Pick The Winner Of These Pokemon Battles To Get The Right Starter

Who is ready for some Pokemon battles? We have been obsessed with catching and battling these creatures since the show first began years ago. While we used to just sit back and watch Ash and his pals do all the work, these days we are actually able to join in on the fun ourselves. With so many video games available, and the recent release of Pokemon Go!, we can totally catch em' all ourselves and win our very own battles! It is finally time to see who the best trainers really are!

In today's quiz, we will be pairing up all kinds of Pokemon. Some of them will be weaker, while others will be extremely powerful. Each Pokemon comes along with their own unique abilities, so each pair up will offer something a little different. It will take a true Pokemon expert to know which of these creatures would be victorious in any of these given scenarios. Some of these battles will not be for the faint of heart, so it is best to properly prepare for this event before starting. Get the pokeballs out, and make sure the pokedex is in hand! This one is sure to be epic!

Question 1

Butterfree VS Venomoth

Here we have a couple of Pokemon with some pretty powerful wings. Butterfree may look like the weaker opponent, but that is not exactly the case. Butterfree has the ability to release a toxic powder into the air, just by flapping its wings hard enough. Venomoth on the other hand, has large wings which happened to be covered in scales. These scales are quite poisonous, and they will rain down on opponents when Venomoth decides to flap with enough power. (Wikipedia)

Question 2

Gloom VS Weepinbell

Here we have a couple of plant-type Pokemon. Gloom has two feet to walk around on, while Weepinbell floats in the air. Both of these Pokemon gain speed when the sun is out. Gloom can constantly be seen with a strange amount of drool coming from its mouth. This drool has a strong toxic smell, which can easily leave opponents confused. Weepinbell is able to shake a toxic powder onto opponents and prey, and even trap them inside of its mouth if they are small enough. (Wikipedia)

Question 3

Poliwag VS Horsea

Neither of these Pokemon are particularly strong choices for battle. Although, they do both offer their own kind of edge. Poliwag is very small in size, but that allows it to move through water much quicker than other kinds of water Pokemon. Horsea, in general, is not very violent, but it can shoot ink and water out of its mouth with extreme accuracy if it is to feel in danger. Horsea is also well known for its ability to swim at great speeds (Wikipedia)

Question 4

Arcanine VS Ninetales

Here we have two Pokemon who are both sought after for their power and for their beauty. Arcanine is one of the fastest Pokemon in the entire world. When determined, Arcanine can run up to 6200 miles in a 24 hour span. When properly trained, they will also allow their trainer to ride on their back. Ninetales is an extremely intelligent Pokemon. When using its brain and tail power to its fullest, this Pokemon can live for thousands of years. (Wikipedia)

Question 5

Vulpix VS Eevee

Both of these Pokemon are very adorable. Vulpix is quite a clever little creature. During battle, if it feels as though it is not going to win, it will fake an injury to distract its opponent. This will give Vulpix ample time to run away and find shelter. Eevee is also a skilled escape artist. While Eevee is less likely to fake an injury, they can sometimes have the hidden power to foresee upcoming dangerous attacks. This power can ensure they never take a direct hit from a powerful attack. (Wikipedia)

Question 6

Snorlax VS Drowzee

Now here we have a battle of two of the sleepiest Pokemon in existence. Both of these Pokemon are strong competitors, but getting them to wake up in time for a battle is a challenge all on its own. Snorlax is no doubt one of the largest Pokemon out there. That being said, Snorlax will only wake up if it knows there is food waiting. Drowzee is very skilled in hypnosis. Once its opponent is asleep, it will eat their dreams. (Wikipedia)

Question 7

Cloyster VS Kingler

Here we have another underwater battle. Cloyster is actually a small and vulnerable Pokemon, who happens to rest inside of two very large shells. During battle, Cloyster will keep these shells closed tightly around its body, and sometimes it will even shoot spikes from the outside of these shells. Kingler's greatest power comes from its large claw. This claw can pinch down with extreme force. It would be interesting to see if Cloyster's shells or Kingler's claw would wind up victorious. (Wikipedia)

