Pick The WWE Winner And Reveal If You Prefer Raw Or SmackDown

Despite how hard WWE tries pushing the spirit of competition, most fans of pro wrestling probably watch both Raw and SmackDown Live on a weekly basis, assuming they have the time and ability. Of course, this doesn’t mean they can’t still have a preferred brand, either because it features more of their favorite wrestlers than the other, or simply due to the general feel and tone for which the show is known. The catch is that constant brand switches and fluctuating rosters mean these loyalties are rarely set in stone.

Part of the reason why superstars jump back and forth between Raw and SmackDown so much is that WWE isn’t entirely sure where they belong. Luckily, many of them are adaptable and talented enough to thrive in either scenario. Even so, the fact Raw celebrates big angles and sports entertainment while SmackDown is all about hard worked in-ring action means many of them are better suited for one or the other. Obviously, though, from a storyline standpoint, Shane and Stephanie McMahon simply do whatever it takes to get all the attention on their show, whether the talent fits or not.

Keep reading to pick between your favorite WWE superstars and we’ll reveal if you prefer Raw or SmackDown Live. Just to make it interesting, all match-ups between current wrestlers are from the same brand.

Question 1

Who would win a match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns?

Regardless of how divided fans remain about his skills, Roman Reigns is clearly The Guy executives think should lead the company. Similarly, reigning Universal Champion Brock Lesnar sparks great controversy, but remains an unstoppable force inside the ring, plowing through all challengers in definitive fashion. With two WrestleMania main events in their past, this pair is clearly on top of WWE.

Question 2

Who is the better wrestler, AJ Styles or Daniel Bryan?

Simply phenomenal in every way, two time WWE Champion AJ Styles was the talk of the wrestling world even before signing with the company. Daniel Bryan likewise had an incredible reputation on the indy scene, which only grew with outstanding matches in Vince McMahon’s ring. From a technical standpoint, they’re probably the two best wrestlers in the WWE Universe.

Question 3

Who do you prefer between Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens?

With a brute strength able to match the implications of his name, Braun Strowman is the latest unstoppable force to run roughshod over the WWE Universe. Kevin Owens doesn’t have quite his raw power, but the vicious bully knows how to lay a serious beating onto his opponents when he wants to prove a painful point.

Question 4

Who would win a match between Charlotte Flair and Carmella?

Matching her father “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair’s penchant for changing history, few wrestlers have been as proactive in the women’s wrestling revolution as Charlotte Flair. Of course, plenty others are benefitting from her efforts, including WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella, who took Charlotte’s title after a year of careful planning as Ms. Money in the Bank.

Question 5

Which former member of The Shield is better, Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins?

Roman Reigns may be the Hound of Justice getting the most attention these days, but many fans will always prefer his old brothers Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Naturally, though, there’s still plenty of debate on whether the Architect’s brilliant scheming and expert precision is necessarily superior to the madcap insanity of the Lunatic Fringe.

Question 6

Who is the better wrestler, Shinsuke Nakamura or Chris Jericho?

In some respects polar opposites, Shinsuke Nakamura and Chris Jericho similarly left their long term employers to try their chances in foreign countries. Nakamura went from New Japan Pro Wrestling to the WWE Universe and Jericho reversed his route, with the one thing they had in common being that both they immediately continued to thrive in their new stomping grounds.

Question 7

Which former Women’s Champion do you prefer, Bayley or Alexa Bliss?

If looks alone could cause injury, one mean glare from Alexa Bliss would wrestle any other competitor into submission. Taking a decidedly different approach, Bayley would prefer to hug any challengers both before and after their challengers to ensure there were no hard feelings. Both methods have lead to Women’s Championship reigns and significant spotlight, but which do you prefer?

Question 8

Who do you prefer between Becky Lynch or Asuka?

Fiery and combative against all comers, few female superstars take as much pleasure in “Kicking Lass” as the inaugural SmackDown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch. Then again, not even the Irish firebrand can compare to the 500+ day winning streak of Asuka, arguably the most dominant and destructive wrestler in WWE history. Who would survive if they wrestled?

Question 9

Who would win a match between Jinder Mahal and Bray Wyatt?

2017 was a pivotal year for both Bray Wyatt and Jinder Mahal, as it marked the first WWE Championship reign for each man. Just one year later, they’re both in dramatically different places than they were upon winning the gold, yet they’re still enjoying the spotlight being a former champion brings, not to mention adding more gold to their resumes.

Question 10

Which wrestler is more entertaining, The Miz or Jeff Hardy?

No matter how hard The Miz tries to endear himself to the WWE Universe, fans will forever remain divided on whether or not he’s truly awesome. In many respects, Jeff Hardy has the exact opposite status, with audiences adoring his every action regardless of his actions or the effort he puts into them. Reputation notwithstanding, they’re both former World Champions.

