Pick The Better Late Night Snacks And We'll Describe Your Dream Guy

Alright, who here has been craving some snacks? It happens to all of us. Even when we have had our dinner and possibly some dessert too, once we have sat down and started to relax we start to feel our bellies grumble once again. It may not be every night, but some nights just require a few extra snacks before bed. Today we are going to try to get to the bottom of which late night snacks are truly the best, and which should just forget about.

In this quiz, we will be putting two different snack options against each other in each question. This may lead to some pretty tough decision making, but to find out which snacks are actually the best, we do need each of these questions to be answered! Once everyone has racked their brains and have decided which snacks are truly worthy enough, we will give everyone a description of their dream guy! Can anyone here think of a more delicious way to spend 5 minutes? We don't think so! This quiz is sure to get everyone in a snacking mood, so it would be best to pull out a bag of chips before starting this one up!

Question 1

Fries or onion rings?

This one is a decision many of us are faced with on a regular basis. Most burger joints and fast food restaurants, offer both fries and onion rings as a side. While fries may seem a bit more classic than onion rings, we are willing to bet there are some people out there who always opt for the onions. They are both totally dippable and they work great as a side dish or as a stand-alone snack! Which to pick?

Question 2

Pizza or pasta?

Sometimes when a late night craving strikes, we need more than just a little something to munch on. Often times, we will go for whatever is leftover from that night's dinner. If this was the case, which kind of leftovers would we be happier to find? A slice or two of cold pizza, or perhaps a large bowl of some pasta? Not an easy choice for sure, but one we must make to advance! Who wants pizza, and who wants pasta?

Question 3

Grilled cheese or PB&J?

A few easy sandwich options are never a bad idea to have when it comes to late night snacking. Both of these options are easy enough to whip up, plus their ingredients are often already in the kitchen. That being said, both of these sandwiches are quite different. Would we want a warm sandwich filled with ooey gooey melted cheese, or would we prefer the sweet mixture of creamy peanut butter and strawberry jelly? Everybody has to pick one or the other!

Question 4

Twinkies or Pop Tarts?

Now here are a couple of real classics. Both of these snacks are usually found in lunch boxes, but who says we can't steal a few from the kids if we are feeling a little peckish during the evening? Twinkies have had the same classic flavor for years, so everyone should be rather familiar with them. Pop Tarts on the other hand, have a huge variety of flavours. Everyone here if free to pick the Pop Tart of their choice!

Question 5

Popcorn or chips?

For this question, we are talking the most classic version of both of these tried and true snacks. Popcorn is often a go-to choice if we plan on binge watching some television while we eat our late night snack, but then again, it usually only takes one chip to sell us on an entire bag. For the purpose of this question, we are strictly speaking classic butter and salt popcorn, or classic original style chips. What is everyone thinking for this mashup?

Question 6

Beef jerky or Slim Jims?

Who ever said we couldn't get a little protein out of our late night indulgences? This questions is all about the protein packed snacking options. Beef Jerky is pretty much just strips of beef, which have been spiced and cured. Slim Jims on the other hand, are a variety of different dried sausage sticks. If we were going to go for a meat heavy snack option, which of these would hit the spot more? Are we going beef or sausage?

Question 7

Cheese or chocolate?

We can never be too sure what kind of craving is going to hit us late at night. Sometimes are bodies scream out for something sweet, but then again, sometimes all we can think about is something salty. We are keeping things really basic here in this question. If we were looking at a block of our favorite cheese in the fridge, or a large chunk of simple milk chocolate, which would we be taking back to the sofa with us?

Question 8

Bugles or Fritos?

How does everyone here feel about corn chips? Both of these options are actually corn chips, but they still manage to have their own unique flavours. Bugles are quite a bit thinner than Fritos, plus they are shaped like cones, allowing them to be finger hats. Fritos are maybe less fun to play with, but when it's salt we are craving, it is tough to find a snack that offers more of it than these babies! Which are we picking in this question?

Question 9

Twizzlers or Red Vines

Now here is a question for all the licorice lovers out there. The debate between these two candies has been going on for ages. While some people may not see the difference between the two at all, others are sure to defend their favorite in this question. The most classic version of a Twizzler, is a strawberry flavoured one. However, when it comes to Red Vines, their classic flavor is actually just called "Original Red". Which are we munching on?

