Pick The Better Cartoon Character And We'll Guess Your Favorite Animated Movie

Who doesn't love cartoons? Whether we enjoyed them while we were growing up, or we are still watching them today, these movies and characters will always hold a special place in our hearts. We are not just talking Disney either. In this quiz, we will be covering all kinds of beloved cartoon characters. We will be trying to get to the bottom of which ones were truly the very best. While they are all amazing in their own respects, some of them definitely made lasting impressions on us. It is time to see which ones!

In today's quiz, we will be pitting these classic characters up against each other. We will be picking our favorite villains, sidekicks, and heroes. Every question will feature two animated characters, and all everywhere has do is pick which one they liked more. Some of these pairs may be a little tough to choose between, but that's the whole point! We need to narrow down which characters were truly everyone's favorites, so that way we can take a guess at everyone's favorite animated film! Is everyone ready for a trip down memory lane? Get ready for this ultimate cartoon quiz, it is sure to be the most magical 5 minutes of the day!

Question 1

Rocky VS Bullwinkle

Let's get things started with a couple of old school favorites. Rocky and Bullwinkle are both from the same television series. Rocky is a flying squirrel and Bullwinkle is a rather large moose. While these guys are best friends and roommates, they are also masters at catching bad guys. While Rocky handles most of the brainy work, Bullwinkle is no doubt the muscle behind the whole operation. Both of these guys offer up something different to the table. Who are we picking?

Question 2

Alice VS Elsa

It is the battle of the blondes in this question. While both of these girls do share the same hair color, that is pretty much where their similarities end. In the film Alice in Wonderland, Alice was just a young girl looking for some fun and adventure. During Frozen on the other hand, Elsa was trying her best to avoid all forms of fun and adventure, thinking they would be the kind of thing that would make her lose control of her powers.

Question 3

Aladdin VS Hercules

Here we have a couple of very unlikely heroes. Aladdin started his journey as nothing more than street kid. Never in a million years would he have guessed that he would eventually be the one to save the world and marry the princess. Hercules was born to be a hero, but the shoe just never seemed to fit right. Unlike Aladdin though, Hercules never doubted that he was destined for. Even though he could not prove it, he knew he had hero in his veins.

Question 4

Jiminy Cricket VS Mushu

Let's take a look at a couple of sidekicks for a moment. Both of these guys were paired up with their heroes for a reason. Jiminy Cricket was meant to be Pinocchio's conscience. He was there to keep him honest. Mushu was with Mulan as a spirit guide. He did not have the best reputation with Mulan's other spirit ancestors, but he was determined to win back their trust by keeping Mulan safe throughout her journey. Which was the better character?

Question 5

Meeko VS Pascal

Here we have a couple of voiceless animal sidekicks. Meeko was the pet racoon of Pocahontas. While he was a very loyal companion to her, he was also a racoon through and through. If there were snacks around, Meeko was going to find them. Pascal was the pet chameleon of Rapunzel. Even though he did not have the ability of speech, Pascal always managed to get his point across. He was a master at facial expressions and hand gestures. Who are we picking?

Question 6

Bugs VS Daffy

The Looney Tunes are a very large group of animated characters. However, these two are well known for being the gangs self declared leaders. Bugs Bunny is definitely the man in charge. He calls the shots and he gets the most screen time. Daffy Duck on the other hand, wants to be the man in charge. He resents Bugs for his leadership qualities, and he is constantly trying to show him up (usually unsuccessfully). Which of these two classics do we like more?

Question 7

Belle VS Jasmine

Let's turn our attention over to a couple of Disney princesses for a moment. Belle was always a very bright girl. She had a passion for reading, and a longing for adventure. When she met Beast, it was not exactly love at first sight, but she was eventually swept away by his charm. When Jasmine met Aladdin, it was not exactly love at first sight either. She was not a women that was easily going to be won over, and she held her own until she finally decided to give Prince Ali a chance.

Question 8

Bagheera VS Baloo

Both of these guys are from the film The Jungle Book. While there were tons of animal characters in the film, these two both played a particularly special roll. Both Bagheera and Baloo were doing their best to keep young Mowgli safe. However, both of these guys had their own way of going about things. Bagheera was cautious and did not have patience for tomfoolery. Baloo was all about tomfoolery. He believed life in the jungle should always be fun!

