Pick The Better NFL Player And We'll Guess Your Favorite Quarterback

The 2018 season is coming to an end, and the teams that have been able to perform well throughout the year have sealed their spot in the playoffs. Even though many of the spots are locked down, there are still several teams in the hunt for the playoffs, and the last week of the season will help separate the best from the rest. The teams that make it into the playoffs all have a shot at making the Super Bowl, and while there are several favorites among the pack, the fact remains that some teams can come from out of nowhere to run roughshod through the playoffs.

Unfortunately, many teams didn't make it to the playoffs, and they will all look to take steps in improving their roster, and the best way to do this is to add players that will contribute at a high level. There are tons of players that swap teams after the end of each season, and the players that can make a sizable impact are the ones that are instrumental in a team turning things around. As a GM, it is important to have a scouting department do their due diligence all season long.

Today, we are going to let participants choose between the better player on each entry, eventually revealing their favorite quarterback at the end!

Question 1

Which Player Is Better: Melvin Ingram or Joey Bosa?

The Los Angeles Chargers have been showing the rest of the league that they are among the best teams in the NFL, and one of the most impressive aspects about this franchise is the fact that they employ two of the best pass rushers in the league today. Both Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa are capable of getting to the quarterback and causing a decent amount of disruption throughout a game, and these men will be a huge factor throughout the playoffs as their team makes a Super Bowl push. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 2

Which Player Is Better: Julius Peppers or Cam Jordan?

Julius Peppers and Cam Jordan are at drastically different points in their NFL journey, but the fact remains that both of these men were able to get to the quarterback at a rate that drives offensive coordinators mad. Peppers came into the league a number of years ago and wound up becoming one of the top sack artists in NFL history, while Cam Jordan is currently compiling numbers that can see him reach the same levels as Peppers, assuming that he is able to maintain a clean bill of health for the foreseeable future. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 3

Which Player Is Better: James Conner or Le'Veon Bell?

It was just one year ago that James Conner was playing a reserve role to Le’Veon Bell for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but after Bell decided to hold out on his team in search of a much larger contract, Connor was able to step into the fold and completely take over for Pittsburgh. It will be interesting to see where Bell heads off to next year, and it is very possible that these two players will be pitted against one another depending on how the NFL schedule shakes out. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 4

Which Player Is Better: Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen?

Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen played at opposing schools in college, and when they were taken in the first round of the NFL Draft, people were interested in seeing how these two would play out during their rookie season. It looks as though Darnold had the much better year when compared to Rosen, but it will be several years down the line before people can make an accurate assessment of how these two men will be remembered by fans. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 5

Which Player Is Better: Gareon Conley or Rashaan Melvin?

Gareon Conley and Rashaan Melvin were supposed to be the defensive back duo that the Oakland Raiders have long been looking for, but early on in the season, defensive coordinator Paul Guenther decided to use a variety of combinations in the defensive backfield to ensure that the team would know who to keep moving forward. Conley wound up being much better than advertised, and he looks as though he can be the future for the secondary, while Melvin appears to have his days in Oakland numbered. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 6

Which Player Is Better: Tank Lawrence or Taco Charlton?

The Dallas Cowboys defense has been a huge reason why are they are going to be in the playoffs this season, and if their offense is able to put up numbers, there's a strong possibility that the Dallas Cowboys are going to be among the toughest teams to face was the regular season comes to an end. Both of the men on this entry have high motors, and each of them is always after the quarterback whenever they are on the field. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 7

Which Player Is Better: Ryan Kerrigan or Lorenzo Alexander?

Ryan Kerrigan and Lorenzo Alexander are two exceptional pass rushers in the NFL today, and while Kerrigan is the much younger player, Alexander is the one that has been closer to taking home the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Each of these men can make a huge impact whenever they are on the field, and the respective franchises that they play for would be wise to make sure that they stay on board for the foreseeable future in an attempt to bolster their defense. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 8

Which Player Is Better: Myles Garrett or Aaron Donald?

Myles Garrett and Aaron Donald are two of the better defensive plays in the NFL, but the fact that Aaron Donald is leading the league in sacks as a defensive tackle means that he should easily take home the NFL Defensive Player of the Year for 2018. Myles Garrett is the much younger player who has been able to put up exceptional number so far in his NFL journey, and if he can keep up at this pace, there is no doubt in people's minds that he will eventually be a Defensive Player of the Year recipient as well. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 9

Which Player Is Better: Eric Weddle or Earl Thomas?

