Play 'Who'd You Rather' And We'll Reveal If You Can Date Outside Your League

Alright gentlemen, we have prepared the ultimate game of "who'd you rather". For a game that has been played between bros for decades, it has yet to lose its edge. Two beautiful women, one choice. Its classic and endlessly entertaining. Of course, it has lead to some wicked debates over the years, but that usually just adds to the fun.

In today's round of "who'd you rather", we have lined up some of Hollywood's finest ladies. Believe us when we say, the choices have never been harder. However, once everybody has gone through each pairing and has picked all of their favorite babes, we will be able to reveal who is  capable of dating outside of their league. Knowing this can only help our game fellas!

Question 1

Rita Ora or Jessica Simpson?

Question 2

Iggy Azalea or Selena Gomez?

Question 3

Chrissy Teigen or Gal Gadot?

Question 4

Kristen Stewart or Julianne Hough?

Question 5

Lili Reinhart or Shay Mitchell?

Question 6

Miley Cyrus or Zendaya?

Question 7

Margot Robbie or Mila Kunis?

Question 8

Olivia Culpo or Brooklyn Decker?

Question 9

Shakira or Christina Aguilera?

Question 10

Lucy Hale or Blake Lively?

Question 11

Ariana Grande or Olivia Munn?

Question 12

Gigi Hadid or Adriana Lima?

Question 13

Cameron Diaz or Leighton Meester?

Question 14

Bella Hadid or Ally Brooke?

Question 15

Aubrey Plaza or Vanessa Hudgens?

Question 16

Kendall Jenner or Selena Gomez?

Question 17

Jaimie Alexander or Amanda Seyfried?

Question 18

Zoey Deutch or Hilary Duff?

Question 19

Jessica Alba or Dakota Johnson?

Question 20

Miranda Kerr or Lauren Cohan?

Question 21

Kehlani or Lorde?

Question 22

Kate Hudson or Charlize Theron?

Question 23

Amy Adams or Kaley Cuoco?

Question 24

Kate Upton or Angelina Jolie?

Question 25

Lindsay Lohan or Kylie Jenner?

Question 26

Olivia Wilde or Sofía Vergara?

Question 27

Rachel McAdams or Blake Lively?

Question 28

Dua Lipa or Madelaine Petsch?

Question 29

Anne Hathaway or Brie Larson?

Question 30

Taylor Swift or Camila Cabello?

Question 31

Emily Blunt or Scarlett Johansson?

Question 32

Paris Hilton or Emmy Rossum?

Question 33

Alyssa Milano or Charlotte McKinney?

Question 34

Sophie Turner or Taylor Swift?

Question 35

Amber Heard or Megan Fox?

Question 36

Anna Kendrick or Hailey Baldwin?

Question 37

Nina Dobrev or Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Question 38

Megan Fox or Kate Beckinsale?

Question 39

Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Aniston?

Question 40

Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson?

Question 41

Ashley Graham or Padma Lakshmi?

Question 42

Candice Swanepoel or Irina Shayk?

Question 43

Gabrielle Union or Kim Kardashian?

Question 44

Rihanna or Mariah Carey?

Question 45

Mischa Barton or Rachel Bilson?

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