Pick Who Wore The Swimsuit Better!

We are a couple of weeks into the New Year, and so far, during 2018, many of us have spent our time doing two things: wishing for warmer weather and planning trips to warm, exotic places.

This winter has brought about snowstorms, power outages and temperatures so low that it is unbearable and even impossible to venture outside. Therefore - now, more than ever - roadtrips sound great and checking must-see locales off of our bucket lists sounds even better.

Bali, Mexico, Hawaii, The Caribbean, Bora Bora...There are so many luscious spots that sound sooo appealing right now. We start saving our money for a plane ticket, we browse through hotels that we see on TV but could never afford, and we think about all the cute new swimsuits we could and should buy for this hypothetical trip!

And that brings up even more decisions: Do you look better in a one-piece swimsuit or a two-piece bikini? Do you prefer something that is fun and funky or sexy and sweet? Do you want a traditional triangle shape or a bandeau style, to avoid tan lines?

Find out through this quiz: Just pick which celebrity wore which swimsuit or bikini better, and we will tell you which one to buy this year!

1Kim or Kourtney?

Kim Kardashian West wore this strappy bikini, in black and orange, while enjoying a day in the water. The colors popped against her skin tone, and the straps looked cute, as well as functional. Kourtney Kardashian wore this strappy bikini, in black and white, while having a family day at the beach. She looked cool and crisp - and matched her son! Who wore this strappy suit better?

2Ciara or Kourtney?

Kourtney Kardashian had another who-wore-it-better-moment, as she and Ciara were both seen wearing these gold swimsuits. The suit is definitely a bold choice, since it is metallic, strappy and in the shape of an anchor, but both of these celebrities flaunted their bodies while wearing the suit. Who wore it better?

3Heidi or Gigi?

Heidi Montag and Gigi Hadid both showed some American pride in red, white and blue swimsuits. Heidi’s was brighter and bolder, like an actual representation of the U.S. flag, while Gigi’s was a bit more subtle, with a tiny striped detail on the top and bottom. Who wore America’s colors better?


4Bella or Maria?

Gigi’s sister, Bella Hadid, made the list, too, going up against Maria Menounos. Bella’s white and lacy swimsuit looked more like they were undergarments. Maria’s bikini bottom, on the other hand, featured strings, and her top, a flouncy ruffle, showing off similar lace. Who wore white and lace better, though?

5Jessica or Selena?

Similarly to the two stars above, Jessica Alba hit the water in a zebra-print bikini, which had string-like details on it. Selena Gomez also wore a zebra-print bikini, but her suit and her print were both smaller, simpler and cleaner during her trip to the sunny beach. Who wore zebra better?


6Ariel or Alison?

Ariel Winter and Alison Brie are both seen here in red swimsuits. Ariel’s is more playful and fun, with a traditional one-piece fit and bold lettering on it (reading “Beach You Guessed It”). Alison’s is more daring, with a low neckline and lots of sexy zippers. Who wore which red swimsuit better?

7LeAnn or Margot?

While at the beach, LeAnn Rimes opted for a two-piece, animal-print bikini in a muted tone and with a bandeau-style top. While on the cover of Vogue, Margot Robbie was dressed in a one-piece, animal-print swimsuit in bold browns and blacks and with strappy details on it. Who wore the look better?


8Brandi or Olivia?

Brandi Glanville hit the beach and showed off her body in a black bikini; it featured a triangular top and a scalloped bottom. Olivia Wilde’s black swimsuit on her beach day was more covered, with a bit of a sporty vibe, yet it still looked very hot. Who wore which black bikini better?

9Princess Maria-Olympia or Kendall?

Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Kendall Jenner have similar styles apparently, as they were both seen in these ruffled swimsuits by Lisa Marie Fernandez. The princess went for a bold red version of the designer’s suit, while Kendall was wearing a pink one, for a more girly and feminine feel. Who wore the designer suit better?


10Zoë or Ashley?

