Pick The Top NFL Players And We'll Guess Your Favorite Team

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and it is a rematch of the Super Bowl that took place 17 years ago. In that first meeting, a young Tom Brady guided to Patriots to an improbable win and captured the hearts of people everywhere. 17 years later, and we have had to watch him play in a Super Bowl 8 more times, and it goes without saying that the novelty has worn off for many. While The Patriots looks to take home their 6th Lombardi, the Rams will be looking to get back at them for their Super Bowl loss and start a new era of football. The world is behind the Rams, but the Patriots are the Patriots for a reason.

For every other team that didn't make it to the big game, they will be evaluating their team and figuring out what they need to do to get their next year. Making sure they have the right players is the best way to go, and as fans, we have our opinions on the best players in the game.

A franchise will sometimes have to choose between two players, and today, fans will have to do just that. Once a fan gets through each question, we will guess their favorite team!

Question 1

Is Julio Jones or Tyler Boyd A Top Player?

Julio Jones is one of the best receivers in the game today, and the production that he put up while at Alabama was a solid indication of what was to come for the man once he made his way into the NFL. Tyler Boyd, meanwhile, was not as touted coming into the NFL as Jones was, but he was still able to develop his game and turn into a player that the Bengals can rely on as they move forward. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 2

Is Tom Brady or Jared Goff A Top Player?

Tom Brady is on his way to his 9th Super Bowl, and at this point, there is nothing left for him to do in the NFL. In fact, he has played in more Super Bowls himself than any other franchise in NFL history. For Jared Goff, he will be playing in his first Super Bowl looking to unseat Brady and the Patriots from the top of the league. It will be quite the task, but Goff and the Rams believe that they have the goods to get it done. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 3

Is Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen A Top Player?

Lamar Jackson may be considerably younger than many other starting quarterbacks in the NFL, but he was able to come into the fold and make a huge impression during his inaugural campaign in 2018. He will be leading Baltimore into the future. For Josh Allen, he didn’t accomplish as much as Jackson did, but he flashed a ton of potential for the Bills, and they believe that he can help turn things around for the team. Both men came into the NFL during the same NFL Draft. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 4

Is Odell Beckham or Jarvis Landry A Top Player?

Odell Beckham was able to do incredible things while at LSU, and even though he had all the athleticism any athlete could ever hope for, he slid a bit in the NFL Draft and wound up being taken by the Giants. He has since become one of the best players in the league. Jarvis Landry was teammates with Beckham at LSU, and he came to Miami and established himself as one of the most reliable players around. He eventually made his way out to Cleveland. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 5

Is Jimmy Garoppolo or Russell Wilson A Top Player?

Jimmy Garoppolo was drafted to be the heir to Tom Brady whenever the legendary player decided to call it a day, but NFL teams decided that they should get their hands on him first, and the 49ers came knocking and made an offer that the Patriots couldn’t refuse. He will look to bounce back from health issues that sidelined him during 2018. Russell Wilson has been the man in Seattle for a number of years, and he helped lead the team to a Super Bowl win. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 6

Is Deshaun Watson or Dak Prescott A Top Player?

Deshaun Watson was taken by the Houston Texans with the hopes that he would develop into the franchise quarterback the team had long been searching for, and if his first two seasons are any indication, then Watson will be the man under center in Houston for the next decade. Dak Prescott was a player that wound up sliding in the NFL Draft, but when destiny came knocking for him, he answered in a way that no on expected, becoming the man in charge in Dallas. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 7

Is JuJu Smith-Schuster or Doug Baldwin A Top Player?

JuJu Smith-Schuster is one of the most dynamic players in the NFL today, and he played some incredible football this season while catching passes from Ben Roethlisberger. With Antonio Brown on his way out, it appears as though he will be the leader in the receiving room moving forward. Doug Baldwin has been a reliable player for the Seahawks for a number of years, and he plays with the type of tenacity that teams love to see. Both men have a ton of talent. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 8

Is Larry Fitzgerald or Jordy Nelson A Top Player?

Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best players in NFL history, and the Arizona Cardinals are hopeful that he will come back to the team and play in 2019. Despite having a carousel of quarterbacks throwing him the ball over the years, he was always able to produce for his team. Jordy Nelson is another player that appears closer to retiring than ever before, and he just wrapped up playing his first season with Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 9

Is Dak Prescott or Derek Carr A Top Player?

Dak Prescott showed talent in college, but many people wondered if he could ever become the type of player that could lead an NFL team to the promised land. The Dallas Cowboys appear to be in good hands with Prescott under center. The team will have a ton of hype coming into the 2019 season. For Derek Carr, his potential MVP season of 2016 remains the best of his journey. He got off to a slow start in Jon Gruden’s system, but he would eventually turn things around and show signs of the Derek Carr of yesteryear. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 10

Is Michael Thomas or DeAndre Hopkins A Top Player?

Michael Thomas is one of the best receivers around, and he has helped Drew Brees tap into the fountain of youth these last few seasons. A blown call by the referees ultimately led to the Saints being bounced out of the playoffs, with the Rams heading off to the Super Bowl. DeAndre Hopkins is the leading man in Houston, and the chemistry that he has developed with Deshaun Watson has helped the Texans be better than they have ever been. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 11

Is Carson Wentz or Eli Manning A Top Player?

Carson Wentz once again went down with health issues during the 2018 season, and while the quarterback has shown himself to be one of the better players in the league today, his inability to remain on the field should be cause for concern for the Eagles moving forward. Eli Manning was able to do some solid things in the 2018 season at times, but the New York Giants appear set to draft the man the will be replacing Manning under center. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 12

Is Philip Rivers or Patrick Mahomes A Top Player?

Philip Rivers and the Los Angeles Chargers were one of the best teams in the NFL this season, and while it was great to see them make the playoffs, they were bounced out by the Patriots. There is hope that the Chargers can come into the 2019 season and make their way back to the playoffs once again. Patrick Mahomes came into the fold and took the league by storm this season, and he appears to be the man that will take home NFL MVP. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 13

Is Adam Thielen or Stefon Diggs A Top Player?

Adam Thielen began his 2018 season by breaking amazing records and putting up incredible stats, but things would begin to taper off as the season went on, and he would eventually all but disappear at times for the Vikings, as they became one of the most interesting cases in the NFL. Stefon Diggs had a solid season for the Vikings, but he and Thielen will need to develop more chemistry with Kirk Cousins if the Vikings want to be one of the best teams once again. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 14

Is Davante Adams or Marvin Jones A Top Player?

Davante Adams was able to develop a connection with quarterback Aaron Rodgers that helped him become one of the best receivers in the league. Adams has played at a high level for the last several years, and the Packers are hoping to lean on him as they rebuild and move into the future. For Marvin Jones, his play reached a new level when he linked up with Matthew Stafford, and he is a huge piece of the puzzle for the Lions. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 15

Is Drew Brees or Cam Newton A Top Player?

Drew Brees and the Saints appeared all set to head to the Super Bowl, but what will surely become one of the most infamous moments in NFL history ultimately did them in and allowed the Rams to sneak on in. Brees was on a roll this year, and New Orleans will be on a tear in 2019. Cam Newton and the Panthers got off to a good start, but things cooled down considerably, and rumors are swirling that Cam will be sidelined for the 2019 season with some shoulder issues. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 16

Is Antonio Brown or A.J. Green A Top Player?

Antonio Brown is unquestionably one of the best players in the NFL, but he has had some issues with his team that will potentially lead him to another franchise for the 2019 season. If this does come to pass, then the league will witness the transformation of another offense into a potential juggernaut. A.J. Green dealt with some health issues that kept him sidelined for most of the season, but when he is healthy, there are few players in the NFL that are as talented as he is. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 17

Is Ezekiel Elliott or Todd Gurley A Top Player?

