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The world of film has gifted us a number of performers who have taken our breath away and wowed us with their incredible performances. These individuals set out to become masters of their respective craft, and once the reach the top of the industry, they work twice as hard to maintain their position at the top. After all, the film industry is one that is constantly looking to find the youngest and hottest performers to turn into global stars. While not every great performer wins an Academy Award, those that do take one home have their names immortalized alongside Hollywood greats.

The last several decades have seen some of the finest performances that have helped change the game. Each one of us spends enough time watching films to pick and choose our favorite performers. Even if the preview for a film may seem underwhelming, we will still pay money to see the film based on the simple fact that our favorite performer is in it. This, of course, can lead us to watching some truly terrible films.

With these beautiful and talented performers in mind, we decided to bring you 25 of the most incredible stars. All we ask is that you choose your favorites from the bunch. Judging by your answers, we will guess your favorite movie!

1How Would You Rate Sandra Bullock?

For many years now, Sandra Bullock has ben considered one of the best and most respected actresses in Hollywood. While many stars choose to put their personal lives on display for the world to see, Bullock lives a life away from Hollywood nonsense. She earned an Academy Award for her performance in The Blind Side.

2How Would You Rate Amy Adams?

At some point, Amy Adams is going to take home an Academy Award. After all, she has found herself nominated for 5 Academy Awards for her incredible performances. Adams has been part of a number of high-profile films, and she finds herself fully immersed in the DCEU as the character Louis Lane.

3How Would You Rate Jennifer Lawrence?

Few young actresses burst onto the scene in Hollywood quite like Jennifer Lawrence did a few years ago, and she rocketed to the top of the A-list in record time. Lawrence helped anchor the X-Men franchise as well as the Hunger Games franchise. She was awarded an Academy Award for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook.


4How Would You Rate Jamie Chung?

As it stands now, Jamie Chung is easily one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She initially gained notoriety for appearing on reality television, but she has since become a legitimate actress in the entertainment industry. She has appeared on the hit series Once Upon a Time and in the film Big Hero 6.

5How Would You Rate Meryl Streep?

It is quite possible that Meryl Streep is the best actress of her generation, and she has been showered in praise and acclaim her entire career. She has been nominated for an Academy Award in five separate decades, taking home 3 trophies in the process, winning her most recent one in 2011.


6How Would You Rate Anne Hathaway?

Rare is it to see incredibly respected performers star in comic book films, but the movie game has changed over the years, and in 2012, Anne Hathaway starred in The Dark Knight Rises. During her career, Hathaway has been nominated for 2 Academy Awards, taking home the award for Best Supporting Actress in 2012.

7How Would You Rate Nicole Kidman

After gaining her initial fame in the 1980s, Nicole Kidman would go on to land roles in many high-profile projects during the 1990s, taking home an insane amount of money in the process. Kidman remains an immensely talented performer who has been nominated for 4 Academy Awards in her career.


8How Would You Rate Kerry Washington?

Since making her television debut in 1994, actress Kerry Washington has been stringing together an impressive acting career. She has been a rare case of someone who has found success on television and in film. Her career has seen her be nominated for 4 Primetime Emmys, all within the last 4 years.

9How Would You Rate Angelina Jolie?

The latter part of the 1990s saw Angelina Jolie become a household name thanks to several critically acclaimed roles. She had been performing for a number of years before breaking it big. She was awarded a Golden Globe in 1998 and an Academy Award just 2 years later. Her most recent Golden Globe nomination came in 2012.


10How Would You Rate Julianne Moore?

After making her way through Hollywood for several years, Julianne Moore found herself nominated for an Academy Award for her stellar performance in the criminally underrated film Boogie Nights. Moore has since been nominated for 4 more Academy Awards, taking home the trophy for Best Actress in 2015 for her performance in Still Alice.

11How Would You Rate Salma Hayek?

Even now that she has entered her 50s, Salma Hayek remains one of the most beautiful performers in the entertainment industry. She helped break the mold for Mexican actresses in America, and she has been nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in the film Frida. She has also made guest appearances on television.


12How Would You Rate Emma Stone?

