Pick Your Favorite Cars And Get A Famous Brunette Wife

For people who like cars, there's nothing more important in the world that that machine that can get them from one place to the other, but it's about more than that. Not only should it run well, but the vehicle should actually represent the sort of person driving it, which is why people can end up looking through so many different types of vehicles before they land on the one that they actually want. We decided to put together a quiz that takes a look at this!

Yes, we've pulled together some great cars, all sorts of vehicles, that we want people to take a look through and decide whether they would pick or pass on them. Just have a look at the image, read about what the car is like, and then decide whether or it should be picked up or passed on. Once everyone has done that, we will be able to show everyone what beautiful brunette wife they would end up with if things had gone a little differently!

We think it's about time that we got started, moved onto the quiz and see what people think about the various cars that we have got on offer right here.

Question 1

BMW 320D

BMW is known for bringing out their cars in model series, meaning that it's always easy to tell where they've managed to positively change their various models before putting them out on the road. When we think about which vehicle we think is the best that BMW have put on the road, this has to be a main contender for us, offering a nice bit of luxury along with a good speed, while also not really breaking the bank for most people.

Question 2

Bugatti Veyron

Obviously the main reason to come up with a new car is that it offers people to chance to get from one place to the next in a new way, hopefully offering a better deal to the customer. Then we have vehicles like this one, which were simply made to see if it could actually be done. The Veyron is famous for being the fastest street-legal car in the world, and has become a popular status symbol among the rich and famous.

Question 3

Ferrari 458

We know that Ferrari have already moved to a new model fairly recently, but we don't think that we will ever be able to love the 488 as much as we do the 458. It's still too young to be considered a true classic at this point, but we know that for the real enthusiasts, this is the car that really pushed Ferrari into the modern world once they put it on the road in 2010. Always worth a second look!

Question 4

Ford Fiesta ST

We understand that, for a lot of people out there, a vehicle is about luxury and status, but for most it has nothing to do with this. Sure, we want every vehicle to look good, but there are a lot of people out there just looking for a way to get around in their day to day life, especially if they have other people they need to get into the car. This is where the Ford Fiesta ST comes in.

Question 5


This compact car has been sold around the world through various different models and even under various different names, but we don't think that anybody can beat the classic that is the VW Golf GTI when it comes to pure speed on an urban road. This hatch has been the domain of urban speed freaks and boy racers for a long time, and for good reason! We don't advocate driving fast, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy this car from afar.

Question 6

Toyota Prius

The main reason that people pick a car these days is either because it's comfortable, it goes faster than the others, or it looks better than the others. However, when this vehicle came out, it offered people the chance to have a vehicle that causes less problems for the environment, which actually meant a lot than people thought. While many continue to make fun of people who drive this car, it was a major success and many people still choose it to this day.

Question 7

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Phantom is a name that carries with it so much prestige that it seems like Rolls-Royce will never want to get rid of it, slapping it onto any new car that they decide is worth that prestige. To be honest, we can understand why the company has now made it up to the 8th generation of this model, because there is a lot to love, but no vehicle is ever truly perfect, allowing for a chance to make some good changes.

Question 8

Ford Focus

Having been around for just over twenty years now, it has got to the point where we can say for sure that this vehicle has been a huge success. Not only has it been a good one for the people who want a bit of speed while still living in the urban areas, but they've also provided transport for many people who are not enthusiasts, who instead are looking for a simple to get around with their family sat in the back.

Question 9

Lexus LFA

While this is certainly a sports car through and through, it's not like many other sports cars out there due to the limited time that it was on a production line, only pushing out models for a single year. This is something that a lot of companies do, as it increases the interest while also providing people with a chance to get their hands on something that is a legitimate status symbol, usually for quite a high price as well...

Question 10

Mini Cooper

There are some vehicles that managed to become hugely iconic, offering a look at a time and place in history, rather than offering a chance to ride in a masterpiece of craftsmanship. After they were used in The Italian Job, they were cemented into the cultural history of vehicles. To this day, the company continues to upgrade the old formula, allowing people to drive around in a vehicle that comes from a certain time in the past, but manages to drive like one from the present.

Question 11

Nissan GT-R

Wanting to use the Skyline name for different things, Nissan just straight removed it from the name of this model, turning it into the Nissan GT-R, which is much more about performance. Skyline now means luxury in the world of Nissan, and while this is definitely a comfortable vehicle, anyone who is into cars knows that the Nissan GT-R is all about getting from A to B in as fast a time as possible. Always worth a second look we think!

Question 12

Porsche Boxter

While it may not be the Porsche vehicle that has the most prestige in the world of automotive vehicles, the Boxter has proven itself to be hugely popular among all sorts of people, offering a fast luxury vehicle to all sorts of demographics out there. Even though it has been manufactured for over two decades at this point, we don't see why Porsche would do anything other than continue to upgrade it from time to time. People still love it!

