Pick The Better Cartoon Character And We'll Guess Your All Time Favorite Kids Movie

Calling all cartoon fans! Today we have put together a quiz for the biggest of big cartoon fans out there. While we are sure just about everyone does have a favorite animated film or character, we know for a fact that there are some people out there who are simply obsessed with anything animated. Who could blame them?! These movies and their characters are fun, lovable, and downright entertaining! Today we take the time to appreciate some of the very best characters to ever be drawn up in the first place.

In this quiz, everyone will face 50 pairings of beloved cartoon characters. The idea is to select our favorite one out of the two options. Some may be easy and quick to answer, but some of them may take a little thinking. Once everyone has picked out their most favorite characters of all time, we will take a shot at guessing everyone's most beloved animated movie. Get ready to see some epic characters listed in this one, we have pulled out all of the very best ones! Time to make some tough choices, while we take a magical stroll down memory lane. Is everyone ready to start this ultimate cartoon character quiz?

Question 1

Ariel or Moana?

Even though their movies came out years apart, these two characters still have a lot in common. Not only were they both born into roles they were never truly meant to play, but they both had an undeniable pull to the ocean as well. Ariel was born a mermaid and even though she longed for dry land, the choice to leave the water behind was not an easy one for her to make. Moana was born on land, but was destined to travel through the open waters.

Question 2

Peter Pan or Pinnochio?

In this question, we have a couple Disney classics. Peter Pan is the boy who refuses to grow up. Even though he and his lost boys miss having a mother around when night falls, Peter wouldn't trade his care free life as a boy for anything. Pinocchio would have never even known what being a real boy was like, had his father not made a wish upon a star. After his transformation, he had quite a bit to learn about the real world.

Question 3

Hercules or Aladdin?

Time to take a closer look at two of our most beloved Disney heroes. Hercules was the son of Gods. Had Hades not interfered when he was a baby, who knows of all the great things he could have accomplished. Even still, we did watch him beat some crazy odds to become the hero he was always meant to be. Aladdin was born to nothing. He started off as a nobody, but fought to become the person he wanted to be!

Question 4

Jasmine or Pocahontas?

Here we have two Disney ladies who were both ready to stand up to their powerful fathers and demand the freedom to choose their own path in life. Jasmine was being pressured to marry a man of means and status, but the only thing she cared about was finding someone true and honest. Pocahontas wanted nothing to do with marriage at all. While her father pushed for her to marry, she stood up for her right to live the life she wanted.

Question 5

Goofy or Donald Duck?

Leaving the mainstream Disney films behind for a moment, let's look at two of Walt Disney's original characters. While Goofy did go on to have his very own film, he was actually first created back in 1932. He is a dog with the ability of speech, though we would not exactly call him as bright as a human. Donald Duck came around 2 years after goofy, first being though up in 1934. He enjoys wearing a sailor themed outfit, and once served in the Navy. (Wikipedia)

Question 6

Alice or Belle?

Here we have a couple of very curious girls for everyone to choose between. When Alice discovered Wonderland, it was by total accident. She was just a bored girl looking for an adventure, and boy did she ever find it! Belle was a bit older than Alice, though just as bored with her everyday life. After reading countless stories of romance and adventure, Belle couldn't help but to long for both herself. Once again, she definitely found what she was looking for!

Question 7

Pumbaa or Olaf?

This one is not going to be an easy choice. Both of these characters are funny, adorable, and very lovable. Pumbaa was once just a misunderstood warthog, but thanks to friends like Timone and Simba, he learned to love himself for exactly who he was. Olaf never planned on actually coming to life, so when he did, he was full of curiosity over the world around him. There may have been a lot of things he did not understand right away, but love was not one of them.

Question 8

Mike or Sully?

We are thinking this one is going to be another tough choice for most. Not only were these two monsters best friends, but they were also business partners. Neither of them would have become as successful as they did without the help of the other. Mike was the brains behind the whole operation, but Sully was the one who actually did most of the work. Both of them were lovable for their own reasons, but we are still going to have to select one!

Question 9

Mickey or Minnie?

