Pick The Better Baby Name And We'll Show You The Baby's Celeb Look-Alike!

Does anyone have babies on the brain? Whether we are already a parent, planning to be one soon, or just like the idea of babies in general, looking into baby names is always a fun way to pass the time. Looking at where these names actually come from and what they mean can even be a hobby well-suited to people who truly enjoy learning about history. All of that being said, who's ready to do a bit of digging into some popular baby name options?

In this quiz, we will be pitting two names against each other in each question. Everyone is free to select the name they think is best. We will give some interesting history and background facts about some names, but we will also link some of them to popular celebrities with the same name! In this quiz, there are no wrong answers, just good times to be had by all! Once everyone has picked their favorite names, we will let everyone know their future baby's celebrity look-alike! Not only will picking the names be fun, but we have also included some downright adorable baby pictures. How could a quiz get any better, right?

Question 1

Sansa or Arya?

Okay, so some of you may have already caught on, but these happen to be two pretty big names from the series Game of Thrones. While it may not be everyone's style to name their baby after a fictional character, both of these names have actually spiked in popularity in recent years. Considering the strong female characters these names belong to, it isn't too hard to understand that thought behind picking either of them! Which one are we leaning towards?

Question 2

Liam or Chris?

Here we have two rather mighty boy names. We use the term "mighty", because it is hard not to think about the Hemsworth brothers while looking at these two names side by side. While both of these names have been popular for much longer than either of the brothers have actually been alive, we do have to assume some Marvel fans have taken a recent liking to the name Chris. Liam on the other hand, would be an excellent choice for any future surfers!

Question 3

Naomi or Tyra?

Here we have a couple of names that would be perfectly suited to any baby girls who plan on one day being the next supermodel of the world! Not only have Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks rocked the runways for years, but they have both turned their names into household ones by becoming excellent business women as well. What could be a more unstoppable combo than being beautiful and brilliant? Which of these names do we like more? Pick one!

Question 4

Connor or Aaron?

Here we have a couple of the most popular baby boy names from the last decade. These days, the name Connor is pretty easily associated with UFC Champion Conor McGregor. However, the name is actually a very old Irish one that means "love of hounds". Aaron on the other hand, maybe has less of a celebrity ring to it, though the name itself when translated from its Hebrew roots does mean "enlightened". That would not be such a bad choice!

Question 5

Megan or Allison?

These are some pretty classic girls names, though both of them do come with a variety of different spelling options. For this question, everyone can just go with the spelling they would prefer. When thinking famous people with these names, two happen to stand out. There is no denying that Megan Fox is one gorgeous starlet. Then, we have Allison Janney. She may not be the looker Megan Fox is, but she is one of the most talented actresses of her generation!

Question 6

James or Nicholas?

Both of these names have very classic nicknames that come along with them. James is interesting, because we can choose to go by "James", "Jim", or even "Jimmy". While some with the name Nicholas may choose to use the full version, many do trim it down to just "Nick". There is no shortage of celebs with these names either. What would the cinema world even be without James Cameron? Then again, watching Nick Jonas make his comeback has been pretty awesome!

Question 7

Piper or Willow?

Neither of these is a super traditional name, but sometimes picking something unique just suits our style more! For any avid TV watchers out there, these names may actually hold some pretty big significance. Anyone with a Netflix subscription would most likely think Piper Chapman right away. While Piper may not be everyone's favorite character, we do know of a TV Willow that many will always love. We are, of course, referring to Mrs. Willow Rosenberg, the witchy best friend of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Question 8

Ryan or Philip?

The name Ryan has been a popular one for many generations now. Not only has there been a ton of really successful men in Hollywood with the name, but when translated, the name means "little king". Not very hard to see why it is such a popular option. Philip on the other hand, would be a name well suited for a little future animal lover. When taken from its Greek background, the name means "fond of horses". Which to pick?

Question 9

Quinn or Ariana?

