Pick The Best Movie Theater Food And We'll Reveal Your New Summer Movie

Going to the movies is a fun event that has been enjoyed since before the turn of the century. Before we had movies like we know them today, we had silent films. However, the experience of going to the movies was not all that different from what we know today. People still bought tickets to enjoy their favorite show and munched on their favorite snacks. When talkies came out, movies really were the most popular source of entertainment, and food was a huge part of that entertainment. People loved munching on their favorite snacks while they were watching the summer’s newest blockbuster. It was sensational to get dressed up and hit the town to see the newest movie. It is still fun to go to the movies and do the same thing today.

What are your favorite movie snacks? Do you have the same snacks that you turn to time and time again or do you like to mix it up every time you go to the movies? Do you go with the classics or more of the new found favorites? Take our quiz and pick your favorite movie snacks and we will tell you which summer blockbuster you should go see.

Question 1


Okay, it is hard to go to the moves and not buy one of those huge tubs of movie popcorn. There is just something about that popcorn that is so much more satisfying than the popcorn you make at home. Maybe it is the salt or maybe it is the butter, but man is it good.

Question 2

Coca Cola

Coca Cola is THE drink of the movies. Remember that song "Lets All Go to the Lobby?" There was always a cup of Coke in it. It is that sweet treat to balance out all of that salty popcorn you are eating. You almost have to have it or else something is missing.

Question 3

Red Vines

Love them or hate them, they are always at the movie theater. Some people swear by them as the only licorice they will eat, but other people prefer their competitor, Twizzlers. They can easily last you through the entire movie because they are so long lasting. They aren't overly sweet either.

Question 4

Hog dog

Again, the hot dog was featured in the song "Let's All Go to the Lobby." The hot dog itself was trained by the bun to jump into the bun. When you order a hot dog at the movie theater, you might not get gourmet toppings, but at least you get ketchup, mustard, relish, and onions.

Question 5

Milk Duds

Milk Duds are a movie theater classic. They are a pretty simple candy. It is just chocolate covered caramel. However, they are super easy to eat by the handful. They also come in those movie theater candy boxes—you know what I am taking about. They are oh so good though.

Question 6


Raisinets and movie theaters basically go hand and hand. If you are going to get candy at a movie theater, it might as well be Raisinets. Who knows why chocolate covered raisins became pretty much the poster child for movie theaters, but that is the way it is. They are good though.

Question 7

Sour Patch Kids

They are sour on the outside, but sweet on the inside—they are Sour Patch Kids. They are a newer addition to movie theaters but they are still a popular one nonetheless. There are many different flavor combinations, but the originals are where it is at.

Question 8


Dots have been around forever kind of like Rasinets. However, like Sour Patch Kids, they have many different assorted flavors that you can choose from. There is Ghost Dots, Sour Dots, Candy Corn Dots, and of course original Dots among many more flavors. It is hard to pick a favorite.

Question 9


Goobers are similar to Raisinets except instead of raisins they are chocolate covered peanuts. Talk about a winning combination. Everyone likes to share these chocolatey candies. If your theater has soft serve, it is also nice to sprinkle them on top of your frozen treat.

Question 10

Soft serve

Some theaters have it and some do not because it can be kind of messy. It is nice to have after a salty treat though. You can even sprinkle some of your candy on it if you bought some. Whether you get chocolate, vanilla, or swirl, it is always a good decision to get soft serve.

Question 11


Like popcorn, this is a salty treat that is oh so satisfying to have while watching on of your favorite flicks. You especially have to have a tub of nacho cheese to go along with it, it just is not the same if you only have chips. Some theaters also offer salsa and jalapeños too.

Question 12


Whoppers are the original malted milk balls. It is like eating an olde tyme milkshake. They have also been around for quite some time like some of the candy on this list. They do have kind of a weird consistency though, you have to admit that. It is a little chalky. But we still love them.

Question 13

Jumbo pickles

Like soft serve, jumbo pickles are not served t every movie theater because they can be a bit messy. However, they are the ultimate salty treat when you are kicking back and watching a movie. You can even slice them up and put them on your hot dog if you are feeling creative.

Question 14


M&M's are a movie staple. They have been in movie theaters seemingly forever. What is great is, there is a type of M&M for everyone. Whether you are going classic and getting just the typical chocolate or peanut or going new school with pretzel, peanut butter, or even mint, you can not go wrong.

