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Stephenie Meyer's internationally successful The Twilight Saga began as a series of four books, which were released annually between 2005 and 2008. The books in the series have won numerous awards, including the Britain's Children's Book of the Year in 2008, given to Breaking Dawn, and the 2009 Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Book, given to the series as a whole. As of November 2011, the series had collectively sold over 120 million copies and been translated into nearly 40 different languages. It's a record-breaking series that has enjoyed over 200 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list in the Children's Series Books section.

The first film in the series, Twilight, underwent three years of development at Paramount Pictures, and the initial script was vastly different from the source material. However, the rights were bought out by Summit Entertainment, and the film adaptation was reworked from the ground up by Melissa Rosenberg, staying faithful to the source material.

That proved to be a good idea, because the first Twilight movie internationally grossed over US$350 million, and it was the best-selling DVD of 2009 when it was released a year later. From there, it spawned into a series of feature-length films: New Moon (2009) and Eclipse (2010) were adaptations of the second and third novel. The fourth novel, Breaking Dawn, was broken up into Breaking Dawn: Part One (2011) and Breaking Dawn: Part Two (2012) with the first film ending on a cliffhanger as Bella begins her new life as a vampire.

Over its decade of existence, the Twilight series has built up a loyal, loving fanbase, whether they're into the movies or the books, and most of those people have a pretty strong opinion about which characters they consider to be the best.

Question 1

What about Bella Swan?

Bella is a teenage girl who moved back to Forks, Washington to live with her father, in order to give her mother the freedom to travel with her new stepfather - which is unfortunate, because she prefers warm, sunny climates over rainy, dreary ones. She's an awkward, clumsy girl that loves to read classic literature.

Question 2

What about Edward Cullen?

In 1918, Edward was the first person to be turned by Carlisle Cullen, making him the first official member of his coven. The two of them developed a father-son bond and Edward took on Carlisle's last name, as well as his vegetarian lifestyle, though he briefly rebelled as a vigilante. He developed powerful telepathic abilities that allowed him to read the minds of others.

Question 3

What about Jacob Black?

Jacob Black is a young member of the Quileute tribe that eventually discovers that he and the other young members of his tribe are shapeshifters - though they are better known as werewolves. He's a loyal, passionate person who took on responsibility for his ailing father after his elder twin sisters left for college.

Question 4

What about Renesmee Cullen?

Renesmee is the daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen. Her name comes from a combination of her parents' mothers' names, Esme and Renée. She is a hybrid, half-vampire and half-human, because she was conceived before her mother was turned, and she is the first of her kind. She ages rapidly from the moment of her birth, and possesses the unique ability to share her thoughts through touch, regardless of any mental defenses.

Question 5

What about Charlie Swan?

Charlie Swan is the chief of police in his small town of Forks, Washington. He's the father of Bella Swan and the ex-husband of Renée Dwyer. Until his teenage daughter moves in with him, he's a single man living a quiet lifestyle that follows the same routine each day. Once she moves in, he shows himself to be a protective, somewhat awkward but overall well-meaning man.

Question 6

What about Renée Dwyer?

Renée Dwyer is the ex-wife of Charlie Swan and the mother of Bella Swan. Since leaving Charlie and Forks behind, she has lived in numerous bright, sunny places like California and Arizona, and even gotten remarried to a professional baseball player named Phil Dwyer. She's a somewhat unreliable person that's always left a lot of responsibilities to Bella, including basic household chores, which has made her daughter feel like she's more like the mother out of the two.

Question 7

What about Carlisle Cullen?

Carlisle Cullen was turned in the 16th century when he was 23 years old. The strong sense of compassion that he possessed during his human life manifested itself in the form of a special ability that granted him exceptional self control, allowing him to live a vegetarian lifestyle where he abstained from feeding off of humans. He will only turn those that he believes truly deserve a second chance.

Question 8

What about Esme Cullen?

Esme was once married to an aggressive man named Charles Evenson, but she left him upon discovering that she was pregnant. She briefly fulfilled her dream of working as a school teacher before she gave birth to a son. Unfortunately, he only survived for two days. Her grief drove her to attempt to take her own life but after an unsuccessful attempt, she encountered Carlisle Cullen instead, who turned her into a vampire. She's a gentle, compassionate, maternal, and fiercely protective woman.

Question 9

What about Jasper Hale?

Jasper once worked alongside a fearsome female vampire named Maria to erect a powerful army of newborns, in order to take control of their local feeding grounds in Texas. However, his special ability made him sensitive to the emotions of others, and he was eventually unable to handle the brutality of his lifestyle, forcing him to flee instead. He met Alice, the love of his life, and the two eventually found their way to the Cullen family, where he began to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, though he frequently struggles to maintain it.

Question 10

What about Alice Cullen?