While the name Quinn has been used for both boys and girls in the past, in this quiz, we are talking about it as a girls name only. The name has a rich Irish history and when translated means "wisdom" and "intelligence". Now looking at Ariana. Let's be honest with this one, it is almost impossible to not think Ariana Grande when saying the name out loud. That girl is one talented singer, not to mention all kinds of adorable! Pick a name!

Question 10

Thomas or Hunter?

The name Hunter has in recent years actually become a very popular option for baby girls, though we will be talking about it as a baby boy option in this quiz. The name was once traditionally given to sons of known hunters (not too much guesswork needed there). When thinking about the classic name Thomas, we do not need to look too far to find a few talented folks with the name. Anyone here a big Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise fan?

Question 11

Crystal or Ruby?

Things are getting very sparkly over here in this question! Both of these names represent beauty in a very obvious way. The name Crystal typically makes people think of all things shiny. This could be an excellent choice for a baby born with beautiful sparkling eyes. Ruby very clearly comes from the name of the precious red stone. It is a deep red and a very romantic color indeed! Which of these two names would we pick for our baby girl?

Question 12

Nathan or Anthony?

While Nathan these days is simply just a nice sounding name for a little baby boy, it was once a name with heavy religious ties. When translated from its Hebrew roots, the name means "gift". The name Anthony is pretty obviously a popular one when it comes to Italian families, though many have simply selected the name because they like the way it sounds. When looking at its Roman background, the name can be translated to "highly praiseworthy". Pick one!

Question 13

Kendall or Kylie?

Sorry guys, we just had to do it! We won't make everyone choose between all of the famous "K" names we have the Kardashian clan to thank for, but we will be asking for everyone to choose between these two popular Jenner sibling names. Not only do both of these names belong to a couple of the most famous women out there right now, but they are also the names used to represent their trendy clothing line as well. Which to pick?

Question 14

Caleb or Charles?

Switching over to a couple of "C" names for a moment, let's give these two boy names a look! Caleb is a fun name, that is short enough to not really need a nickname. While it did dip in popularity a while back, these days it does seem to be making a comeback. The name Charles has never really gone out of stye. This could be due to the fact that it is just such a versatile name in general.

Question 15

Veronica or Betty?

Do we have any Riverdale fans in the house here today? While the original Archie comic books may have lead to a spike in the popularity of these names years back, who knows what this trendy new Netflix series is going to do for them. When looking at the old school comics, we basically have Veronica representing the brunettes, and Betty representing the blondes. When it comes to the show though, both Betty and Veronica have some pretty strong personalities. Thoughts?

Question 16

Stefan or Damon?

While we would not wish the life of a vampire on any baby, anyone who grows up looking like either of the Salvatore brothers is pretty much going to be set. For those unfamiliar, both of these names belong to a couple of vampire brothers from the show The Vampire Diaries. Stefan is the more subdued brother, always thinking and brooding. Damon on the other hand, is outgoing and always looking to have a good time. Which are we picking?

Question 17

Natalie or Giselle?

While there are a ton of famous people named Natalie floating around out there, we wonder how many of them know the actual meaning behind their name. When translated, the name can mean either "birthday" or "Christmas". This could mean some extra special celebrations for the baby! When it comes to the name Giselle, most minds tend to go right to famous supermodel Gisele Bündchen. The girl is quite a catch, so why not use her for baby name inspiration?

Question 18

Greyson or Eli?

The name Greyson is more popular now than it has been in quite some time. It is not the most commonly heard name, so we can see why parents are now choosing it for their own little bundles. The name Eli is also one that is not heard all that frequently. However, the name does hold quite an impressive meaning. When taking it from its Hebrew origin, the name means "ascended" or "my God". Just don't let that go to the little one's head!

Question 19

Ivy or Angelina?

The name Ivy is very simple and sweet. Obviously, the name comes from the evergreen climbing plant, though some may not know that this plant actually symbolizes faithfulness. The name Angelina is certainly less floral than the name Ivy, though actress Angelina Jolie has made sure that the name does bring beauty to mind when thinking about it. Looking at both of these baby girl names, which sounds more like one we would actually choose for our own baby? Pick one!

