Pick Your Favorite 90s Movies And We'll Guess Your Favorite One

The '90s nostalgia lives on far into the 21st century. There’s just something about the fashion, the music and of course the movies that came out of this decade that has people totally obsessed with it! 90’s cinema created some classic movies that remain cult favorites today. Think anything from Pulp Fiction, Thelma and Louise, Titanic and the ever-loved The Lion King. These movies will make anyone want to go open up the box filled with their old VHS collection and have a movie marathon. We certainly feel that way at least!

The ’90s had so many amazing films that it was hard to narrow this quiz down to only 50 films, however, we tried to choose the best variety. This quiz shows a movie from every type of genre from comedy to action to sci-fi and of course some classic rom-com. Quizzers will have the choice to pick this film as one of their favorites or pass on it! Based on the response given to each question, we will be able to determine what exactly your ideal movie type is and we’ll reveal which 90’s film is your absolute favorite. Don’t believe us? Time to stop wasting time and find out…

Question 1

The Matrix

The Matrix is a science-fiction film released in 1999 that was heavily influenced by philosophical thought. It depicts a bizarre future in which every human experience is not real, but instead is a simulation. This film definitely got those watching it in the '90s thinking about what is real and what is not. Perhaps the dystopian film scarred viewers for life or maybe it became a favourite! It's time to make a choice, either pick or pass this classic film!

Question 2


Titanic is a classic film that was initially released in 1997 and was recently remastered as a 3D film as a way to continue its legacy. This film is a fictional story inspired by the very real and tragic sinking of the Titanic. It depicts the tragic love story between two people that fall in love while on the ship. This film has endured endless amounts of success and we’re fairly certain everyone has watched it at least once, right?

Question 3

The Parent Trap

The 1998 version of the Parent Trap was actually a remake of an earlier, 1961 film with the same name! It featured Lindsay Lohan, twice, as she magically played two twin sisters. This film most likely had viewers thinking that Lindsay Lohan was a twin for most of their childhood, don’t worry we thought so too! In this film, these long lost twin sisters trick their parents and pretend to be one another in order to live a week in the other's shoes! Cool, huh?

Question 4


Clueless is one of the most iconic films of the ’90s. Everything from the clothing, the language and the plot just screams 90’s chic flick! This coming of age film was released in 1995. Clueless follows Cheryl, a rich Beverly Hills teen who loves to play matchmaker! Chances are this film had viewers saying things like “as if!” and wearing bright yellow blazers. We have no regrets, but let us know what our quizzers think: pick or pass on Clueless?

Question 5

Billy Madison

Billy Madison was released in 1995 and proves that the ’90s were Adam Sandler’s time to shine. In this film, a spoiled child with a rich family is forced to pass school without any help from his father’s bank account. Let’s just say: the struggle is real, but also hilarious. While critics slightly disapproved of this film, it's a totally lighthearted film that will surely get viewers to laugh out loud. Go on, press "pick" to disagree with the film critics!

Question 6

Dennis the Menace

Meet the film that officially ruined the lives of anyone named Dennis. This tongue-twisting movie title was released in 1993 by Warner Bros. Dennis the Menace follows a mischievous young boy’s very eventful life. Its sequel was released 5 years later, called Dennis the Menace Strikes Again. It was based off a popular comic book from the ‘50s with the same name, making this film loved by both young children and their parents. Does this bring back any good memories?

Question 7

Home Alone

Home Alone is arguably the best Christmas movie that came out of the ’90s. Poor little Keven McCallister gets forgotten by his parents as they head on vacation to Paris with his many siblings. Young Kevin Mcallister cannot enjoy his peace and quiet, as he must use his wits to fend off clumsy burglars. The first film was released in 1990 and in 1992 they came out with a sequel (yes, they actually forgot their child twice!). Love this classic? Press "pick"!

Question 8


Rushmore was released 1998 and was a comedy-drama about the life of a quirky teen, his best friend and their shared crush on their teacher. Fun fact, this film was actually partially written by Owen Wilson, who could've guessed? This film was incredibly successful, was awarded endless nominations and was preserved by the library of Congress in the National Film Registry. Also, this movie was ranked amongst the best movies of the '90s, agree or disagree? Pick or pass? Time to choose!

