Pick The Winners In These Dragon Ball Mashups To Reveal The Ultimate Final Move

What makes Dragon Ball Z one of the best Anime ever made? The answer is simple - the mashups. We've seen some amazing match ups between all kinds of different characters over the course of the many series, and almost every single one of them has been amazing. The show never fails to surprise us when it comes to different characters facing off against each other, and sometimes those in the mix are the people you'd least expect. For instance, there are plenty of examples of good characters turning bad, and then turning on their friends. On the other hand, we've seen not so good characters turn over the good side time and time again. We never really know what's going to happen when it comes to Dragon Ball Z. 

We never really know who's going to win each match either. And that's without a doubt the best thing about the series. We can be 99% sure a character is going to win a battle, only to find out their opponent has some secret trick or attack hidden up their sleeve. While we've seen some great episodes in the past, the fans of this show love to talk about hypothetical matches which never happened. These are moments we wish we could have seen, and it's always fun to think about who would win in these scenarios. That's what this quiz is all about, and all it requires is that the reader pick a winner for each mashup. At the end, we'll reveal an ultimate attack!


Question 1

Vegeta Vs Goku

Vegeta and Goku have been at odds and competing with each other since almost the very beginning. Everyone has their favorite character, and the two have very different personalities and martial arts styles. They've crossed paths numerous times, and they've each had their victories and losses.

Question 2

Trunks Vs Cooler

Trunks has never faced Cooler, but it's cool to think about what it would be like if the two fighters actually faced off against each other. These two are two of the strongest fighters ever, but they have very different personalities and fighting styles. Trunks is a fan favorite.

Question 3

Gotenks Vs Gohan

Gotenks is probably one of the coolest characters ever, and he's actually not one character but two... Goten and Trunks take this form when they perform a fusion dances, melding their power into one. What would happen if this awesome character went up against Gohan?

Question 4

Krillin Vs Raditz

Raditz was the first ever alien that the Earthlings encountered, and he certainly gave them some trouble. Krillin didn't stand much of a chance back then, but what would happen if present day Krillin faced Raditz again? Would he stand a chance, or would he be crushed yet again?

Question 5

Piccolo Vs Nail

Piccolo and Nail are two of the most impressive Namekians we've ever seen. Of course, it didn't take long for Frieza to deal with Nail, but Piccolo was able to fuse with Nail, keeping him alive in his own body. But which one of the two Namekian natices is actually stronger?

Question 6

Frieza Vs The Supreme Kai

Frieza was one of the most entertaining and most fearsome enemies in the entire series, and seeing him finally fall was a breath of relief. But as the series progresses, Frieza seems less and less powerful in retrospect. Could the Supreme Kai beat Frieza with ease?

Question 7

Vegeta Vs Android 16

Vegeta is a character who has definitely defeated his fair share of enemies, and he has a history with the androids as well. He definitely tangled with some of the other androids, but he never came up against Android 16. What would have happened if the two had gone head to head?

Question 8

Goku Vs Buu

When Buu first appeared, we never really got to see Goku's full might reign down upon Buu. He went Super Saiyan 3, but had to retreat because it was draining his energy and limiting his remaining time on Earth. But what if these two had gone all out and faced each other?

Question 9

Piccolo Vs Android 17

Piccolo and Android 17 started fighting during the Cell saga, and it got pretty intense. But the battle was never really finished, as they both got sidetracked by Cell who appeared out of nowhere. The two seemed very evenly matched, but who would come out on top?

Question 10

Trunks Vs Goten

Trunks and Goten are two very similar characters. One is the son of Goku, the other is the son of Vegeta. They are usually the best of friends, although they play rough sometimes as well. But what if they fought for REAL one day? Who would come out on top?

Question 11

Zarbon Vs Dodoria

Zarbon and Dodoria were two of the most memorable henchmen in the series, and many of us really enjoyed seeing them appear in the episodes of the Namek Saga. They didn't last very long, but they were pretty powerful in their own right. What if they faced each other?

Question 12

Goku Vs Perfect Cell

Goku and Perfect Cell did indeed go head to head, and we all know how it ended. But many of us thought that if things had gone differently, the result might have been different. The two characters are without a doubt two of the most intriguing we've ever seen. But who would win?

Question 13

Vegeta Vs Trunks

Vegeta and Trunks are obviously father and son, but some folks debate which one is actually stronger. The logical wisdom would be the Vegeta is the stronger of the pair, but others aren't so sure. What would happen if these two actually faced off?

Question 14

Recoome Vs Android 18

Android 18 was initially an enemy, but she later became a friend and a pretty huge part of the series. She never fought Recoome, but what if she did? What would be the result? Recoome was of course a member of Ginyu Force that was defeated by Goku.

Question 15

Burter Vs Dr. Gero

Another member of the Ginyu Force was none other than Burter, who famously proclaimed to be the fastest guy in the universe. That was obviously false, but it was fun while it lasted. Dr. Gero showed up in the next saga, the Cell Saga, and showed interesting abilities. But who would win?