Question 20

Dylan or Luke?

Both of these baby boy names are great choices. They are short and sweet, yet still strong sounding. We do not know if anyone here remembers, but back in the day, young Dylan Sprouse was playing on just about every television channel available. Does everyone remember Ross Geller's baby Ben from the show Friends? The name Luke has belonged to some talented actors as well. It would be tough to forget Luke Wilson or Luke Perry. Which name are we picking?

Question 21

Rachel or Catherine?

It is no secret that both of these names are quite classic. While Rachel is most commonly spelled this way, the name Catherine does have quite a few different spelling options available. Any version of the name will work here! If we are to look at celebrities with these names, there are tons on both sides. Rachel McAdams and Rachel Bilson are both huge names in Hollywood. Then, we have the long list of Catherines as well. Any Katherine Hepburn fans?

Question 22

John or Peter?

In this question, we are actually talking about the name John as is. We know that many with the name have shortened it from Jonathan, but a lot of parents have recently started giving their babies the shortened version right off the bat. There is quite a bit of Hollywood inspiration we can pull for both of these names. Jon Hamm and John Travolta are both extremely talented actors. For the name Peter, we have to look towards Game of Thrones fan-favorite, Peter Dinklage.

Question 23

Josie or Vanessa?

The name Josie is not as commonly used as the name Vanessa is, though there is something very adorable about the baby name. It may not be everyone, but we are sure some find it tough to not think Josie and the Pussycats when looking at the name. The name Vanessa has been so popular for so long, that we bet most people here know at least a couple of them! If not, maybe starlets Vanessa Hudgens or Vanessa Marano could help sell the name?

Question 24

Andrew or Robert?

Both of these names have been used by parents all around the world for their baby boys. While they both have their own history and backgrounds, we are going to look at them from a Marvel standpoint. Andrew Garfield was the second Spider-Man we got. He may not have been everyone's favorite, but the boy is very handsome! Then, of course, we have Robert Downey Jr.. Robert is the only Iron Man we have ever had, and we know he's got some loyal fans out there.

Question 25

Anna or Rebecca?

Anna is a pretty traditional name selection for a baby girl. Its Hebrew translation is "grace", which is very appropriate for any sweet little baby girl. We also cannot overlook the fact that we have a ton of Hollywood talent with the name. Anna Kendrick, Anna Faris, Anna Paquin, the list just goes on! Rebecca is clearly a longer name, though the nickname "Becca" has a pretty adorable ring to it, doesn't it? Which of these names are we picking?

Question 26

Jackson or Leo?

Anyone who is a big time movie fan, will probably have a hard time separating the name Jackson from the recent remake of the film A Star is Born. While the Jackson in the film was a handsome and famous singer, his story was not one we would pick for any baby. Leo on the other hand, has a very strong Hollywood connection as well. However, it comes directly from everyone's favorite frontman Leonardo Dicaprio. Which name are we picking?

Question 27

Sabrina or Melissa?

Here we have a couple of magical baby girl names. Why so magical some may ask? Let us explain! Sabrina the Teenage Witch was a crazy popular television series from the 90s. The show was obviously about a young witch named Sabrina. However, the actress who played the role for 7 seasons, was named Melissa Joan Hart. We think given this kind of history, both names would be totally bewitching for any baby girl! Which one would we pick for our baby?

Question 28

Cooper or Jason?

For many years, Cooper was only used as a family name, though recently many have taken a liking to using it as a first name for baby boys. In fact, some have even selected it for baby girls, though in this question we are looking at it exclusively for boys. Jason is not a new name to the party. Many have been choosing the name Jason for ages, and with men like Jason Momoa and Jason Statham around, we can see why!

Question 29

Selena or Rosalie?

While Selena does have a lot of Spanish roots, the name is believed to have actually come from a Greek background. When taking the name from its Greek origin, it means "the moon". Perfect for any baby girl who likes to stay up all night! Rosalie is a fairly original option. While there have been plenty with the name in the past, many do choose to go by "Rose", instead of the actual full version of the name. Which to pick?