Question 8

Marowak VS Hitmonchan

Both of these Pokemon are born for battle. From birth, Marowak wields bones as weapons. Marowak can throw these bones like boomerangs, usually with enough force to knock out its opponent. Should Marowak be seen with a club instead of a bone, that would mean it's strength has doubled. Hitmonchan uses punching moves more than any other Pokemon. It can punch so fast, that the moves actually become invisible to the human eye. Which Pokemon is winning the battle? (Wikipedia)

Question 9

Golduck VS Farfetch'd

Both of these Pokemon resemble real-life ducks. However, both of them have way more power than any average duck would. Golduck has some pretty powerful psychic abilities. When using these abilities, the stone on its forehead will glow brightly. Farfetch'd is a sneaky little fighter. It may not look too threatening, but It has the ability to resist flinching even when up against the strongest opponents. It can also use its leak stock as a weapon if it must. (Wikipedia)

Question 10

Chansey VS Clefairy

Neither of these Pokemon would be thrilled to be put in a battle. However, we must choose a winner if we want to move on to the next pairing. Chansey is a happy Pokemon. They are well known for bringing happiness to fellow Pokemon and to nearby humans. Clefairy on the other hand, does not like being seen by humans at all. They have the ability to jump to great heights and they have wicked hearing. This means they can avoid being seen quite easily. (Wikipedia)

Question 11

Jigglypuff VS Clefable

Keeping on the theme of cuddly pink Pokemon, let's look at another two for this question. Jigglypuff is quite adorable indeed. They can inflate their body to unknown sizes, as well as deflate their body until they are completely flat. They also have the power to sing opponents to sleep during battle. Clefable can use their charm to distract opponents during battle. They have about a 30% chance of infatuating their opponent. Which of these Pokemon would win in a battle? (Wikipedia)

Question 12

Mr. Mime VS Jynx

Both of these Pokemon have a slight human-like look to them. Mr. Mime is very obviously a skilled mimer. Not only can they mime with the best of them, but they can actually create invisible objects while they do it. This means that they can create weapons and defenses without their opponent even being aware of them. Jynx is a bit of psychic. They can foresee upcoming attacks before they have been made. Which one is taking home the gold? (Wikipedia)

Question 13

Seaking VS Starmie

Here we have two underwater Pokemon who are both very territorial. Seaking is not a Pokemon who would go off looking for battles on their own. However, they can and will use their drill like horn against any Pokemon who threatens them or their home. Starmie is not an angry Pokemon by nature either, but they do have a few powers in their arsenal just in case. Should Starmie feel threatened, they can use their gem to emit signal waves. These waves will cause headaches in all nearby Pokemon. (Wikipedia)

Question 14

Zapdos VS Articuno

Here we have two of the most powerful bird-like Pokemon out there. Zapdos lives up in storm clouds, and only shows up when a fresh storm in underway. They can shed lightning bolts down from their wings if they flap them hard enough. Articuno is no doubt the strongest airbourne Pokemon. It can lift heavy machinery up into the air with just one of its talons. While Zapdos shed lightning bolts, Articuno can turn the air icy with its powerful wings. (Wikipedia)

Question 15

Kabutops VS Pinsir

Now here we have a pretty wicked pairing. Kabutops is the Pokemon seen in the photo. Clearly instead of arms, these Pokemon have very long and sharp claws. They will no doubt use these to their fullest extent during a battle. Pinsir on the other hand, has two very powerful pincers on top of its heads. These Pincers are strong enough to lift just about anything, and crush it if it feels the need to. Which one is winning? (Wikipedia)

Question 16

Tauros VS Rapidash

Both of these Pokemon are very competitive. They both enjoy competition naturally, so a battle would actually be quite entertaining for them. Tauros are born with multiple tails. They will use these tails to whip themselves before a battle, enraging them further. Rapidash are known for their speed. They can outrun almost all other Pokemon. They are competitive by nature, so they would welcome a battle against any Pokemon who thinks they could win against them. Who are we picking? (Wikipedia)