Alice lost her mother when she was still young, leaving her and her sister in the care of their father. She was capable of experiencing small premonitions even when she was human, which caused her to learn the truth of what her father did to her mother, and resulted in them having her institutionalized. Eventually, she was turned by an unknown vampire in order to avoid the powerful tracker James, and her premonitions formed into clairvoyance. She eventually found her way to the Cullen family along with her mate, Jasper.

Question 11

What about Emmett Cullen?

Emmett was one of many children born in Memphis, Tennessee. He was a loyal, family-oriented person that worked at the railroad alongside his brothers in order to support the family financially, in addition to providing them with meat by hunting. During a hunting trip, he was attacked by a bear, and would've met his end if not for Rosalie, who carried him back to Carlisle Cullen and saved his life. He joined with the Cullen family and developed supernatural strength as his special ability.

Question 12

What about Rosalie Hale?

Rosalie was a beautiful girl whose wealthy family prevented her from ever experiencing the effects of the Great Depression in the early 1900s. When she was 18, her fiance, Royce King II, attacked her with a group of men and nearly ended her life, but Carlisle discovered her and turned her instead. She is a vivacious, hypnotically beautiful vampire that enjoys being the center of attention and the subject of envy whenever she can.

Question 13

What about Billy Black?

Billy Black is a member of the Quileute tribal council, having inherited his position from his grandfather, Ephraim Black. He has lived in La Push for his entire life, and has always known about the tribe's ability to shapeshift, although it never affected him personally due to a lack of vampiric presence in his youth. He is the father of Jacob Black and his two twin sisters, Rachel and Rebecca, and possibly even Embry Call. He is a wise, charismatic man.

Question 14

What about Leah Clearwater?

Leah Clearwater is the first known female shapeshifter in the history of the Quileute tribe. She's incredibly loyal and fiercely overprotective of her younger brother, Seth, though sometimes these qualities are outshone by her short temper and tendency to use the pack's mental connection to remind everyone of her misery. She was left bitter and brokenhearted by her high school boyfriend, first love, and alpha, Sam Uley, when he imprinted on her cousin and best friend at the time, Emily Young.

Question 15

What about Seth Clearwater?

Though he's one of the youngest members of the Quileute tribe to change, Seth Clearwater is the third most developed shapeshifter, placing after Jacob Black and his older sister, Leah. He enjoys his powers a lot more than most of the other shape-shifters. He's somewhat immature, which is to be expected because of his age, and he can become very stubborn and independent when he feels that something is worth the fight. However, he's also an intrinsically kind young man with a pure heart who is very loyal, trusting, and sincere.

Question 16

What about Sam Uley?

Sam Uley is a member of the Quileute tribe. He was the first member of his generation of shape-shifters to undergo the phasing process, and he wound up as the Alpha of his own pack because of it. He was raised by a single mother which left him deeply bitter about his father's absence, something that he's sensitive about. Prior to changing, he was in a relationship with a future member of his pack, Leah Clearwater, but after his transformation, he didn't imprint on her. Instead, he imprinted on her cousin, Emily Young, and the two are now engaged.

Question 17

What about Embry Call?

Embry Call is the son of Tiffany Call, a woman from the Makah tribe, who arrived in La Push when she was already pregnant. Most assumed that his father was also a member of the Makah tribe, but when Embry was sixteen years old, he phased into a shape-shifter, indicating that his father was actually an unknown member of the Quileute tribe. He is rather quiet and reserved but he is also a deeply loving, caring person who holds his friendships in high regard.

Question 18

What about Paul Lahote?

Paul Lahote is one of the shape-shifters from the Quileute tribe, the third person out of their generation to phase. Though he's fun-loving and excitable, he has always been a temperamental, volatile young man who is prone to having emotional outbursts, particularly when he is angry. After he phases, his angry outbursts cause him to shift uncontrollably into his wolf form, making him dangerous to be around, until he imprints on Rachel Black, which centers him and gives him the ability to restrain himself.

Question 19

What about Quil Ateara V?

Cheerful and laidback, Quil Ateara V was the last one out of his group of friends to phase into a shape-shifter, which left him feeling abandoned because they all pulled away from him to spend more time alone together. When he phased, he was excited, partially because he finally understood what had been going on with his friends and because he got to spend time with them again, and also because he enjoys being a wolf.

Question 20

What about Emily Young?

Emily Young comes from the Makah tribe, but because her mother comes from the Quileute tribe, she has been well-informed about the legends of their shape-shifting powers, though she always dismissed them. She is as close as sisters with her cousin Leah Clearwater - or at least she was until her boyfriend, Sam Uley, imprinted on her during one of her visits to La Push. She tried to resist him, but was unable to do so, and the two are now engaged. She is a caring, strong-willed, loyal person who willingly becomes a caretaker for Sam and the members of his pack.

Question 21

What about Eric Yorkie?