Question 16

Bardock Vs Nappa

Nappa played a pretty huge role in the first few series of Dragon Ball Z, and he was one of the most interesting Saiyans we've ever seen. He was eventually dealt with by his own ally, Vegeta, but what if he had fought another Saiyan... Bardock, for instance? Who would win?

Question 17

Yamcha Vs Mr. Satan

Fans of Dragon Ball Z like to joke about the fact that Yamcha is the worst Dragnon Ball Z support ever - constantly having to be revived by the Dragon Balls. But how bad is he really? Is he bad enough to lose to the complete farce of a competitor, Mr. Satan himself? Who would win?

Question 18

Goku Vs Gohan

We've talked about Vegeta Vs Trunks, now what about another father and son mashup - Gohan Vs Goku. Goku is constantly going on about how Gohan is actually the stronger one, but is that really true? Does Gohan really have what it takes to beat the legend that is Goku?

Question 19

Android 17 Vs Android 18

Android 17 and Android 18 were two of the most interesting villains we've ever seen, and we're glad that they both managed to stick around after the Cell saga. Android 17 became a park ranger, whereas Android 18 became Krillin's wife. But what would happen if the two actually fought?

Question 20

Captain Ginyu Vs Piccolo

Captain Ginyu was another memorable villain, and although he had a pretty nasty fate during the Namek saga, he was quite the force to be reckoned with. Piccolo has grown a lot since then. But could he defeat Captain Ginyu if the two were against each other today?

Question 21

Buu Vs Broly

Technically speaking, Broly is probably the most powerful fighter in the entire Dragon Ball Z universe. It took literally everything just to stop him from destroying all of the Z Fighters. But what about Buu's famous resilience against all attacks? Who would come out on top?

Question 22

Android 19 Vs Krillin

Android 19 was definitely one of the weakest androids that Dr. Gero ever created, and he was pretty easily dealt with by the Z Fighters as a whole. But what if it was Krillin, by himself, fighting against this cyborg creation? Which fighter would actually win?

Question 23

Vegeta Vs The Entire Ginyu Force

Vegeta definitely had a score to settle with the Ginyu Force back during the Namek saga, but he was eventually beaten down by a very powerful Recoome. But what if present day Vegeta was able to fight all of the Ginyu Force... Simultaneously... Who would win?

Question 24

Frieza Vs Cooler

For those who don't know, these two are actually brothers, and they're both pretty villainous. But Frieza is slightly more sadistic and unrestrained, while Cooler takes a more logical approach a lot of the time. These two have never fought, but what would happen if they did?

Question 25

King Vegeta Vs Bardock

Here's another thought - what if King Vegeta actually took on Bardock. We all know that same old line about "high class Saiyans" and such, but would King Vegeta really be able to dispatch Bardock with ease? Who would win, Goku's dad, or Vegeta's dad?

Question 26

Gotenks Vs Broly

We've mentioned both Gotenks and Broly before in this quiz, and they're both very powerful fighters in the Dragon Ball Z universe. These two Saiyans are often talked about among fans, and everyone has their own opinion about who would win. Pick a winner...

Question 27

Master Roshi Vs King Kai

Master Roshi and King Kai are two of the most prominent masters who have trained some of the best Dragon Ball Z fighters. They each presumably have their own impressive fighting strengths, but we've only ever really seen Master Roshi fight. Who would win?

Question 28

Five Saibamen Vs One Cell Jr

Saibamen are creatures grown and cultivated by the Saiyan race, whereas Cell Jrs are literally just smaller copies of Cell himself. While Saibamen are obviously weaker, what would happen if five Saibamen took on just one, lone Cell Jr? Who would win in this one?

Question 29

Vegito Vs Gogeta

Vegito and Gogeta are two of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Z universe, as we're sure fans are aware. The interesting thing about these two characters is the fact that they are both fusions of the same two characters - Vegeta and Goku. The only difference is in the way they are both fused. Who would win?

Question 30

Krillin Vs Piccolo

We all know that these two are actually friends (or as friendly Piccolo can get), but the two have occasionally clashed. When this happened, it's an interesting standoff between these two lovable side characters. Neither of them is particularly weak, but who would win?

Question 31

Goku Vs Beerus

Goku and Beerus have obviously rumbled with each other before, and when they do, it's always epic. Both are technically gods (Beerus especially), so it's one of the most powerful battles ever. Goku tends to always save the day, but Beerus presents quite the challenge...

Question 32

Babidi Vs Cui

We don't blame fans if they've forgotten all about Cui. He was a pretty minor character in the Namek saga, and although he benefited from a cool backstory with Vegeta, he didn't last long. However, he was said to be more powerful than Vegeta before the Saiyan went to Earth. Could he beat Babidi?