Question 17

Electabuzz VS Magmar

Here we have the master of electricity up against the master of flame power. Electabuzz has so much electricity coursing through its body at any given time, that it can actually cause accidental blackouts in the city it's in. Magmar's body has a flame pattern all over it, which allows it to camouflage in real flames. Magmar can actually spit fire bullets from its mouth, and cause heat waves in nearby areas just from its breath. Pick a winner! (Wikipedia)

Question 18

Tangela VS Oddish

Okay, let's cool down a bit with this rather adorable pairing. Tangela is a bit of a mystery to humans. Its entire body is covered in vines, so nobody has actually even seen what it looks like. However, we do know that their speed will increase when the sun is shining. Oddish is one of few nocturnal Pokemon. While Tangela gains speed from the sun, Oddish actually uses the moonlight to recharge its powers. Which would win in a battle? (Wikipedia)

Question 19

Weezing VS Grimer

Here we have two extremely toxic Pokemon, which humans should avoid being near at all costs. Weezing floats in mid air and is constantly releasing a very strong smelling toxic gas. Grimer is completely made up of a toxic slime. It can enlarge its body by constantly collecting more and more slime. The body of Grimer is also extremely sticky. Should something touch its body, it is likely we will never see it again. Which of these would we place our bets on? (Wikipedia)

Question 20

Lickitung VS Dewgong

Lickitung no doubt holds all of its power in its tongue. Its tongue is twice the length of the rest of its body. It can lick its prey or its opponent, and they will become paralyzed almost immediately. The saliva on its tongue also allows it to grip onto almost any surface. Dewgong has a pretty unique ability. It has the power to block any fire or ice type attack. Which of these Pokemon would come out the winner? (Wikipedia)

Question 21

Onix VS Golem

Both of these Pokemon are made up of very large rocks. Onix is a type of rock-snake. It can burrow underground and cause earthquakes. While underground, it can use the compass inside of its head to ensure it never gets lost. While Golem cannot burrow underground, it does have a hide so tough that dynamite would not even leave a scratch on it. Golem can also roll its entire body into a tight sphere, protecting it from all types of attacks. (Wikipedia)

Question 22

Tentacool VS Slowbro

Tentacool may look similar to a jellyfish, but it can be a tad bit more dangerous than one. At the end of both of its tentacles, there are poisonous stingers. It can also completely camouflage its body with water, so opponents will not even seen this attack coming. Slowbro is not a fighter by nature. It prefers being left alone, but should it be forced to fight, it can use its tail and claws quite effectively. Who is winning this one? (Wikipedia)

Question 23

Dodrio VS Exeggutor

Now this would be an interesting battle. Both of these Pokemon have three heads, so really it would be fight of 3 against 3. Dodrio is a bird-type Pokemon. Each of its three heads represents a different emotion. The three emotions are happiness, sadness, and anger. Exeggutor is grass-type Pokemon. Its three heads can communicate telepathically. However, their heads have been known to argue amongst themselves quite often. Looking at these two, who would we place our bets on? Pick a winner! (Wikipedia)

Question 24

Kadabra VS Psyduck

Here we have two Pokemon who are both very skilled in psychic based attacks. Kadabra is not physically very strong, but its mental power is quite impressive. It is rumored that seeing one of their shadows can bring bad luck to anyone. Psyduck likes to make their opponents believe they are weak and vulnerable. They constantly have a headache, so they can always be seen holding their heads. However, this headache makes their psychic abilities increase tenfold. Pick a winner! (Wikipedia)

Question 25

Machoke VS Mankey

Machoke is one of the strongest Pokemon out there. While they do not have anything in the way of psychic abilities, their strength alone is enough to win in many battles. Mankey is a monkey-like Pokemon, who has one heck of a temper. This Pokemon is born angry, so getting them ready for a battle is not very difficult at all. Mankey is not as strong as Machoke is, but it is usually quite a bit quicker. Who would take home the prize? (Wikipedia)

Question 26

Magneton VS Electrode

Here are a couple of Pokemon which a lot of cities have actually banned altogether. Magneton uses extreme electromagnetic force to keep itself afloat. To recharge itself, it will cling onto nearby power cords and outlets. This can cause city wide blackouts. Electrode is a ball of energy, literally. It is small in size, but it can also explode with little to no provocation at all. Neither of these Pokemon are easy to control. Who are we placing our bets on? (Wikipedia)