Eric Weddle and Earl Thomas are both stout safeties in the NFL, but only one of them has been able to make a difference this year thanks to maintaining a clean bill of health throughout the 2018 season. While many people would consider Earl Thomas to be a much better player between the two of them, the fact remains that Eric Weddle has been a huge piece of the puzzle for the Baltimore Ravens defense, and the team is knocking on the door of reaching the playoffs. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 10

Which Player Is Better: Patrick Mahomes or Drew Brees?

The NFL MVP race is soon coming to a close, and it appears as though Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees are the frontrunners for the award. Patrick Mahomes took over quarterbacking duties for the Kansas City Chiefs this year, and the numbers that he has been able to put up throughout the season means that he is being considered elite. In what has been a surprise to no one, Drew Brees has once again compiled a legendary season in an already amazing run. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 11

Which Player Is Better: Chris Harris or Marcus Peters?

There was once a point when Chris Harris and Marcus Peters played for opposing teams in the AFC West, but Marcus Peters was eventually shipped off to the Los Angeles Rams to help bolster their defense as they make a serious push for the playoffs in 2018. Both of these men are capable of pulling off spectacular plays whenever they are on the field, but Chris Harris has been the more consistent player for his team over the last few years. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 12

Which Player Is Better: Carson Wentz or Jared Goff?

Carson Wentz and Jared Goff will forever be linked because they were both taken high in the same NFL Draft, and each of these men has been able to do some impressive things while on the field. Wentz may have gotten off to a better start, but Goff has truly reached another level with his play, and even though Wentz does have a Super Bowl ring to his name, the fact remains that that Super Bowl was won by quarterback Nick Foles while Wentz was dealing with some health issues. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 13

Which Player Is Better: DeForest Buckner or Khalil Mack?

DeForest Buckner has truly come into his own this season, and the San Francisco 49ers would be wise to keep him on board as they look to add to their defensive line in the upcoming NFL Draft. After taking home NFL Defensive Player of the Year and blossoming into one of the best defensive players of his generation, Khalil Mack was shipped out of Oakland to Chicago where he has helped the Bears defense reach a new level at just the right time. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 14

Which Player Is Better: DeAndre Washington or Tarik Cohen?

DeAndre Washington was drafted by the Oakland Raiders with the hopes that he could develop into a solid running back, and he has been able to do some decent things for the franchise over the last few seasons. Tarik Cohen was initially playing second fiddle to Jordan Howard out in Chicago, but Cohen's ability to do a little bit of everything on the field has been instrumental in their offensive progression and the development of quarterback Mitchell Trubisky throughout the 2018 season. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 15

Which Player Is Better: George Kittle or Travis Kelce?

George Kittle and Travis Kelce are two of the best tight ends in the NFL today, and while Kelce has been among the best for a considerable amount of time, Kittle is just in his second year and has been a huge reason why the San Francisco 49ers have a bright future to look forward to. Fans should expect to see both of these men on Pro Bowl rosters for the foreseeable future. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 16

Which Player Is Better: J.J. Watt or Von Miller?

J.J. Watt and Von Miller are a little bit older when compared to some of the other pass rushers in the NFL, and the fact that they are both still as dominant as ever just goes to show people why they are truly considered a generational talent for a reason. There is no denying at this point that both of these men will eventually be enshrined in the Hall of Fame thanks for the fact that they have put up elite numbers at an incredible rate over the years. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 17

Which Player Is Better: David Johnson or Nick Chubb?

David Johnson was entering the 2018 season looking to regain the magic that he had in the past before he dealt with his health issues, and while he has had a solid year, it will take a new offensive coordinator in Arizona to truly unleash his full potential. Nick Chubb came to the Cleveland Browns after a successful go of things at the University of Georgia, and once Hue Jackson was finally kicked to the curb, Chubb was inserted in the starting lineup and has been a breath of fresh air for the franchise. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 18

Which Player Is Better: Marcus Mariota or Eli Manning?

Marcus Mariota had a successful go things at the University of Oregon before being drafted by the Tennessee Titans, and while he has led the team to a decent amount of success, the fact remains that he has a lot to do in terms of developing his overall arm talent. Eli Manning appears to be nearing the end of what has been a truly remarkable go of things in the NFL, and the Giants would be wise to look to draft to his successor in the upcoming NFL Draft. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 19

Which Player Is Better: Justin Tucker or Daniel Carlson?

Justin Tucker has long been one of the best kickers in the NFL, and even though he has had some rare misfires throughout this season, any team would consider themselves lucky to have him on board thanks to the stability that he has provided the Baltimore Ravens at the position. Daniel Carlson had an incredible run at Auburn before making his way to the Minnesota Vikings, and after flaming out up in Minnesota, he was able to come to Oakland and become a kicker that boasts over a 90% success rate. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 20

Which Player Is Better: Deshaun Watson or Dak Prescott?

