Pick Your Favorite Cars And We'll Give You A Hollywood Starlet To Tag Along

Car fans will love this entertaining quiz. It features some amazing rides that celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé, really love! There are also everyday cars (the kind that gets people from point A to Point B, but don't necessarily thrill their owners). Pick some of your favorite cars now and we'll match you with a Hollywood starlet to tag along in the passenger seat.

This quiz features some dazzling vehicles, one of which is worth 8 million bucks! Choosing from some of the world's most exclusive and exciting supercars will be so much fun. Be sure to read the write-ups for every question. These write-ups feature some fascinating facts about the vehicles.

People who love cars will probably recognize a lot of the makes and models. Even if they don't, there are crisp, vibrant images that will make it so easy to decide whether or not to pick or pass.

Choose the cars that you like and pass on the rest. Then, we'll analyze those preferences and come up with the perfect female actress to take for a ride in your favorite car.

There are no right or wrong answers here. Just have fun with it and enjoy learning about some amazing cars along the way. This quiz is a great way to pass the time.

Question 1

Ferrari LaFerrari

Want something rare and ultra-costly, which comes from Italy? Then, pick the LaFerrari now. It is lightning-fast, sleek, stylish and designed to grab tons of attention on roadways. Do not expect to go unnoticed while you cruise in this sports car. It is going to get noticed everywhere. These cars are coveted and collectible. They are dream cars for so many people. Unfortunately, few can afford to live the LaFerrari dream. Pick or pass now to get matched with a Hollywood starlet.

Question 2

Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Many movie fans will recognize this classic muscle car, as the 1980 model was one of the iconic cars showcased in The Fast and the Furious. Those who want the sort of car that can be raced or used as a reliable and fast getaway vehicle may wish that they had one of these Chevrolet Chevelle SS cars in their driveway. This car has become so prized and collectible because it was featured in the Fast and Furious franchise. Pick or pass now.

Question 3

VW Kombi Van

The hippie lifestyle is very appealing to some people. These types of people love hippie vans that are roomy enough for a group and fun to drive to the beach or special events, such as music festivals. These vans have a 60s vibe that is charming, but they are not for everyone. They are for the crunchier types of people. Pick or pass on a fun hippie van now to get matched with a starlet who can come along for the ride.

Question 4

Toyota Prius

Prius is a Latin word for "first". It is the name that Toyota execs chose for their now-legendary hybrid. Toyota started making Prius cars in 1997, according to En.wikipedia.org. The 2019 version includes all-wheel drive. This auto was first offered in a four-door style. In 2003, Toyota began offering only five-door lift-back models. The Prius is popular with many Hollywood celebs, including Leonardo DiCaprio. Pick the Prius now if it is a fave car. Pass if other vehicles are preferred.

Question 5

Limited Edition Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss

This fabulous auto is a car that Kanye West loves. Kanye recently performed at Coachella. Kanye lives an enviable lifestyle, although he has had his problems. He does have access to amazing cars, including this rare and exciting Mercedes. Stirling Moss was a legendary race car driver and this limited edition vehicle was inspired by his greatness. This is a car that is just for the elite. It drives like a dream. Pick or pass on this sporty and elegant auto right now.

Question 6

Ford Mustang

Anyone who loves muscle cars that have plenty of retro appeal will probably pick this vintage Mustang. It has standout looks and lots of power. Those who prefer newer cars, or vintage cars with a bit more elegance, may want to pass on this one. The cars that someone picks or passes on says a lot about their taste in other areas of their lives. Pick or pass on this vintage Mustang now to get a Hollywood starlet to tag along.

Question 7

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

This vehicle definitely has a Hollywood vibe, even though it is produced by an auto-making company from Germany. Luxurious and distinct, with a touch of ruggedness that screams "adventure", the Mercedes-Benz G-Class appeals to many, whether they can afford to buy it or not. Kylie Jenner owned a G-Class and had it customized to suit her tastes. Pick or pass on this status vehicle now to get matched with a hip Hollywood starlet who will go along for the ride.

Question 8

Maybach Exelero

Jay-Z adores this car. This car sold for 8 million bucks, so this is not exactly a budget ride. Jay-Z can afford it, but many others will never get the chance to experience what the Maybach Exelero has to offer. This is supercar territory. This vehicle is fierce. This car is one of a kind. There is just one Exelero out there in the world. That explains the high price tag. The car was also featured in a Kanye West music video.

