Pick Which Scary Movies You've Seen To Find Out Who's Brave (Or Not)

Everyone comes to find a movie that leaves them thinking about it for hours after. Many readers may find that their version of that movie is on this list. These types of movies, leave people laying in bed awake at night as the plot runs through their head continuously. For some people, they've built up a tolerance to them so that when they watch new movies its harder to surprise them. But for most, these films can leave viewers with weak knees and bitten fingernails. This genre of film even has its own sub-genres from within. Whether it be paranormal films, action films, psychological films, they can all be paired with this genre to create a rather interesting film!

This genre was inspired by the great literary works of Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Shelley, and Bram Stoker. Filmmakers wanted to bring the spookiness from the page to the big screen. The first movies that depicted the paranormal were from the 1890s by filmmaker Georges Melies. He only made 3-minute films but they were considered to be some of the first spooky films to have been made. While by 2019 standards these films might not be the least bit bothersome, they certainly gave people in the 1890s the chills. (Wikipedia)

This quiz does not contain spoilers!

Question 1

I Know What You Did Last Summer

This film is a typical teen movie. This film has the stereotypical jock boys, dating the attractive popular girls and they end up getting themselves into trouble. These characters go out driving after making some less than sensible choices. They end up encountering a fisherman and after having the encounter go sour, they try to pretend they weren’t involved in anything to do with the fisherman. However, the next summer someone begins sending them messages letting them know that what had happened the year before isn’t as much of a secret as they thought.

Question 2

The Conjuring

This film follows a family who believes they have a connection with those who have passed on. They are called to a house who has been bothered by the paranormal for quite some time. When they show up at the house they immediately can sense an upset presence within the house. They then try to work with the family to try and put the presence to rest and have the family be able to live peacefully and without being bothered.

Question 3


This film follows a family looking to adopt children. While looking they come across two young children looking for a home who had been found in the woods. It wasn’t long after that they realize that something is wrong with these little girls. They seem to be tied to a dark presence named “Mama” and are very drawn to it. “Mama” starts to cause trouble for the family in an effort to get the girls back from this young couple.

Question 4

Friday the 13th

This film follows a bunch of teenagers who spend their summers working at the newly reopened Camp Crystal Lake. The camp had been closed after two counselors had lost their lives twenty-one years earlier. The counselors return, excited for their summer. The excitement is cut short when a mysterious man wearing a hockey mask appears and suddenly counselors and other characters in the film begin going missing. This film is considered to be a classic film of the 1980s. (Wikipedia)

Question 5

IT (2017)

This film is a remake of a mini series that aired in the 90s. The film is based on the novel of the same name written by Stephen King. This film follows a group of children in the small town of Derry who is investigating one of the children’s brothers being taken. The kids come to discover that he was taken by a supernatural clown who lives under the town in the sewage drains. The children then band together to stop the clown from taking other children. (Wikipedia)

Question 6

The Babadook

This film follows a widowed mother as she takes care of her six -year-old son. Her son suddenly becomes very preoccupied with a presence named “The Babadook”. She becomes familiar with ‘The Babadook’ after her son asks her to read a book of the same title. The book shows a figure that bothers those who know of his existence. The presence continues to bother her son and she does her best to try and have the presence leave them alone. (Wikipedia)

Question 7


This film is another classic film from the 1980s. This film follows a nice suburban family who is suddenly contacted by a presence. The contact comes in the middle of the night when a television screen begins to display static. The youngest daughter of the family is entranced by the static screen and she begins to use it as a method of communication with the presence. She does end up going through a portal in her closet to be with the presences and her family tries to work to get her back. (Wikipedia)

Question 8

The Cabin in the Woods

This film follows college students as they stay in a remote cabin in the woods. Little do they know that their time spent in the cabin is being monitored by scientists who are running similar experiments in different countries across the world. They put different substances into the air to try and alter the moods of the college students. They then begin sending creatures after the college students, who start working hard to escape the cabin and the areas surrounding. (Wikipedia)

Question 9

Nightmare on Elm Street

This 80’s classic, is a film that follows a group of teenagers who are haunted by the presence of a man with severe facial abnormalities. The catch is that he can only visit them when they are asleep. The teens try their best to avoid sleeping, but when they have to and they dream, they do their best to avoid the man. They even attempt to try and pull the dream man into their reality in an effort to get rid of him once and for all. (Wikipedia)

Question 10

Paranormal Activity

This film is one of the films that re-popularized the hand-held camera style filming similar to the 90s hit film “The Blair Witch Project”. This film follows a yuppie couple as they move into a new house. The woman confides in her partner that a presence has been around her since her childhood. Concerned, they set up a camera to watch them as they sleep and the footage is quite astonishing! It proves they have a presence and they try to figure out how to rid themselves of it.