Question 11

Who is the better wrestler, Sasha Banks or Mickie James?

Doing whatever it takes to stand out as The Boss, Sasha Banks throws herself into every match with reckless abandon hoping to entertain the crowd. Mickie James takes a similar approach when it comes to character work, and she’s no slouch in the ring, either, still going strong as one of the most senior female wrestlers on the roster.

Question 12

Which stable do you prefer, The New Day or SAnitY?

While it’s initially tempting to call The New Day and SAnitY as natural enemies due to their outlooks on life, a deeper look shows that isn’t quite the case. Yes, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E support the power of positivity, but Eric Young and his cohorts aren’t negative so much as they are next level bonkers crazy.

Question 13

Who defined the Attitude Era, The Rock or Steve Austin?

During the Attitude Era, just about everyone who considered themselves a wrestling fan was absolutely enamored with both The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Despite slightly different approaches, both men were hilariously destructive athletes, gleefully tearing apart their opponents in the ring after putting them down on the microphone. Which former WWE Champion brought more smiles to your face?

Question 14

Who would win a match between Mandy Rose and Lana?

WWE will always have a place for beautiful blondes, especially those with the in-ring chops of a rising star like Mandy Rose. Up until now, Lana has been more successful as a manager than a wrestler, but that hasn’t stopped her from slowly attempting to find fame and fortune outside of her husband Rusev’s shadow.

Question 15

Who is the better sports entertainer, Nia Jax or Ronda Rousey?

Given her size and brute strength, it’s easy to look at Nia Jax and assume she’d be the toughest female superstar on either Raw or SmackDown. Well, until former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey arrived on the scene, redefining what a superlative like that could even mean in the modern era. Who would survive if they crossed paths?

Question 16

Who is the better wrestler, Andrade “Cien” Almas or Sami Zayn?

Being a former NXT Champion is the perfect launching pad for a career in the WWE Universe proper. Both Sami Zayn and Andrade “Cien” Almas immediately experienced this perk through the roar of the crowd upon their arrival. Of course, the spotlight also changed them in unexpected ways, leading to character growth some NXT fans may not have expected.

Question 17

Who do you prefer between The Velveteen Dream and Aleister Black?

The wrestling landscape is always changing, and in the past year, few superstars have grown more than The Velveteen Dream and Aleister Black. Naturally, the two became stars wrestling one another, learning the subtleties of sports entertainment as they fought over the importance of respect and the value of a man’s name. Who do you think won the feud?

Question 18

Do you prefer The Authors of Pain or The Revival?

For whatever reason, tag teams that thrived in NXT don’t tend to do so well on the main roster as the solo stars. Impressive as The Authors of Pain and The Revival were in developmental, they’ve yet to really establish themselves on the main roster. Nonetheless, fans will never forget the incredible work that brought them there.

Question 19

Who would win a match between Naomi and Nikki Bella?

The star of her own reality show and half of the highest profile relationship in recent WWE history, few women in the company have experienced more spotlight than Nikki Bella. That said, Naomi has likewise Felt the Glow of the cameras as well, both inside the squared circle and as a long time regular on Total Divas.

Question 20

Who is the better monster, Kane or The Big Show?

Over the past 20 years, no two monsters have struck fear into the WWE Universe like Kane and The Big Show. That goes double when the two indestructible forces work together, yet even the aftershocks that develop when they’re rivals can knock a lesser superstar of his feet. Could anyone survive if these beasts fought one more time?

Question 21

Do you prefer Randy Orton or John Cena?

With more World Championship reigns between them than full wings in the Hall of Fame, John Cena and Randy Orton are easily the two most successful wrestlers of the past decade. That hasn’t left them free of controversy, with fans nonetheless divided on whether or not these hard working athletes deserve the spotlight. How do you feel on the matter?

Question 22

Who do you prefer between Fandango and Elias?

From the 1980s onward, music has played a huge role in professional wrestling and how it gets promoted. Some superstars use this fact in a very direct way, including the dancing freak Fandango and the folk singing troubadour Elias. You may not share the taste in music of either man, but which one do you prefer in the ring?

Question 23

Which tag team do you prefer, The Bludgeon Brothers or Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows?

The storied history of tag team wrestling includes many different teams attempting varying approaches at finding fame. The Bludgeon Brothers use sheer force and destruction, while Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows use a more technical and psychological method to tear down their opponents. Both directions have lead to Tag Team Championships, but which do you think is more effective overall?

Question 24

Who would win a match between No Way Jose and Mike Kanellis?