Both Deshaun Watson and Dak Prescott are the leaders of two teams coming out of the state of Texas, and because each man has been instrumental in the teams reaching an unprecedented level of success, they are two of the most loved men in the entire state. While Watson is the much younger player of the two, Dak is someone that has been able to do some impressive things by utilizing the other pieces of his offensive puzzle throughout the season. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 21

Which Player Is Better: Eric Berry or Eddie Jackson?

Eric Berry’s return from health issues this season was one of the more remarkable stories for Kansas City, and they are hoping that he can maintain a clean bill of health moving forward so that he can help bolster what has been a lowly defense. Even though he wasn't a top pick in the NFL Draft, Eddie Jackson has truly blossomed into a one of the best defenders in the NFL for the Chicago Bears, and they need him to continue his tremendous play. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 22

Which Player Is Better: Willie Snead or Michael Crabtree?

Both Willie Snead and Michael Crabtree made their way over to the Baltimore Ravens before the start of the 2018 season in order give Joe Flacco a helping hand, and once Flacco was sidelined, Lamar Jackson headed into the fold and has been able to utilize both men to carry the Baltimore Ravens to a considerable amount of wins in the latter part of the season. There are many reasons to be excited about this team, and these receivers are among them. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 23

Which Player Is Better: Leonard Fournette or Alvin Kamara?

Leonard Fournette was considered the much better prospect coming out of the college level, but looking at how their time in the NFL has played out so far, many people would gladly take Alvin Kamara instead of Fournette in terms of who they want in their backfield. Both of them have been able to produce, but Alvin Kamara is the more dynamic player, and he is able to do everything well on the field. That being said, Fournette is still a solid player. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 24

Which Player Is Better: Terrell Suggs or Bobby Wagner?

Terrell Suggs is nearing the end of what has been a run that could very well see him enshrined in the Hall of Fame, and the Baltimore Ravens have done an exceptional job in drafting pieces that can eventually take the torch from him moving forward. The Seattle Seahawks should count their lucky stars that Bobby Wagner has been arguably the best and most consistent linebacker in the entire league over the last few seasons. He has been a huge reason why they have been better than expected this. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 25

Which Player Is Better: Mike Evans or Michael Thomas?

Both Mike Evans and Michael Thomas play in the NFC South, which means that their teams go up against one another two times throughout every NFL season. Each man has been able to put up incredible numbers throughout the 2018 season, and the way that they are able to completely transform their offenses is something that is remarkable to watch unfold on the field each Sunday. Any team in the league would be lucky to have either player on their roster. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 26

Which Player Is Better: Marshawn Lynch or LeSean McCoy?

It is very possible that Marshawn Lynch has played his last down in the NFL after being sidelined with some issues earlier in the year, and if this is the case, people should be thankful that they got to watch one of the best in the business do it for so long. LeSean McCoy had to deal with some personal issues before the season got underway, and many people are wondering if he is going to remain a Buffalo Bill as the franchise looks to rebuild and move forward with an injection of youthful players. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 27

Which Player Is Better: Sammy Watkins or Robert Woods?

Back in 2017, Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods were teammates on the Los Angeles Rams that were instrumental in turning their offense into one of the best and most prominent in the NFL, but the Rams were willing to keep Woods for the 2018 season and move on from Watkins. While he does have all of the talent in the world, it has been noted throughout his time in the NFL that Watkins usually deals with health issues that keep him sidelined throughout a season. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 28

Which Player Is Better: Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers?

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are going to be alongside one another in the Hall of Fame as soon as their time in the NFL comes to an end, and from the looks of things, the end for Brady may come sooner than the end for Rodgers. Both of these quarterbacks have been incredibly successful over the years, but it is Brady that has the distinction of having more Super Bowl wins. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 29

Which Player Is Better: Alvin Kamara or Saquon Barkley?

No one could have predicted that Alvin Kamara would have developed into such a dynamic player in a relatively short amount of time, and people had better believe that the New Orleans Saints are incredibly thankful that he wound up becoming the perfect counterpoint to Mark Ingram. People expected Saquon Barkley to be good during his rookie campaign, but no one knew that he would be such a transcendent player for the New York Giants, and he is a huge reason for optimism for the franchise. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 30

Which Player Is Better: Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield?