Question 11

Final Destination

This film is the first of series of films all with the same name. They all have the same premise and follow a group of teenagers who are able to skip losing their lives in the way they were supposed to. However, a presence continues to follow after them, attempting to have them lose their lives in other ways. The characters in the films try to stay on top of the presence and avoid dangerous situations as much as possible.

Question 12


This film follows a high school student named Carrie White. She’s a shy girl who keeps to herself. Her family life isn’t a good one and she isn’t very popular so when the most handsome boy in school asks her to prom, things seem to be going a lot better for her. The teenager also discovers that she has the ability to move objects with her mind, so after a prank goes down at prom, things get a little messy. (Wikipedia)

Question 13

The Shining

This film is an 80s classic produced by director Stanley Kubrick. It’s based on a Stephen King novel, so viewers know it's going to be good. The film follows a man who gets a job as a caretaker at a hotel in the Rockies. He moves in with his wife and son. Soon his son realizes he has “The Shining” which gives him the ability to see into the hotel’s spooky past. This presence in the son begins to cause his father to become a danger to the family. (Wikipedia)

Question 14

The Wicker Man (1973)

While there is a US remake of this film, this question is about the 1973 version. Sorry, no Nic Cage this time! This film involves a police sergeant going to a remote Scottish island in search of a girl who has disappeared. The man comes to find that the people who live on the island have very different lifestyles than he does and it leaves him feeling uneasy. He does find that the child was on the island but learns that there is a lot more that needs to be discovered. (Wikipedia)

Question 15

The Woman in Black (2012)

This film follows a lawyer who is sent to the estate of a woman who has passed away, in order to collect some last documents he needs so he can sell the house which is on a desolate marshland. Throughout the film the man doesn’t get along with the people who live in town and it is often seen as if they have something to hide. The man learns of a presence that is in the house and that it is of a mother who had lost her child and her nickname is ‘The Woman in Black’ (Wikipedia)

Question 16

Don't Breathe

This film follows three teenagers who enter homes that don’t belong to them to get money. The only girl of the group is using the money to save up to get her and her sister away from their family as their home life is not very healthy. The teenagers discover that a man who is blind has a lot of money that he keeps in his home and plans to go there next. They come to discover that just because the man is blind, doesn’t mean he is vulnerable.

Question 17

Children of the Corn

This is another film that was based on a Stephen King novel. It takes place in a fictional town in Nebraska that is surrounded by cornfields. After the crop fails one year, a young boy named Isaac takes all children aged 18 and under into the middle of the corn and has them join his group where they praise ‘He Who Walks Behind the Rows”. A few years later a young couple shows up to explore the abandoned town to find its just the children and that they don’t like adult visitors. (Wikipedia)

Question 18


This film also falls under the sci-fi genre and stars Sigourney Weaver as Warrant Officer Ripley who is part of the crew that gets notification that there is a distress signal coming from another moon. They go to check out the distress signal that’s coming from an abandoned spacecraft. Inside they find a bunch of eggs and upon touching an egg, a baby alien bursts out from it. The astronauts discover that the alien mother is on board and that they need to confront her in order to get off the spacecraft. (Wikipedia)

Question 19

The Omen (1976)

This film follows a US diplomat who ends up adopting a child after losing his own. It wasn’t long after he adopted the child that bad events began to happen. Animals became scared of the child and people hired to watch over the child, would always leave very suddenly. The man tries to look up the history of the boy but the hospital records were damaged and unable to be salvaged. They come to understand that something is wrong with the child and that he isn’t human. (Wikipedia)

Question 20

As Above, So Below

This film follows an alchemist who travels to Paris in search of a special stone. They find out that the stone is buried hundreds of feet below Paris streets and that the only way to get to it is through the Paris Catacombs. The alchemist and her crew team up with a guide who knows the catacomb layout. He takes them down into it and they quickly get lost. They soon discover that the only way out is by continuing down into the catacombs. (Wikipedia)

Question 21


This film follows a US ballet student who moves to Germany to study at a prestigious academy. The student quickly learns that not everything at the school is as it appears to be. Suspicious events begin to unfold, but the school manages to come up with an excuse for all the weird happenings. They cover up students losing their lives and various other unsightly things. The student comes to understand that the school is working with a special kind of power and she needs to figure out how to stop them. (Wikipedia)

