women. In fact, one of the only things DC beat Marvel at was the first female lead comic book movie in the modern era, with Wonder Woman. (Sorry Vampirella and Tank Girl, but you guys were made back before comic book movies got good.) DC has usually done a really good job of displaying their women as powerful and independent. Even when Lois Lane was introduced in 1938, she was a reporter. For that time, that was a big step for female characters who had previously only been allowed to be teachers, waitresses, nurses or mothers. Today, the women of DC are fighting alongside the men and even outdoing them on occasion.

Today, we are going to take a look at the ladies of the DC Extended Universe and see which ones are your favorites. Are you a fan of Harley Quinn, or does your affection belong to Wonder Woman? Is Lois your favorite, or do you prefer Amanda Waller? Is Mera the only fish in your sea, or do you have your eyes set on Katana? Let us know, and after you've picked them all, we will reveal which DC hero you are.

Question 1

Harley Quinn or Wonder Woman?

The Princess of Power, or the Queen of Crazy? Harley is often shown to be broken, and Wonder Woman is seldom ever shown to have any weakness. They are both formidable in their own way. Which one do you prefer?

Question 2

Mera or Lois Lane?

The battle of the redheads. One dates the strongest person on the earth, and the other is married to the strongest man under the sea. Both have shown great strength in their life, but which do you prefer?

Question 3

Mercy Graves or Etta Candy?

The battle of the secretaries. Etta is from a different time, so fashions may be a little out of date. Etta showed that she could handle herself in a fight, but Mercy was always willing to help Lex with his dirty work. Which of these spirited secretaries do you prefer?

Question 4

Katana or Faora?

Both of these women are strong fighters, and both have dark backstories. Katana has a sword that holds the soul of her dead husband. Faora is one of the last women of her entire species. Which of these fighters do you like best?

Question 5

Martha Kent or Martha Wayne?

The Mom's are battling it out. Though we have seen a lot more of Martha Kent, we can not understate how important Martha Wayne was to her son's life. Without her death, we don't have Batman. Which of these super mothers do you like the best?

Question 6

Wonder Woman or Mercy Graves?

In the comic books, Mercy Graves became Lex Luthor's own living weapon. Wonder Woman is the "god killer" and is herself a living weapon to protect her people. Which of these deadly women would you choose?

Question 7

Harley Quinn or Etta Candy?

Etta Candy is a loyal secretary who helps her friends and is always quick with a joke. Harley Quinn is crazy, and odds are she is planning to kill you. Some guys love the crazy ones though. Which one do you like more?

Question 8

Lois Lane or Katana?

Lois Lane often serves as a reality check for Superman. When he gets depressed because he can't save everyone on the planet, she is there to bolster him. Katana serves as a conscience for Suicide Squad. Which of these two moral compasses do you like more?

Question 9

Mera or Faora?

Mera is the queen of her people. She fights for them so that they will continue to have a home under the sea. In a way, Faora has become the queen of her people. She fights to bring about the age of Zod. Which of these warrior queens do you prefer?

Question 10

Antiope or Hippolyta?

The battle of Themiscyra royalty. Queen Hippolyta is the mother of Wonder Woman and a warrior in her own right. He sister, General Antiope, is the woman who taught Wonder Woman how to fight. We know you wouldn't want to fight either one, but which do you like better?

Question 11

Wonder Woman or Etta Candy?

The interactions between these two characters were great in the Wonder Woman movie. Etta calling out how useless glasses were to hide Wonder Woman's beauty was priceless. You also have to admire Etta for helping in the alley fight. Which of these women do you like the best?

Question 12

Harley Quinn or Mercy Graves?

That battle of the dedicated woman. Don't misunderstand, they both have very unhealthy attachments to men in their life. Mercy would do almost anything for Mr. Luthor. Harley has done everything for Mr. J. Which of these villains do you like the best?

Question 13

Lois Lane or Faora?

Faora would actually make a lot of sense for Superman. They are both Kryptonian, they are both super strong, super fast and invulnerable to most things. We all know that Superman only has eyes for Lois Lane though. If you could pick between these two, which would you choose?

Question 14

Mera or Katana?

Both of these women only got one movie to grow on us, so it's a good thing that they make a very memorable first impression. Katana was used to help keep the Suicide Squad on task. Mera had to lead her people when Steppenwolf attacked. Which do you prefer?

Question 15

Harley or Enchantress?

Harley Quinn and the Enchantress were going to be on the same team, but then Enchantress attacked Midway City, and the two had to fight each other. Both ladies are very attractive and they are both highly unstable. Which one do you like the most?

Question 16

Mercy Graves or Katana?

Mercy Graves dies in Batman V Superman after Lex Luthor blows up the congressional hearing. Katana only got a handful of scenes in Suicide Squad, but both women gave us a few very memorable moments. Which of these ladies do you like the most?

Question 17

Wonder Woman or Enchantress?