Zoë Kravitz wore a basic, black bandeau up top while enjoying the beach, but the bottom portion of her swimsuit was quite fun; it featured an almost tribal pattern, with lots of fun colors and shapes. Ashley Tisdale wore a similar piece on both halves of her bodies, as she rocked this colorful bikini. Who wore which swimsuit better?

11Olivia or Beyonce?

Both Olivia Culpo and Beyoncé wanted to feel bright and colorful while enjoying the great outdoors. Olivia’s rainbow suit was a two-piece, with at least six separate bold colors. Beyoncé wore the rainbow via a one-piece suit that smoothly transitioned from one color to the next. Who wore all of these colors better?


12Reese or Amy?

While enjoying the sun and sand, Reese Witherspoon was spotted in a black swimsuit; it was one piece, had a halter-style neck and went down into boy-cut shorts. Amy Schumer also sported a black one-piece suit, with a slight halter. Both were modest yet flattering - but who wore which suit better?

13Gigi or Taylor?

Retro vibes were given when Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift were seen in these similar swimsuits. Both went down a little further on the leg (more modest than a cut that goes up into the thigh), both were two-piece suits, and both featured stripes. Who wore this retro suit better, though?


14Katrina or Jennifer?

Katrina Kaif was seen wearing the same white suit that Jennifer Lawrence wore in “Passengers”. The suit was technically one piece, but since it featured lots of mesh, it still showed off the body in a sexy way, without revealing too much skin. Who wore this mesh one-piece suit better?

15Olivia or Demi?

Olivia Munn posed on the beach in this one-piece suit that gave off a “Beetlejuice” vibe and that had cherries splashed across its print. Demi Lovato wore the exact same suit, showing that the front cut down as deep as the back of it did. Who wore this cherry-covered suit better?


16Chrissy or Kourtney?

Great moms must think alike, because Chrissy Teigen and Kourtney Kardashian both bought and wore the same swimsuit; the one-piece style was cut high on the bottom and low on the top, and it had studs all along the border, adding a rock-n-roll feel. Who wore the black studded suit better?

17Deepika or Sophia?

Deepika Padukone and Sofia Vergara both wore this swimsuit from Agent Provocateur, called ‘Mazzy’. It was filled with cutouts and pops of color, all outlined in a thick black (on Deepika) and a hot pink (on Sofia), which really stood out, especially with their skin tones. Who wore this designer swimsuit better?


18Tori or Brandi?

Brandi Glanville made the list again, this time in a head-to-head match against Tori Spelling. Both blondes enjoyed a day at the beach in pink bikinis, which showed off their bodies and which had gold hardware on the sides, for some fun detailing. Who wore the pink and gold bikini better?

19Anna or Nicki?

The swimsuit seen here - on Anna Kendrick and Nicki Minaj - is both modest and sexy. Due its ruching effect, it appears to cover more skin on the top and the bottom, but it is still a two-piece suit, so it shows just enough skin. Who wore this ruched suit better?


20Lindsay or Maryna?

Lindsay Lohan and Maryna Linchuk were seen in the exact same same bikini; the two-piece was covered in a rainbow leopard print, with a halter-style neckline. It had a bit of a youthful vibe to it, but it definitely looked fun in the sun. Who wore it better - the actress or the model?

21Diane or Rihanna?

Diane Kruger and Rihanna both made a bold choice at the beach - to wear this swimsuit that features a panther’s face. The actress and the singer both accessorized their black one-piece suits in different ways, yet they both still looked quite fierce - but who wore this cool and creative swimsuit better?


22Bethenny or Ashley?

Bethenny Frankel opted for a two-piece bikini that came in a light, buttery yellow color, which she paired with a floppy hat and sunglasses. Ashley Greene also wore yellow at the beach, but her suit was one piece and in a brighter and sunnier shade. Who wore which yellow suit better?

23Alexandra or Gigi?