Question 9

Baymax VS Toothless

It would not be right to call either of these guys sidekicks. While technically neither of them were the main character of their film, they both were the ones who pretty much saved the day. Baymax was originally built to care for humans. After his city fell under attack though, he was rewired to be a hero. Toothless was a misunderstood dragon. To many he was a worrisome beast, but to Hiccup, he was the best friend anyone could ever have.

Question 10

Tiana VS Rapunzel

Neither of these ladies were princesses when their films began, but instead they were just a couple of girls waiting for destiny to find them. Tiana was working long hours every day, trying to save up enough to one day open her very own restaurant. Rapunzel was a young lady locked away in a tower, supposedly for her own safety. While neither of these girls thought they would wind up princesses, the glass slippers did seem to fit them both quite nicely.

Question 11

John Smith VS Prince Eric

John Smith was not a prince. He was part of the crew that arrived on Pocahontas's land with the intention of mining it for gold. While he could have easily been a villain, he instead listened to Pocahontas and did what he could to stop the mining. Prince Eric on the other hand, played a more classic Disney male role. He was the prince of a kingdom, and he was in love with the beautiful Ariel. Which character do we prefer?

Question 12

Flounder VS Dory

It is fish against fish in this next question. Flounder was not exactly known for his bravery. However, whenever Ariel put herself in harm's way, Flounder would push his fears aside to try and help her. Dory was not as cowardly, but she did have a tendency to forget everything. While both of these fish had their flaws, they were both excellent friends. Thinking back to both of these films, can anyone figure out which character they actually liked more?

Question 13

Arthur VS Buster

Now let's take a look at two classic television characters. Both of these guys are from the show Arthur. Arthur the aardvark was obviously the main character, but where would any of our main characters be without their trusty best friend? Arthur and Buster both attended the same school and did just about everything together. Arthur enjoyed playing with his puppy, and Buster enjoyed eating anything and everything available. Thinking back to the classic programm, can anyone pick which character they liked more?

Question 14

Maximus VS Pegasus

These guys may look similar, but they are very different indeed. Maximus is part of law enforcement. He is an excellent detective, and he is more determined than any crime fighting human out there. While technically Pegasus is a pet, he is also so much more than that. He waited so many years to be reunited with Hercules, and once he finally was, he never left his side again. Both of these characters were proud and noble. Who are we picking?

Question 15

Abu VS Magic Carpet

Here we have the two sidekicks of Aladdin. Abu had been with Aladdin for a while before Magic Carpet came around, but they both proved their loyalty to him throughout the film. Abu was a sneaky little monkey. While he was a great friend to Aladdin, he was also a great thief. Magic Carpet is an interesting character. Somehow without a face or hands, this rug was able to full communicate. Thinking back to this film, which sidekick was better?

Question 16

Moana VS Pocahontas

Both of these Disney women were born into lives they would not have necessarily picked out for themselves. They were both the daughters of the chiefs of their villages, and they both had rules to follow. However, both of them dreamed of bigger things. They wanted adventure and freedom to roam. Moana wanted to sail the open waters, while Pocahontas simply wanted to enjoy the nature that was all around her. Which of these dreamers did we actually enjoy more?

Question 17

Carl VS Pacha

Here we have a mashup of characters who do not really have too much in common. Carl was from the film Up. He had spent his life making incredible plans with his wife, but it wasn't until he was on his own that he actually went for it and achieved his dream. Pacha was a simple family man from the film The Emperor's New Groove. He did not want to help Kuzco when he came around, but he knew it was the right thing to do.

Question 18

Meg VS Colette

Both of these brunettes were all kinds of fierce. Meg was the love interest of Hercules. However, she would not thank anyone for calling her that. Meg prided herself on her independence, and she was very clear throughout her entire film that she did not need a man. Colette was driven by her dream of becoming a head chef. She too did not want to tie herself to any man, mainly because she thought it would distract her from her work.