Question 13

Vauxhall Ampera

This vehicle was yet another chance for people to travel in style, while also making sure that they make an effort when it comes to the environment. Yes, this was a hybrid car that allowed for people to plug it in, meaning that it wasn't reliant solely on gas to get it around. However, for anyone that is interested in buying one of these, we suggest people do it sooner rather than later, as they're stopping production as of March this year!

Question 14

Toyota GT86

This is not one for the sorts of people who like room, but anyone looking for a sleek sports car can do a lot worse than the Toyota GT86. Rather than being the sort of car that somebody would invest in when they're looking for something practical, this is the sort of lightweight vehicle that people put their money in when they want something that will move fast and drift when needed. A great one to take a look at.

Question 15

Alfa Romeo 8c Spider

This roadster was only around for a couple of years, but we think that people can see by the image why we still think it's worth trying to track down to this day. We're not sure that there have much nicer looking cars out there that also manage to handle the way this sleek roadster does. Lightweight, it can seem like it's gliding along the roads at some speeds, which would be no surprise based on how beautiful it looks.

Question 16

Audi RS2

While it may not look like the sort of thing we're used to these days when someone talks about a high performance vehicle, the real enthusiasts out there know that this puppy can get up to some serious speeds, allowing drivers to pull off corners in ways that other vehicles can only dream of achieving. If people are looking for something that doesn't look too sleek, but earns the fact that it's considered a performance vehicle, we say check this one out.

Question 17

BMW 5 Series

We've already spoken about the 3 Series in this quiz, but if people are looking for something a little bigger with a bit more weight to it, then there's always the 5 series! We don't think that anyone can buy a BMW in the present day and end up with something they don't enjoy. They cater for people much everything at this point, so if the 3 Series isn't what people are looking for, then the 5 Series definitely has them covered.

Question 18

Mazda MX5

We think that people can tell just by looking at this thing that it was built to be lightweight, that it's a roadster which prides itself on being able to go at high speeds and have the best tech while also working to keep the weight on the lighter side! We don't think there's anything more satisfying than a properly lightweight car making it round a corner at high speed. It's like we're watching a vehicle skid its way through some butter.

Question 19

Lotus Elise

The Lotus Elise is the vehicle that a lot of people think of when they think of a sports car. This model has become synonymous with the sleek and complicated look that often comes with a sports car. This is likely why Lotus continue to push these through for production in a slightly different form even though the car was originally conceived over two decades ago at this point! We wouldn't pick this color, but we would definitely pick this car.

Question 20

Lancia Delta

We're obviously not going to try and say that this thing is as good looking as many of the other cars we've had in this quiz so far, but this is the family car to end all family cars. It has had three generations spread across a number of years, and we think that the third generation Lancia Delta is actually a great chance for people to pick up a family car that is still a bit nippy around the corners.

Question 21

Lamborghini Gallardo

While we've never been too keen on the way this vehicle looks, there are a lot of people who like the flat nose of this car, and when we see it move we can understand why people would buy one regardless! Around for a decade, the Gallardo proved to be the best-selling car that Lamborghini ever put out, a favorite among the rich and famous, with rappers even putting them in their song lyrics and music videos, which can't have hurt sales!

Question 22

Jaguar F-Type

The E-Type was a car that Jaguar put through production for a very long time, during the 60s and early 70s. When they decided to come up with a spiritual successor, a car that could live up to the legacy that the E-Type laid down, this is what they came up with. While it certainly hasn't left the same legacy that its predecessor did, nobody is denying that this is a beautiful car that can reach some brilliantly high speeds.

Question 23

Honda Integra

Wanting to put out a vehicle that was more oriented around speed and luxury, this was the vehicle that Honda came up with as a successor to the civic. A lot of changes were made to the Honda Integra and the model has come out in various different forms for a long time at this point, but almost all of them are considered proper performance vehicles by anybody who is looking for something that can really bring it to the road.

Question 24

Dacia Duster

There was once a time when the SUV market was pretty wide open, offering companies a chance to get their foot in and put themselves forward as the best Sports Utility Vehicle out there. However, this is no longer true, and it's vehicles like this compact SUV that are proving there are still things that can be done with the SUV. With cars like the Dacia Duster, we're glad to see that people still want to drive around in things like this!

Question 25

Ferrari FF

Anyone who has even a slight interest in cars knows that Ferrari is known for their upmarket vehicles, and in an attempt to keep these sorts of things as lightweight as physically possible, a lot of them will be as small as possible. This means a reduction in space and less chairs. This is why this car is known as the FF, as it has four doors and four seats, which for a Ferrari isn't exactly the standard or the norm.

Question 26

Fiat Multipla

We are sure that there is nobody taking this quiz that thinks this vehicle looks anywhere near as good as some of the cars we've already featured, but there's more than meets the eye with this vehicle! This is a compact MPV, meaning that while it may not be winning any awards for the speeds that it can reach, it is a perfect fit for anyone with a large family that needs to make sure that everyone is properly looked after.