Question 10

Teddy Grahams or Goldfish?

Here are a couple of childhood favorites for everyone to choose between. When it comes to Teddy Grahams, we have a couple of options. While they have released and discontinued many flavours over the years, we have always been able to depend on the honey and chocolate options being available. We can vote on either of these options in this question. Goldfish though, only have one true flavour and that is cheddar! Which way is everyone leaning towards for this one?

Question 11

Fruit Gushers or Fruit by the Foot?

While neither of these is the most traditional form of candy, we do not think the whole "made with real fruit juices" thing is enough to merit calling them a healthy treat. When we are craving something sweet and fun, why not go for a pack of one of these if we happen to have em' around? Fruit Gushers are little candies filled with sticky sugary juices, and a Fruit by the Foot is basically a foot's worth of rolled up candy.

Question 12

Sunflower seeds or pretzels?

Who's got a hankering for something a little salty? Both of these snack options just happen to be salty enough to be able to curb a craving. Sunflower seeds can actually be purchased with different levels of salt, so that may make them appealing to some. However, the shells are a whole other issue we would have to deal with. Pretzels are an easier snack to deal with for sure. No shells, just salty pretzel goodness! Which are we picking?

Question 13

Sour Patch Kids or Sugar Babies?

We thought these two would make a pretty adorable mashup. For this one, we must decide if we prefer the sour candies or the sweet ones. Sour Patch Kids are clearly a pretty sour option. While they will turn sweet in our mouth, we have to let them get there first. Sugar Babies on the other hand, are sweet right from the get go. For those who have never tried them, they are a kind of chewy milk caramel. Thoughts?

Question 14

Starbursts or Skittles?

Here we have a couple of very classic candies. We are sure everyone already knows which they prefer in this question. Starbursts are chewy and sweet, but we must keep in mind that the wrappers can become a nuisance after a while. Who wants to look at a large pile of candy wrappers after eating a whole bag, right? While Skittles are not individually wrapped, that may actually make it easier for us to finish off a bag without realizing what we are doing ...

Question 15

M&Ms or Reese's Pieces?

The choice for this one runs much deeper than just deciding between these two delicious candies. We must first decide if we prefer peanut butter or chocolate more. We know that M&Ms come in a variety of flavours, but for this question we are talking just about the originals. Plain milk chocolate in a candy coating. This makes them the same thing and the Reese's Pieces, except the Reese's Pieces are dollops of peanut butter in a candy coating. Thoughts?

Question 16

Raspberries or strawberries?

When the time comes to choose a late night snack, we do not always necessarily have to go right for the snack cupboard. Sometimes a nice refreshing fruit or in this case berry, may be just the thing to tide us over until morning. Imagine having fresh ripe batches of both these berries available in your kitchen. Which would we be more inclined to grab? We know this may be a tough one, but we must decide between the two!

Question 17

Chips Ahoy! or Oreos?

Time to head on over to the cookie shelf for a minute. There is just no denying that these two are the best selling cookies out there. It seems like every month there is some new form of Oreo hitting the market. While this must mean that Oreos are still as popular as ever, we cannot overlook the fact that Chips Ahoy! have been so consistently good over the years, that they do not need to be releasing new flavours constantly.

Question 18

Nachos or potato skins?

For tonight's snack, we are going all out. When a simple bag of chips just won't cut it, we need to get a bit more creative in the kitchen. This would be the perfect time to whip up a batch or nachos, or even go all the way and make some potato skins. Both of these dishes can be completely customized to fit everyone's taste, so we will allow everyone to toss on whatever ingredients they want to these snacks!

Question 19

Ice cream sundae or milkshake?

Time to cool down for a minute. This question is all about ice cream. All we have to do, is decide which form we would prefer to eat it in. An ice cream sundae can be made with any type of ice cream and pretty much any type of topping as well. The same goes for the milkshakes. However, the milkshakes will also need some milk obviously. To help decide, maybe we should ask ourselves if we would rather use a spoon or a straw?

Question 20

Frozen yogurt or snow cone?