Ezekiel Elliott was instrumental in Ohio State winning a National Championship while he was still in college, and the Dallas Cowboys were more than happy to take him in the NFL Draft. Zeke has since become one of the best running backs in the league, and he is the man that makes the Cowboys offense tick. Todd Gurley has had an incredible run during his time in the NFL, and there are few players that can do what he does when the ball is in his hands. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 18

Is T.Y. Hilton or Demaryius Thomas A Top Player?

T.Y Hilton is a dynamic player that has been at the top of his game for quite some time. His play this season was exceptional, and the Colts were far better than people were anticipating. Hilton will need to continue his level of play for the Colts to seriously contend in 2019. Demaryius Thomas had spent his entire NFL run with the Denver Broncos before being shipped off to the Houston Texans in 2018, and he proved to be a solid addition for the team. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 19

Is Johnny Hekker or Michael Dickson A Top Player?

Johnny Hekker is gearing up to play in his first Super Bowl, and even though his services were rarely needed during the season, he knows that he will have to come up huge when called upon against the Patriots. Michael Dickson, meanwhile, came into the NFL as a rookie and wound up becoming a First Team All-Pro in no time. The man appears to be the future of the position, and the Seahawks are fortunate to have him on their side. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 20

Is Jared Goff or Kirk Cousins A Top Player?

Jared Goff once again had an exceptional year with the Los Angeles Rams, and his play on the field helped them become one of the best teams in the NFL. The Rams are off to the Super Bowl, and they are looking to make the Patriots pay for topping them 17 years ago. Kirk Cousins signed a massive contract with the Minnesota Vikings prior to the 2018 season, and things didn’t go quite as planned for the team. Cousins needs to have a huge 2019 season. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 21

Is A.J. Green or Kelvin Benjamin A Top Player?

A.J. Green has a ton of talent, and this was the first time in his journey that he wasn’t selected to the Pro Bowl. He has been the most consistent offensive piece for the Bengals over the years, and many would like to see him on a team that will contend in 2019. Kelvin Benjamin is now on the third franchise of his NFL run, and while he got off to a good start with the Panthers, he fell out of favor there and in Buffalo as well. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 22

Is Aaron Donald or Fletcher Cox A Top Player?

Aaron Donald is the best defensive player in the NFL, and he appears set to win the NFL Defensive Player of the Year once again. The man is putting up numbers that will see him go down as one of the best to ever play his positing, and people should take time to appreciate his game. Fletcher Cox is a dominant player that has been one of the better players at his position for quite some time. The Eagles have him as the man leading the charge for that position group. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 23

Is Luke Kuechly or Kiko Alonso A Top Player?

Luke Kuechly is at the point in his run in which he could cease to do anything remarkable and still be on his way to Canton. The man has been arguably the best at his position for the last half-decade, and there aren’t many man that can lead a defense like he can. Kiko Alonso may not be able to do the same things as Luke Kuechly on the field, but Alonso has shown himself to be a solid player at times throughout his NFL journey. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 24

Is Bobby Wagner or Anthony Barr A Top Player?

Bobby Wagner is one of the toughest linebackers in the NFL today, and he is a huge reason why the Seattle Seahawks were able to be a much better unit that many people were anticipating coming into the 2018 season. Anthony Barr was a player that the Vikings were hoping to rely on throughout the 2018 season, but he didn't play at the level that the team was accustomed to, and rumors are beginning to swirl that he could be on his way out of Minnesota. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 25

Is Cam Newton or Derek Carr A Top Player?

Cam Newton and the Panthers seemed to be one of the best teams in the NFL early on in the 2018 season, but things began to unravel for the team, and they wound up finishing towards the bottom of the league. Derek Carr has all the potential in the world to be one of the better players in the NFL, and Raiders fans are hoping that his second season with Jon Gruden at the helm will prove to be as solid as his 2016 campaign was. If he regains his form the Raiders will be sitting pretty. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 26

Is Keenan Allen or Emmanuel Sanders A Top Player?

