Pick The Saddest Movie Moments And We'll Reveal If You're A Big Softie

Do you tend to cry your eyes during emotional moments in movies? Or are you more of a tough cookie who feels sad but doesn't shed tears? Or hey maybe you aren't affected as much as other people. It also depends on whether or not you watch the scene by yourself or with family and friends. Maybe you don't want to appear overly emotional in front of people you know well and hide the tears. Or maybe the reverse is true: you cry because the people watching it with you are crying. Whatever your case may be, it is all okay. Don't worry about "ugly crying" only infants are capable of that. People usually look endearing when they cry. So, if you want to find out if you're a big softie or not you should come take this quiz which covers the most emotional moments in American film in recent years from the 1990s (except for classic Disney movies).

Have you seen the movies "Forest Gump", "Lion King", "Up!", any of the Toy Story movies, “Rugrats: The Movie”, "Interstellar" or any other quintessential, tear-inducing movies? If so then you will probably know most of the movies, and why they are included in this list.

Question 1

Did you cry during this sad moment during “The Fox & Hound”?

This was when Tod’s mom (the old lady) took him to the middle of the woods to let him go. Tod thought they were just going for a ride to the woods. He didn’t know his mom was going to release him. He took a step towards her but she turns away and leaves. “There in my memories you’ll always be.”

Question 2

Did you bawl like a baby during this moment during “Up”?

We get to watch Ellie’s and Carl’s relationship over time and at the end we find out that Ellie dies in her old age leaving Carl with just her memories. Their life together was nearly perfect. Of course they had some curve balls thrown at them time to time but they supported each other through thick and thin.

Question 3

Did you tear up during this moment in “Rocky IV”?

This is when Rocky was Apollo’s coach. He advised Apollo to forfeit the match against his competitor but he did not. It could have been pride or sheer stubbornness that made Apollo want to keep fighting. Unfortunately this led to his death against Argo right in front of his wife.

Question 4

Did you cry at the end of “The Notebook”?

Noah Calhoun read his friend stories from his past. His lady friend, although she suffers from Alzheimer’s, enjoys it; however, one night when they are eating dinner and talking together she realizes that those love stories are about her and that man: “It was us!”

Question 5

Did you fight to hold back the tears during this scene in “A Walk To Remember”?

Jamie finally tells Landon the truth, that she has leukemia and her body has stopped responding to treatments. He doesn’t believe her at first. He insists that she is joking but she isn’t. Watching the realization sink in is probably the most tear inducing part of the whole movie.

Question 6

Did you cry during this moment in “Interstellar”?

Cooper is watching videos made by his son and his wife. His son tells him about this new girl he has been seeing and then he tells him that he’s a grandfather. Barely a moment goes by before his son tells him that his kid died. Cooper promised that he would make it back to his wife when they were the same age. He didn’t.

Question 7

Did you cry during this moment in Disney’s “Bambi”?

Bambi and his mother are going through the forest one winter to find food. Bambi’s mother is shot and killed by a hunter. Bambi doesn’t see this and keeps walking. When he turns around he realizes she hasn’t been following him. He calls out to her but he never finds her again.

Question 8

Did you cry during this moment in “Rugrats: The Movie”?

Tommy gets a new baby brother named Dil. Dil cries all night and demands a lot of attention from Tommy’s parents. Tommy’s parents end up inadvertently leave Tommy to take care of himself. One night they forget to read Tommy his bedtime story. Tommy falls asleep singing to himself outside of Dil’s bedroom where his parents are taking care of him.

Question 9

Did you get overly emotional during this moment of “Monsters, Inc”?

Sully’s company finds out about Boo and tells him he must take her home and then shred her door. Sully tucks Boo in her bed and tells her goodbye for the last time. “Kitty has to go,” he finally told her to make her understand that he’s leaving for good.

Question 10

Did you lose it when Hazel found out her boyfriend died of cancer in “The Fault In Our Stars”?