The 2018 NFL Draft saw both Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield make their way into the NFL, and while Mayfield was considered the better prospect, that were many people that believed that Josh Allen could develop into a much better quarterback considering the huge arm that he possessed. It is still early on for both players, but at this point, it looks as though Baker Mayfield is far and away the best quarterback to have come out of the draft in general, and what he has done in Cleveland has been nothing short of incredible. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 31

Which Player Is Better: Michael Crabtree or Amari Cooper?

There were several seasons for the Oakland Raiders in which Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper were their number one and number two receivers, and both men were able to do some solid things with Derek Carr slinging them the football. These days, Michael Crabtree has been doing his thing with the Baltimore Ravens and putting up decent numbers, while Amari Cooper has had some truly remarkable games with the Dallas Cowboys. It would be interesting to see them play together once again in the future. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 32

Which Player Is Better: Geno Atkins or Mo Hurst?

Geno Atkins is one of the better interior defensive linemen in the NFL today, and what he has been able to provide the Cincinnati Bengals is something that cannot be understated. Mo Hurst entered the 2018 NFL Draft with all of the talent in the world, but the health issues that he had dealt with led to every team passing on him multiple times before the Oakland Raiders gladly took a flyer on him. Hurst has been to the Raiders what Atkins has been to the Bengals, though on a much smaller scale. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 33

Which Player Is Better: Bobby Wagner or Anthony Barr?

There are few people that would disagree with the fact that Bobby Wagner is the best linebacker in the NFL today, and his leadership, as well as his talent on the field is something that the Seattle Seahawks will hope to lock down for the rest of his time in the NFL. Anthony Barr has shown a ton of talent ever since making his way into the league from UCLA, but he has had a down year, and this could be a reason why he receives a smaller contract in free agency. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 34

Which Player Is Better: Luke Kuechly or Telvin Smith?

Luke Kuechly and Telvin Smith are both incredibly talented players that have done wonders for their respective defenses, and while they don't play the exact same position, the fact remains that each man has been able to have a sizable impact while on the field. Kuechly has been among the best at his position for a considerable amount of time, and Smith has been able to prove his doubters wrong and become one of the better players in recent years. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 35

Which Player Is Better: A.J. Bouye or Jalen Ramsey?

The Jacksonville Jaguars defense was able to take a huge step forward when A.J. Bouye and Jalen Ramsey were paired up together to form what was once among the most dominant secondaries in the NFL. Their defense hasn't been quite up to snuff throughout the 2018 season, and there are whispers that the Jaguars would be willing to part ways with one of these two men as they look to right their ship and return to their winning ways. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 36

Which Player Is Better: Aaron Rodgers or Kirk Cousins?

Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins play for teams in the NFC North, and this means that both quarterbacks square off against one another twice a year. While there is no denying that Rodgers is the much better player, the fact remains that Cousins is the younger man who should be able to stay in the NFL for a much longer time, and this could lead to the Minnesota Vikings eating a considerable amount of cash if Cousins doesn't produce soon. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 37

Which Player Is Better: T.Y. Hilton or Allen Robinson?

T.Y Hilton and Allen Robinson are both dynamic players that have been able to produce at a high level throughout their time in the NFL, but it is Hilton that has had a much more successful go of things than Robinson. Even though both men are capable of putting up great numbers against any defense, the fact remains that Robinson has dealt with a number of health issues during his time in the NFL, while Hilton has been the much healthier player and has played with a much better quarterback. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 38

Which Player Is Better: Ezekiel Elliott or Mark Ingram?

It looks as though Ezekiel Elliott is going to walk away with the NFL rushing title for the 2018 season, and this has gone a long way in the Dallas Cowboys returning to their winning ways and making a strong playoff push. Mark Ingram hasn't put up the same numbers as Ezekiel Elliott has during his time in the NFL, but Ingram has been instrumental in what New Orleans has been able to do the last few seasons largely due to his ability to grind and wear out a defense over the course of a game. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 39

Which Player Is Better: Drew Bress or Derek Carr?

Many people are beginning to speculate that Drew Brees is nearing the end of his time in the NFL, and once the dust settles from what has been one of the most legendary runs in the history of the league, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that Brees will eventually be enshrined in the Hall of Fame alongside the other great quarterbacks that came before him. Derek Carr, meanwhile, has been able to flash a lot of talent so far in his NFL journey, and if he is able to regain his 2016 form, Carr will be able to tack on some more Pro Bowls. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 40

Which Player Is Better: Todd Gurley or Adrian Peterson?