Question 19

Cogsworth VS Lumiere

Now this one is going to be a tough choice indeed. Cogsworth and Lumiere were both enchanted objects living inside of Beast's castle. Cogsworth was always worried about something. To be fair, he was trapped inside the body of a clock, but he desperately needed to find a way to relax. Lumiere on the other hand, was maybe a little too relaxed for his given situation. He was certainly not as concerned about the curse as Cogsworth was. Which was better?

Question 20

Coraline VS Jack Skellington

Both of these stop-motion characters were brought to life by the same director. Coraline was out exploring her new home one day, when she came across a secret passage. Being the brave girl that she was, she went through it and discovered a totally new world. Jack too came across a secret door during his film, and his also lead to an entirely new world. While Coraline's new world turned into a kind of nightmare, Jack's wound up being a dream land!

Question 21

Hades VS Scar

Things are getting very villainous over here in this question. Hades was the villain of the film Hercules. He was the ruler of the underworld, but he had big dreams of one day taking over the world for himself. Scar did not dream as big as Hades. He had no desire to rule the human world. However, Scar did go to great length to ensure he wound up as King of Pride Rock. Which of these villains was a better character?

Question 22

Ursula VS Cruella de Vil

Keeping on the wicked theme, let's switch our attention over to these lady villains for a moment. Ursula was rightfully named the "Sea Witch". She would lure in unsuspecting merfolk with promises of a better life. This was all just a ruse though, as she secretly wanted them to sign their souls away. Cruella de Vil had no magic powers or special titles. Her wicked ways stemmed from her desire to own the nicest furs in town. Which was better?

Question 23

Dante VS Dug

Here we have two Disney pooches to choose between. Dante was an excellent companion to Miguel. Not only did he look out for the young boy, but he also did whatever he could for Miguel's whole family. At the end of the film Coco, it was discovered that Dante was in fact a spirit guide. Dug was an interesting canine. While he did not have the ability to talk, he could communicate with humans because of a special device which translated all of his thoughts to english.

Question 24

Elastigirl VS Mr. Incredible

Is it mean to pit spouse against spouse? Both of these characters have some pretty cool powers. Elastigirl can bend and stretch her body into any position imaginable. Mr. Incredible on the other hand, has super strength. In their first film, Mr. Incredible took the lead. However, in the sequel, Elastigirl really got to show us what she was capable of. Both of these characters are great parents and great superheroes. We can only pick one, so who is it gonna be?

Question 25

Esmeralda VS Mulan

Neither of these characters were happy about the way the world worked. Esmeralda was appalled by the people in her town. She saw them all praying for selfish things, while all the while ignoring those who had nothing at all. Mulan had a different issue. The world wanted her to be the perfect daughter and bride, but all she wanted to do was fight for her country. Thinking back to both of these films, can anyone decide which character they enjoyed watching more?

Question 26

Zazu VS Sebastian

In this question, it is the battle of the babysitters. Both of these characters were given the task of watching over an unruly child. Zazu was supposed to keep young Simba out of trouble, but he got distracted by a fairly impressive dance number. Sebastian tried to distract young Ariel with an impressive dance number of his own, but she actually used this opportunity to escape him all together. Who are we voting on in this question? We can only pick one!

Question 27

Olaf VS Sven

Both of these characters were a part of the film Frozen. Olaf was a snowman built by Elsa. She did not know that he was going to come to life when she built him, but it was certainly a happy surprise. Now that he is alive, Olaf is out there loving life more than any of us. Sven was the trusty reindeer of Kristoff. The two had grown up together, and actually shared an extremely close bond. While he could not speak, Kristoff always knew what Sven was thinking.

Question 28

Princess Anna VS Princess Atta

Honestly we just felt as though their names were too similar not to pair them up together. Princess Anna was the sister of Queen Elsa from the film Frozen. After Elsa went missing, Anna did not hesitate before going out after her. Princess Atta was learning how to rule over her colony. She was definitely not as confident as Anna was, but when the time came, she was able to embrace her duty. Which of these princesses should we pick?

Question 29

Dr. Facilier VS Claude Frollo

Back to the villains. Both of these guys were pretty much as wicked as they come. Dr. Facilier had his eyes on prince Naveen for a while. He knew he wanted to take down the prince, and he waited until the perfect moment to do so. Claude Frollo has often been called the most wicked villain of all time. It is hard to say which character from his film he hurt more, Quasimodo or Esmeralda. Which villain are we picking?

