Pick Which Movies You’ve Seen And We’ll Reveal Which Starlet Would Marry You

Movies are one of the older forms of entertainment, a type of media that has been around for longer than most others, so it's no surprise that people love it so much. We all enjoy stuff that is familiar, so a lot of us are going to flock to movies, the thing that has been with us ever since we were young. We wanted to take a look at just how many movies are out there and how many of them people have actually seen, before we decide which movie starlet would marry someone as well.

What we've done is pull together some of the huge number of movies out there, some of the more popular ones from recent decades, and we want to see how many of them people have seen. It couldn't be simpler really! Once everyone has given us their answers, we'll be able to tell them which famous movie starlet would marry them.

So, we think it's about time that we all got started if we're ready, as there are quite a few movies to get through and it will be interesting to see how many of them people have actually managed to see. If everyone is ready, let's get going!

Question 1

Pulp Fiction

After his first movie came out, Tarantino had a lot to live up to, so we can only imagine how surprised people were when this second movie came out and absolutely blew everyone away. Some say it is the best thing he has ever made, so it's no surprise that so many people have seen it at this point. With a huge cast made up of major stars, as well as dialogue that never gets boring, this is a great movie.

Question 2

The Sixth Sense

Yet another movie that has such a big twist at the end that it was virtually impossible for people to see it in the cinema without having it spoiled for them, but for those who did manage to see it when it first came out, it must have been a genuinely amazing thing to see, watching a whole room react to something that they didn't see coming. It's still worth a look these days, but it loses something without the twist.

Question 3

The Green Mile

Another movie that came from the work of Stephen King, many people don't consider this one to be as good as The Shawshank Redemption, but it did offer a genuinely emotional journey that so many people felt in their heart. We would argue that anyone that can make it to the end of this movie for the first time without shedding a single tear will never cry at a movie, as this one is a real tearjerker by the end.

Question 4

The Shawshank Redemption

Based on a Stephen King story, this is a movie that is widely regarded to be one of the greatest things that has ever managed to make it to the big screen. While we certainly wouldn't go this far, there's no denying that there's a lot about this that we like and we can understand why so many other people do as well. We're not going to go as far as saying that everyone should like it, but we think it must be hard to deny that it's good.

Question 5


Space continues to be one of the most mysterious places that human beings struggle to explore and come to terms with, so it's no surprise that an alien invasion can bring the worry to any audience. This is exactly what this film tries to do, forcing everyone to face up against what the world would look like if there was a sudden alien invasion. Throughout the movie, nobody truly knows what is going on, reflecting exactly how the audience feels.

Question 6

Almost Famous

Sometimes a movie is able to capture what a certain time feels like, and many people felt that's exactly what Almost Famous did. It follows a young man as he follows his favorite band across the US, a budding music journalist who is able to find his way behind the scenes. He pushes through the various boundaries that the musicians and groupies put up and writes a story that most adults journalists would've failed to put together if they'd been given the opportunity.

Question 7

Black Swan

Psychological issues are something that Hollywood has struggled to accurately represent on the big screen, but many people believe that Black Swan achieved it in an accurate and respectful way, at least when compared to most other pieces of work. We can only imagine that many people that have worked in the same environment as the main character in this movie can see a lot of what they had to come to terms with in the performances in the movie.

Question 8

Catch Me If You Can

This film is based on the real life of a man that was able to con so many different people. He ended up being given lifetime immunity for his deeds if he agreed to help the FBI catch people that were trying to con them in the present. This man was able to get away with so much that it's no surprise that somebody ended up deciding to make a whole movie about them for the big screen for us to enjoy.

Question 9


The topic of illicit substances is something that Hollywood has messed with quite a lot in the past as it offers a chance to build drama in an audience that doesn't fully understand that world. However, this also means that the writers have to be careful that they don't go too dramatic with the details and keep in touch with somebody who actually understands that world so that things stay realistic. Those that take it too far can end up paying for it.

Question 10

Django Unchained

Just like every movie that Quentin Tarantino has brought out in the past, this big screen feature ended up being quite a lot of controversy with it. It follows the life of a freed slave who attempts to bring down the man that is currently in possession of his wife. There is a lot of violence and it doesn't exactly treat the subject matter with the sort of respect that a lot of people in the modern world would expect it to.