Question 30

Roman or Kevin?

Here we have a popular name up against a name that is not used all that often. The name Roman is very simple and easy for a little one to learn, which matches perfectly to its simplistic meaning. When looking at the Latin origin of the name, is basically means "Man of Rome". Straight to the point! Kevin though, is quite a popular name and always has been. The name has an Irish history and means "handsome". A great choice for any little heartbreaker!

Question 31

Hope or Faith?

We are thinking a few probably already have a good idea where we are going with this one. Both of these names on their own are popular, and actually quite pretty for any baby girl out there. However, when looking at them side by side like this, it brings us right back to the good old ABC sitcom Hope & Faith. Does anyone here happen to be a big fan of Kelly Ripa? Which of these names would we choose?

Question 32

Chase or Zach?

While once upon a time, the name Chase was only a family name, as of the mid 90s, it has actually made its way onto the list of 100 most popular first names for a baby boy! Not too shabby! The name Zach actually has many versions, all of which happen to be quite popular. While we cannot know for sure, we are thinking handsome actor Zac Efron may have lead to his spelling of the name being more popular than the others.

Question 33

Blake or Jennifer?

For a very long time, Blake was a name reserved for dark-haired little boys. However, these days the name is equally as popular for girls as it is for boys. Obviously, with Blake Lively around, the whole dark-haired thing is no longer all that important. Jennifer is a name that has been around for longer than anyone would even be able to guess. Not only do many of us know a Jennifer or two, but Hollywood is simply chock full of em'!

Question 34

Tyler or Miles?

While the name Tyler is simply just a popular baby name these days, its original meaning may actually make a few people laugh. It seems that back in the day, people were not all that creative with the meanings behind given first names. Tyler comes from an English background, and literally means "maker of tiles". The more you know! Miles is also originally an English name, but the meaning is a bit more stoic. The name means "soldier" or "merciful".

Question 35

Isabelle or Kate?

Isabelle is actually a ton of names all squeezed into one! For any parents who have a hard time picking just one name, this could be an excellent choice! Isabelle comes from the name Elizabeth and can also be changed into Isabella, or shortened down to either "Belle" or "Bella". Kate though, is too short to play around with too much. That being said, there are a ton of Hollywood beauties with the name. Kate Winslet, Kate Beckinsale and even Kate Upton.

Question 36

Vincent or Cole?

The name Vincent is a great one for any parents looking for a name that can be easily nicknamed. "Vinny" or "Vince" are both super cute shortened versions of the name! Cole is a bit more of a commitment. While it would not exactly be easy to shorten it down any further, anyone who happens to big a big fan of Jughead Jones from the series Riverdale, may like the name as is anyway! Which name suits us the best?

Question 37

Adelaide or Charlotte?

Both of these names are fairly old school, yet they both still seem to fit modern baby girls perfectly! Adelaide is commonly known as a French name, though we can find people with the name all over the world. The French meaning for it is "noble". Then looking over at Charlotte, the name actually comes from the masculine name Charles. The name itself means "free". Between these two baby girl names, which would we be more inclined to choose? We can only pick one!

Question 38

Tristan or Ryder?

The meanings of both these names are a tad bit comical. While Tristan was originally a French name, its meaning is "tumult", which basically means a loud or confused noise. Not sure how that one came about. Ryder on the other hand, has a much more obvious meaning. The English name once meant "rider" or "mounter soldier". Do we have any big time Dothraki fans here? Because that name would be an excellent choice! Which are we choosing for our baby boy?

Question 39

Aurora or Jasmine?

While we are certain both of these names have rich real-life histories, how can we not look into the fact these names both belong to some of our favorite Disney Princesses fo all time? Aurora was the actual name of Sleeping Beauty. Anyone have a baby who is an excellent sleeper? Then we have Jasmine. Not only did she stand up for the life she wanted, but the girl had an awesome pet tiger! Which of these names are we picking?

Question 40

Justin or Max?