Question 22

The Others

This film is set in 1945 and follows a woman who lives with her two children who are both photosensitive. After she hires new people to help around the house, the children tell the help that their mother went mad. One of the newly hired women had worked in the house years before the woman and her children moved in and said that there was a presence about the house that was unsettling. The film then has viewers decide who in the house is really going mad. (Wikipedia)

Question 23

The Strangers

This film follows a couple who are on the brink of separating as they have just returned to their secluded cabin from a wedding. The pair spend some time together before a girl knocks at the door. When the girl asks for someone who doesn’t live there, she leaves. They are surprised when a group of three strangers begin taunting them. Slowly, the strangers make their way inside of the house so that they can get closer to the pair to taunt them further.

Question 24

The Ring

This film follows a videotape that has the ability to cause its viewers to lose their lives seven days after watching it. Throughout the film, the videotape makes its way through numerous groups causing more people to lose their lives to it. A couple copy the tape for further examination and it isn’t until they find their child watching it that they begin to really search for where the tape came from. They discover that the tape holds the presence of a young girl who was wronged and wants revenge. (Wikipedia)

Question 25


This film is the first of the very popular franchise of the same name. Two men awaken in a dirty bathroom with their feet chained to the wall. They each have tapes in their pockets and after playing each tape they discover that one must lose their life for the other to be set free. The two work together to try and find a way out of the bathroom that allows for the both of them to make it out safely. (Wikipedia)

Question 26


This film is considered to be gallows humor as it pokes fun at the clichés of various films of the spookier genres. The film follows a teenaged girl who is being taunted by a man wearing a mask. The man continues to cause havoc in the town, causing a few people to lose their lives. The girl does her best detective work as she tries to figure out who the man behind the mask is, doing what the police won’t even do. (Wikipedia)

Question 27

A Quiet Place

This film follows a family who has managed to remain safe after creatures invade the country. The daughter of the family is deaf and the family uses their ASL knowledge to their advantage as the creatures are blind and rely on their hearing. Throughout the film, the family does their best to soundproof their house and the surrounding woods, even setting up alarms just in case one of the creatures ends up coming too close to their house. (Wikipedia)

Question 28


This film follows a miniatures artist who lives in Utah with her husband and two children. Its noted that she had a poor relationship with her secretive mother as she reads the eulogy at her mother’s celebration of life. After the celebration of life, strange events begin to occur and it becomes apparent that the family is working against a presence. They do their best to combat the presence that seems to be able to show itself in many different forms, leaving the family guessing. (Wikipedia)

Question 29

Frankenstein (1931)

This film is based on the popular novel of the same name by Mary Shelley. The novel was part of the inspiration behind creating the scary movie genre and helped paved the way for the great present day movies. This film follows a doctor named Henry Frankenstein who wants to bring a human to life using electricity. After doing so, while the man may be intimidating looking, he turns out to be quite gentle and simple man who rarely gets upset. (Wikipedia)

Question 30

Black Christmas (2006)

This film follows a sorority house who each holiday, sets out a present for the man that was rumored to live in the house years before. The man was known to be angry after a poor childhood and was currently being held. The man breaks free and returns to his childhood home, keeping an eye on the girls who stayed behind for the winter break. As the movie goes on, he causes many of the girls to lose their lives, though his motive is never clear. (Wikipedia)

Question 31

Get Out

This film follows a young black man who is on a trip with his white girlfriend to meet her parents. Things begin to happen that are extremely suspicious. Her family makes disrespectful comments and tries to talk him into hypnosis to stop some of his bad habits. He begins feeling strange, but when he finds out that a picture of him is being sold to the parent's friends he begins to learn that something much more dangerous is going on. (Wikipedia)

Question 32


This film starts off with a young woman who is a journalist and is doing a story on a fire station. The firemen get called to a building about a woman and her apartment. They show up and the woman begins acting strangely. They come to discover that a lot of the people in the building are ill and have been acting strangely because of it. Her documentary about firemen becomes a lot more interesting as the people in the building get stranger.

Question 33


This supernatural film follows a man who has DID which is Dissociative Identity Disorder, meaning that he has multiple personalities inside of him. The film follows him as one personality takes a group of girls. It also follows him as he sees his doctor. All of the personalities are alarmed by one hidden personality who claims to have supernatural abilities. The abilities give him super strength and the ability to climb walls. However, no one believes that this identity is actually real.