Dancing his way to the ring with a big smile on his face, No Way Jose could be accused of rarely putting all his attention into the match and activity at hand. Of course, the same is true of Mike Kanellis, albeit in the sense his beautiful wife Maria distracts him with her eternally cheery presence at ringside.

Question 25

Do you prefer Rusev or Samoa Joe?

Not that long ago, powerhouses like Rusev and Samoa Joe would be known for their strength alone, viewed as muscle bound monsters all lesser superstars should fear. That’s still the case, yet the modern era of wrestling means their vibrant personalities are just as memorable, while also being responsible for bringing in the majority of their fans.

Question 26

Which tag team do you like more, Heath Slater and Rhyno or The Ascension?

Because WWE doesn’t always treat the tag team division with the utmost respect, the best some duos can hope for is giving the audience a few good chuckles now and again. Heath Slater and Rhyno definitely adopted this modus operandi even before linking up, and The Ascension have been lead down a similar path whether they meant to or not.

Question 27

Which WWE legend do you prefer, Randy Savage or Hulk Hogan?

As the WWE Universe slowly took over the wrestling world in the 1980s, no two stars shone brighter than “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. By and large, the Hulkster attracted more mainstream attention, yet fans paying attention generally celebrated Savage to an even greater degree. The wrestlers themselves would fight it out in a feud that lasted decades.

Question 28

Who do you prefer between Tye Dillinger and Sin Cara?

Perfect 10 or not, the fact Tye Dillinger is on the smaller side means WWE will probably only ever view him as a cruiserweight. The same is true of the vibrant lucha dragon Sin Cara, yet the two both remain on SmackDown rather than getting a chance to flourish on 205 Live. Have either of them caught your attention?

Question 29

Who is the better wrestler, Jason Jordan or Chad Gable?

When working together, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable turned American Alpha into the most exciting new team in NXT. They momentarily continued this reputation on SmackDown, only to get split up on the news Jordan was Kurt Angle’s son. Once the Olympic scion returns from injury, it will be interesting to see if they can get along once again.

Question 30

Who would win a match between The Usos and The Colóns?

Vince McMahon will always respect a wrestler’s family lineage, which is how teams like The Usos and The Colóns remain relevant forces in WWE even in an era where tag teams are on the decline. Each team happens to be composed of WWE Hall of Famer’s offspring no less, explaining how they immediately entered the title scene upon arrival.

Question 31

Do you prefer Curtis Axel or Curt Hawkins?

Not everyone in the WWE Universe is destined to be a game changing superstar. Obvious as this may be, it was still a bit surprising in the case of Curtis Axel given his expert lineage. Curt Hawkins wasn’t as heralded upon arrival, yet audiences didn’t exactly expect he’d experience the longest losing streak in recent history, either.

Question 32

Who do you prefer between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa?

Once great friends attempting to build a legacy in wrestling entirely on their own, former NXT Tag Team Champions Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa are now engaged in perhaps the most bitter feud in the entire WWE Universe. Both are becoming stars through the arrangement, yet only Gargano has earned the crowd’s appreciation for it…aside from those who prefer villains.

Question 33

Who is the better wrestler, Sheamus or Cesaro?

Plenty of tag team partners feud before or after their time as a duo. Sheamus and Cesaro are nonetheless unique for being the rare team that exemplified the phrase “if you can’t beat them, join them,” rapidly turning into a top tier duo after months of exchanging blows. As allies or rivals, which superstar do you like more?

Question 34

Do you prefer Bo Dallas or Titus O’Neil?

Always bo-lieving in the power of positivity, Bo Dallas doesn’t let his lack of success since getting called up from NXT deter him. Titus O’Neil has similarly struggled to stand out since splitting up the Prime Time Players, yet he continues promoting the Titus Brand with a big smile on his face, as well. Do you smile back at either of them?

Question 35

Who would win a match between Aiden English and Big Cass?

In some cases, a wrestler debuting in the tag team division can immediately flounder after losing their partner. To their credit, neither ex-Vaudevillain Aiden English nor Big Cass have fallen into this trend. Perhaps part of the trick is that their partners were both released for personal reasons, and WWE never gave up hope in promoting these two as individuals.

Question 36

Who wears their gold better, Adam Cole or Pete Dunne?

Technically speaking, most wrestlers can compete for any given championship in the promotion for which they work regardless of what it’s called. Pete may well be able to challenge for the NXT North American Championship and Adam Cole that of the UK, but for now, they respectively hold the titles of their own homeland.

Question 37

Do you prefer Matt Hardy or Goldust?

Digging in to every eccentricity known to sports entertainment, Woken Matt Hardy is arguably the weirdest wrestler in the WWE Universe today. Bizarre as Hardy can be, he’s hardly the first off-kilter wrestler to find fame in the company, with others like Goldust beating him to the punch decades earlier. If they aren’t too weird for you, which wrestler do you prefer?