Keenan Allen is one of the best receivers in the NFL today, and he was a huge reason why the Los Angeles Chargers were able to have such an incredible run during the 2018 season. Philip Rivers is incredibly thankful that Allen has been able to remain healthy over the last few years. Emmanuel Sanders is the leading receiver for the Denver Broncos, and his experience in the NFL will be instrumental and grooming young wide receiver Courtland Sutton into becoming a viable option for whoever is under center for the team. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 27

Is Eric Berry or Harrison Smith A Top Player?

Eric Berry has spent the last several seasons dealing with health issues that have kept him on the sidelines, and Kansas City Chiefs fans were excited to see Berry take part in the team's playoff game against the New England Patriots recently. They are hoping he can maintain a clean bill of health for 2019. Harrison Smith has shown himself to be one of the best safeties in the NFL, but he and the Vikings weren't up to much during 2018, and they will look to rebound next year. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 28

Is Geno Atkins or Snacks Harrison A Top Player?

Geno Atkins is one of the most disruptive interior lineman in the NFL, and he has provided the Cincinnati Bengals and incredible amount of consistency over the last few seasons. Many teams would love to get their hands on a player that can push the pocket like Atkins. Snacks Harrison has spent the last few seasons being the best run-stuffer in the NFL, and him making his way over to a new franchise during the 2018 season helped that team secure a major weak spot on their defense. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 29

Is Alvin Kamara or Mark Ingram A Top Player?

Alvin Kamara may not have been an early pick by the Saints in the 2017 NFL Draft, but he was able to make a huge impression on the team and on fans by turning into one of the most dynamic players at his position. He can do a little bit of everything with the ball in his hands. Mark Ingram is the man that splits carries and time in the backfield with Kamara, and he presents a unique style that contrast Kamara’s perfectly, striking a balance that is able to wear an opposing defense down, allowing for Drew Brees to take charge and do his thing. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 30

Is Marshawn Lynch or Adrian Peterson A Top Player?

People are interested in seeing whether or not Marshawn Lynch will be back with the Raiders during the 2019 season, and if his played during 2018 was any indication, then there is plenty left in the tank for Beast Mode. Adrian Peterson made his way over to the Washington Redskins in hopes of partnering with another player in the backfield, and if the Redskins keep Peterson for next year, then he and the younger guys will make for a solid running back duo that will help the offense. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 31

Is Mike Evans or Devin Funchess A Top Player?

Mike Evans has been able to put up some incredible statistics during the first several years of his NFL run, and even though there is some uncertainty around the quarterback position for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, people can expect Evans to continue doing what he does best on the field each Sunday. Devin Funchess has been a solid receiver for the Carolina Panthers over the last few years, and people are interested in seeing whether or not the Panthers are going to give Funchess a sizable contract to keep him on the team moving forward. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 32

Is Von Miller or Justin Houston A Top Player?

Von Miller is all but guaranteed to make the Hall of Fame one day, and even though he has a few miles on him already, he is still one of the best defensive players in the NFL that can completely change the outcome of the game. Justin Houston hasn't been as dominant as his old self in recent years, but there is no denying the type of leadership that he can provide for younger players and the type of impact that he can still have on a game. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 33

Is Terrell Suggs or C.J. Mosley A Top Player?

It looks as though Terrell Suggs is nearing the end of his time in the NFL, and if this is the case, many people will be interested in seeing if Suggs will be enshrined in the Hall of Fame alongside former teammates like Ray Lewis, and eventually Ed Reed. C.J. Mosley is the man that appears to be all set to take over for Suggs once he decides to call it a day, and he has developed into one of the most tenacious linebackers in the NFL. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 34

Is LeSean McCoy or Matt Breida A Top Player?

