Pick Your Favorite 90s Movie And We'll Tell You If You're Rebellious Or Lame

When you think of some of your favorite ‘90s movies, do you think about how awesome they are, or do you shutter in embarrassment? There were a ton of movies that came out during this time, some were great and some were not so great, but boy, did we sit and enjoy them nonetheless. Whether you were watching a great action film, an epic horror movie, or even a classic drama, you were in for a real treat during the ‘90s. There was something in the mix for everybody, and there were so many lame catchphrases to hook onto!

In those days, while watching your favorite movies did you feel kind of lame with your selections or did you feel sort of rebellious because you watched what was deemed to be cool by everyone around you? There were a lot of films that tried so hard to be cool, but just fell flat on their faces, but we still loved them anyway. What were your movie preferences during this time? Do you still watch these movies now? Take our quiz to figure out if your selection of ‘90s movies makes you rebellious or kind of lame. The answers could be surprising.

1Pulp Fiction

This one is a total classic. Pulp Fiction was Quentin Tarantino's claim to fame, and pretty much everyone knows why. it had just about everything. It had drama, suspense, action, comedy, you name it and it was in there. Truth be told, it was kind of a lot to handle for the time though, not everyone was used to drug overdoses and point blank shootings. But what did you think?


Well, it starred a very young Jennifer Lopez and a very large snake out in the Amazon. Turns out, this snake was hungry for more than just a bit of adventure though, it wanted the entire crew that was out hunting for it. It was full of all the cheap thrills that you'd expect from a '90s movie and even a couple of lines that literally made you face palm. What did you think?

3The Silence of the Lambs

Hello Clarice! Maybe you won't have the fava beans and a nice Chianti after watching this one, but come on, you can't say that Anthony Hopkins wasn't absolutely epic. This movie has so many twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat, but it also was a lot to handle for its time. Serial killers we're a major topic of conversation. What do you think?


4The Matrix

Would you take the red pill or the blue pill if you were confronted with it? It's the age old question that everyone asks after watching this action film. That and, are we really living in the real world, or is everything just an illusion? Yeah, this movie was a real trip, and no other movie really touched the topics it was going for quite yet. What did you think of it?

5The Blair Witch Project

Three film students come to the woods to film a documentary on the infamous Blair Witch, not knowing what the heck they are getting themselves into. Boy, oh, boy did they ever dive into a real mess. This film was one of the first in the first person perspective horror films which was pretty ground breaking in the genre. What did you think of it?


6Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

We all know the video game, and the phrase, "FINISH HIM!" Yeah, we're talking about that Mortal Kombat. Of course, there was a movie made about this epic game and the characters didn't necessarily nail it. Case and point, Mileena, what the heck? It was like the Power Rangers met The Karate Kid or something. What did you think?

7Fight Club

Fight Club took a little thinking behind all of that fighting. Let's be real, who didn't watch the end of the movie and say, "What?" the first time they saw it? It comes off as being a total guy's movie, but it actually runs pretty deep as a simple fighting club slowly morphs into a terrorist gang. The leader is the most mysterious of them all! What did you think?


8Street Fighter

It's yet another movie that was based on a video game. If you really think about it, there wasn't a whole lot of difference between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter back in the day. Woah boy, those are fighting words. Anyway, this fighting movie was also loosely based on the video game just like Mortal Kombat was. What did you think about Street Fighter?


Oh man, where do I begin? Kevin Costner stars in this apocalyptic adventure, but here's the real kicker. The world doesn't turn to desert like in most end of the world films, oh no, it turns to ocean! The people are surrounded by miles and miles of ocean, without any fresh water to drink. Pretty devastating huh? What do you think?



This remake of Godzilla was an interesting one, as it made it perfectly clear that Godzilla was a female and perfectly able to reproduce on her own. Say what? Not to mention Matthew Broderick was in this movie...as a disaster film star...since when? Besides that, it had all the typical destruction that a Godzilla movie would have. What do you think?

11Reservoir Dogs

Another Quentin Tarantino classic. This one was about a bunch of gangsters and the cop who was going to sell them out by infiltrating them and gaining their trust. It gives you a perspective from each one of the characters and allows you to get to know their inner workings a little more than your typical gangster movie. What do you think?


