Pick Who Wore It Better And We'll Guess Which Friends Character You Are

Looking back, the fashion in Friends seems completely dated, and oh so '90s! But when the hit sitcom was on TV, the characters' wardrobes were the height of fashion... well, Rachel Green's was, and the rest looked at least relatively normal. Even Phoebe and her wacky outfits weren't too strange for that decade, believe it or not. The part that we don't believe about Friends, however, is that these six New Yorkers manage to never wear the same outfit more than once in the entire ten year run!

In the real world, however, not only do people wear the same clothes multiple times - sometimes different people wear the same outfits, especially when it comes to celebrities and incredible designer gowns. Of course, these outfits are never identical; different shoes, bags, makeup and hair (and of course, the people in them) can mean that one piece looks totally different on two different people. Accessories and general style might make one outfit a total Rachel outfit, or might end up looking a little more like something Ross would throw on when he was trying to be cool (and inevitably failing). The Friends are defined as much by their style as their jobs and quirks, and when it comes to fashion, we bet we can tell you which Friend you would be based solely on how you think these celebs have succeeded (or failed) to make an outfit their own.

1Who wore this revealing black better?

This revealing floor length gown turns heads with its cut outs and plunging neckline. Miley Cyrus rocked it with short bleached hair and almost no accessories but her tattoos, while Taraji P Henson added bling on her wrists and loose flowing waves.

2Which 80s-inspired gown looks better?

This incredibly dramatic gown with a huge gather at the shoulder takes a lot to pull off... Did Rosario Dawson do it, with her choice of pale blue with simple gold and nude accessories? Or are you loving Naomi Watt's dark pink, with glittering pink, orange and gold additions?

3Who rocked this low-cut number?

This minidress leaves little to the imagination... except the wearer's arms, that is! Kim Kardashian-West picked a warmer red for her look, and paired it with strappy black sandals. Model Alessandra Ambrosio went for more monochrome, with simple black pumps.


4Who made orange look hot?

Orange isn't an easy color to pull off - and it takes a lot of confidence. Are you loving Vicky Pattison's choice to go for orange and pale pink, with matching shoes and a cute updo? Or do you prefer Tiwa Savage's edgier orange and black, with black heels?

5Who is the Queen of royal purple?

Which purple column gown makes the wearer look like royalty? Is it Tina Fey, with a statement necklace and her hair in a sleek knot? Or is it Reese Witherspoon, who went for sparkly diamond bracelets and earrings with her long blonde hair down?


6Who slayed in white?

These women aren't walking down the aisle, but they still make white look perfect! Amber Rose lets her signature cropped blonde hair and stunning figure do the accessorizing, while Tina Knowles prefers to pile them on: gold necklace, clutch, shoes, bracelets, and even a white hat to top it off!

7Who made this sheer black top theirs?

Both Tallia Storm and Lilah Parsons decided to rock a sheer black top with some black leather and wavy curls, but they also make these outfits their own. Tallia rocks red lips and white accents on her skirt and lace up boots, while Lilah goes for a red bag and simple strappy sandals.


8Who does the better blue?

Neither Rita Ora or Ryan Destiny played around with this straight-off-the-catwalk combo of a blue and silver coat/dress and over-the-knee silver houndstooth booths... but Rita Ora went for big earrings and bigger hair, while Ryan Destiny toned it down a little with simple makeup and sleek hair.

9Which singer looks smokin'?

Proving that celebrities can make even a black garbage bag look good... Rihanna lets this shiny black dress and her cropped red hair do the talking, with barely-there accessories and nude shoes. J-Lo goes a bit bigger, with a huge top knot, statement necklace and black pumps.


10Which daring dress is best?

These dresses aren't identical, but they were both a big part of the trend for revealing cut-out gowns. Paris Hilton goes over the top with sequins, sleeve and an updo, while Joanna Krupa matched her gown with soft wavy hair and as much skin on display as possible!

11Who accessorises this poncho perfectly?

