Pick The Winner In These Mashups And Become The Lead Of A Superhero Dream Team!

That's right, folks. We've got a heck of a mashup for y'all today! Actually, make that thirty mashups in all! AND, we're switching a few things around and maybe crossing a few lines... but that's what makes it so exciting! Sure, we could go with the old standard; put Superman up against Lex Luthor, like they always do. Or have Aquaman and Black Manta duke it out, just like most would expect. But where's the fun in that?! A lot of comic book fans would also expect us to stay on the respective lines of the two, big, publishing houses.  But we're not gonna do that either! We're gonna dive into the DC territory and a little into the MCU, too! This is TheQuiz! We are literally mashing it up and mixing it up like crazy!

How's it all gonna end?! We have NO IDEA! That's part of what makes it so great! While somebody else takes the quiz, we're just gonna sit and watch and wait and see what happens! We wrote the quiz, now we want someone else to have the fun of taking it! Isn't that the point behind this whole exercise? Sure, we have our favorites when it comes to these mashups, but we want to see everybody else's as well! So take some time, there's no need to rush; in fact, there really is no right or wrong answer. That's the beauty of it! Enjoy!

Question 1

Superman vs The Joker

Its Metropolis meets Gotham City. It's kind of a dark thought. Superman's used to taking on beasts and baddies from outer space; things that involve endurance and feats of strength. But to have to go head to head with the Joker is something new. He may not be much of a challenge physically, but he may know just how to get into the blue boy's head!

Question 2

Batman vs Lex Luthor

Ol' Batsy's an intelligent man. There's no way he could have gotten as far as he has in both life and his crime-fighting career if he weren't. Plus, he's got the money to back it up. But so does Luther. And Lex has got far more political outreach and is much much more sadistic and conniving. Unlike the Joker, Luther is calm, cool, and collected, and more likely to bide his time.

Question 3

Wonder Woman vs Sinestro

This could very well be the breaking point where things start to unravel. Like Superman, Wonder Woman can have a tendency to rely on her might and her courage; after all it's worked well for her so far. Sure, she knows Green Lantern, but she's not as familiar with Sinestro's mind games and manipulation of fear. Is the Amazon princess strong enough mentally to hold her own against a member of the Yellow Corp?

Question 4

Green Lantern vs Cheetah

Lantern has fought more than his fare share of monsters and aliens over the years. That's pretty much what the job's about. But Cheetah may just be a bit of unfamiliar territory. She doesn't think and fight like most of the enemies he used to. Surely the ring can create some green catnip, but it sure doesn't seem like it'll be that easy.

Question 5

The Flash vs Hath-Set

Flash is all about speed and speed manipulation. How can anyone hope to out smart that? It's a tough call. But the ancient, Egyptian ruler Hath-Set, is all about might and brute force. Maybe Flash could escape, but there has to be something said for a man who single handedly defeated the original Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

Question 6

Hawkman vs Professor Zoom

Hawkman, like many of his male counterparts on the Justice League, places a lot of his abilities and strategies on his brute strength. Most times, he lets the brute force do the talking for him. But what good is all that rough and tumble if you can't even catch up to your prey. Who's to say that Professor Zoom couldn't get the jump on Hawkman before he knew what was happening?

Question 7

Martian Manhunter vs Merlyn

Granted, this particular battle might not be quite as epic. Merlyn is a skilled archer; as skilled as Green Arrow; however, Martian Manhunter has the ability to phase through solid objects or allow them to phase through him. But, not fully knowing one's enemy can be just as dangerous. And so can overconfidence. Perhaps this mashup may have more to it than meets the eye!

Question 8

Green Arrow vs Malefic

Again, here we have Green Arrow... one of, if not the most skilled archer in the world. But, now he's going up against the likes of Malefic, the sick and twisted brother of the Martian Manhunter, and who IS immune to fire. Matches like this one (no pun intended) will require a lot of quick thinking and never, ever taking anything for granted.