Heading back over to the catalogue of Disney's most classic characters of all time, let's take a look at this iconic couple. Mickey is pretty much the face of the Disney cartoon family. However, what would any famous mouse be without the strong female mouse in their life, right? Both of these characters first got drawn up back in 1928, and they have remained a loving and devoted couple ever since. Which of these mice do we like more? (Wikipedia)

Question 10

Baymax or Toothless?

Both of these characters may have started out as sidekicks to their human counterparts, but by the end of both their films, they were the true heroes. Once Hiro was able to rewire Baymax, he pretty much became an unstoppable force. Toothless though, started off as a wicked dragon, but after losing a piece of his tail, it was his pal Hiccup who restored him to health. After recovering from the injury, Toothless was once again the fierce dragon he had been, except now fighting for the good guys!

Question 11

Abu or Pascal?

Here we have a couple of voiceless animal sidekicks going head to head. Disney does a great job with its voiceless characters. Even though neither of these guys were able to vocalize their opinions, we always knew exactly what they were thinking. With clever hand movements and funny facial expressions, these two characters played just as big a role as the main cartoons did. While Abu was Aladdin's partner in crime, Pascal was Rapunzel's only friend during her years in the tower.

Question 12

Buzz Lightyear or Woody?

Okay, we already feel bad about asking such a question. What would these guys even be without each other? That being said, to move forward, we do need to pick just one of these cartoon characters. Buzz Lightyear arrived at Andy's house, not fully understanding his place in the world. However, with the help of Woody, he was able to learn. Woody had always known his place. Not only as Andy's favorite toy, but as the leader who kept all other toys safe.

Question 13

Scar or Jafar?

Things are getting a little wicked over here in this question! Scar and Jafar were some of the most devious villains out of the entire Disney bunch. Scar went to unspeakable lengths to ensure he would be the one ruling over Pride Rock. To be fair, he was also quite successful in his plan for a good while. Jafar on the other hand, wanted much more than to rule over a small portion of the world. He was after world domination, though he was too ambitious for his own good.

Question 14

Elastigirl or Mr. Incredible?

It is the battle of the spouses over here in this question. Both of these characters were born with awesome superpowers. Elastigirl can stretch her body into any shape imaginable. We have seen her do some pretty amazing, not to mention clever, things with this ability of hers. Mr. Incredible's power is much more straightforward. He is the strongest man in the world. We have seen him do some equally amazing things with this strength. So, who are we picking?

Question 15

Flounder or Meeko?

Here we have a pairing of two very adorable animated sidekicks. Flounder was the best friend of Ariel the mermaid. While Ariel was very brave and always looking for an adventure, Flounder acted as the voice of reason throughout most of her plans. Meeko was the pet raccoon of Pocahontas. While he was always on board with her wild plans and ideas, he did need the occasional snack break here and there. Which of these sidekicks are we picking here?

Question 16

Genie or Mushu?

Both of these cartoons were kind of like guardians to the main characters of their films. Genie was able to grant Aladdin the three wishes he earned by discovering his lamp, but he also went out of his way to help Aladdin in not only selecting the best wishes, but in keeping him safe as well. Mushu was assigned to look over Mulan during her mission to save the country. He may have cracked a few jokes, but he was always there when she needed him.

Question 17

Elsa or Merida?

Let's take a look at two very strong female leads. Elsa was one of the main stars out of the film Frozen. Once her ice powers were discovered, she was ready to give up everything to make her family and the citizens of her land feel safe. Merida on the other hand, may have made the wish that got her into so much trouble in the first place, but she risked her life to make things right for her entire clan.

Question 18

Tai Lung or Shere Khan?

Now it is time for us to decide between these two wicked animal characters. Tai Lung was the villain from the film Kung Fu Panda. He was raised to be a fierce warrior, but when his master refused to help him further his strength after getting a glimpse of his dark side, Tai Lung was lost to the darkness forever. Shere Khan was the tiger who stalked young boy cub Mowgli. After hearing of the human boy, he became obsessed with capturing the prey.

Question 19

Maximus or Pegasus?