Two 'It' girls with the same monogrammed Burberry poncho... and two very different looks. Olivia Palermo pairs hers with a ponytail, sunglasses, shorts and knee high black boots. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley does something a bit different, with loose waves, jeans, gray boots and a hat.


12Who does assymetry with more style?

These beautiful asymmetrical gowns ripple down to the floor with plenty of eye-catching detail... but do you prefer Naomi Campbell's lilac and black, with her long hair down? Or is Rita Dominic's gold gown glorious, especially with her sleek 'do?

13Do you dress this dress up or down?

This simple black and white dress is gorgeous on its own... at least, Jessica McNamee thinks so, wearing it with only a simple black clutch and pair of orange pumps. Miranda Kerr, meanwhile, pairs hers with a white coat, pink purse, knee high black boots and sunglasses.


14Whose black-and-gold wins?

Both Michele Hicks and Selena Gomez know that this dress is a show-stopper all by itself, so neither goes overboard with accessories. But Hicks chooses gold heels and much more dramatic makeup, while Gomez goes for simple black heels and a natural look.

15Are you team red or team black?

Both Lily Aldridge and Bella Hadid paired their stunning (and revealing) cut out dresses with a matching color of heel, but they went for a different color overall. Are you loving Lily's bright red gown, or do you think that Bella did it better in sparkling black?


16Which sister wore it better?

Looks like these half-sisters have been raiding each others wardrobes! Both Kim K and Kendall Jenner wore this high-necked monochrome mini, but Kendall added only simple black heels with bows on the ankles. Kim went all out, with black shoes, tights, and a wide black belt.

17Who paired this better?

Both Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain went for a beautiful silver and black combo with a sweeping skirt, but with very different tops. Jennifer Lawrence dressed hers down with a simple black tank and light makeup, while Jessica Chastain went all out with a silver/black gown.


18Who shines brightest in yellow?

This sunny yellow mini is covered in ruffles and looks fun.. but who had more fun with the rest of their outfit? Jennifer Hudson went for bright lips, silver bracelets, and black shoes with eyes on the toes. Alesha Dixon kept it simple with gold - earrings, bracelet, and pumps.

19Which form-fitting dress looks best?

This gown might be super-simple, but that doesn't mean that it isn't stunning. Both Kyra Sedgwick and model Emily Ratajkowski chose to keep their outfits understated with loose curls and minimal accessories, but do you prefer Sedgwick's deep blue or Ratajkowski's bright red?


20Which white is lovelier?

These white dresses are the perfect blend of innocence and sexy see-through hints of skin... Do you prefer model Candice Swanepoel's slicked-back hair and nude makeup? Or is it Queen Bey with her blonde curls and dark lips that brings out the best in the dress?

21Who really knows how to think pink?

The Knowles sisters are sharing the same pink suit - and they look amazing! But does Bey do it better with her functional pony, black pumps and striking black and white top? Or is it Solange who really kills in with rolled up sleeves, wild hair and a contrasting clutch?


22Class or sass?

Beyonce and Naomi Campbell have very different takes on this wild black snakeskin dress. Beyonce wore a minidress version with matching thigh-high boots, red nails, and blonde hair. Naomi went for a little more glamour with a floor-length version, gold nails and a black fur stole to top it off.

23Who makes this color pop?

These two singers both went for eye-popping color in this pink and blue minidress, but Katy took her accessories all the way to her hair, matching the skirt to her bright blue bob. She also wore cute piano-print pumps, while Brandy went for leopard print heels and her natural hair.


24Who made the best choice with this skirt?

The right decision is never black and white... especially when it comes to this skirt! Jena Malone chose to go glam, with a white off-the-shoulder top, red lips and white pumps. Olivia Palermo chose the dark side, with a detailed black top, black heels, clutch, and a dark smokey eye.

25Who rocked the red carpet?

More gowns that are all about the illusion of nudity... Beyonce went for all that glitters, covering the important bits with sparkling gems. She's even showing off her neck with this sky-high hairdo! Kim Kardashian-West, meanwhile, keeps her hair low and covers her naughty bits with white lace and feathers.

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