Question 27

Ford GT

Easily one of the most famous cars of all time, this beast is a supercar that calls back to a car from much earlier, the Ford GT40, a vehicle with historic significance. Being the four-time consecutive winner of the Le Mans, it's no surprise that the company wanted to hark back to such a car. We think it's amazing that people can drive around on the streets with one of these things, looking as it does just like that old race car.

Question 28

Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Aston Martin has been using the name Vantage for a long time, and we don't think we can blame them with the amount of clout that follows it. We know that even people who aren't into cars as a concept know about the Aston Martin Vantage, with the V12 being of the best variants on the model as well. We don't think that anybody will be able to say that this won't manage to stand the test of time. Utterly timeless.

Question 29

Audi A2

This is another car that seems to have a lot more under the hood that people would assume just by looking at it. The supermini Audi A2 is one for those out there who want the MPV style that can get their family from place to place, but also want to know that they can really let rip when they want to as well. It's winning no aesthetic prizes, but does that really matter at the end of the day?!

Question 30

Toyota Hilux

While this Toyota Hilux has little in common with a lot of the sports cars and roadsters that we've had on display here today, there are a lot of people that would consider this an interesting look into a side of cars we don't often see! Some people look upon this as the ultimate luxury vehicle, the sort of thing that they can take wherever they want, through any sort of terrain, and know that they will be fine in the end!

Question 31

Porsche 911

We've already used the word timeless in this quiz, but there really is something timeless about this car. This is clearly something that Porsche agree with, as they've been producing this model for just under sixty years at this point! Obviously, the model has gone through some changes, updated at various times so that it can keep up with the other high-performance vehicles out there, but the general style and name have stayed the same for a long time now.

Question 32

Audi TT

The TT was first introduced in 1998, and since then has gone through a couple of redesigns. We're currently looking at the Mk3, a model that has been on the road since 2014. Yet another example of a company not just scrapping everything and starting again, but taking a model that they know has traction with the customer and then putting in the work to make it better than it ever has been. Other industries need to start taking note!

Question 33

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley likes to think that all of their cars show just how luxurious a company they are, that they have a style and comfort that surpasses any other name out there. While we probably wouldn't go that far, we have to say that this car highlights exactly why so many people with the money end up choosing Bentley over the other car companies out there. There are a LOT of different variants of this model, so it's good to take a look around.

Question 34

Mercedes S-Class

There is a lot of importance placed on a company putting in the work to ensure that their name is respected in their industry, and this is just as important when it comes to cars. When Mercedes wanted to make sure that everyone knew which were their best and most luxurious cars, they decided that the easiest way would be to just put them all under the same umbrella. This is where we get the S-Class from, a model of car that continues to be a classic.

Question 35

McLaren 12C Spider

There are so many different cars out there it can be difficult to choose which one to get, but that's why various companies out there try to offer everything they can in their cars. This vehicle is the convertible version of the McLaren 12C, which was most likely an attempt to make sure that people who wanted to buy a McLaren knew they could get this variant as well, so they didn't have to go elsewhere for the convertible rooftop!

Question 36

Land Rover Discovery

Having been around for thirty years, this is a model that even people who don't like cars will recognize, which is why people continue to buy this model as Land Rover upgrade it. There have been five generations of this model, meaning that people who want a luxury experience while also making sure that they're safe, can always know that they're getting the best that Land Rover has to offer. Take a look at the old and the new to see what interests.

Question 37

Honda S2000

There are certainly better names out there, but this Japanese roadster can hit some brutal speeds, making it all worthwhile! It only lasted for a decade, so people who want to find one will have to go second-hand, but it went through so many variations this should be a worry, as there will definitely be something out there for the driver who just loves the look of this model. We can't blame them, as it even looks like a speedy little thing!

Question 38

Ferrari Enzo

Named after the founder of Ferrari and containing an engine that no other previous Ferrari had contained, it's no surprise that they only made 400 of this type of model, as they must have wanted to make sure that it stayed as rare as possible! This is the sort of thing that collectors of high class vehicles will seek out, as it will be well outside of the price range of anyone looking for a vehicle they can use daily

Question 39

Lamborghini Murcielago

Coming after the Diablo, it was important that Lamborghini put in the work and made sure that their next vehicle would be able to live up to the hype! With under 5000 of this vehicle made, we think it's fair to say that this sports car certainly made a name for itself, becoming an iconic symbol of wealth, while offering a genuinely impressive performance as well. Well worth a look for anyone who actually has the money to spend on it!

Question 40

Ariel Atom

We've seen a lot of cars in this quiz, with some of them being about luxury transport, some about being a status symbol, and other about letting normal people have a chance to get from A to B! However, there have also been some like this, the ones that give people a chance to get much faster than they were ever supposed to, while still managing to somehow stay road legal. If we ever see someone in one of these, we're getting out of there way!

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