Question 9

Aquaman vs Blockbuster

Blockbuster is a BIG time crime lord who does most of his business in the streets and dark alleys of Bludhaven. He's about money and power and stopping at nothing to get the things that he wants. Most of Aquaman's battles are fought in the sea. Now, this dosen't make him any less of a brawler when the situation calls for it, but there is something to be said for fighting on someone else's turf.

Question 10

Nightwing vs Black Manta

Most of us are aware that Nightwing (AKA Robin) has been trained by the best. His moves and his agility are almost unparalleled. So, would it really matter where the battle took place? It might. It might if your opponent has the ability to breathe underwater and you don't. It might if your enemy may have control of some of the monsters of the deep.

Question 11

John Constantine vs The First of the Fallen

These two are no strangers to each other. And, sometimes, just sometimes... an old classic makes for a great fight. When you know you're enemy so well, it must be hard to not get lackadaisical about your methods and your strategies. One would think it would be more of a case of being even more vigilant and constantly expecting the unexpected.

Question 12

Spider-Man vs The Leader

Spider-Man and the Hulk are certainly not strangers to one and other. They pretty much both fight for the same team. But, that doesn't mean that Spidey is as skilled or as knowledgeable about the Hulk's own foes. While working together, you may learn ways to keep each other subdued, but, The Leader has been pelted with Gamma rays that continue to give him infinite knowledge. How does a radioactive spider even begin to battle something like that?!

Question 13

Hulk vs the Green Goblin

Hulk is the definition of brawn and of rage; but speed may not necessarily be his thing. And, unfortunately, speed and agility are what the Green Goblin has in spades. Granted, if and when the Hulk got a hold of the goblin, it'd be pretty much lights out from that point. But Osbourne is one smart cookie and may just know how to play with the Hulk's mind.

Question 14

Professor X vs Loki

Right away, one might say that there's really nothing to this match. With Professor X's nearly omnipotent telepathic powers, Loki would never stand a chance. But Asgard's God of Mischief didn't just come by his title easily. His powers and his magic are quite strong. And anyone who's even a little familiar with Loki, knows that there's no such thing as fighting fair.

Question 15

Thor vs Magneto

Now THIS is one of those mashups that you could absolutely sell tickets to! The first thing to come to mind for most is probably that most of Thor's get up consists of metal and that's a real down side--considering that this is Magneto we're dealing with. However, as clearly stated in "Thor: Ragnarok," Thor is not the god of hammers (or metal outfits for that matter). He's the god of thunder.

Question 16

Captain America vs Mandarin

Interestingly enough, maybe Capt' would like to take a swing or two against some of the individuals Tony's had problems with in the past. These two Avengers might just be carrying enough ego between both of them to believe that they should just go ahead and handle the other's dirty work. And, finally... that would be that. But it almost seems like much of this would come down to simply knowing your enemy.

Question 17

Iron Man vs The Red Skull

As with Capt' and The Mandarin, it only seems logical (if not more so) that Tony would assume that Rogers simply doesn't know what he's doing and has just been either outsmarted or outclassed every time. However, going with Tony's usual plan of ... "ATTACK!" might not be the best strategy against a mind like the Red Skull. Especially since he possesses many abilities similar to that of Captain America.

Question 18

The Fantastic Four vs Mephisto

The "Four," if you will, have battled a lot of strange things from a lot of strange worlds ... including their own. And Ghost Rider is quite used to tangling with the prince of darkness, whereas these others may not. Galactic beings and cosmic radiation are one thing, but endless armies of darkness and fallen angels is quite another. Supernatural, in fact.

Question 19

Ghost Rider vs Dr. Doom

Both these boys have got some reach on 'em. And that ought to make things quite interesting from the start. With Ghost Rider's flaming chains and Doom's sorcery and outright energy projection, there's bound to be quite a bit of distance between these two. Make no mistake ... it's absolutely a throw-down for the ages, but it'd be hard to pick a winner.