Question 38

Who do you prefer between Ricochet and Tyler Bate?

Typically, a wrestler needs a few years experience before truly hitting their stride, yet some are prepared for glory the minute they arrive. That was definitely the case with both Ricochet and Tyler Bate, too outrageously innovative superstars who just recently started their careers with NXT. They’re both poised to change the scene, but who will you cheer for louder?

Question 39

Who would win a match between Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre?

Able to find success on their own terms before joining to the WWE Universe, both Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre immediately took over NXT upon arrival. It didn’t take long for them to establish themselves in the main roster, either, yet neither have quite reached a pinnacle of success just yet. Who do you think will get there first?

Question 40

Which former member of Evolution do you prefer, Triple H or Batista?

Before he was the ultimate face of authority in WWE, Triple H was a Cerebral Assassin who enjoyed nothing more than destroying the wrestlers beneath him while he reigned as World Champion. When leading Evolution, HHH employed the animalistic services of Batista to do his bidding, until the Animal revolted and turned into a massive star in his own right.

Question 41

Which tag team do you prefer, The War Raiders or The Undisputed Era?

Despite how little attention tag teams get on the main roster, NXT still respects the concept of doubles wrestling with great aplomb. Currently leading the trend are Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, though Hanson and Rowe of the War Raiders could easily give them a run for their money after recently jumping to the company from Ring of Honor.

Question 42

Who would win a match between Dolph Ziggler and Finn Bálor?

With the sheer number of bodies clouding the WWE Universe, select wrestlers can fall through the cracks and miss out on the credit they deserve. In recent months, it’s felt like this was happening to former World Champions Finn Bálor and Dolph Ziggler, yet both superstars still have plenty of fans waiting for them to rise back to the top.

Question 43

Which stable do you prefer, D-Generation X or the New World Order?

At the peak of the Monday Night Wars, the New World Order essentially ran WCW with an iron fist, mocking then destroying any up and coming wrestler who dared stand in their way. D-Generation X were also outlaws, yet they took a decidedly different approach to chaos, simply trying to tick off the boss and make fans laugh.

Question 44

Who do you prefer between Lars Sullivan and EC3?

Based on his recent success in Impact Wrestling, most fans of NXT immediately expected big things when EC3 hit the scene. Lars Sullivan had less of a precursor to his current success, yet his size and brute strength similarly lead fans to believe he could have very big things in his future. Which of them do you think will make the bigger impact?

Question 45

Who is the better wrestler, Ruby Riott or Ember Moon?

The one downside to the women’s wrestling revolution for the female superstars who started it is that the next batch of talent is going to be more vicious and prepared to takeover than ever before. Certain stars like Ruby Riott and Ember Moon have already kick started this trend, bringing all new intensity to the NXT and Raw rosters.

Question 46

Who would win a match between Edge and Christian and The Dudley Boyz?

Tag team wrestling today may not get all that much attention, but back in the Attitude Era, the concept arguably reached its height. The fact WWE regularly had duos defend their gold in Tables, Ladders, and Chairs matches definitely had something to do with it, as the concept regularly brought the best out of Edge and Christian and the Dudley Boyz.

Question 47

Who is the true Phenom, The Undertaker or Sting?

Plenty of wrestlers possess a terrifying aura when viewed by the average person, yet even other WWE superstars coil in fear when tasked with wrestling The Undertaker. When WCW was at it’s peak, future “Vigilante” Sting had a similar reputation, making even World Champions cower in their boots when he pointed his bat in their direction.

Question 48

Which cruiserweight is better, Cedric Alexander or The Brian Kendrick?

Typically, the lightning quick wrestlers of the cruiserweight division are fresh-faced youngsters ready to take over the company. While that’s certainly the case with current Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander, others in the division like The Brian Kendrick stand to prove age alone doesn’t always slow a wrestler down. The question is, can experience overshadow glory?

Question 49

Who is the better Commissioner, Shane McMahon or Stephanie McMahon?

Insofar as the man in charge is concerned, the individual wrestlers of Raw and SmackDown probably aren’t as important as the two people he put in charge. Over the past 20 years plus, Shane and Stephanie McMahon have become much more than just Vince’s children, developing intricately defined characters that inspire strong emotions from the WWE Universe.

Question 50

Who is the better General Manager, Kurt Angle or Paige?

For the most part, both Kurt Angle and Paige are retired, a status that allowed them to easily transition into roles as Raw and SmackDown’s General Managers. Nonetheless, even more so than the superstars that still get in the ring, these two still create the basic feel of their respective shows when deciding which wrestlers deserve title shots.

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