Question 9

Chevrolet Corvette

The late and great musical artist, Prince, wrote a song called, "Little Red Corvette". That was an amazing song and Corvettes are amazing cars. They are a bit flashy, so they are best for people who love cars that are bold and beautiful. A Corvette of any color is never going to be a subtle and sophisticated ride. It is a ride that is designed to get plenty of attention. Pick or pass on this cool and fancy sports car right now.

Question 10

Bentley GT Continental

Paris Hilton has been spotted emerging from the luxurious interior of a bubblegum-pink Bentley GT Continental. Bentley is a brand that attracts only the wealthiest car buyers. The Bentley GT Continental is a comfortable ride, for sure. It is also a ride that is going to get noticed. While some people think that these status cars are too much, others dream of driving them. Pick or pass now to get matched with a Hollywood starlet to take for a ride.

Question 11

Toyota Sienna

Minivans get a bad rap sometimes because they are considered the ultimate family vehicles. This image robs minivans of a bit of appeal. In other words, minivans do not provide the same kind of thrills as the cars in The Fast and the Furious franchise. Although minivans like the Toyota Sienna may not seem too cool to some, there are people who really love their comfy practicality. Pick or pass on the Sienna now to get matched with a starlet.

Question 12

Vintage Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II

Want to take a car that Beyoncé really loves for a spin? If so, it may be time to drive a vintage Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II. This car has a romantic name and comes from one of the most revered luxury automakers. It is a car that the Great Gatsby would really appreciate. This car stands out. It is beautiful in an old-fashioned way. It is miles away from the everyday "point A to point B" type of ride. Pick or pass?

Question 13

Lincolm MKT Limousine

Anyone who dreams of traveling to events in big limos should pick this one now. Those who think that limos are just too much should take a pass. Limos are definitely a celeb thing. They are long vehicles that send a message of financial success, but people who are not rich are able to rent them for special occasions. Some people find limos a bit embarrassing because they are so over the top. Share an opinion about the Lincoln MKT right now.

Question 14

Lincoln Town Car

A Lincoln town car is a sophisticated choice. Celebs who do not want to get noticed while they are traveling from Point A to Point B often prefer to hire drivers that pick them up in sleek, comfortable town cars...and then take them wherever they want to go. Town cars are sedans. They are designed to provide passengers with a luxurious experience, without being as flashy as limousines. Pick or pass on a town car now to get matched with a Hollywood starlet.

Question 15

Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC

Is driving one of the latest cars from Mercedes a goal? If so, pick the sporty and luxurious Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC immediately. The 2019 model is packed with features and power. It also looks great. This car is not basic. It is a ride for a motoring connoisseur. While it is not basic, it is an entry-level Mercedes, so it is more affordable than some cars from the same respected auto manufacturer. Pick or pass on this dream car right now.

Question 16

Aston Martin Vanquish

Those who appreciate luxury cars with all of the bells and whistles should pick this vehicle. It is a "grand tourer", according to En.wikipedia.org, and it is made by a revered auto manufacturer from England. The first Aston Martin Vanquish was showcased during 2001, at a motor show in Switzerland. These cars are not average. They are elite sports cars that are out of reach of a lot of consumers. Pick or pass to get a Hollywood starlet driving companion.

Question 17

Jaguar E-Type Eagle Speedster

This posh vehicle is beloved by Simon Cowell. Those who also love it should know that they will need to spend a cool million dollars to get a Jaguar E-Type Eagle Speedster of their own. Some cars cost a fortune, thanks to their brand, features, style and performance. This car doesn't come cheap, but it pays for itself in terms of providing status and driving pleasure. Those who like this car should pick it now. Pass if it's not a fave.

Question 18

Jeep Grand Cherokee

This roomy vehicle has a sporty vibe that is adventurous and so much fun. Jeep is a brand with an outdoorsy, rugged image, but the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 looks as good on the city streets as it does out in the wilderness. This newest version of the beloved Cherokee features updated wheel design for the best ride ever. Pick this make and model now if it is a personal fave. Pass if it is not really your cup of tea.

Question 19

BMW 330i

Want impressive steering, responsive brakes and exceptional grip? If so, this sports car will deliver. The BMW 330i - 2019 goes from 0 to 60 in only 5 and a half seconds. It is also lighter than previous 330i models, by over 120 pounds. This vehicle is a status car that really performs. It has a sleek look that is very modern. BMW fans should pick this car now. Those who prefer other vehicles should pass to get matched with a starlet.