Hazel, a cancer patient, meets Augustus, another cancer patient, in a support group. Although hesitant at first, they become fast friends and eventually fall in love with each other. Augustus’s cancer goes away at first then it abruptly returns, killing him and leaving Hazel heartbroken.

Question 11

Did you cry during this scene of “Forest Gump”?

Jenny, Forest’s love interest, invites him over to her home to meet her son. She finally tells him that her son is his child, too. Stunned, Forest pauses for a long moment before asking if the boy is smart or like him. Jenny tells him that he’s the smartest in his class.

Question 12

Did you shed tears at the end of “The Time Traveler’s Wife”?

Henry can time travel and this complicates his marriage with his wife. They sporadically see each other at different ages throughout their lifetime. Henry visits Clare once more at the end of the movie to give them closure and he tells her to not wait for him. He then leaves Clare alone in the valley with their daughter.

Question 13

Did you cry at the end of “Me Before You”?

Louisa is the help Will’s mother hires to take care of her paralyzed son. Although they butt heads at first they fall in love with each other. Although Will will always have Louisa he can’t help but still want to leave his life behind because he is crippled and can no longer live a life that is meaningful to him. Against Louisa’s wishes, Will undergoes assisted suicide and leaves her a letter telling her he will always be with her.

Question 14

Did you cry during this scene in “American Sniper”?

There is a point in the movie where Bradley Cooper’s character has to make a tough decision. He sees a woman and her child walking towards his fellow soldiers. She seems to be carrying something but he’s not sure. She hands it off to the boy and Cooper shoots the little boy. He shoots the mom as well. It did turn out to be a bomb and he made the right call but it ate away at him.

Question 15

Did you cry during this scene of “Lion King”?

Scar throws Mufasa off a ledge into a stampede of wildebeests and Simba watches it happen. After the stampede passes Simba runs over to his father’s lifeless limp body. He tries telling his dad to get up and that “it’s time to go home”. Finally he realizes that his dad is gone.

Question 16

Did you cry during this scene in “Toy Story 3”?

All the toys that we came to love in “Toy Story” and “Toy Story 2” are waiting to meet their demise as they creep closer and closer to an incarcerator. They hold hands and use each other as a source of strength as they wait for their impending doom.

Question 17

Did you cry during this scene of “Big Fish”?

Edward asks his son, Will, to tell him the last story of his death. He is very weak now and he feels his life ending soon. Will tells him how they escaped the hospital and everyone rushes over to see Edward off. Everyone is happy and smiling. He told his dad how he pulled a wedding ring out of his mouth and transform into a catfish.

Question 18

Did you cry during the final scene of Pocahontas?

John Smith is returning back to Britain to mend his wounds and he must say goodbye to Pocahontas. He insists on staying but Pocahontas tells him he is needed there. They wave to each other while John Smith is pulled away on a boat by his crew.

Question 19

Did you cry during this sad moment in “Signs”?

This was when the main character’s wife was hit by a car and it pinned her to a tree. She was still conscious enough to give her husband her last goodbye, telling him that she was just taking a walk before dinner. “You love walks,” he said.

Question 20

Did you cry during this scene of “Green Mile”?

This is when John Coffey is about to be executed and he asks his executioner to not put the fabric bag over his head because he’s afraid of the dark. That line is powerful because he’s about to die, or in other words, have his light go out forever.

Question 21

Did you cry at the end of “My Dog Skip”?

Here’s a direct quote from the end of the movie: “I received a transatlantic call one day. ‘Skip died,’ Daddy said. He and my mama wrapped him up in my baseball jacket. They buried him out under the elm tree, they said. That wasn’t totally true. For he really lay buried in my heart.”

Question 22

Did you cry during this scene in “I Am Legend”?

Robert’s dog saves his life when he was about to be attacked by a person with a highly contagious disease. Unfortunately during this incident the dog becomes infected. Robert knows what he has to do and it is painful to watch as he sings softly to his loyal friend.

Question 23

Did you cry during this scene in “The Land Before Time”?