The battle of the goddesses! Enchantress is one of the old gods, who inhabits the body of archaeologist June Moone. Wonder Woman is a new god who was born of clay to protect her people. One wants to save mankind, and the other wants to end it. Which do you like more?

Question 18

Enchantress or Faora?

When you come to earth from Krypton, you may feel like a god, but Enchantress is an actual ancient god. She was around before Ares and the rest of the Greek pantheon. In physical strength, though Faora has Enchantress beat. Which of these evil ladies is your favorite?

Question 19

Wonder Woman or Lois Lane?

The question that always gets brought up in groups when Superman's love life comes up. At times in the comics, Superman and Wonder Woman have dated, but the two that always wind up together, in the end, are Lois and Clark. Which one would you choose though?

Question 20

Harley Quinn or Mera?

Harley Quinn and Mera are both beautiful, intelligent, and deadly. The biggest difference is that Mera is much saner. There is always a chance that Harley will hit you with her goodnight bat just for fun. If Mera hits you, you deserve it. Which is your favorite?

Question 21

Wonder Woman or Mera?

Both women are amazing warrior royalty. Though Wonder Woman may have the strength of a god, Mera is able to control water. When you live underwater that power comes in handy. Both women would be able to rule their people well, but which one do you like better?

Question 22

Harley Quinn or Lois Lane?

Lois Lane is a character known for her strong, uncompromising character. She will go to any lengths to get the truth. It is a passion that consumes her. Harley doesn't have any conviction that strong. If you had to choose, who would it be?

Question 23

Martha Kent or Lara Lor-Van?

The battle of Superman's moms. His earth mother is a farmer from Kansas. She may not have given birth, but she loved him so much. Lara was his birth mother, who had to let him go so he could live. I think if they ever met, they would have liked each other. Who do you like the best?

Question 24

Mercy Graves or Faora?

Both of these ladies were willing to follow the orders of the men in their lives. They fully believe in the world that their leader is trying to make. For Mercy, it is Lex Luthor. For Faora, it is Zod. They are both extremely loyal, even to a fault. Who is your favorite?

Question 25

Katana or Enchantress?

I don't know if there was a single sane person in Suicide Squad. Katana may have been the closest though. She had some grief issues that she would have to get a lot of help with, but she wasn't trying to kill everyone. Enchantress was trying to end the world. Which did you like better?

Question 26

Wonder Woman or Hippolyta?

The battle of the Amazonians. Hippolyta is Wonder Woman's mother. She raised her and tried to protect her from the dangers she would one day have to face. Wonder Woman took on her responsibility, much to her mother's disapproval. Which of the Themiscyran royal do you like better?

Question 27

Harley Quinn or Amanda Waller?

Amanda Waller is one of the scariest people in the DC Universe. She becomes very sympathetic when you learn she lost her family, but that doesn't make her any less harsh. Harley doesn't like Waller much. Which one do you prefer?

Question 28

Wonder Woman or Katana?

Wonder Woman and Katana have a lot in common. They are both superhero women who love beating up the bad guys. Wonder Woman is much stronger than Katana, but Katana can hold her own in a fight. Who is your favorite superhero lady?

Question 29

Amanda Waller or Lois Lane?

Amanda Waller and Lois Lane are both very formidable forces. They are both ladies who can get things done. Amanda is much more ruthless than Lois, but they are both forces of nature. Which one of these two strong women do you like the most?

Question 30

Amanda Waller or Enchantress?

We saw how this fight went in Suicide Squad. The fact is, Amanda Waller almost never loses in a fight. She is so tenacious that few will win in the long run against her. Enchantress thought she beat Waller, but she learned she was wrong. Which one do you like better?

Question 31

Harley Quinn or Katana?

These two almost came to blows in Suicide Squad, but in the end, they came together to save the day and defeat Enchantress. They are both incredible fighters, but this isn't about their skills. Which one do you like better?

Question 32

Wonder Woman or Amanda Waller?

Amanda "The Wall" Waller is known for being tough, but she has nothing on Wonder Woman. Waller has never been able to lift a tank. Well, at least not physically. Waller can always get someone to do it for her. Which of these tough women is your favorite?

Question 33

Harley Quinn or Enchantress?

Both Harley Quinn and Enchantress have a lot of issues. However, both of these characters have been anti-heroes in a lot of stories. Fans like to see them as heroes, but they always return to villainy. Which one is your favorite though?

Question 34

Amanda Waller or Hippolyta?

Both of these women are leaders of their worlds. Hippolyta has the ability to keep her people hidden and safe from most threats. Amanda doesn't have this ability, but she will go to any lengths to keep her world safe. Which one do you like better?

Question 35

Dr. Poison or Etta Candy?

Doctor Poison has a lot going against her. She is an evil person who enjoys testing new gasses to see how many people she can kill. She also has a messed up face because of her love for poisons. Etta is the loveable secretary who always has a snappy comeback. Who is your favorite?

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