While the name Justin is just a simple name on its own, the name Max is actually the shortened version of either Maximilian or Maxwell. When looking at the name Maximilian, the meaning is "greatest". Turning over to the name Justin, it does actually have quite a few religious connections. However, to be more modern about it, hows does everyone feel about singers Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake? We can only pick one of these names, which will it be?

Question 41

Stephanie or Sophie?

Here we have a couple of slightly similar baby girl names. When they are kept in their full versions, the names do not sound all that much alike. However, when we use the popular shortened versions "Steph" and "Soph", the similarity does become quite clear. Over the years, Stephanie has been a more popular choice, but we are thinking actress Sophie Turner may be just the ticket to turning the tables on this pairing! Which name would we choose for our baby?

Question 42

Eric or Kristoff?

Clearly we are looking at two very different names here. However, any big-time Disney fans would automatically understand the pairing. Eric was the prince in the film The Little Mermaid. He was an easy to like character, because of his flute playing and dog loving personality. Kristoff on the other hand, was the leading man from the film Frozen. Who doesn't love a man with a pet reindeer, right? Which of these handsome Disney names are we picking today?

Question 43

Paris or Nicole?

Alright ladies, we are sure everyone has considered this question before. While we may not like the idea of naming our child after either Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie, we really only have to select which name we like better in this question. We do not need to look too far to find where the name Paris comes from, but the name Nicole is actually from Greek origins which some may not be aware of. Pick out the better name!

Question 44

Calvin or Brody?

Here we have a couple of names that have slowly been creeping up the list of most popular baby boy names. While there are always a ton of factors that go into a name's increase in popularity, some may be surprised over just how much celebrity names actually influence this kind of thing. Calvin Harris has been a popular D.J for years now, while Brody Jenner is no doubt the most popular son of Bruce Jenner. Which name are we selecting?

Question 45

Phoebe or Monica?

Okay Friends fans, this one's for you! Here we have the names of two leading ladies from the massively popular sitcom. Phoebe was known for being quirky and weird in all the right ways, plus she also had a lot of musical interest. Then we have Monica. Not only was she a super talented chef, but man did that girl know how to keep a room clean! Looking at these two names, which one would we actually pick for our baby?

Question 46

Jonah or Michael?

It is no secret that both of these names have some pretty heavy ties to the bible, though religion was not exactly what we were thinking when we put these two names up against each other. Both of these names belonged to the main stars of the film Superbad. Both actors are widely known for their acting chops and comical abilities. Both would make for great inspiration when it comes to selecting a name for a baby boy! Which do we like more?

Question 47

Amanda or Laura?

While both of these names hold their own in terms of popularity, having to choose between such classic options can be a bit difficult. To help everyone out, we will link both of these names to some pretty awesome celebrities. The name Amanda belongs to Hollywood starlets like Amanda Seyfried and Amanda Peet. Then we have the name Laura, which links to some legends like Laura Dern and Laura Prepon. Did that help anyone with their decision? We can only pick one!

Question 48

Finn or Bradley?

While the name Bradley does have way more pull around Hollywood than the name Finn does, when looking back through Irish history books, the name Finn will be found way more frequently than Bradley. In terms of famous Bradleys, we do have quite a few currently. Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt have been dominating the movie scene for quite some time now. Then again, where would country music be without Brad Paisley, right? Which of these two names sounds the best?

Question 49

Emma or Millie?

The world has no shortage of famous people named Emma right now. While there are never any guarantees, it does seem like the right time to choose the name Emma if we wish to see our baby girl grow up to be an actress. Emma Stone and Emma Watson are both excellent role models! When it comes to the name Millie, we only have one celeb in mind, but we think she is far more than enough. Millie Bobby Brown is well on her way to becoming a huge star!

Question 50

Dean or Kyle?

Over the years, we have known countless celebrities with both of these names. Starting with Dean, it would be really tough to overlook Dean Martin, though even James Dean does come to mind when considering the option. Switching gears over to the name Kyle, any fans of Friday Night Lights will surely remember Kyle Chandler, one of the leads from the series. Looking at these two names, which of them stands out to us more? We can only pick one!

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