These two may look a tad bit similar, but boy are they different. Maximus is the white horse from the film Tangled. Nothing means more to this character than catching bad guys. If he hears of a troublemaker on the loose, he will pursue them until they have been brought to justice! Pegasus on the other hand, is only concerned with keeping Hercules safe. The two have been best friends since birth, and Hercules honestly couldn't have asked for a better friend or protector.

Question 20

Terk or King Louie?

It is gorilla against orangutan in this question! Terk was not only the best friend of Tarzan, but while they were growing up, Terk also considered herself to be his older sister and protector. King Louie though, was not exactly as friendly to Mowgli as Terk had been to Tarzan. King Louie was not a villain, but he was desperate for human knowledge and saw Mowgli as his best chance at gaining it. Which of these monkey's do we like best?

Question 21

Ursula or Hades?

Heading back on over to the villains for a moment, how does everyone here feel about these two wicked individuals? Both of these villains know what it is like to be banished to the darkest parts of their kingdoms. Ursula, a magically talented octopus, held a huge grudge against King Triton. This is what lead her to go after young Ariel. Hades was the ruler of the underworld. Honestly, not such a bad gig for a guy like him. However, he was looking to rule over much more.

Question 22

Meg or Tiana?

Here we have a couple of leading ladies, who went about things in their own way. Even though Meg was being forced to work for the wicked Hades, she still found a way to stand her ground. When she felt herself falling for Hercules, she held back to make sure the feelings were well thought through. Tiana never wanted to be a princess, but instead a famous chef. There has never been a harder working cartoon character than Tiana! Thoughts?

Question 23

Simba or Kuzco?

Here is an interesting mash-up. Both of these kids were born to rule. Simba was to one day become the King of Pride Rock, whereas Kuzco was born to be the emperor of his entire kingdom. That being said, they both wound up getting fooled by people who they thought had their best interest at heart. While Simba was betrayed by his uncle Scar, Kuzco was turned into a llama by his advisor Yzma. Which character do we like best?

Question 24

Cruella de Vil or Maleficent?

While each and every one of the Disney villains were wicked in their own right, these two did stand out as being some of the most devious. While Cruella sought to steal 101 puppies for their fur, Maleficent went after a newborn baby. Both of these acts were very villainous indeed, but by the end of their films, they both got what was coming for them. Which of these villains does everyone here like best? We can only choose one!

Question 25

Eric or Phillip?

Even though neither of these guys were exactly main characters in their films, we did learn enough about them to be able to choose one or the other. Eric was the love interest of Ariel. He was a kind man, who had a passion for sailing and playing the flute. Phillip was one of the only Disney men who proved he could really dance. When Aurora would dream of him, they were always dancing a magical number together. Who to pick?

Question 26

Sven or Donkey?

In this question, we have a voiceless reindeer up against a Donkey who could never keep his mouth shut. Sven may not have had the ability to talk, but his best friend Kristoff was always around to translate for him. Honestly, most of the time he was just looking for carrots. Donkey was the right-hand man to Shrek the ogre. Even though Shrek had no desire for a right-hand man, Donkey was there every single step of the way.

Question 27

Sebastian or Zazu?

It is the battle of the babysitters over here in this question! Both of these animated animals were entrusted with some pretty big responsibilities. Sebastian was instructed to watch over Ariel, and to prevent her from swimming to the surface. This did not really go to plan for the poor crab. Likewise, Zazu was supposed to keep a watchful eye over young Simba, though as soon as his beak was turned, he lost the little cub. Which is the better character?

Question 28

Winnie the Pooh or Piglet?

Making this kind of choice may not seem fair, but it is one we must make if we wish to move forward. Both of these adorable characters are from the same line of stories. Winnie the Pooh is a loveable bear with a belly full of honey, and a knack for finding adventure. Piglet is Winnie's very best friend, though he is not exactly as brave. Whenever the two set off on an adventure, Piglet is the one who carefully thinks through all of the possible outcomes.

Question 29

Gaston or Captain Hook?

Let's be honest here for a moment, compared to some of the other villains, neither of these guys were particularly scary. Gaston had no powers really, just his strength and beauty (which he seemed to think were the greatest powers of all). Then we have Captain Hook. He as well had no powers, just a strong dislike for young Peter Pan. When it came to his film, the crocodile was probably more worrisome than Hook ever was. Who to pick?

