Play 'Hot Or Not' And We'll Tell You If You Can Date Outside Your League

Whoa, anyone else feel the temperature suddenly rise? Well, for those who didn't feel it, get ready because as soon as you start flipping through these famous ladies, you will definitely know what we are talking about! That's right, today's quiz is all about paying tribute to some of the finest women in Hollywood.

Here is the game: We are going to present photos of different women, and everyone will be given the chance to vote "hot" or "not" for each one. Everybody has their own type, so we are expecting some heavy debates over some of these. Once the quiz has been completed, we will be able to let everyone know who can pull off a date outside of their league. Who's in?

Question 1

Jessica Alba

Question 2

Sofía Vergara

Question 3

Brooklyn Decker

Question 4

Olivia Culpo

Question 5

Eva Mendes

Question 6

Miranda Kerr

Question 7

Scarlett Johansson

Question 8

Eva Longoria

Question 9

Lauren Cohan

Question 10

Sophie Turner

Question 11

Shay Mitchell

Question 12

Kylie Jenner

Question 13

Emma Roberts

Question 14

Adriana Lima

Question 15

Gwen Stefani

Question 16

Katherine Heigl

Question 17

Margot Robbie

Question 18

Taylor Swift

Question 19

Victoria Justice

Question 20

Miley Cyrus

Question 21

Emilia Clarke

Question 22

Gigi Hadid

Question 23

Selena Gomez

Question 24

Kate Upton

Question 25

Megan Fox

Question 26

Vanessa Hudgens

Question 27

Zooey Deschanel

Question 28

Naya Rivera

Question 29

Hailey Clauson

Question 30

Anna Kendrick

Question 31

Jennifer Aniston

Question 32

Kate Beckinsale

Question 33

Amanda Seyfried

Question 34

Olivia Wilde

Question 35

Hilary Duff

Question 36


Question 37

Lea Michele

Question 38

Ariana Grande

Question 39

Demi Lovato

Question 40

Julianne Hough

Question 41

Cara Delevingne

Question 42

Amber Heard

Question 43

Sarah Hyland

Question 44

Rita Ora

Question 45

Mila Kunis

Question 46

Jessica Biel

Question 47

Emma Watson

Question 48

Jennifer Lawrence

Question 49

Kendall Jenner

Question 50


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