12Jurassic Park

Who wouldn't want to go to a land filled with prehistoric creatures like brontosauruses and t-rexes? Uh, not me, that's for sure, especially not after seeing this movie anyway. This movie is pretty self-explanatory really, it depicts exactly what you would think would happen in a theme park where dinosaurs run free. Come on now. Well, what do you think?

13The Sixth Sense

"I see dead people." We all know that line. Well, it comes from this epic horror movie. Imagine if you could see dead people as a little kid when all you want to do is fit in, and not draw attention to yourself? Pretty brutal, right? Well, this movie centers on what the dead want and how to solve the point behind their visits. What do you think?


14Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was the continuation from the first Star Wars trilogy as confusing as that is. This movie centers more around Darth Vader's story and his beginnings more than anyone else. Yes, he had a love story, yes there was a lot of training involved, and yes there were a lot of emotions to be had too. What did you think?

15Super Mario Bros. The Movie

Well, we have Mario and Luigi from the awesome video game Super Mario Bros that star in this one of course. Yeah, it's yet another movie that was based on a video game. Here's the thing though, kids wanted to watch this one and it didn't come off as super kid friendly. Not for the little kids stoked on cartoon graphics anyway. What did you think?


16Saving Private Ryan

This is one of those action films you just can't help, but cry in. Whether you were a man or a woman seeing this for the first time, there were tears in your eyes from some of the scenes in this film. Hello, Normandy Beach? It was a tough one to watch at times, but we did it because it was history, not to mention the cast was superb. What did you think?


Two words—Ghost Face. That was a face that haunted even the bravest movie-goers dreams for at least a night after seeing this film, and for good reason, no one wanted to be caught dead running away from this creepy guy. It usually meant a horrible death, am I right? This movie kept us on the edge of our seats and screaming for the cast to call the police ASAP! What did you think?



Although this movie is slightly longer than a decade to watch, you can't take away the fact that it is one of Mel Gibson's finest moments in cinematic history. Who doesn't quote this movie? You probably quote it and don't even realize it. Regardless of its length, it was a triumph in the box offices and still a classic to this day. What do you think?

19Edward Scissorhands

Many people think this movie is a horror film when it is actually a drama. Poor Edward is left alone in a tower not knowing anything about the world around him because his maker died, until one day a make up lady finds him and brings him to her house. He tries to fit in as best as he can, but it's not so easy for him in the real world. What did you think of this movie?


20Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin was just another installment of the Batman series. It seemed like it had it all, George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Uma Thurman, but it was just missing one crucial element...a decent plot line. Some people look at this one as a cult classic whereas other people look at it as a complete mess. What did you think about it?

21The Shawshank Redemption

Who wouldn't want to break out of prison if they were destined to live out their days in there? Especially if you have a fool-proof plan to get out? Well, that's exactly what this movie is about, getting the heck out of the horrible life jail has to offer and never looking back. There were a lot of ups and down (a lot more downs), but it all worked out in the end. What did you think?


22Speed 2: Cruise Control

The first Speed was about a bus careening out of control because it was strapped to a bomb and couldn't go slower than a certain speed or else it would blow up. This was basically the same premise with a much worse cast. A computer hacker breaks into the system of a cruise liner and sends it speeding out of control. What did you think of this one?

23The Big Lebowski

This comedy actually had some action happening in it as well as The Dude getting twisted up in some pretty gnarly dilemmas that honestly didn't really involve him. All he wanted to do was bowl and have his rug. That's it. But no, he had to find out where a missing woman was and risk his own life for Pete's sake! Crazy stuff! What did you think of this one?



Showgirls was about as close to porn that was put on the main stream as humanly possible. A small town girl gets to Las Vegas hoping for fame and fortune only to find out that it is a dog eat dog world and she has to do what she can to survive and thrive. Being a showgirl isn't easy when it comes to all the girls that want your spot, she finds that out fast. What do you think?


A small-town mid-western guy hires some criminals to kidnap his wife in hopes of pocketing the ransom money that her wealthy father pays up. However, things go horribly wrong as people end up dead when they weren't supposed to, making this crime much larger than it every was supposed to be. Uh oh. What did you think of Fargo?

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