We do realize that neither of these snakes are typically kept on hand in the freezer, but let's just pretend for a moment that both options are available. Frozen yogurt can be a fun alternative to ice cream. Snow cones can also be a fun way to cool down on a warm summer's evening. Both of these can come in whatever fun flavour we dream up, but we still need to know if a bowl of frozen yogurt or a cone full of snow sounds better?

Question 21

Gummy worms or gummy bears?

Some people out there may say "what's the difference between the two?", but we know for a fact that others will have their decision made in seconds flat. Any true candy eater out there will definitely have their favorite between these two options. While the worms may be more fun to play with, the bears are certainly easier to munch on. The flavors themselves aren't too different, but sometimes shape is even more important than taste! Which are we choosing?

Question 22

Doughnuts or brownies?

Imagine going down into the kitchen with the plan of grabbing a nice little snack, and actually finding fresh batches of both brownies and doughnuts?! Dreams can come true! Even though this would be an awesome surprise, it could lead to some pretty tough decision making. When looking at both of these tasty desserts, does anyone here know which they would actually choose? Brownies will appeal to the chocolate fans for sure, but who doesn't also love a good doughnut?

Question 23

Pancakes or waffles?

Okay, we all know that late night breakfast is a great snack, but it may mean something a little different to each of us. The choice between pancakes and waffles is surely one most of us have faced before. While a stack of pancakes with syrup does seem like a very classic form of breakfast, when waffles are made right, they can give the pancakes a run for their money. Looking at these two breakfast sweets, which sounds better to everyone?

Question 24

Frosted Flakes or Cheerios?

There are so many different cereals out there, we could make a quiz based just off of them. Without going too crazy on the cereals, we have decided to pit these two classics against each other. The Frosted Flakes are no doubt sweeter than the Cheerios. The Cheerios are sweet as well, but since they are sweetened with honey, it isn't as powerful as the sugar coating on the flakes. Which box would we go for between the two of these?

Question 25

Chicken nuggets or chicken wings?

Do we have any big time chicken fans here with us today? This may be the ultimate question for anyone with a craving for some chicken. Chicken nuggets are usually battered and fried to perfection. While the wings can be battered and fried up as well, they are often sold coated in some sort of BBQ sauce. So for this question, would we rather dunk a nugget, or go to town on some already sauced up chicken wings? We gotta choose!

Question 26

Cheez-Its or Ritz Bits Cheese Sandwiches?

Time to get a little cheesy. Both of these crackers offer up a cheese flavour, but they do it in two very different ways. The Cheez-Its are tiny square crackers, with a cheddar cheese flavour baked right inside. The Ritz Bits Cheese Sandwiches on the other hand, are tiny versions of classic Ritz crackers, which sandwich a cheese flavoured spread. Both pack a punch of cheese flavour to the taste buds, but we can only choose one of them! Thoughts?

Question 27

Cheese balls or Cheetos?

Regardless of the snack we choose in this question, we will be left with dusty orange fingers. While both of these cheese flavored snacks are very popular, the cheese powder is completely unavoidable with each of them. The cheese balls are usually sold in large tubs, so they have that going for them. Then when looking at the Cheeto option, we actually have puffy and crunchy versions available to us. Does this versatility make a difference to anyone here? Which is best?

Question 28

Big Mac or Whopper?

Sometimes are late night cravings can get so extreme, that we actually head out of the house to try and solve the issue. In this case, it only makes sense that we would wind up at a drive-thru. While there are tons of delicious treats waiting at all of these establishments, we are going to keep the decision simple here. Are we going with a classic McDonald's Big Mac, or are we opting for a juicy Whopper from Burger King?

Question 29

Chocolate cake or cheesecake?

Even if we had some dessert after dinner, maybe it wasn't quite enough to quiet the screaming sweet tooth in our mouths. Maybe late at night, we need to venture back into the kitchen and grab a second slice. When we are in the mood for some cake, which of these sounds better? Chocolate cake is no doubt a tried and true classic, but cheesecake is just so rich and creamy! We know it is difficult, but we must decide!

Question 30

Jello-O or chocolate pudding?

Here we have a couple of snacks that are not only delicious, but won't break the bank either. Both of these snacks can be made easily enough at home from some instant mix, or can be purchased in premade plastic cups. Neither form is very expensive, one will just require a tad bit more effort than the other. While chocolate pudding is smooth and creamy, Jello-O is jiggly and much more fun to play around with. Which sounds like the better snack?