LeSean McCoy didn't put up the same numbers that he is accustomed to during the 2018 season, though this is not for a lack of trying. Things were wildly inconsistent for the Bills all throughout the year, and people would love to see McCoy get an opportunity to play on a team that will contend in 2019. Matt Breida was able to step up to the plate for the San Francisco 49ers and turn into a solid player for the team. He will look to continue to develop his game and make a huge impact for the San Francisco 49ers during the 2019 season. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 35

Is Justin Tucker or Daniel Carlson A Top Player?

Justin Tucker is considered one of the better players at the kicker position in the NFL, and people have gotten the chance to watch Tucker do some truly remarkable things with his leg throughout his time in the league. He is all but guaranteed to make any kick that he attempts. After a rough start to his rookie campaign with the Minnesota Vikings, Daniel Carlson would tweak some fundamental flaws in his game and head over to Oakland where he would eventually break their kicking percentage record. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 36

Is Todd Gurley or Phillip Lindsay A Top Player?

Many people were interested in seeing if Todd Gurley could break LaDainian Tomlinson single season touchdown record in the 2018 season, and while Gurley was able to get off to an incredibly great start, he wasn't able to finish with the type of momentum needed to break such an amazing record. Phillip Lindsay wasn't even taken in the NFL Draft, but he got his chance to make an NFL roster with his hometown Denver Broncos, and Lindsay would eventually put up a rookie season for the ages, being selected to the Pro Bowl in the process. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 37

Is J.J. Watt or Jadeveon Clowney A Top Player?

J.J. Watt has spent a number of recent years dealing with some serious health issues, but he was able to come back during the 2018 season and once again show the world why he is considered arguably the best defensive player of his era. Playing opposite of J.J. Watt is Jadeveon Clowney, a man who is the former top pick in the NFL Draft and someone that has been able to develop his overall game and turn into one of the better defenders in the NFL. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 38

Is Khalil Mack or Dee Ford A Top Player?

After the Oakland Raiders decided to ship off Khalil Mack for a bounty of draft picks, people had a feeling that he was going to thrive under defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, and Mack would make an immediate impact on the Bears and catalyze them into being one of the best defensive units in the league. Dee Ford had spent some time developing his game under the likes of Justin Houston and Tamba Hali, and he would turn in an impressive 2018 campaign that will lead him to getting a serious chunk of change. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 39

Is George Kittle or Travis Kelce A Top Player?

George Kittle exploded onto the scene during the 2018 season for the San Francisco 49ers, eventually breaking the single-season receiving yards record for tight ends. Jimmy Garoppolo will be leaning on Kittle heavily during the 2019 season. Travis Kelce has spent the last few years becoming one of the best tight ends in the NFL, and what he was able to do with Patrick Mahomes for the Kansas City Chiefs this year has led many into proclaiming him to being the best tight end in the NFL. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 40

Is DeForest Buckner or Mo Hurst A Top Player?

It may have taken him a few years to get to the place where he is now, but DeForest Buckner has shown that he is one of the better defensive lineman in the NFL, and it just so happens 2018 is the season that saw him selected to his first Pro Bowl. Mo Hurst had some medical issues that saw him slide in the 2018 NFL Draft, but he was able to come into the fold and be considered one of the best young interior line prospects in the NFL today. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 41

Is Aaron Rodgers or Matt Ryan A Top Player?

Aaron Rodgers has been putting up incredible statistics throughout his time in the NFL, and too many people believe that the window for him to make one more Super Bowl before he hangs up his cleats is closed. However, he is the type of player that is capable of getting the most from his teammates. Matt Ryan is a former NFL MVP that has been able to put up some exceptional numbers when he is given consistency from and offensive coordinator in Atlanta. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 42

Is Chris Harris or Patrick Peterson A Top Player?

Chris Harris Jr. is a talented defensive back that has been responsible for the Denver Broncos doing some impressive things over the last few seasons. He is someone that is capable of taking on the best receivers in the game and pushing them to the limit each Sunday. Patrick Peterson is a seasoned veteran that has been considered among the best at his position for the better part of his NFL run, and teams are always looking for a player like him in the NFL Draft. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 43

Is Patrick Mahomes or Baker Mayfield A Top Player?