Some people head outdoors during the summer not just to tan but also to get down and dirty, and they may do so in sporty suits like these. Alexandra Daddario and Gigi Hadid both went for blue, high-neck, halter-style tops. Alexandra paired hers with boy-cut shorts, while Gigi wore hers with a bikini bottom and gold accessories. Who wore which sporty top better?


24Jessica or Lupita?

Jessica Alba’s bikini was white and scalloped, and it featured the traditional triangle shapes of this swimsuit style. Lupita Nyong'o’s bikini was also white and also scalloped, and it featured a strapless top with a twisted bow detail in the center of it. Who wore this white and flirty suit better?

25Emily or Olivia?

Olivia Culpo also made the list again, as she and Emily Ratajkowski chose to look super chic during the summer. In Emily’s picture, it looks like she was wearing a draping, see-through black swimsuit - a fun twist on a one piece. In Olivia’s, it looks like she was wearing a sexy top - which went well with denim shorts. Who wore this look better?


26Heidi or Margot?

Heidi Klum and Margot Robbie both gave cute nods to the past in their crocheted swimsuits. Both featured retro-inspired colored stitching and panels, but Heidi’s came in darker shades, and Margot’s was in lighter and brighter ones. Who wore this crocheted bikini better - the blonde model or the blonde actress?

27Melissa or Hayden?

Melissa Gorga posed in the water in a black bikini that was covered in a fringed detail on the top. Hayden Panettiere walked out of the water in a purple bikini that also had fringe on it, as well as strings hanging down on the side of the bottoms. Who wore fringe better?


28Tyra or Nicole?

Tyra Banks wanted to show off metallics in this silver one-piece suit, which went up high on the side and which dipped low in the front, complete with a zipper. Nicole Richie’s take on a metallic suit was a two-piece bikini in a gold color and leather-like material. Who wore metallics better?

29Kylie or Selena?

Both Kylie Jenner (again) and Selena Gomez (also again) looked fun and flirty in shades of purple. Kylie’s suit was a deeper purple, with no frills or fuss. Selena’s suit was closer to the pink family, and it had ruching and a bow. Who had the better purple bandeau suit?


30Rihanna or Jennifer?

Black is super classic, as are these two lovely ladies; Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez both went for black one-piece suits that were simple yet not simple at all. They both had slits and cutouts and plunges and straps and attitude - but which black suit and which leading lady was actually better?

31Blake or Taylor?

Taylor Swift, once again, opted for a retro-inspired swimsuit, which looked a lot like Blake Lively’s; both suits were navy blue, both were one-piece suits that had vintage flairs, and both had white polka dots (though Taylor’s were bigger). Who wore retro navy and retro dots in a better way, though?


32Bella or Kirsten?

Bella Thorne’s checkered swimsuit was a two-piece with big, race-style checks that made the suit look like it came from Hot Topic. Kirsten Dunst’s checkered swimsuit was a one-piece with more of a preppy plaid material that gave the look a very all-American vibe. Who wore a checkered print better?

33Kim or Iggy?

We're close to the end! Kim Kardashian (one final time) and Iggy Azalea wore very similar swimsuits: one-piece suits in a crisp and clean white that had metallic gold accents. Kim’s look just had one skinnier gold belt-like accessory, while Iggy’s was strappier and went up higher. Who wore white and gold better?


34Kylie or Christina?

Kylie Jenner channeled Christina Aguilera (pictured here, in the past and the not-so-distant past), mimicking one of her most iconic looks: an itty bitty bikini top (in a black, gray and yellow striped material) with assless chaps, colored dreads and armbands. Who wore this bright, bold and “dirrty” look better?

35Kelly or Kate?

Kelly Bensimon and Kate Upton both looked super cool in white, and even though Kate was wearing a coat with hers, she did look like she was wearing far less (which was the point, on the cover of Sports Illustrated). Nevertheless, both women were wearing the same stringy little bottoms - but who wore the suit better?

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