Question 11

The Departed

Scorsese is one of the greatest directors of the modern era, and many people love and respect him for his earlier work. However, this movie burst straight onto the scene with a huge bang and had audiences all over the world captivated. While it may not reach the heights of Goodfellas or Casino, it certainly was a brilliant piece of cinema. Not only that, but so many people were blown away by how the movie ended, coming at us with a real twist.

Question 12

Pineapple Express

Anybody that has followed Seth Rogen and James Franco throughout their time in Hollywood will likely find this movie to be the quintessential way to experience the two of them. It follows a stoner and his dealer as they find themselves on the wrong side of a bigger dealer that doesn't want them to get away with some knowledge that they shouldn't have. We know that it sounds pretty serious at this point, but trust us when we say that it's very silly.

Question 13

No Country For Old Men

Based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy, this movie tells the story of a man that comes across a criminal deal gone wrong, picks up some money that doesn't belong to him and then finds out that this may not have been the smartest thing to do. The people after the money leave a trail of destruction in their wake, and the Coen Brothers are able to bring a truly tense experience to the big screen for all to enjoy.

Question 14

Saving Private Ryan

Nobody is denying that there are some horrific moments in the past that we should make the effort to remember so that we don't repeat them again in the future, but anything that is made for the big screen has a chance of taking advantage of a genuine tragedy just to make some money. It's movies like Saving Private Ryan that prove things can be done with a genuine respect. Well worth a watch for anyone that hasn't seen it.

Question 15


Based on the real story of a man that went too far and found himself on the wrong side of the law, this is a movie that follows somebody as they come to terms with the fact that they're messed everything up. The want to be a gangster is what drags the main character into the main narrative and it doesn't take long before things start to go downhill. This is a movie for people that like to watch a criminal fail.

Question 16

Donnie Brasco

This movie is based on a real life human being, someone that decided they wanted to go undercover as a mafioso to try and bring down the criminal organization from the inside. However, it doesn't take long before he actually starts to develop a real friendship with one of the criminals he is investigating, putting him in a very difficult position as to whether continue his criminal investigation or choose to try and spare the life of a man he now considers a friend.

Question 17

The Dark Knight

There have been a lot of superhero stories that have been adapted for the big screen, especially in the last decade, but there are some that actually managed to change things up and attempt to move the genre forward, which is exactly what The Dark Knight did. Yes, this managed to add a dark tinge to what was seen as a child's story, which is exactly what superhero movies had been missing up until this point if we're being honest.

Question 18

The Matrix

This movie meant a lot to a lot of people, as it highlighted how many of us would shy away from reality if we found that it was actually harder to deal with than the ignorance we'd been handed as standard instead. The concept of The Matrix was something that so many people were able to consider as it felt so universal, as well as tapping into so many different insecurities that many of us didn't even know that we had.

Question 19


The problem with modern action movies for some people is that they treat the audience like an idiot, whereas this was a modern action movie that actually gave the people watching the benefit of the doubt, offering them difficult concepts to get their heads around while providing moments of tense action that looked unlike anything that had really been seen before in cinema. Seriously, the amount of work that went into this one is something to be respected by everyone.

Question 20


Sports movies are always there to inspire us, and Moneyball is no different, following the true story of two men who decide that they're going to rise to the top with a team that has an incredibly low budget. They do this by discovering young talent, people that the other teams won't be taking a look at, so that they can take on a team that will continue to grow and will always have more to give the guys in charge.

Question 21

Life Of Pi

Based on the novel of the same name, this movie follows the adventure of a young man as he finds himself adrift with only an adult tiger for company. What sounds like a fairly boring concept turns into a huge journey, one that we as an audience are invited to join them on. Whether or not people prefer the novel to the film isn't important really, as this movie allowed people to put visuals to an image they'd made in their heads.

Question 22


Christopher Nolan has become famous now for creating movies that people think will likely be the same sort of action thing they've watched for years, before supplying the audience with a narrative that is actually incredibly smart, expecting a lot from the audience. If we're honest, it's these sorts of action movies that people should probably be supporting, the ones that bring the tension while also having writing that is purposefully ridiculous to try and get as many people in the cinema.

Question 23


The concept of a young woman getting pregnant without any sort of plan in place isn't exactly the sort of thing that lends itself to comedy, what with it being a fairly tragic set of circumstances that many people do find themselves in on a regular basis. However, this movie manages to find a lot of tender fun in what is a genuinely difficult set of circumstances. Against all odds, people will come away from this movie feeling a lot better.