Question 20

Lamborghini Aventador

Justin Bieber has been seen driving one of these expensive and fancy cars. Most people cannot afford to live the Lambo lifestyle, but they can dream, right? The Aventador is not your basic "Point A to Point B" ride, is it? It is something special for people who have money to burn and an interest in well-engineered sports cars that cause onlookers to gawk. Those who would love to drive an Aventador should pick it now. People who are not fans should pass.

Question 21

Bugatti Veyron

This sports car is a fave of hip-hop star, Flo Rida. It is a status car which offers distinctive style and superlative performance. Those who want to drive the kinds of cars that rappers treat themselves to when they hit the big time should pick the Bugatti Veyron now. If this car seems too flashy and too expensive, take a pass and pick other vehicles that are more low-key. This is a car that should be parked outside of a mansion.

Question 22

Mini Clubman

This compact car is a popular choice for city driving, but it is actually very versatile. It is also roomier than a lot of people expect. Stylish and iconic, the Mini Clubman is fun to drive. Some people may not feel comfortable in these smaller cars. Others may feel right at home in their Mini Clubman vehicles. What we drive says a lot about our tastes and preferences. Pick or pass now to get a Hollywood actress who is an ideal match.

Question 23

Ferrari Enzo

There is something about Ferrari. It evokes a certain dream in car lovers. Ferrari vehicles come from Italy. They are sporty, bold and daring. They feature "prancing horse" logos that are definitely status symbols. Ferrari is also a big deal because of its presence in Formula One auto racing. Nicolas Cage loves the Enzo, according to Gobankingrates.com. Anyone who appreciates this high-end sports car should pick it now. Those who prefer more subdued rides should pass on this one, even though it is amazing.

Question 24

Pontiac LeMans Safari Station Wagon

This vehicle is just right for those who loved watching That '70s Show. Back in the 70s, so many families owned station wagons. They were sort of the precursor to the modern minivan. Station wagons were practical. They had room for people and groceries and other items, but were not too big to drive with ease. These days, these vintage station wagons from Pontiac retain a lot of charm. Some will love these 70s station wagons and some will dislike them.

Question 25

Pagani Huayra

Dwayne Johnson appreciates this car. The Pagani Huayra meets and possibly exceeds the high standards of "The Rock". This is a rare sports car. There are not a ton of them out there, so they definitely are held in high regard. They have an ultra-modern look and, naturally, deliver high performance on a truly impressive scale. Those who love the way that this car looks should pick it now. Those who prefer other cars should take a pass. Remember, its good enough for The Rock.

Question 26

Maserati GranTurismo

This is a car that Britney Spears likes. She sang about a Maserati in one of her pop anthems, so it is no surprise that she favors the Maserati GranTurismo. Britney has worked hard to make enough money to afford these luxuries. Anyone who wants one of these cars will also need to work hard to get one, unless they hit the lottery or something like that. Pick or pass on this luxury vehicle to get matched with a famous starlet.

Question 27

Chevrolet Silverado

Big trucks have rugged appeal and they are very practical. The Chevrolet Silverado has plenty of room for anything that drivers want to bring along for the ride. Throw gear in the truck bed and go. With this tough vehicle, it is so easy to get stuff wherever it is supposed to go. Designed to offer great performance, while also being comfortable for drivers and passengers, this truck has plenty to offer. Pick or pass on the Chevy Silverado now.

Question 28

1955 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing Coupe

This car is one that Jay Leno appreciates. Jay is a connoisseur and he has an epic collection of cars. He knows cars inside and out. This classic Mercedes looks so cool, thanks to its gullwing-style doors and curving lines. This vehicle is definitely a show-stopper. This is the type of vintage auto that those who are in the know want to own. It is a dream car for those who prefer a retro vibe. Pick or pass on it now.

Question 29

Mazda Miata

Mazda Miatas have a distinctive look. They have curving lines that are pleasing to the eye, but some people find them a little too much like Barbie cars. Almost everyone has an opinion about this well-known make and model. Some love it and some really do not appreciate it. Express an honest opinion about the Mazda Miata lightweight roadster now to get an uncanny quiz result. We will find a Hollywood starlet who is the perfect companion on the road.