Little Foot’s mother saves her son and her son’s playmate from the Sharptooth (a T-Rex). And in doing so she fatally injures herself. Little Foot watches his mother pass away right after she tells him to go to the Great Valley.

Question 24

Did you cry during this scene in “Wreck-It Ralph”?

Venellope hands Ralph a medallion necklace that says “You’re my hero”. Ralph accepts it sorrowfully because he knows he needs to stop her from racing in order to save her life. She doesn’t listen to him so he is forced to ruin her car while she cries begging him to stop.

Question 25

Did you tear up during this scene in “The Theory Of Everything”?

Jane is demanding that Stephen comes outside with her to play crochet. He doesn’t want to but she insists. Finally he storms outside and starts to play although his muscle disorder is causing him to limp and wobble. Jane watches all of this and realizes how badly his condition is wearing on him.

Question 26

Did you cry when the whole town mocked and humiliated Quasimodo in “The Hunchback Of Notre Dame?

All Quasimodo wanted was to be just like everyone else but his deformities prevented that. He sneaks out of this sanctuary to attend the Feast of Fools. However, the crowd sees him and ties him up and crowns him the King of Fools.

Question 27

Did you cry when the “Titanic” sank?

Did you happen to catch the part where the waters started flooding all the corridors of this beautiful ship? Mothers sang to their children. Some people, without knowing where to go, resigned themselves to their fate. Couples huddled together, devastated by what they were witnessing.

Question 28

Did you cry during this scene in the “Sixth Sense”?

This is when the little boy finally gets his mom to believe he has special abilities. He tells her about his grandma (her mom) how she sometimes watches them. His mom asked if she makes her mom proud. “Every day”, her son says.

Question 29

Did you cry at the end of “Charlotte’s Web”?

Remember when Wilbur is guarding Charlotte’s nest shortly after she dies? As her baby spiders hatch from the nest and flow away with the wind, Wilbur tries to run after them. We are left to think that all of her babies abandoned him but the 3 littlest spiders stay with him.

Question 30

Did you cry at the climatic scene in “Beauty And The Beast”?

Beast suffers a stab from Gaston and it nearly kills him. Belle rushes over to him and holds him while professing her love for him just as the last petal of the cursed rose falls. Her declaration of love breaks the curse and turns everyone back into their original human form.

Question 31

Did you cry during this scene in “Toy Story 2”?

There is a scene where Jessie is telling Woody about her old owner. It shows how happy they used to be together before the girl grew up and stopped playing with dolls. The song that goes along with it is heartbreaking as well.

Question 32

Did you cry when Jess finds out the news about his friend in “Bridge To Terabithia”?

Jess felt a tremendous amount of guilt when he found out his best friend drowned when he was out with his favorite teacher. He felt like he could have saved her. At first he runs away and denies but eventually the painful news settles and he tries to rebuild Terabithia with his little sister.

Question 33

Did you cry at the end of “Tuck Everlasting”?

Jesse and Winnie fall in love despite Jesse being able to live forever. Near the end of the movie Jesse asks Winnie to drink from the water of youth so that they can live forever together. At the end of the movie Jesse finds Winnie’s grave which tells him that she chose to not drink the water. He mourns over her life yet is happy that she had a good one.

Question 34

Did you cry when Chuck lost Wilson in “Castaway”?

Chuck winds up marooned on an island all by himself. To keep his sanity in check, he draws a crude smiley face on a volleyball and names it Wilson. While trying to escape the island in a raft he build, Wilson becomes untethered and floats away while Chuck screams his friends name as they float further and further apart.

Question 35

Did you cry during this scene in “Cinderella”?

Cinderella is a maid for her stepmom and stepsisters and she is the only girl in the land who won’t be attending the prince’s ball. Her mice friends find this out and make her a dress from things they find around the house. Her stepsisters claim parts of her dress belong to them and rip her dress apart. In a fit of despair, Cinderella finds a bench to cry on alone.

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