Eric Yorkie is a human student at Forks High School. Though he's a little geeky, he's a friendly, outgoing person who's passionate about his studies and excels academically. Some things about him vary between the books and the movies; for example, in the books, he's the valedictorian of his graduating class instead of Jessica Stanley.

Question 22

What about Angela Weber?

Angela Weber is a human student at Forks High School. She is a shy but genuinely sweet person who spends a lot of time with her younger brothers, Joshua and Isaac, who are twins. She prefers to spend her time doing indoor activities, and in the movies, she serves as the photographer for the school newspaper.

Question 23

What about Mike Newton?

Michael Newton, known as Mike, spent the first ten years of his life living in Sacramento, California before his family moved to Forks, Washington. His family owns a sporting goods store called Newton's Olympic Outfitters, where he works part-time. He's a loyal, athletic man who's squeamish and a bit dense when it comes to picking up on social cues.

Question 24

What about Jessica Stanley?

Jessica Stanley is a popular human student at Forks High School. Though she acts friendly and positive, she's actually a jealous, insecure person. She is a very talkative girl who loves gossiping about others and sharing information about herself. In the movies, she was the valedictorian of her graduating class.

Question 25

What about Tyler Crowley?

Tyler Crowley is a human student at Forks High School. He is responsible for nearly taking the life of Bella Swan when he drives his van through their school's icy parking lot and ends up losing control of it. He's an athletic, headstrong person with a vibrant sense of humor that makes him fairly popular among the other students in his class.

Question 26

What about James?

Born in the United States in 1780, James was taught from a young age by his father, a trapper, to efficiently track and trap animals. He lost both of his parents when he was just shy of eleven but adapted to life on his own using his survival skills. When he became a vampire, he developed a sixth sense in the form of an enhanced tracking ability, and he used it to turn hunting for prey into a macabre game.

Question 27

What about Laurent?

Laurent is a centuries old vampire who was born into an aristocratic French family in the early 1700s. Throughout his human life, he was an ambitious man who was drawn to people in positions of power, with a tendency to latch onto the most important person in a group. After he was turned in the 1740s, he struggled to find a place to belong, shifting between covens and even being turned away by the Volturi before he found his way to James' nomadic coven.

Question 28

What about Victoria?

Victoria is a mysterious, radiantly beautiful female vampire who hides her ruthless, aggressive side beneath her elegance. She is a charismatic woman who is capable of disarming people and bending them to her will by using her allure to her advantage, making her a skilled manipulator who often gets her way. She will stop at nothing to protect herself and exact revenge on those who have wronged her.

Question 29

What about Riley Biers?

Riley Biers was the first member of Victoria's army of newborn vampires. Though she made him believe that she loved him, and he genuinely loved her, she was only using him as a pawn in her grand scheme to avenge her mate, James, who lost his life at the hands of the Cullens. He is a loyal, devoted, but unfortunately gullible young man, with an aggressive temperament and a charismatic streak that made him a skilled manipulator.

Question 30

What about Bree Tanner?

Bree Tanner was a sixteen year old runaway who fled to Seattle from Nevada. Without money or any job prospects, she was forced to sleep in public places and steal food and books for herself. She was eventually turned into a vampire by Victoria as part of her newborn army, but she was unhappy there, especially because of the aggressiveness of her peers. She was a mature, level-headed girl with a lot of self control who enjoyed reading.

Question 31

What about Carmen?

Carmen is a kindhearted, compassionate woman who came from 17th century Spain. At some point, she encountered and fell in love with Eleazar, a guard for the Volturi, but she struggled to accept the things that he had to do for them. Luckily for her, he chose to leave the coven. The two of them traveled together for quite some time, seeking a peaceful life, and eventually found their way to the Denali coven, where they became vegetarians.

Question 32

What about Eleazar?

Eleazar was once a member of the Volturi guard, where he used his power to sense the special abilities of others to detect potential threats and bring others with useful powers into the coven. He was a gentle, compassionate person, which meant that he was uneasy with the Volturi's methods, but it wasn't until he met his mate, Carmen, that he finally gathered the courage to leave. Together, they roamed for a while before they eventually joined the Denali coven and took up a vegetarian lifestyle.

Question 33

What about Garrett?

When Garrett is introduced, he is not a vegetarian, but he ends up joining the Denali coven as Kate's mate, which implies that he's willing to adapt to the lifestyle. He's a friendly, easy going man who's easy to get along with, but he's also got a bit of a temper and enjoys the thrill of a fight.

Question 34

What about Irina?

Irina was a member of the Denali coven along with her sisters Tanya and Kate. The three of them were the root of the myth of the succubus, a female demon that feeds off of human men by using her attractiveness against him, but they eventually began to form attachments to the men they fed off of, which inspired them to declare themselves vegetarians.

Question 35

What about Kate?