Question 30

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

This flashy car is a favorite of P. Diddy. He chose a silver model, but it comes in a range of exciting colors. Lambos are so modern, with sculptural lines. They embody the spirit of Italy. They are also very fast. Owning one these beauties is sort of like owning a roller coaster or another type of thrill ride. This car is not for the faint of heart. Pick or pass on this car now to get matched with a starlet.

Question 31

Mercedes-Benz S Class

This car is all about sophisticated luxury. It is considered the benchmark for a high-end sedan. Charlie Sheen is a celeb who is a fan of Mercedes S Class vehicles and he is not alone. Many famous people love these posh cars. They look great, they are very dependable and they do offer impressive performance. These cars have the sorts of upscale interiors that call to mind private jet interiors. Pick or pass on the Mercedes S Class right now.

Question 32

Jaguar XJ Supersport

This vehicle is a favorite of a famous footballer, David Beckham, according to Carthrottle.com. Jaguar is a brand that comes from England and Beckham is an Englishman, so it makes sense that he would prefer this luxury auto. These cars cost a bundle. They are elite and provide all of the bells and whistles than one-percenters are looking for. Those who appreciate the Jaguar XJ Supersport should pick it now. People who like other cars better should take a pass on this one.

Question 33

Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead

The lead singer of AC/DC is known for his legendary pipes. He has sadly retired due to worries about his hearing, but made such a huge impact on hard rock fans while making records and touring. His name is Brian Johnson and he is a fan of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead. This fancy car has it all. It is a luxury vehicle that is feature-packed and designed to provide epic comfort. Pick or pass on this stunning Rolls right now.

Question 34

Porsche 911

Those who enjoy Top Gear and The Grand Tour may know that James May and Richard Hammond are fans of the Porsche 911. This car is so beautiful. Its lines are curving and a little soft. The fluid lines of this vehicle make it iconic. It also has the high performance that people expect from Porsche. This car has been around for years. It continues to please discerning car owners because it is like no other luxury sports car. It is so recognizable.

Question 35

Dodge Challenger

This car is one that Carmen Electra loves. She has been spotted detailing her own Dodge Challenger. Those who appreciate muscle cars should pick this rugged model now. Buyers may choose their fave engines and one option is a HEMI V8. This car is an homage to USA muscle cars, according to Dodge.com. It is a beast of a vehicle, especially when it is powered by a HEMI V8. Pick or pass on this standout vehicle now to get matched with a Hollywood starlet.

Question 36

Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a lot of cash to drop on cars and he paid 5 million bucks for one of these supercars, according to Historygarage.com. When Floyd splashed out big bucks for the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevila, his new vehicle was one of only a trio which were custom-built. This car is loaded with horsepower and can achieve top speeds of 250 miles per hour. Floyd chose a white Trevita. He likes white cars and has amassed a big collection of them.

Question 37

2019 Range Rover Sport P400e

Kim Kardashian has been spotted getting in and out of a black Range Rover. She has also been spotted getting in and out of Ferraris and other luxury autos. Range Rover vehicles are clear favorites with those who have enough money to choose from virtually any high-end car. In most upscale neighborhoods, you will see more than a few Range Rovers. Anyone who likes the 2019 Range Rover Sport P400e should pick this vehicle now. Those who are not fans should definitely pass.

Question 38

Kia Soul

This utility vehicle is pretty affordable and gets great reviews. It is a crossover in the subcompact size category. It features a unique design that stands out, as well as good performance and comfort. Those who love top-rated crossovers that make it so easy to run errands or enjoy leisurely Sunday drives should pick the Kia Soul now. Those who prefer other makes and models should take a pass. Choose now to get matched with a Hollywood actress to take for a ride.

Question 39

Dodge Viper

These thrilling sports cars are so coveted and collectible, but some people may not consider them dream cars. For some people, they may be too much automobile. Vipers do have a lot of speed and power and certain drivers may find this speed and power daunting. Others will love the fact that they are behind the wheels of truly iconic luxury sports cars that really perform. If the Dodge Viper is a fave, pick it now. If not, take a pass.

Question 40

McLaren Senna Supercar

This outrageous supercar is meant to link driver and vehicle in the most profoundly exciting way. It is a high-end automobile that many people dream of driving. Few actually get the chance. Designed with a plethora of race-ready features and incredible style that is so futuristic, it is a supercar with superpowers. If this car pleases, pick it now. If it is just too much, pass on it. It is a costly choice. It is a car for millionaires and billionaires.

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