Question 9

Space Jam

This movie blew the brains of everyone in the ’90s. This film boasted some seriously advanced technology. Micheal Jordan is featured alongside animated characters from the Looney Tunes. This film combines elements of Jordan’s life with the classic cartoon. Interestingly enough, Space Jam is the basketball film that actually earned the most money in film history! Fun fact, Space Jam 2 is apparently going to start being produced this summer and is rumoured to star Lebron James. Is this news exciting for Space Jam fans?

Question 10

Boyz N The Hood

Boyz N The Hood was released in 1991 and was nominated for several Academy Awards. This film started Ice Cube's role as an actor and he went on to be successful in this domain. This drama shows the troubles of teens being raised in the hood. John Singleton, the film's director and writer, wrote this book based on his own life experiences or things he witnessed growing up. The library of Congress chose to preserve this film due to its cultural and historical significance. Who agrees with this claim?

Question 11

10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You is a seriously memorable chick flick. It was released in 1999 and was loosely based on Shakespeare’s play, The Taming of the Shrew. This film starred some pretty huge celebrities, like Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles and Joseph-Gordon Levitt. This film has it all from teenage love, to angsty adolescents and of course, plenty of drama! Teens in the ’90s were pretty much obsessed with this film and box office stats show that. Who loves this rom-com?

Question 12


While the name might be misleading, this movie is actually about the cutest little pig that was raised as livestock on a farm but dreamt of working as a sheepdog. It was based on a novel published in 1983 entitled "The Sheep-Pig." This inspirational, and adorable, film took 7 years to develop! While babe is pretty cute, while producing the film the crew used 48 different pigs to play the role! No wonder it took so long to film! Press "pick" below to claim this cutesy film as a favourite.

Question 13

Batman & Robin

While Marvel and DC are making serious waves in the cinema these days, these films go way back to the '90s and before! The original Batman series had four movies and the final one came out in 1997. In this film, Batman and Robin had to stop Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy in their attempts to take over and repopulate the earth, typical superhero stuff, amiright? Movie critics did not love this film, however, are there any diehard Batman fans that disagree?

Question 14

The Little Rascals

The 1994 comedy follows the adventures of a neighbourhood group of kids. This film has everything one might want in a family film, like amazing young actors, clubhouses and cute humour. The Little Rascals is a totally family friendly movie so chances are 90’s kids might’ve watched this with their parents. The movie was released on VHS in 1995 and in 1998, it came out on DVD. Was this fun family comedy in our quizzers’ VHS collection? Press "pick" if it was!

Question 15

Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise follows two friends who go on a road trip and things get a little complicated, to say the least. This classic movie was released in 1991 and features Brad Pitt in one of his first big roles! This movie played an important part in the feminist film genre and was preserved by the national film registry! Are there any rebellious quizzers out there that were inspired by the strong will of these two women? Press "pick" to claim this film as a favourite.

Question 16

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction was released in 1994 and features a plethora of amazing actors, like John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, and Uma Thurman. Pulp Fiction was immensely successful and is considered a classic Hollywood film today. Its plot features various different subplots about crimes in LA. The film may get confusing, as events don't actually transpire in chronological order. Did this little detail throw viewers off or intrigue them? It's time to pick or pass on this classic Tarantino film.

Question 17

Men in Black

Men in Black stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, who play secret service agents who must hide aliens that are secretly living on earth from humans. This film was based off a comic series with the same name! Critics totally adored this film, everything from its production to its humour and intriguing plot! This sci-fi film was released in 1997 and was followed by two sequels. “Pick” this movie to show some love for the Men in Black saga.

Question 18


Goodfellas was released in 1990 and was directed by Martin Scorsese. This film was based on a non-fiction book written by author Nicholas Pileggi. This film follows the life of mobster Henry Hill from the years 1955 and 1980. It stars big celebrities like Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta and was nominated for several Academy Awards! In the year 2000, the library of Congress deemed this film worthy of preservation in the National Film Registry. Is this mafia movie totally cool or not-so-much?

Question 19


Fargo was a comedy-crime film released in 1996. This movie was directed by the Joel and Ethan Cohen who are famous for their distinct film style. A television show was released in 2014 with the same name based off of this famous film. Fargo, the film, was premiered at Cannes and was awarded seven Academy Award nominations! It was also named amongst the 100 greatest films of all-time by the Film Institute of the United States of America! Agree or disagree?