Many people consider Todd Gurley to be the best running back in the NFL, and what he has meant to the Los Angeles Rams offense is something that cannot be overstated. Even though many people had written off Adrian Peterson before the beginning of the 2018 season, the fact remains that Peterson was able to coast pass the 1000-yard mark and tack on another impressive season in a journey that will see him put in the Hall of Fame as one of the greatest running backs to ever lace up his cleats. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 41

Which Player Is Better: Adam Thielen or Mike Evans?

Adam Thielen began the 2018 season by putting together a string of games that saw him go down in the record books, and had he been able to continue producing at a rate like that, there is a strong possibility that Thielen could have topped the single season receiving yards record. Once again, Mike Evans was able to put together numbers that saw him be considered one of the best wide receivers in the game, and he is a huge reason why the Buccaneers had any success this year. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 42

Which Player Is Better: Jameis Winston or Cam Newton?

Jameis Winston was the top pick in the NFL Draft when he came out of Florida State University, and while many people thought that Winston was going to have a much better go of things in the NFL, there are still those that believe that he can be a quality NFL quarterback should he work with the right offensive coordinator. On the other end of that spectrum is quarterback Cam Newton who has already taken home and NFL MVP and has played in a Super Bowl in what has been a remarkable go of things. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 43

Which Player Is Better: Philip Rivers or Russell Wilson?

Philip Rivers has long been one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL, but the fact that he has never played in a Super Bowl means that his journey will always be missing one important thing that he will need to get into the Hall of Fame one day. If it wasn't for a poor call in the Super Bowl, there is a legitimate chance that Russell Wilson would have two Super Bowl rings to his name, and it is entirely possible that Wilson will go down as one of the better quarterbacks of his era. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 44

Which Player Is Better: Rob Gronkowski or Jared Cook?

Rob Gronkowski is easily one of the best tight ends that has ever played in the NFL, but the fact that he cannot remain healthy for an extended period of time is something that will always be held against him, despite the incredible numbers that he is able to put up on the field. Jared Cook has been a solid tight end during his time in the NFL, but what he has been able to do for the Raiders throughout the 2018 season has led many people to believe that he is among the better receiving tight ends in the game today. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 45

Which Player Is Better: Michael Thomas or Jordy Nelson?

With Drew Brees slinging him the ball and a skill set that is as good as any receiver in the league today, Michael Thomas is able to do things on the field that defensive coordinators find frustrating. Out in Oakland, people did not expect Jordy Nelson to do much of anything this year, but he has recently come into his own with the franchise, and it appears as though he and Derek Carr have found a good amount of chemistry with one another moving forward. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 46

Which Player Is Better: Larry Fitzgerald or Pierre Garcon?

Larry Fitzgerald is nearing the end of his journey, though it is entirely possible that he could play for a few more seasons, considering the fact that he has always maintained a level of health that is unlike any receiver before him. While Pierre Garcon has never quite been on the same level as a player like Larry Fitzgerald, he is someone that has been able to make it worthwhile contribution at every stop that he is made throughout his time in the NFL. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 47

Which Player Is Better: Nick Foles or Sam Bradford?

Nick Foles has had one of the most interesting runs that we have ever had the chance to witness in the league, and what he was able to do with the Philadelphia Eagles last season ultimately led them to win the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. After being the top pick in the NFL Draft once upon a time, many people expected Sam Bradford to be a transcendent player, but the constant health issues that he faced throughout his time in the league ultimately led to him bouncing around. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 48

Which Player Is Better: Mitch Trubisky or Sam Darnold?

Mitch Trubisky got his journey off to a lukewarm start for the Chicago Bears during the 2017 NFL season, but the team was able to surround him with solid pieces, and the steps forward that he took in his development in 2018 has been nothing short of tremendous. The New York Jets are hoping to replicate the same type of success With Sam Darnold when they add to their offense once the 2018 season comes to an end. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 49

Which Player Is Better: Lamar Jackson or Baker Mayfield?

Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield are both players that were able to take home the Heisman Trophy while they played in college, and each man was taken in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft with the hopes that they could be the right players moving forward for their respective teams. Both of these men have been better than anyone could have predicted, and the fact that they play in the same division means that they will collide multiple times every year. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 50

Which Player Is Better: Jordan Howard or Tarik Cohen?

Jordan Howard came into the 2018 season looking to be the top back for the Chicago Bears, but his playing time has dwindled considerably thanks to the emergence of Tarik Cohen and the skills that he brings to the table. If the Bears want to make a serious push for the Super Bowl during the 2018 playoffs, they are going to need both of these men to play at an exceptionally high level to provide some support for Mitchell Trubisky and the rest of the offense. (Pro Football Reference)

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