Question 31

Fruit salad or veggies and dip?

While some people out there may actually enjoy both of these snacks, we are sure some will argue that neither of these should be in a quiz based around late night snacking options. That being said, sometimes we have already eaten enough junk during the day, so a nice fruit or veggie snack in the evening can be refreshing. If this was the case, which would we be more inclined to go for? A bowl of fresh fruit, or some crisp veggies and dip?

Question 32

Sun Chips or Doritos?

Here we have two very different types of chips. Sun Chips are one of the few multigrain chip options on the market. Their favours are also usually quite unique. We can find flavours like Harvest Cheddar and Garden Salsa. Doritos though, are a kind of tortilla chip. However, they as well come in a large variety of different flavours. When thinking Doritos, we must consider the messy powder that comes along with them. Do the orange fingers change anyone's mind?

Question 33

Trail mix or Chex Mix?

Here we have a couple of snacks that are both perfect for anyone who has trouble making decisions. both of these snacks come with multiple snacks! While a bag of trail mix will be filled with all kinds of nuts, seeds and dried fruits, a bag of Chex Mix will offer us snacks like Chex Cereal and pretzels. This one may come down to choosing between slightly sweet or slightly salty. Which way is everyone leaning towards for this one?

Question 34

Toast or bagel?

Late night snacking does not have to be an overly complicated thing. Sometimes a snack as simple as some toast with a light spreading of peanut butter, or a bagel with some cream cheese is enough to satisfy our hunger. Afterall, is there any problem that carbs can't solve? When we aren't too hungry, but want a little something in our bellies, which of these two options sounds better? Are we toasting up some bread, or slicing a bagel in half?

Question 35

Pickles or olives

Sometimes we gotta face facts. Even when the mood strikes for a late night snack, we don't always happen to have a huge variety sitting around in the cupboard. Sometimes we just have to make do with what we've got on hand. We are sure this exact decision has come around for a few people in the past. When staring at an almost empty fridge, what stands out more? A jar of pickles, or a jar of olives? We have to pick one!

Question 36

Chili or soup?

Maybe we are in the mood for a snack for more than just the obvious reason of being hungry. It could happen that we are feeling a bit cold, and want to warm up with a bowl of something tasty. When this feeling comes around, two logical snack options would be soup and chili. Chili would probably be a bit more filling due to the hearty ingredients, but depending on our soup preference, it may be able to get the job done as well!

Question 37

Snickers or Kit Kat?

Here we have a couple of classic candy bars. It is no secret that a Snickers bar is meant to fill up a grumbling tummy. They are full of peanuts, nougat, caramel and chocolate. A Kit Kat on the other hand, is a much more lightweight option. Inside each Kit Kat, there are layers of wafer and chocolate. It is a simple bar, but a classic nonetheless! Which of these would everyone here choose if they were to be given the choice?

Question 38

Jalapeno poppers or fried pickles?

Here are a couple of treats that we could find on just about any pub menu. Jalapeno poppers are a good choice for anyone who enjoys a bit of spice with their snack. Apart from the pepper, we can also expect a ton of cream cheese in these bad boys. A fried pickle is a bit more straightforward. Slices of pickles, battered and fried till golden and crunchy. Both of these are great for dipping in our favorite sauces! Thoughts?

Question 39

Kraft Dinner or Chef Boyardee

This question may just be the most realistic one in this quiz. In terms of late night snacks, there has never been a more iconic duo than these two. Both can often be found in pantries, and neither of them costs very much at all. That being said, both of these dishes are completely different. We are either selecting a cheesy bowl of Kraft Dinner, or going for a bowl of piping hot Chef Boyardee. What is everyone's first choice here?

Question 40

Scrambled eggs or fried eggs?

For this questions, both options revolve around eggs. The decision lies behind which way we prefer to prepare them in. When we are hungry enough to whip something up for ourselves, eggs are usually a quick and easy option. While scrambling may be a tad bit simpler, frying an egg really isn't too complicated either. Which would we actually prefer to eat? Some scrambled eggs or a couple of over easy fried eggs? We can only pick one answer here!

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