Question 20

Austin Powers

This movie has some serious mojo. Austin Powers is a film series that follows a silly spy who attempts to take down his nemesis. Funny enough, Mike Myers stars as both Austin Powers and his nemesis in the film, talk about a jack of all trades! The film acts as a parody of other spy films like James Bond. Everything from Austin Power's clothing, language and interaction with the ladies is so extravagant, it is sure to have viewers roaring with laughter. Press “pick” to show some love for this outrageously funny film.

Question 21

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This 1993 Tim Burton film is a spooky stop-motion film about Halloween and Christmas, making it socially acceptable to watch in both October and December. This film was inspired by a poem written by Burton while working for Walt Disney! The film was very successful and was the first animated film to be nominated for an academy award for best visual effects. This musical fantasy will make viewers travel from Halloween town to Christmas town and singing all the way through!

Question 22

Wayne’s World

Wayne’s World was released in 1992 and depicts two rock fans who start their own television show. This film was amongst the top 10 most grossing films released in that year! This was actually Mike Myer’s first feature film and it definitely jump-started his fame. Fun fact, rockstar Alice Cooper made an appearance in this funny film! Anyone that makes “that’s what she said jokes” or says things like “not!” at the end of their sentences needs to press pick for this one!

Question 23

Dazed and Confused

This 1993 coming of age film takes audiences back to the ’70s as it shows a group of teens during their final days of school. This goofy film may not sound like much, but Quentin Tarantino actually included in his 10 greatest films of all time! Critics agreed with Tarantino for the most part, praising its amazing soundtrack and it's accurate portrayal of the '70s. This film surely is playful and a breeze to watch. Time to pick or pass!

Question 24

There’s Something About Mary

The 1998 comedy starred Cameron Diaz alongside Matt Dillon, Ben Stiller and many others. All the main male characters are in love with Cameron Diaz’s characters and the film shows their comical attempts to gain her affection. This rom-com won endless nominations and awards and was incredibly popular! In fact, it ranked 27th on a list of the 100 funniest movies made in the 20th century, now that's quite the achievement! Cameron Diaz was also nominated for endless awards due to her stellar performance in this film. Wow!

Question 25


A modern version of this popular Disney movie is actually currently being produced, but it is crazy to think that this classic actually came out in 1992, nearly 27 years ago! The era in which the original movie was made is often referred to as the Disney Renaissance. This movie follows Aladdin’s adventures as he attempts to hide a magic lamp and genie from the ruler. It was actually based off an old folktale also named Aladdin. Does this film have anyone feeling nostalgic?

Question 26

Toy Story

Toy Story is a film that made our biggest childhood dreams become a reality. This animated film, released in 1995, showcases the world of toys that come to life when no one is watching. This Pixar film features iconic characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear, but is also an important story about friendship and growing up! Many people consider this film amongst the best animated movies of all time. Does this film deserve this title? Time to let us know!

Question 27

Beauty and the Beast

This popular film has recently been remade, however, the original film was animated. The plot is based on a fairy tale that shares the same name! Beauty and the Beast depicts the relationship between a beast, who was previously a prince, and a princess named Belle. These two characters were voiced by Robby Benson and Paige O'Hara. Interestingly enough, this film was released in 1991 at the New York Film Festival while still unfinished! Is this film romantic or slightly creepy?

Question 28


Matilda is the film that has all '90s children staring forcefully at objects and trying to lift them with their eyes. For those who’ve never seen the film, this may sound bizarre, but Matilda is the story of a brilliant little girl who has this fascinating talent! It was based on the popular novel by Road Dahl with the same name. This film was directed by Danny DeVito, who actually starred in the film, as well as Lucy Dahl, Road Dahl's daughter! Who's impressed with Matilda's skills?

Question 29

Dumb and Dumber

This 1994 film stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. In the movie, these two actors play friends who go on a road trip to return a briefcase full of money, which was actually ransom money. These two clueless friends embark on a journey that is far more than they had anticipated. This film has become a cult favourite over the years and gained some serious diehard fans! As a result of its following, an animated television show was released in 2003 with the same name.