Question 30

Tarzan or Hercules?

Neither of these characters had the upbringing their parents had planned for them, but they both did a spectacular job at making the best of things. Tarzan was adopted by a mother gorilla, and learned to call the jungle his home. Hercules was adopted and raised by two loving humans, but he followed his instincts and eventually discovered the truth about his actual parents and his destiny. Which of these leading men do we like more? We can only pick one!

Question 31

Mulan or Pocahontas?

At the beginning of their films, both of these girls were doing their best to please their families. However, as we moved through their films, we saw them both realize that being true to themselves was way more important than trying to be people they were not. While for Mulan this meant sneaking off to fight for her country, to Pocahontas this meant saying no to marriage and standing up for her beloved lands. Which of these characters do we like best?

Question 32

Cogsworth or Lumiere?

Here we have two important characters from the film Beauty and the Beast. Both of these characters were humans who had been cursed inside the bodies of household objects. When Belle arrived at the castle, they both had a gut feeling that she may be the one to break the curse. However, Cogsworth was always a bit more cautious about things than Lumiere was. Lumiere was ready to make Belle a member of the family, but Cogsworth worried over what Beast would say.

Question 33

Thomas O'Malley or Dodger?

Even though one is a cat and the other a dog, these two characters have quite a bit in common. Thomas O'Malley was a cat from the streets. He had a liking for jazz music and knew all the best hangouts around town. Dodger was a pooch from the streets. While he was less into music, he did have a gang of pup pals who earned him quite a bit of street cred. Which of these cool-guy characters do we like best?

Question 34

Gus and Jaq or Remy?

We have gathered all of our beloved rodents here in this question. Since Gus and Jaq were almost always seen together in their film, we figured we would keep them paired up. Gus was the new mouse around town, and Jaq took him under his wing. Remy was the main rat of the film Ratatouille. Even though his rat family loved nibbling of scraps, Remy had a taste for the finer things. He eventually became the most famous chef in Paris.

Question 35

Vanellope Von Schweetz or Wendy Darling?

Now this is a fairly interesting pair up. While Vanellope Von Schweetz looked to be as sweet as sugar, she definitely had a fiery attitude. She was the fastest racer in her video game, but deep down also a sweetheart. Wendy Darling was up front about her innocent and sweet personality. While she was certainly no racer, she did have a strong belief in magic. Even before she knew it was real, she always had a feeling there was magic in the world.

Question 36

Bruce or Crush?

Here we have a couple of underwater creatures from the film Finding Nemo. Bruce was a unique character. Being a great white shark, he could have easily been a villain. However, his desire to be a vegetarian did make him a good guy by nature. Crush was a hard character not to like. Not only did he save Marlin and Dory, but he was a cool father with an awesome laid back kind of attitude. Which character are we picking?

Question 37

Esmeralda or Meg?

Let's take a look at these two lovable ladies. Both of these women prided themselves on their independence. Esmeralda was more than capable of taking care of herself, plus she went out of her way to help look after those who could not do the same for themselves. Meg had been burned by a man in the past, so she learned early on to not depend on anyone but herself. However, she did not turn down the opportunity for true love when it arrived.

Question 38

Dante or Stitch?

Even though Stitch did originally parade around as a dog, he was very much an alien. Dante on the other hand, was, in fact, a dog, though he was also a spirit guide sent to help young Miguel and the rest of his family. Stitch was not sent to Earth to watch over Lilo, but as fate would have it, the two misfits found each other and their bond was undeniable. Which of these companions do we like the most?

Question 39

Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear or Randall Boggs?

Some villains are very upfront about who they are, but these two villains were much more secretive about their true selves. Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear wanted everyone to believe he was just a sweet teddy bear, but he was bitter and could not stand the thought of a toy receiving more love than him. Randall Boggs was a weasel. Always wanting to upstage Mike and Sully, instead of doing so honorably, he found ways to cheat the system. Which villain are we choosing?

Question 40

Atta or Anna?

Now this is an interesting pairing. Both of these characters were, in fact, Disney princesses, though both of their stories were vastly different. Atta was the princess of her ant colony, but she was preparing to take over as queen. She was nervous, but determined to do well. Anna though, never really wanted to be queen at all. That responsibility fell to her sister, and being jealous never even crossed her mind. Which of these ladies are we voting for?