Patrick Mahomes was able to sit behind Alex Smith and soak everything in for a full year before he was given the keys to the kingdom, and he would make the most of his opportunity in the NFL, throwing for over 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns in his first season as a starter. Baker Mayfield didn't come anywhere close to putting up the same type of numbers that Mahomes was able to, but Mayfield was instrumental in the Cleveland Browns going from perennial loser to one of the trendiest picks of potential contenders for the 2019 season. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 44

Is Earl Thomas or Karl Joseph A Top Player?

Earl Thomas missed the bulk of the 2018 season with some health issues, and it appears as though his time with the Seattle Seahawks is all but over. Thomas will be commanding a huge paycheck from any team looking to get their hands on one of the best safeties in the NFL today. Karl Joseph drew some comparisons to Earl Thomas as he made his way into the NFL, and while he doesn't have the same type of coverage skills that Thomas has, he has shown himself to be someone that is able to get to the quarterback at an alarming rate. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 45

Is Myles Garrett or Danielle Hunter A Top Player?

Myles Garrett has been a huge reason why the Cleveland Browns are no longer considered one of the lowliest teams in the NFL, and if there is any man that can contend for an NFL Defensive Player of the Year award within the next few seasons, Garrett should be at the top of that list. Danielle Hunter is an immensely talented defensive player for the Minnesota Vikings that has shown a penchant for being the type of player that can disrupt the pocket and get to quarterbacks. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 46

Is Demarcus Lawrence or Frank Clark A Top Player?

Demarcus Lawrence didn't put up the type of numbers that the Cowboys were anticipating throughout the 2018 season, but he was still able to make a huge impact for the team and turn them into one of the better defensive units in the NFL. Frank Clark came from seemingly out of nowhere for the Seattle Seahawks to become one of the best pass rushers in the NFL, and he is looking to reap the rewards of his hard work before the 2019 season gets underway. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 47

Is Gareon Conley or Kyle Fuller A Top Player?

After missing the majority of his rookie campaign with some health issues, Gareon Conley came into the fold for the Oakland Raiders and turned into one of the best young defensive backs during the 2018 season. He routinely shut down receivers and snagged three interceptions. Leading the NFL with seven interceptions in total, Kyle Fuller was someone that helped transform to Chicago Bears into one of the best defensive units around, and the team will need his incredible play to continue. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 48

Is DeAndre Hopkins or Amari Cooper A Top Player?

After doing some incredible things all throughout the 2018 season, many people crowned DeAndre Hopkins as the best receiver in the NFL, and there aren't too many people that would argue with this notion. Hopkins is someone that can catch virtually any pass that is thrown his way. Amari Cooper saw a resurgence in his play when he was shipped out of Oakland to link up with the Dallas Cowboys, and Cooper wound up showing the world that he is among the most talented receivers in the NFL. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 49

Is James Conner or Dalvin Cook A Top Player?

James Conner showed that he was able to do some solid things during his rookie season, but once he was made the starting running back for the Steelers after Bell stayed away from the team, he was able to show the league that he could do a little bit of everything on the field. Dalvin Cook has dealt with some health issues during the first few years of his run, but there aren't many people around that can do the type of things that he is able to when he is healthy and has the ball in his hands. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 50

Is Melvin Ingram or Joey Bosa A Top Player?

Melvin Ingram is someone that can get to the quarterback on a consistent basis, and his presence on the field was a reason why the Los Angeles Chargers were able to do so well throughout the 2018 season. His teammate Joey Bosa is someone that has produced at a high-level ever since he was taken in the NFL Draft, and even though Bosa missed a considerable amount of time in 2018, he was able to come back later on in the season and make an immediate impact for the Chargers. (Pro Football Reference)

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