Question 20

Blade vs Jigsaw

Blade's a day-walking vampire... and one pretty much has to give him that right off the bat (no pun intended). It's not just that he's a lean, mean vampire; it's that he's a vampire who can come out in the daytime. And, that's normally a weakness any foe would immediately prey on. Then again, a crime boss with stitches all over his face doesn't live as long as he has without knowing a trick or two.

Question 21

The Punisher vs Deacon Frost

Here, again... we're dealing with the supernatural versus the human. But, then again ... calling The Punisher simply 'human' might not be all that accurate, either. To put it bluntly, you're pitting to men against each other whose sole purpose is to hurt, to inflict pain, to punish, and to destroy if necessary... by any means possible. When you put two men against each other with no life to lose, things could get interesting.

Question 22

Deadpool vs Baron von Strucker

The beauty of this match would probably have to be in the trash talk that would go on during the majority of the encounter. Both Strucker and Deadpool seem to have that devil may care attitude, which prompts them to say whatever is on their minds ... whether or not it's true, or whether or not anyone else really wants to hear it.

Question 23

Nick Fury vs T-Ray

The same could probably be said for both Nick Fury and T-Ray. If T-Ray truly does claim to have the same identity as Deadpool, then there has to be some of the same attitude as well. And, as much as Nick Fury is armed to the teeth with high-tech, state of the art weapons, they're nothing compared to the smart-alec comments and sarcasm he has stored up in his head.

Question 24

Hercules vs The Advisor

Hercules is Hercules because he really doesn't seem to back down from anything. ANYTHING! So, while The Advisor has the power to manipulate fire, it's hard to say just how much that may or may not affect the muscle-bound son of the gods. These are all great mashups to be sure... but some of them had to come up a little flop-sided sooner or later. But you never know.

Question 25

War Machine vs Ares

This tussle might be just a bit more intense. The WAR MACHINE facing off against the GOD OF WAR! It doesn't really need to be said that it would no doubt be BIG, it would be LOUD, and there would be a ton of collateral damage in the process! It could be billed as THE TECH vs THE TITAN!! No matter what you called it, though, it would be a full-on war to end.

Question 26

Wolverine vs Ultron

Man vs Robot. Adamantium vs Vibranium. Hold onto those seats, folks! This one is guaranteed to get intense. Sure, Ultron has fairly superior intelligence and digital abilities to access just about anything he desires, but ... we all know that Wolverine has the savage strength, drive and instincts that will fuel him on into any battle, no matter the odds. And, on top of that, he's not going to quit until the job is done and rapid regeneration sure comes in handy in that kind of situation.

Question 27

The Vision vs Sabretooth

Vision is pure in his intentions and steadfast in what he believes. He will not, however, hesitate to engage in combat if the need or the needs of others call for it. Perhaps this purity is part of what makes him nearly unstoppable. But Sabretooth, much like Wolverine is nothing but pure savagery and fights to survive, no matter the cost. He probably doesn't know how to back down.

Question 28

Black Panther vs The Matriarch

The Black Panther, or King T'Challa is used to diplomacy and dealing with large groups of diplomats and worshipers. And these skills may serve him well in a match such as this, but we're also dealing with such people on a much, much grander scale. Not to mention a large, diverse group of beings that worship Adam Warlock, the Magus. T'Challa has his armies as well, so this one might just come down to the numbers.

Question 29

Guardians of the Galaxy vs Klaw

Our Guardians have dealt with some pretty WEIRD stuff over the years. And it's usually their teamwork (reluctant as it may be) that gets them through to their victory. But when you're dealing with a being made of solid sound, things might just be a bit more difficult. Klaw did manage to take out T'Challa's father; but then again, who knows what crazy tunes Rocket might have stored away for just such an occasion.

Question 30

Zorro vs Montero

Zorro and Montero are no strangers to each other. They've been battling it out for decades now. Perhaps this last mashup or question, if you will, is the most basic example or definition of all the others that came before it. Heroes need a villain and the villain needs the hero. If one didn't have the other, their need to exist would be no more. That's why there will always be bad guys out there doing wrong, and heroes out there to stop them.

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