Question 24

Million Dollar Baby

There are a lot of movies out there that attempt to show a character coming to terms with the things they've done in the past, usually through helping someone that is either below them socially or is younger than them. This movie follows a man as he seeks redemption by helping a young woman reach the true heights she can achieve with her astonishing ability. It was met with acclaim from both fans and critics, for good reason as well!

Question 25

Twelve Monkeys

More than ever, this movie about a man sent back in time to find out what led to the destruction of all human life, while following the actions of an elusive environmental group, is something that people should be watching. We live in uncertain times, and one of the things that is uncertain is whether or not the Earth as we know it, and our position on it, will manage to stay the same for much longer in the current climate.

Question 26

Big Fish

Many of us had parents that would tell us stories they claimed were true at the time, things we knew as we grew older just weren't true. This movie follows the stories or an old man, as told through the lens of his son who remembers how he told them to him as a child. There's a magical element to this movie that makes it a wonderful thing to watch, a fascinating look into how reality can often blur into fantasy.

Question 27

The Prestige

The world of magicians will always be a mysterious one to those that aren't magicians themselves, which is exactly what this movie plays on in an attempt to get some drama up. We would say that it succeeds in making us want to pull back the curtain, while also including some magical elements that even magicians in the real world aren't able to pull off. Seriously, anybody that wants a tense watch about the world of magic should watch this one.

Question 28

King Kong

Based on one of the most famous movies of all time, this big screen remake tells the story of a giant ape that is brought from an island to the West, where it manages to get free and take its revenge on the human beings that don't treat it with the respect that it deserves. It is an amazing look at the way that human beings don't look after animals in the way that they should do, and would do in a perfect world.

Question 29

Mystic River

Based on the novel of the same name, this is a crime thriller that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat at all times, refusing to ever let that drama drop for a single second. Nobody is denying that it isn't a difficult watch in certain ways, but when people get to end of the movie, they will know that the exhaustion they're feeling was well worth getting to experience the amazing piece of cinema that has just been shown to them.

Question 30

Seven Psychopaths

From the guy who made In Bruges, this is his second movie and he managed to bring some brilliant writing prowess to the screen. It follows a young writer as he struggles to finish his next movie, surrounded as he is by alcoholism, failing actors, and a personal life that is slowly falling down around him. We don't think there's anything here for people that want something simple, as there's a lot of meta-fictional elements to the narrative that are great to watch unfold.

Question 31

Shutter Island

Any movie that takes place in an asylum is pushing up against the possibility of getting too clever for its own good, but we think that it's generally accepted that Shutter Island manages to stay away from this pitfall. It's the performances from the main actors that help to bring this amazing thriller to the big screen in a way that doesn't seem over the top, although we think that it could've done if it wasn't careful in how it presented itself.

Question 32

The Social Network

People wouldn't think that a movie about the creation of social media would end up being that good, but Fincher and the team in charge of bringing The Social Network to the big screen clearly felt there was an interesting story to tell here, and they were able to get us to all get involved as well. There's nothing boring about the way that the founder climbed his way to the top of the social media food chain where he still resides.

Question 33


Based on the life of the writer Truman Capote, some believe that this was the greatest performance that Philip Seymour Hoffman ever gave, despite the fact that he gave so many fantastic performances throughout his time in Hollywood. It's sad to think that we've lost him now, especially when people take a look at the amount of work he put into the preparation for his work. People watching the movie would be forgiven for thinking that this was the real man!

Question 34

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

The concept of being able to remove different memories that we may not want to remember is something that we have all thought about at one point in the past. That being said, this movie shows us that it might not be the greatest idea, that we are all just collections of our memories, that we are even positively shaped by the negative experiences that we go through in our lives. Take hold of the bad times and grow from them.

Question 35

The Aviator

While Hollywood can struggle from time to time to ensure that people with mental health problems are accurately portrayed on the screen, it is generally accepted that this movie did just that. Based on the life of a man that struggled with problems so severe that he became a social recluse, it tells the story of how he came to invent some amazing things, while also having to come to terms with the fact that he wasn't a well man.

Question 36

The Usual Suspects

Everyone remembers this movie mainly because of the twist at the end, but without that we don't think it was actually that good. Throw in the fact that most people had the twist spoiled for them before they'd even sat down to watch it and what we have here is a movie that doesn't deserve the legacy that was handed to it. Anybody that doesn't know the twist will definitely enjoy what comes at the end, but otherwise there isn't a lot here.