Kate is one of the three original members of the Denali coven along with her sisters, Tanya and Irina. She's a laid back, easy going person who doesn't show fear in the face of danger, even if it means that she's risking losing her own life. She possesses the power of psychic electrokinesis, which grants her the ability to cause a jolt of electricity-like pain in another person simply by touching them.

Question 36

What about Tanya?

Tanya is the third of the original Denali sisters and as the oldest, she is the leader of their coven. She has a sense of extraordinary emotional strength and often hides her true feelings, managing to keep herself from crying out or showing distress even when she is deeply hurt.

Question 37

What about Aro?

Aro is one of the three leaders of the most dominant vampire coven, the Volturi, but he is widely considered to be the true leader. He has the ability of tactile telepathy which means that with a single touch, he is able to see the thoughts and memories of another. He is a surprisingly cheerful, polite person, but this attractive disposition covers a calculating, manipulative, and power hungry side.

Question 38

What about Marcus?

Marcus is one of the three leaders of the Volturi coven. His special ability is relationship identification, which allows him to immediately understand the emotional ties that exist between others, and the depth of them. The loss of his mate, Didyme, pushed him into apathy and he handles even the most brutal of things in a calloused, bored manner.

Question 39

What about Caius?

Caius is one of the three leaders of the Volturi coven. In the movies, he is the youngest of the three, appearing to be in his young adult years. He's an ambitious man with a deeply mean streak, who does not believe in giving second chances or showing mercy under any circumstances. He pushes to use aggressive solutions to even the simplest of problems.

Question 40

What about Alec?

Alec is one of the highest ranking members of the Volturi guard, serving alongside his twin sister, Jane. The two of them are the Volturi's most powerful weapons because of their special abilities. Alec is capable of sensory deprivation, granting him the ability to cut off the senses of others, even multiple targets at once. He has a calm, confident air about him.

Question 41

What about Jane?

Jane serves the Volturi coven as one of their highest ranking guards alongside her twin brother, Alex. She is one of their most powerful weapons because she holds the power of pain illusion, which grants her the ability to use mind control to inflict limitless pain upon her targets. She is a vengeful person who enjoys using her powers against others.

Question 42

What about Felix?

Felix is a high-ranking member of the Volturi guard. His vampiric gift is that of superior strength which makes him a valuable asset to the Volturi because of his excellent combat skills. He is confident and flirtatious with a tendency to approach things in a lighthearted manner, though he does maintain the vicious streak required for living among the Volturi.

Question 43

What about Senna?

Senna is a female vampire who is a member of the Amazon coven. Her coven resides in the rainforests of South America and rarely comes into contact with other vampires. Even contact with humans is limited to hunting for prey. She is a quiet, reserved woman who generally chooses to stick closely to her own.

Question 44

What about Zafrina?

Zafrina is a member of the Amazon coven along with her two best friends, Senna and Kachiri. She was turned into a vampire by Kachiri, and adapted the special ability to create vivid illusions. She is the more outspoken member of her tribe, though she is not their leader, and is kind, compassionate person.

Question 45

What about Kebi?

Kebi is a member of the Egyptian coven where she is the mate of their leader, Amun. She stays very close to his side and is very loyal to him, often shown to obey his commands without questioning them. She is a quiet, reserved woman who tends to keep her thoughts and feelings to herself.

Question 46

What about Tia?

Tia is a member of the Egyptian coven. She is the mate of Benjamin, the vampire who is responsible for turning her, and the two of them have been in love since they were humans. Though she rarely speaks, her words are greatly insightful and intelligent when they are shared. She has a strong sense of morals and values honesty, though she will brush them aside to keep Benjamin safe.

Question 47

What about Benjamin?

Benjamin is a member of the Egyptian coven along with his mate, Tia. He has a confident air about him and though he is part of a coven, he maintains himself as an independent thinker who makes decisions for himself. He has a strong sense of morals and a deep understanding of the difference between right and wrong.

Question 48

What about Amun?

Amun is the leader of the Egyptian coven, and one of the oldest vampires in existence. He is a paranoid, distrusting man who speaks his mind. After having members of his coven stolen by the Volturi, he has become very possessive of them, particularly Benjamin. He is willing to switch sides at any point during a battle to maintain his own safety.

Question 49

What about Vladimir?

Vladimir is one of the founding members of the Romanian coven, which was once the most powerful coven in all of the world before they were overturned by the Volturi, their enemy clan. He is a cunning and ambitious young man, especially when it comes to getting revenge against the Volturi.

Question 50

What about Stefan?

Stefan is one of the founding members of the Romanian coven and one of the only two members to survive after they were pushed from power by the Volturi. He is incredibly close to his coven mate, Vladimir, and the two have similar personalities in regards to their ambitious, cunning ways, as well as their desire to avenge their coven.

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