Question 30

The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski is a cult favourite film that is filled with the word “dude” and lots of bowling. Not a bowling fan? No worries, this unconventional film should have viewers laughing anyways. This film begins by being a case of mistaken identity and spirals into something much bigger. This film was somewhat inspired by the famous detective author, Raymond Chandler. The Cohen brothers directed this film and of course, they added their own unique spin on it, right dude?

Question 31

Edward Scissorhands

For anyone who’s ever had a girl-crush on Johnny Depp, this film might throw fans off. Johnny Depp is transformed into a man with scissors in place of hands. While these scissor hands can come in handy for haircuts and hedge trimming, Edward lived most of his life in isolation until he was found by a women and moved to the suburbs. This Tim Burton film is quirky, slightly spooky but incredibly enticing, as viewers would expect from any of his movies.

Question 32

The Truman Show

The Truman Show is a sci-fi film in which a man was raised by a corporation within a television show. This movie is sure to baffle its viewers and make them question everything they thought they knew about the world. Critics loved this film and so did viewers, as it did incredibly well in the theatres. While Jim Carrey usually makes us laugh, in this film he will freak us out a little (in a good way) so be prepared!

Question 33

Jurassic Park

This classic film was recently remade for modern viewers, however, the original version was released in 1993. Jurassic Park is a film franchise based on a novel written by Michael Crichton. The film shows what goes wrong when a zoo filled with extinct dinosaurs, who were brought to life once again using science, escape and torment the fictional island of Nublar. This science-fiction film will make viewers happy that dinosaur invasions are not an actual concern in the real world!

Question 34

Forrest Gump

This is the movie that popularized this classic quote: "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.” It was released in 1994 and depicts the life of a kind man with special needs in the 20th century in America. It was based on a 1986 novel with the same name, written by Winston Groom. This touching film quickly became a popular film among viewers. It was actually the film that earned the second-most amount of money in 1994! You go Forrest!

Question 35

The Rugrats Movie

The classic '90s Nickelodeon show was transformed into a movie in 1998. This movie formally introduced Tommy Pickles to the show, and he then appeared in later seasons after the release of this movie. This film was incredibly successful and became one of the first animated film, not made by Disney, to gross such a high amount! The franchise eventually built a game based on the film called Rugrats: The Movie. This game was compatible with Game Boy, of course!

Question 36

Liar Liar

Ever wondered what life could be like with lies? Well in this film Jim Carrey plays a lawyer who becomes unable to lie after his son's birthday wish comes true. Some hard and funny truths definitely come to surface in this comedy. While at the surface, Jim Carrey makes viewers laugh out loud, this movie also shows the growth of a relationship between father and son! Despite mainly being a comedy, this 1997 film is sure to pull at viewers heartstrings. Press "pick" if this film is fan favourite.

Question 37

Big Daddy

Big Daddy was released in 1999 and stars Adam Sandler who plays a lazy and immature man who must suddenly take care of a child in order to impress his discouraged girlfriend. This comedy had viewers laughing and maybe seeing parts of themselves in Sandler’s character. This film was nominated for endless awards, and also won a handful, including some Kid's Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards and Blockbuster Entertainment Awards! Was Big Daddy one of the best movies of the '90s? Press "pick" if it was!

Question 38

The Addams Family

This dark comedy was released in 1991 and was based off a cartoon created by Charles Adams, as well as a 1964 television series. This Addams family is a totally bizarre family who reconnects with someone they believe to be their long lost relative, and well let’s just say things don’t quite go uphill from here. Interestingly enough, this film franchise released a pinball machine that became one of the best selling of its kind! Who knew Addams Family fans loved arcade games?

Question 39


Braveheart is a historical fiction that's loosely based on the life of Willian Wallace, a Scottish knight who was a leader in the first war of Scottish independence. This 1995 film is a tale of bravery and heroism that can still be adored by viewers today. It was directed by Mel Gibson who also played William Wallace, the main character. After its release, Braveheart was nominated for 10 Academy Awards, and won five. Pretty impressive, huh? Press "pick" to agree.