Question 37

Gran Torino

One of the greatest things about art and creativity is that it can highlight to the world that there are still problems that need solving. It's not just all about the narrative, as it can have a lot to do with the way that various characters react to each other. This movie is a perfect example of how some people still struggle to come to terms with the fact that there are people unlike them in their space and world.

Question 38


In typical fashion, this movie ended up being remade for a Western audience a few years ago and it wasn't exactly received well. If people have seen that version but not seen the original they owe it to themselves to give this one a look, as it is a brutally tense journey following a man that just wants to find the truth. It may be a struggle for some people, but we promise that by the end it is well worth it.

Question 39

Lost In Translation

For many, this was a rather odd movie for Bill Murray, but those in the know have enjoyed watching him change how he's seen in the industry. He started out as comedy actor, but has managed to get involved with enough serious movies since his youth that he now manages to get involved with a whole spectrum of stuff. It will be interesting to see what he continues to do throughout the rest of his life, whether it will be mostly comedy or drama.

Question 40


Based on the real life of a man that fought for equality in the US, and was handed a lot of anger just for fighting for civil rights. Anybody that is interested in people that make a point of pushing themselves out of anonymity just so that other people can live a better life owes it to themselves to give this one a watch if they haven't seen it. It's sad to think people continue to struggle like this today.

Question 41


Despite the fact that a lot of people will likely argue that this movie came out for a younger audience, there's no denying that it was a massive success, pulling in such a huge amount of money that many people feel that it changed the way we see 3D cinema, ushering in a whole wave of people trying to make some money on the back of the success of this movie, quickly realizing it was more than just the 3D that people liked.

Question 42


While the original creator of the graphic novel believes that the movie should have never been made, there are a lot of people out there that were delighted to see their favorite comic book make it to the big screen. There will be a lot of people out there that disagree, but it's good to know that some people can get some joy out of it! Anybody that has only seen the film should definitely read the book it was based on.

Question 43


Despite the kid-friendly exterior placed over this movie, it's fair to say that Pixar actually took a lot of chances with it. Not only does it have a long period of time at the beginning that is almost complete silence, but it considers a lot of adult topics, taking on themes that matter to a modern audience that is slowly heading towards oblivion in many ways. Well worth a watch, whether with a child or just interested in science fiction.

Question 44

The Pianist

Legend has it that the main actor in this critically acclaimed movie was able to give such a good performance because he went full method, deciding that to understand how his character felt while onscreen he would have to give away everything that he owned and be left with nothing. Not only did he sell his house and give away all of his possessions, but he even split up with his partner at the time, which we imagine she wasn't too happy about!

Question 45

The Lego Movie

This was yet another children's movie that came out and blew everyone away with how genuinely fun it was, offering a chance for adults to even get involved and have fun with the narrative that was on offer. What many felt was just going to be a chance for the Lego company to make as much cash as physically possible in a short period of time ending up being a well-written piece of cinema that was fun for all the family.

Question 46


While it isn't the smartest movie in the world, it is smarter than a lot of stuff that is put on the big screen these days, so we suggest that anyone looking for an interesting narrative that will take them through some twists and turns should definitely give this one a look. It concerns a man with a very specific form of amnesia that keeps him from being able to remember any piece of information for too long a time.

Question 47

Baby Driver

This movie came about because the director envisioned an opening scene that was set all around a single song, and from there he came up with an entire narrative that he filmed and got onto the big screen. It follows a young man that spends his time driving for people that need him. It's the way that he pays back somebody bad who he owes money to. We don't want to talk about it too much because it is best watched without any knowledge.

Question 48

Finding Nemo

There's no denying that Pixar were already well respected for the work that they put into their movies, but they really put in their most when they worked on Finding Nemo. The visuals still look astonishing to this day, and there's an interesting narrative that people can enjoy to this day. We can't believe that any child or parent could watch this movie without getting sad at the way Nemo is taken away from his loving father. Just try it!

Question 49

Gangs Of New York

When people hear the word gang, they probably don't think of the sort of characters that we see in this movie. However, these sorts of people used to fill out the original version of what a gang once was! Martin Scorsese threw himself at this movie, turning it into one of his modern classics, giving the audience a look at a time that they had never lived through themselves while making it seem very real at exactly the same time.

Question 50

Spirited Away

The concept of Spirited Away is likely one that would've given us nightmares as younger children, but now that we're older we can easily get lost in the magic that it provides us with. As an audience, Spirited Away takes us on a journey that is unlike many other things that have ever been placed on the big screen, and while many people may not like it, we would have to say that there's nobody out there that regrets watching it surely.

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