Question 41

Jiminy Cricket or Gepetto?

Apart from Pinocchio himself, these two were the most important characters of the film. Jiminy Cricket was the official conscience of Pinocchio. Whenever he was faced with temptation, it was Jiminy who was there to tell him right from wrong. That being said, without Gepetto, there would have been no story at all. It was his desire for a son of his own, that wound up bringing the wooden puppet to life right before our eyes. Who are we picking?

Question 42

Beast or Maui?

Both of these leading men were large, and quite beast like. Beast, of course, was an actual beast for the majority of his film. However, once he truly learned his lesson, we saw him transform back into the body of the handsome prince he had once been. Maui was a demigod. He was as large as Beast was, though much less hairy. Just like Beast, Maui had to learn a very important lesson during his film. Which character is best?

Question 43

Edna Mode or Colette Tatou?

Here we have a couple of human characters. Both of these ladies had one heck of an attitude, but for two very different reasons. Edna Mode was a famous fashion designer. She knew she was the very best at what she did, so she saw no reason to hide this truth. Colette Tatou was also very sure of her skills, though since she was still young, she had to be tough to ensure people gave her the credit she deserved!

Question 44

Doug or Pluto?

Here we have a couple of the silliest dogs out of the entire Disney Catalogue. Doug was a voiceless character. However, his previous owner had created a device which could read Doug's thoughts and translate them into English. Through this machine, we learned that dogs do truly spend their days thinking of treats and pets. Pluto was also a voiceless pup, though he had no clever voice machine. That being said, he was the beloved pet dog of Mickey Mouse.

Question 45

Oogie Boogie or Mother Gothel?

In this question, we are looking at a couple underrated villains. Oogie Boogie was the bad guy from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. He was once an active member of Halloweentown, though Jack Skellington had to banish him due to his wicked behaviour. The name Mother Gothel makes her sound motherly and caring, though this witch was anything but. After stealing Rapunzel as a baby, she locked her in a tower, allowing her unlimited access to her magical hair.

Question 46

Mr. Smee or LeFou?

Now it is time to look at a few henchmen who probably could have avoided being viewed as villains, had they aligned themselves with better allies. Mr. Smee was a henchman for Captain Hook. Even though Hook treated him poorly, Mr. Smee refused to leave the side of his captain. LeFou idealized Gaston. Thinking size and beauty were the most important things in life, he could have avoided a lot of trouble had he realized Gaston was nothing more than an overgrown child.

Question 47

Nala or Nani?

Neither of these ladies were main characters, but they both played very important roles in their films. Nala was of course, the love interest of lion cub Simba. Growing up they had been the best of friends, and she was the one who found him and convinced him to return to Pride Rock. Nani was the older sister and guardian of Lilo. After the girls lost their parents, Nani stepped up and started worked very hard to support the household. Who to pick?

Question 48

Little John or Baloo?

It is the battle of the bears over here! Both of these bears were in fact rather wise. Little John was maybe not the brightest character overall, but he was always around to lend helpful advice to Robin Hood whenever he needed it. Baloo did not know too much about the human world, but once he had taken young Mowgli under his paw, he taught him everything there is to know about a bear's way of life. Who do we like more?

Question 49

Rex or Mr. Potato Head?

Now here is a question we know will be difficult for some to answer. Both of these characters belong to the same film franchise. They have both been in every Toy Story film thus far, and they have played some pretty important roles throughout their many adventures. Rex was never the bravest toy of the bunch, but he was some much-needed muscle for the gang. Mr. Potato Head was a sarcastic toy, but one heck of a husband and father.

Question 50

John Smith or Flynn Rider?

Both of these men started off somewhat as villains, but they both managed to turn things around before the end of their films. John Smith arrived on Pocahontas's land with the intent of mining it for gold. However, once Pocahontas explained the dangers of this could cause, he rightfully backed down from the job. Flynn Rider was very much a criminal, but he did change his ways after meeting Rapunzel and discovering there was some good left in the world. Thoughts?

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