After winning a reality show that led to an unaired pilot, Emma Stone kept her head up and would eventually become a household name thanks to her performances. While she has made appearances on successful shows, she has made her money in film. She’s appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man series and in La La Land.

13How Would You Rate Reese Witherspoon?

After breaking out thanks to her performance in the film Cruel Intentions, Reese Witherspoon wasted little time in becoming a highly sought-after performer. 2001 would see her explode in popularity after appearing in the film Legally Blonde, and 5 years later, she won an Academy Award for her performance in the film Walk the Line.


14How Would You Rate Angela Bassett?

Age is nothing but a number for actress Angela Bassett, and she has showed no signs of slowing down since becoming a force in the 1990s. Bassett has been performing professionally since the 1980s, and she would become a household name in the 1990s after being nominated for an Academy Award.

15How Would You Rate Jessica Chastain?

Though some people initially confused her with Bryce Dallas Howard, Chastain has proved to the world that she is an incredible talent. She was nominated for Academy Awards in back-to-back years, though she failed to take home either one. She will appear in an unnamed role in X-Men: Dark Phoenix in 2018.


16How Would You Rate Michelle Williams?

After making her film debut in Lassie during the 1990s, Michelle Williams would find her first taste of fame after being cast as one of the main characters on the hit series Dawson’s Creek. Once the series reached its conclusion, Williams would find success in film, and she’s been nominated for 4 Academy Awards.

17How Would You Rate Natalie Portman?

After appearing in several films, Natalie Portman was cast as Padme in the Star Wars franchise, and her career would explode from there. She appeared in all 3 Star Wars prequels, and she would continue her career in Hollywood after attending Harvard. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2010.


18How Would You Rate Lupita Nyong’o

The miniseries Shuga acted as the launching point for actress Lupita Nyong’o, and one year after the miniseries wrapped, she landed the role of Patsey in the hit film 12 Years a Slave. She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance. She has also appeared in Star Wars, and she’ll appear in Black Panther.

19How Would You Rate Halle Berry?

Few models go on to be respected actresses, but this didn’t stop Halle Berry from achieving more than most ever will. At one point, Berry was completely broke and sleeping in a YMCA. Years later, she took home an Academy Award for her outstanding performance in the film Monsters Ball.


20How Would You Rate Priyanka Chopra?

While she hasn’t been nominated for an Academy Award like Halle Berry, Priyanka Chopra has found success in film and in music. She has released several singles in her career, one of which going triple platinum in India. She appeared in Baywatch in 2017, and she’ll appear in A Kid Like Jake in 2018.

21How Would You Rate Marion Cotillard?

Along with Anne Hathaway, Academy Award winning actress Marion Cotillard appeared in the hit film The Dark Knight Rises. She gained prominence in her native France before becoming big in America. Since appearing in The Dark Knight Rises, Cotillard has gone on to perform in Assassin’s Creed and The Immigrant.


22How Would You Rate Charlize Theron?

South African actress Charlize Theron remains one of the most beautiful and talented performers in Hollywood. After breaking out in the latter part of the 1990s, Theron has continued to put on stellar performances in film. She has been nominated for 2 Academy Awards in her career, taking home the trophy for Best Actress in 2004.

23How Would You Rate Gal Gadot?

Talk about a coming out party. Gal Gadot had already found success in Hollywood prior to 2017, but her achievements to that point would pale in comparison to the monster year that she would have. Wonder Woman set the box office on fire in 2017, making her a legitimate star. She also appeared in Justice League.


24How Would You Rate Margot Robbie?

Though the DCEU has taken its lumps, it has done a stellar job in making several performers gigantic stars. Even though she rose to fame after appearing in The Wolf of Wall Street, Margot Robbie became a mega star thanks to her performance as the character Harley Quinn in the film Suicide Squad.

25How Would You Rate Penelope Cruz?

Spanish music video stars don’t normally make it in Hollywood, but Penelope Cruz has the looks and the talent required to succeed anywhere. She has landed roles in several English films early in her career, including the movie Blow with Johnny Depp. She won an Academy Award in 2008 for her performance in the film Vicky Christina Barcelona.

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