Question 33

Recoome Vs Nappa

Recoome and Nappa are two of the biggest brawlers we've ever seen in Dragon Ball Z, and both of them are pretty powerful. Although Nappa never makes it to Namek, what if he had and later faced Recoome? That would be a great fight, but who would win?

Question 34

Zarbon Beast Form Vs Raditz Ape Form

Some of the coolest moments in the Dragon Ball Z series is when the characters transform. The Saiyan race can of course transform into great apes at one point, and foes like Zarbon can also transform into certain beast-like forms. But who would win, Zarbon in his beast form, or Raditz in his ape form?

Question 35

Jeice Vs Burter

Jeice and Burter are two of the most notable members of the Ginyu Force. They each have their own powers and specialties, and they are known to work together to create attacks such as the purple comet attack. They sometimes get on each other's nerves, but what would happen if they really had a row?

Question 36

Guldo Vs Hit

Fans might remember Guldo from the Namek saga as the fighter who had the ability to freeze time. But later on in Dragon Ball Super, we were introduced to another fighter who could manipulate time - Hit. But which one is actually superior? Who would win in a fight?

Question 37

Future Trunks Vs Adult Gohan

Future Trunks and Adult Gohan are very similar in many ways. They both are around the same age, and they both have Saiyan blood. In fact, in the crazy timeline that Trunks is from, Gohan actually trained him and taught him everything. But who would actually win in a fight?

Question 38

Krillin Vs Tien

Tien is a fighter we haven't mentioned yet, but he's a very important character in the series. This is the guy who held off Cell for long periods of time using his Tri-Beam attack, after all. But what would happen if Tien actually fought Krillin? Who would win in this one?

Question 39

Shenron Vs Porunga

Shenron and Porunga might not be the most common characters we see on the show, but they are incredibly important to the plot. They are the dragons from which the show gets its name. Shenron is the dragon of Earth, whereas Porunga is the dragon of planet Namek. But what would happen if these two huge dragons actually met?

Question 40

Frieza Vs Dabura

Both Dabura and Frieza are devilish creatures in their own right, although Dabura is literally the king of all Demons, so he's pretty damn evil. But Frieza gives him a run for his money though, especially with all the planets he's destroyed. But who would actually win in a fight?

Question 41

Raditz Vs Tarble

This is an interesting match up, as it concerns two characters which are rather minor - but they are in fact brothers of the main characters. Tarble is Vegeta's brother, and Raditz is Goku's brother. They both are pure Saiyans, but which one would reign supreme?

Question 42

Whis Vs Beerus

Whis and Beerus are two of the most powerful characters in the entire universe, with them both being gods. Beerus is of course the god of destruction, while Whis has similar powers. What would happen if these two gods went head to head? Who would win?

Question 43

Bojack Vs Cell

Bojack and Cell are two bad guys who appear in the Dragon Ball Z series, and both these villains give the Z Fighters a real run for their money. Fans have often wondered about which fighter would win in a battle. Who's REALLY the strongest here?

Question 44

Frieza Vs Jiren

Fans of the series might be aware that this has already happened, and a winner was established. Jiren is one of the toughest opponents we've ever seen. He's a member of the Pride Troopers, and Frieza actually ended up facing him in an effort to put him down. Who would win?

Question 45

Krillin Vs Android 18

Well, we're sure that these two have their fair share of disagreements, but they're just love spats. That's exactly what this match would be, seeing as Krillin and Android 18 are actually married. They do train together every so often, and that sometimes means sparring. But what if these two were going full on against each other?

Question 46

Android 21 Vs Goku

Although Android 21 first appeared in the video games, she later made a notable appearance in the anime as well. She is known to be one of the most powerful villains the Dragon Ball Z fighters have ever faced. Interestingly, she has a good persona and an villain persona. Would Goku win?

Question 47

Bulma Vs Chi-Chi

Bulma and Chi-Chi are two of the most beloved characters in the DBZ universe, and the fact that they're not as super-powered as some of the other characters doesn't matter one bit. They are both powerful in their own ways, with Chi-Chi famous temper and Bulma's knowledge of science. But who would win?

Question 48

Pui Pui Vs Android 17

We all remember Pui Pui, right? Pui Pui was one of Babidi's minions, and he ended up facing off against Vegeta inside the sorcerer's spaceship. Pui Pui might have been easy pickings for a fighter like Vegeta, but how would this henchman fare against someone like Android 17?

Question 49

Janemba Vs Frost

This might just be the ultimate battle between fire and ice. Janemba represents a demon from the fiery realms, while Frost is a relative of Frieza's that is quite tough. What would happen if these two warriors went head to head, no holds barred? Who would win?

Question 50

Goku Vs Trunks

We don't see a reason why Goku would ever go against Trunks, but if he did, it would truly be awesome. These two characters are fairly good natured and level-headed, and it would be interesting to see who would get the edge. Both characters have tons of fans, but who would win?

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