Question 27

Persian VS Aerodactyl

Both of these Pokemon are well known for being fearless. Persian in a lot of ways is similar to a cat, but naturally way more powerful. It can one minute be peacefully enjoying a head scratch, but the next minute be pouncing on its own trainer. Aerodactyl used to exist in prehistoric times. It has been brought back by scientists, but it still acts as though it rules the sky. Neither of these Pokemon would go down without a fight. (Wikipedia)

Question 28

Gyarados VS Charizard

Now this would not be a battle for the faint of heart. Gyarados is known for its temper. When in rage mode, this Pokemon can easily wipe out an entire city. Charizard is known for being one of the firecest fire-type Pokemon out there. That being said, this Pokemon will only use the full extent of its power against an opponent it feels is worthy enough. It will not fight against anyone it believes to be weaker than itself. (Wikipedia)

Question 29

Dratini VS Ditto

Dratini is a very small Pokemon, but it is surprisingly strong. It has a constant stream of energy coursing through its body. It will use this energy to shed its skin and grow every chance it gets. Ditto has a rather unique power. It can take on the form of any other Pokemon in existence. This means that it can transform itself to go up against any type of Pokemon. Which of these creatures would come out of this battle victorious? (Wikipedia)

Question 30

Omastar VS Parasect

Neither of these Pokemon are exactly tough competitors. Omastar has a very heavy shell. This shell actually makes it quite hard for Omastar to swim. Although, the shell will be able to absorb most attacks. Parasect is a small bug-like Pokemon. It does not have much in the way of defensive moves at all. It can at time release poisonous spores, but it does not often use this power. More often than not, this pokemon can be found munching on tree bark. (Wikipedia)

Question 31

Metapod VS Kakuna

Now here is a battle that could easily put an entire audience to sleep. Neither of these Pokemon offer any type of fighting ability. Really all they have going for them is their ability to harden their shells further. Both of these Pokemon will eventually evolve into Pokemon who could go into battle, but at this stage in their lives, their power is extremely limited. Looking at these two, can anyone here figure out a potential winner? We gotta pick one! (Wikipedia)

Question 32

Weedle VS Caterpie

Neither of these Pokemon have very threatening looks, but they both offer their own form of attack moves. Weedle has an excellent sense of smell. It can easily smell out an opponent who is trying to hide. In addition, Weedle has a sharp stinger on top of its head. Caterpie on the other hand, has a special antenna. This antenna can release a putrid smell, which will ward off many types of Pokemon. Which of these Pokemon would win? (Wikipedia)

Question 33

Pidgey VS Spearow

It is the battle of the small birds for this question. While Pidgey is quite small, it does have an excellent sense of direction. It can always find its way back home, no matter where it has ended up. In battle, it will use its small wings to kick up dirt and dust and send it towards its opponents eyes. Spearow does not often use its wings in battle, but it will use its distinctive cry to call out for help. (WIkipedia)

Question 34

Magikarp VS Paras

Here is another battle that would be quite a snooze-fest for most audiences. Magikarp used to be a fairly powerful water-type Pokemon. However, after so many years, its DNA has changed and it is no longer holds much power. Magikarp finds it hard to swim against the weakest of currects. Paras is a bug-type Pokemon, who shows little interest in any form of battle. It has mushrooms on its back which create spores. Paras has a 30% chance of paralyzing opponents with these spores. (Wikipedia)

Question 35

Vaporeon VS Poliwrath

Diving back into the water for a moment, let's look at these two powerful creatures. Vaporeon is one of the most powerful water Pokemon out there. It has the ability to melt its body down in water molecules, and it can also control all forms of water. Poliwrath is a strong water-type Pokemon. It is a very fast swimmer, and its arms can be quite powerful. This would definitely make for an interesting battle. Who would we be placing bets on? (Wikipedia)