Question 30

Jafar VS Gaston

Here we have a couple of villains with HUGE egos. Jafar believed he was the most powerful sorcerer in the world, before he even had any powers to back the claim. After he did gain some power, it was his overconfidence that lead him to lose it all. Gaston had no powers, nor would he have said that he needed any. He was the strongest and most handsome man in town. To Gaston, there was no power greater than this. Which was better?

Question 31

Woody VS Buzz

This one is sure to be a difficult choice. Woody was Andy's original toy. The two of them did everything together, until of course Buzz arrived. Woody and Buzz did not get along very well at first. Jealousy was a big issue, but so was trust. After three films however, there has never been a closer set of friends then the two of these guys. We are all waiting to see what happens in the fourth installment! Who do we pick?

Question 32

Mickey VS Minnie

We are going very old school in this question. Without Mickey, who knows if we would have ever gotten all of the amazing Disney characters that came afterwards. He definitely was a pioneer. However, where would any great man be without the equally great woman they had by their side? Minnie was always there for Mickey no matter what. Even all of these years later, this couple is still together. They are a real inspiration. Which of these two mice do we like better?

Question 33

Goofy VS Pluto

Once again we are sticking two Disney pooches against each other. Goofy is a leading character. He has had his very own film, and we have gotten to know him pretty well over the years. He may not be the brightest guy around, but he is an excellent father and friend. Pluto is the most classic dog character out of all the Disney pups. He belongs to Mickey Mouse, and he could not be a more loyal companion. Who are we picking?

Question 34

Gus VS Jaq

Both of these mice played a very important role in the film Cinderella. Jaq was no doubt the leader of all the mice in the film. He was an expert at escaping Lucifer, and he was the one who came up with the idea to break Cinderella out of her tower. Gus was the new mouse in town. He was shy at first, but he opened up after he was given a few crackers. He too helped Cinderella escape in the end.

Question 35

Po VS Genie

Both of these guys are large and in charge! Po always dreamed of being a Kung Fu master, but his large belly and lazy habits made this fairly unlikely. However, heroes can sometimes be found in the most unlikely of places! Genie was all kinds of powerful. He could grant just about any wish his master wanted, but he himself was limited. Destined to serve for his entire life, Genie never thought any of his own wishes would ever come true.

Question 36

Hank VS Pumbaa

Hank was the seven tentacled octopus from the film Finding Dory. He stated many times throughout the film that he was not interested in making friends, but eventually he was won over by Dory. She would have never been able to find her way back home if it hadn't of been for Hank. Pumbaa was the warthog best friend of Simba. While Pumbaa could have left simba in the dessert, he instead decided to trust his natural born enemy. Thoughts?

Question 37

Phineas VS Ferb

These two television stars are step-brothers. Phineas is the outspoken one. He comes up with all of the plans, and he is usually the one who is more optimistic about how these plans are going to unflod. Ferb is quieter. However, Ferb is a kind of silent genius.He is very skilled in mechanics and electronics. Anything he or his brother thinks up, he can easily build within minutes. Not an easy choice, but we can only select one of them!

Question 38

Tweety Bird VS Woodstock

It is tiny yellow bird against tiny yellow bird in this question. Tweety Bird is from the Looney tune gang. He is a canary that lives with an old lady. While his life is pretty cushy, he does have to always be on the lookout for that pesky cat Sylvester. Woodstock is known for being a pretty cool bird. He is the assistant of the beagle Snoopy, though he does tend to head out on his own adventures from time to time.

Question 39

Charlie Brown VS Linus

Keeping on the Peanuts theme, let's look at these two leading characters. Charlie Brown may be our leading kid, but he is not exactly the most likable guy. For some reason or another, Charlie has a hard time connecting with the other kids in his class. Linus always goes out of his way to be a good friend to Charlie Brown. He is also known for being the wisest kid in the school yard. Which of these children made a better character?