Question 40


This fantasy film was released in 1995 and starred Robin Willians and Kirsten Dunst. This plot of this film focuses on a board game that is able to magically trap its players inside of it. It was based on a children's book released in 1981, written by Christ Van Allsburg! Chances are viewers will think twice before starting a game of monopoly with people they don’t like, just in case they get stuck in it forever. Just kidding (kind of).

Question 41

Free Willy

Free Willy is a touching tale between a young foster child and a captive orca named Willy. The film had a great soundtrack too, as Michael Jackson wrote "Will You Be There," specifically for this film. This movie was released in 1993 and got mixed reviews from critics; However, Free Willy actually inspired real-life change, as viewers began a petition to free the orca who played Willy and were successful! Let us know: Are there any animal lovers that adore this film?

Question 42

Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura stars Jim Carrey who plays a pet detective who must find missing animals. That sounds like quite the cool job, right? This film inspired a television series with the same name, which was released in 1995, one year after the film came out! Jim Carrey is extremely eccentric, as always, and while the film did well in theatres, his character was named one of the most annoying ones of all time! Press “pass” to agree with that statement!

Question 43

The Lion King

The Lion King is arguably of the most classic and renowned Disney films of all-time. It was released in 1994 and the storyline focuses on lions living in Africa. While that may not sound too enticing, the plot was actually based off of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, so viewers are in for quite the ride! Even better, this film has an iconic soundtrack including songs like "Hakuna Matata" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight." The soundtrack was actually in the top five best selling albums of 1994! Press "pick" to feel the love!

Question 44


Pocahontas is a Disney film released in 1995 that was based on the life of a real native woman and her encounters with an Englishman and a group of settlers. Irene Bedard and Mel Gibson were cast to voice the two main characters of this Disney film. Pocahontas was quite controversial and received mixed reviews from critics due to its lack of historical accuracy, as well as its faulty portrayal of races. It's time to voice some thoughts: pick or pass?

Question 45

Bad Boys

Bad Boys is a 1995 action-comedy film starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence who form a hysterical duo. The pair are detectives who get themselves in serious, yet comical situations. Interestingly enough, the film's director, Michael Bay, encouraged the two actors to improve the script by improvising. Some of the film's funniest scenes were actually impromptu! And let's not forget that the movie’s main title song is incredibly catchy.... we’re sorry in advance for getting it stuck in everyone’s head.

Question 46

Richie Rich

The name of this film gives viewers a great indication of what it's about. Richie Rich stars Macaulay Culkin as Richie, aka the world’s wealthiest kid. Jealous? Us too. In this 1994 film, Richie must take charge and find his parents after they suddenly go missing! In 1998, this fun film was followed by a sequel, which was a Christmas special called Richie Rich's Christmas Wish. These are two great films to have on VHS for a fun family movie night, right? Press "pick" below to agree with this statement!

Question 47

Pokémon: The First Movie

Everyone knows Pokemon nowadays through television series or games, however, this film franchise actually began in 1998 with the release of Pokemon: The First Movie. While it was first launched in Japan, it was released in North America a little later, in 1999. While the original version of the film was popular, the english version, which was produced by Nintendo, did not do so well with critics. Pick a side to agree with and let us know who’s a Pokemon fan by clicking “pick”!

Question 48

My Girl

Looking for a movie to cry some serious tears to? My Girl is a coming of age film, released in 1991, about an 11-year-old hypochondriac and her best friend. This film stars famous actors, including Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Macaulay Culkin, and Anna Chlumsky. Three years later, a sequel to My Girl was released, but was much less popular. My Girl is an extremely heartwarming, but also tragic movie, so prepare the Kleenex! Who loves a good sad film?

Question 49

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus was the Halloween film to watch in the '90s. It is a fantasy film about a trio of witches who are resurrected. It’s become a cult favourite over the years and airs each year on the Disney Channel in October (we're sure our quizzers knew that already though!). While critics did not necessarily adore this film, fans of the film can simply reply by saying: That's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus! Fans of the film with get it.

Question 50


Bean was a movie released in 1997. This comedic film was based on a television series called Mr Bean and focuses on a totally goofy security guard, played by the comedic Rowan Atkinson, called Mr Bean. It was first released in the United Kingdom in 1997, and then later in the same year, it was released in North America. While it got mixed reviews from critics, it's definitely a great light-hearted film to enjoy, right? Press "pick" to favourite this movie.

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