Question 36

Shellder VS Krabby

Neither of these Pokemon are very large, but neither of them would shy away from a fight. Shellder has a few special attack moves, but more often than not, it will opt for clamping down onto its opponents weakest spot. Its shells have an extremely tight seal, making escape almost impossible once it has clamped down on an opponent. Krabby has two powerful pincers. Should one of them break off during a battle, it will be able to grow a new one back. (WIkipedia)

Question 37

Seel VS Slowpoke

While Seel is naturally quite playful, it does have a few attack moves in its arsenal. The horn on top of its head can break through even the thickest chunks of ice. It can also survive is the coldest of temperatures, so ice attacks will be useless against this Pokemon. Slowpoke is naturally very lazy. It will not go looking for a fight on its own. However, should it be placed in a battle, it will use its powerful tail to knock over its opponents. (Wikipedia)

Question 38

Bellsprout VS Vileplume

Bellsprout is an interesting plant-type Pokemon. It has the ability to bend its body into almost any position, making it an expert at avoiding critical hits. It can also spit a strange liquide which is strong enough to melt iron. Vileplume will become quite fast when the sun is at its brightest. It can also release large amounts of pollen into the air when flapping the petals of its large flower. Which of these Pokemon are we betting on? (Wikipedia)

Question 39

Porygon VS Dragonair

While Porygon may be an artificially created Pokemon, that does not mean that it can't hold its own during a battle. Porygon has the ability to copy its opponents attack moves. Dragonair likes to lurk at the very bottom of lakes. It is very rare to see them come to the surface, but when they do decide to become visible, they can actually take to the air. This means they can battle against water-type Pokemon, and airbourne ones. Yikes! (Wikipedia)

Question 40

Kangaskhan VS Rhydon

Kangaskhan is a powerful Pokemon. They are known for carrying their young around with them in their pouch. While their young may be a vulnerable spot for them, should an opponent make an attack towards the child, Kangaskhan will fight back with extreme anger. Rhydon's greatest strength stems from its horn. This horn is strongest to drill through solid stone. Its hide is also quite thick, allowing it to live in very hot temperatures. Which of these Pokemon would win? (Wikipedia)

Question 41

Ponyta VS Growlithe

Ponyta is not only a very fast runner, but it can also jump to great heights. Its hooves are said to be harder than diamonds, making them very sought after by trainers. It will sometime allow humans to ride on its back, but it will also occasionally burn the rider. Growlithe acts very much like a puppy. When trained properly, it is a strong fighter. However, should it not get the exercise it needs, it will become unruly. Which would win? (Wikipedia)

Question 42

Arbok VS Sandslash

Arbok is one of the most territorial Pokemon in the world. Should an enemy approach its space, this Pokemon will hunt it down until it has caught it. Should it manage to capture an opponent in its coils, it will be able to crush them easily. Sandslash has two sharp claws on both of its hands. It will use these to dig holes and to ward off opponents. Sandslash is also able to roll its body into a sphere. (Wikipedia)

Question 43

Raticate VS Golbat

Raticate has a few interesting abilities. It has two extremely sharp teeth, allowing it to chew through entire buildings. It also has webbed feet allowing it to be a fairly decent swimmer. Golbat also has two very sharp teeth. It uses these teeth to suck the blood of its prey and its opponents. Neither of these Pokemon are very large, but they both bring something a little different to the table. Which one would we put our money on? (Wikipedia)

Question 44

Primeape VS Machamp

Primeape is an easily angered Pokemon. While it does have a few powers it can use, when it is angry, it will often opt for using punches and kicks instead. Machamp has four very strong arms. It will use these arms as its greatest defense. It is said that a well aimed punch by just one of these arms, would be powerful enough to move an entire mountain. We are not sure we want to know what all four of them could do ...(Wikipedia)

Question 45

Mew VS Mewtwo

Let's end this quiz with the most interesting pair up possible. We have seen these two fight before, and it was not pretty. Mew is small, but it has the DNA of every living Pokemon. This means it can use any possible attack move out there. Mewtwo has a brain so powerful, that it is actually smarter than most humans. It can continue to learn and develop new powers for as long as it lives. Who are we picking? (Wikipedia)

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