Question 34

The Grudge

This film follows the story of a family in Japan that had their lives ended by the father of the family. After a US woman moves in to take care of an old woman, she begins to notice various presence's around the house. She comes to realize that the presences belong to the family members who had lost their lives years earlier. She does her best to try and cooperative with the presences to keep them at peace within the house.

Question 35

The Silence of the Lambs

This film follows an FBI agent as she is trying to find her suspect. She comes to find that she needs the help of a man that the FBI have kept in solitude, named Hannibal Lecter. He is known for doing bad things, but that he might have the right mindset to help the agent find out where her suspect might be. He is strange, but the two work together to ultimately find the suspect and stop him from causing more trouble. (Wikipedia)

Question 36


This is another Steven Spielberg movie. It's about a very large shark that taunts a local beach. It swims around and causes trouble to all of the beach patrons, so much so that they end up closing the beach to protect people. They find out that the shark has caused a lot of people to lose their lives and want to get rid of it. They have to use their brain to figure out a way to get rid of the shark safely. (Wikipedia)

Question 37

The Descent

A group of friends decide that while at their cabin, they're going to go cave exploring. They go into the cave and begin spelunking when the cave suddenly collapses behind them. The group continues forward to try and find a way out. While in the cave, they find out that there are different creatures that live inside of the cave and that they don't like humans. They learn that they have to get through to the exit while avoiding the creatures. (Wikipedia)

Question 38

Let Me In

This is the US remake of the film from Sweden "Let the Right One In". It's the story of a young boy who is having trouble in school and he ends up befriending a girl he meets. He comes to find out that the girl is a supernatural being. She protects him from the other children at school and keeps him safe. The two develop a friendly bond and she continues to protect him until one day she goes too far. (Wikipedia)

Question 39

The Fog

This film also falls into the supernatural category. A fictional town in the US is about to celebrate a big anniversary when a man finds a book that talks about a ship that sunk years before the town was built. As the fog begins to roll in over the town, it brings many presence's with it. The presences are of the people who worked on the ship and they want to taunt the people in the town as much as they can. (Wikipedia)

Question 40

The Birds

This film is by one of the late great filmmakers of the century, Alfred Hitchcock. The film follows a young socialite who purchases a pair of lovebirds to surprise a friend. She soon comes to realize that the birds in town are all acting strange and are beginning to cause problems for their community. Many of the birds have taken the lives of people in the city and the woman tries to get away, even going to another city to try and avoid the birds. (Wikipedia)

Question 41

Halloween (2018)

This film is the eleventh installment in the 'Halloween' series and is the most recent to be added. It has been 40 years since Michael Myers has attempted to take the life of Laurie Strode. She's now a grandmother who lives a very secluded life in worry that Michael may come back. After he escapes, he begins going after teenagers, one of whom is Laurie's own granddaughter. Knowing that Michael is bad, Laurie kicks her protection into high gear and goes to find her granddaughter.

Question 42

The Mist

This film is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. A man goes into town with his son to get some supplies for a repair when people begin getting upset over a mist that's coming toward them. They claim that something is in the mist. The mist begins to cover the town and strange things begin happening. They're worried about their safety so they try and outrun the mist, hoping that they're fast enough to get inside before the mist comes. (Wikipedia)

Question 43

Train to Busan

This film follows an absentee father/businessman who gets on a train with his daughter to try and take her to see her mother. While they're boarding the train, an ill-looking woman gets on board. When she gets on the train, she becomes undead and begins making her way through the train, taking people as she goes. The man, along with some other train riders, works to protect their families and other riders until the train can get them to safety. (Wikipedia)

Question 44


Like Frankenstein, this film is another film that was based on a classic piece of literature. It's based on the novel of the same name by Bram Stoker and was written in 1897. However, the film is from 1931 and tells the story of a solicitor going to Dracula's castle on business. People tell him that he shouldn't go as Dracula isn't what they think. When he gets to the castle, he learns that Dracula is a supernatural being that he must get away from. (Wikipedia)

Question 45

The Sixth Sense

This supernatural film was written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, so there's going to be a twist ending! It's about a young boy who sees a child psychologist and reveals that he is able to communicate with the afterlife. After being unable to help a previous client, the psychologist becomes attached to the boy and is determined to help him. He suggests that the boy use his ability to help those with unfinished business, complete what they need to do. (Wikipedia)

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