Turn Up Or Turn Down These Pop Songs So We Can Match You To A Starlet

Who doesn't love pop music? It is fun to listen to at parties, nightclubs and in the car while driving just about anywhere. It is the type of music that huge numbers of people connect with, because it is easily enjoyed by the masses.

There are a lot of great pop songs to listen to and there have been great ones for decades! Music has definitely changed and evolved over the years, but it has not gotten worse... it has only gotten better! The artists we love and adore these days, were inspired and motivated by the artists who released music in previous generations. Pop music is the way it is today, thanks to all of the artists who came before Selena, Ariana, Demi and all of the others.

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Question 3

Party in the U.S.A.

Question 4

Sorry Not Sorry

Question 5


Question 6

Shake It Off

Question 7

Can't Stop the Feeling!

Question 8

We Don't Talk Anymore

Question 9

One Kiss

Question 10

Beautiful People

Question 11

…Baby One More Time

Question 12


Question 13

Bad Romance

Question 14

Hands to Myself

Question 15

Cool for the Summer

Question 16

Wrecking Ball

Question 17

Come & Get It

Question 18


Question 19

Meant to Be

Question 20

We Found Love

Question 21

If I Can't Have You

Question 22

You Need to Calm Down

Question 23

The Lazy Song

Question 24

Dark Horse

Question 25

Wake Me Up

Question 26

Uptown Funk

Question 27

New Rules

Question 28

Poker Face

Question 29

I Don't Care

Question 30

Jenny from the Block

Question 31

Give Your Heart a Break

Question 32

One Call Away

Question 33


Question 34

Bad Liar

Question 35

On the Floor

Question 36


Question 37


Question 38

Mi Gente

Question 39

Bad at Love

Question 40

Dancing With A Stranger

Question 41

Hanging by a Moment

Question 42

Just the Way You Are

Question 43

Born This Way

Question 44

You Belong with Me

Question 45

Elastic Heart

Question 46

Say Something

Question 47

Counting Stars

Question 48

Ain’t Your Mama

Question 49

Get Lucky

Question 50


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