Question 40

Cinderella VS Aurora

Her we have our original Disney blondes. Cinderella is kind of the star of the show. Her castle is the first thing we see when walking into a Disney park. That being said, Aurora's popularity has recently been renewed thanks to the film Maleficent. While there have been several live-action remakes of Cinderella, none of them have done as well as the Maleficent film. Thinking back to their original movies, can anyone decide who they liked more? We can only pick one!

Question 41

Maleficent VS Mother Gothel

Speaking of Maleficent ... She was no doubt a very wicked villain in the film Sleeping Beauty. However, once we got to see her side of the story in her own film, it was hard to blame her for her actions. She was robbed of the thing she loved most in the world, and that could lead any of us into making poor choices. Mother Gothel was the wicked witch that trapped Rapunzel up in that tower. It has been rumored that she was actually the same witch that went after Snow White.

Question 42

Mike Wazowski VS James P. Sullivan

The dynamic duo! These two would truly be nothing without the each other. While Sully has the muscle and the looks, Mike is really the brains behind their entire operation. Sully would never be able to keep himself organized enough to create as many screams as he has. That being said, Mike would never be scary enough to create any screams at all. These two really do need each other. Which of these characters did we enjoy watching more? We can only pick one!

Question 43

Lilo VS Mavis

Here we have a couple of girls who were looking for more out of life. Lilo was a lonely kid. She had trouble getting along with the other children, so one day her sister decided to get her a dog. This dog of course wound up being an alien, but Lilo still loved him more than anything. Mavis was a vampire. Her father disliked humans greatly, so he kept her hidden from them. This worked for a while, but after she fell in love with one, what could he really do about it?

Question 44

Mr. Smee VS Kronk

While almost every one of our heroes had a sidekick, almost every one our villains had a henchmen. Mr. Smee was the right hand man of Captain hook. Smee himself did not look or act much like a pirate, but he was desperate to serve Hook however he could. Kronk was never really all that bad. Sure he was paired up with Yzma, but it always seemed like he was there because no one else wanted to hang out with him.

Question 45

Winnie the Pooh VS Piglet

Okay, even we feel a little bad about making people choose between these two. Both of these characters are extremely adorable and innocent. Winnie the Pooh is a bit braver than Piglet is, but he is also always getting himself into some kind of trouble. If he isn't out getting lost, than he is getting himself stuck in a tree. Piglet tries his best to be brave, but it simply just isn't him. At least these two have each other!

Question 46

Pinocchio VS Peter Pan

While both of these characters are very different, they did both share the same dream at one point in time. Both of these characters wanted nothing more than to be a boy. Pinocchio of course was a wooden puppet, so becoming a real-life boy was nothing short of a miracle. Peter Pan on the other hand, was born a boy, but he wished to stay that way and to never age. Two very different stories, yet somehow similar all the same.

Question 47

Simba VS Terk

Here we have a couple of fearless animals. Simba used to dream of the day he would become king of Pride Rock. He would roam around the safari and pretend to be the fierce lion that his father was. Terk was not in line for any throne, but she did enjoy bossing people around quite a bit. She appointed herself the older sister of Tarzan, and she would always be the one to call the shots during their adventures. Thoughts?

Question 48

Remy VS Robin Hood

Okay this one is a fairly random mashup. Remy is the main character from the film Ratatouille. He was raised like any rat would have been, but he had no desire to live the standard life of a rat. Remy dreamed of becoming a world famous chef. Robin Hood was very clearly the main character of the film Robin Hood. By now we are sure everyone knows his story. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Thoughts?

Question 49

Tarzan VS Ralph

Here we have a couple of misunderstood men. Tarzan was raised in the jungle, so amongst his animal friends, he was totally normal. However, after encountering humans for the first time, he realized he did not really belong in either world. Ralph was designed to be the bad guy of his video game, except ralph never felt very bad at all. He wanted to be one of the heroes, but all they could see in him was a villain. Who to pick?

Question 50

Tai Lung VS Randall Boggs

We have two more villains here for this final question. Tai Lung was not born bad. He was trained in Kung Fu at a young age, but the power eventually went to his head. Desperate to be the best, Tai Lung betrayed everyone who had ever cared about him. Randall Boggs was and always will be a bad guy. Not only does he truly enjoy his job of scream collecting, but he also enjoys watching his colleagues get into trouble.

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