Question 15

Sweet Tarts

Sweet Tarts are made by the ever so famous Wonka Company, and oh boy is this ever a sweet treat. If you are looking for something to counterbalance saltiness, this snack will sure do that with its sweet powers. Some may even argue that they are too sweet though.

Question 16


Sno-Caps are another old school candy that are made by the Nestle company. It seems like Nestle really has a grip on the movie theater market when it comes to their candy. Sno-Caps are little Hersey Kiss looking candies with white crunchy sprinkles on them.

Question 17

Junior Mints

Junior Mints are not for everyone. Their minty flavor can be kind of overwhelming to some people. To others, it mixes perfectly with the dark chocolate that covers it. They are hard to really mix with much of anything though because of that mintiness. They are intense.

Question 18

Soft pretzel

Soft pretzels are a great salty snack if you are looking for something a little different than popcorn. There are also a couple different dipping sauces you can choose from as well. You can go butter, you can also go with traditional mustard, or you can go with the nacho cheese, some theaters even have marinara sauce.

Question 19

Butterfinger Minis

Remember when Bart Simpson did the advertising for Butterfingers and he said, "You better not lay a finger on my Butterfinger?" Those were the days. Those were also probably the most popular days for the Butterfinger as well. People still munch on them at the movies though.

Question 20

Reese’s Pieces

Reese’s Pieces really got their big break in the movies. Remember when ET was in love with this peanut butter covered candy? Yeah, everyone loved them when this lovable alien wanted them. Ever since then they were widely available in movie theaters and still are.

Question 21


If you are looking for a carbonated soft drink with something a little extra, and Icee is the way to go. They offer so many different flavors these days. Almost every soda is an Icee flavor and they have other flavors too like cherry and blue raspberry. They are fun and cool to drink.

Question 22


Like soft serve, popsicles are not always served at movie theaters because they can be kind of messy. However, some theaters do welcome these fruity bars in their theaters and they are a cool treat to eat especially during the summer months. There are so many to choose from too.

Question 23


Let's be real, we all love pizza. Although movie theater pizza might not be the beast quality pizza ever made, it still is pizza that you can eat during a movie for crying out loud. That is pretty cool. You can usually get cheese pepperoni, and sometimes there is a supreme offered.

Question 24


Starburst are fruit chews that are fun to eat during the movies. What is really great about them too is that you can combine different flavors together to make a whole different flavor. An example is mixing the pink strawberry and red cherry—that is a cool combination.

Question 25


Jujyfruits are classics. They are extra chewy and fruity candies that will literally last you the whole movie because of their chewiness. The only thing about them that you have to be warned about is the black licorice flavor that is in there. Some people think it is grape, but nope.

Question 26


Lemonheads are a sour candy that a lot of kids find fun to suck on during one of their favorite movies. They start off pretty sour and lemony on the outside and then they become somewhat sweet on the inside. There a ton of these little guys in every box as well.

Question 27

Cookie Dough Bites

Cookie Dough Bites are a super fun treat to eat because who does not like to eat cookie dough? This cookie dough is safe to eat though and it is covered in chocolate. Not to mention there is a whole box full of the stuff for you to munch on as well. Talk about a good deal.

Question 28

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

It is a toss up between which peanut butter candy is the best, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or Reese's Pieces. Many say that Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the king of the peanut butter world by far. Heck they have chocolate on their team, it is pretty darn hard to top that.

Question 29

Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish are the favorite gummy candies of many people. These red happy fish are sweet, but not overly sweet either. In more recent times they have also come out with a variety pack of Swedish Fish that has a bunch of different flavors as well. but those red ones are the best.

Question 30

Hershey bar

What is more American than a Hershey bar? Pretty much nothing. Well, maybe apple pie, but that is not served at the movie theater unfortunately. A Hersey bar is a great treat to break into and just savor while watching a good movie. It is simple and all around perfect.

Question 31

Mozzarella sticks

Not every theater has mozzarella sticks, but when they do it is such an awesome snack during the movie you are watching. Heck, when aren't mozzarella sticks an awesome idea? They are cheesy sticks that are breaded and you dip them into yummy marinara sauce. Yummy.

Question 32

Mike & Ikes

Mike & Ikes are a tasty candy to devour by the handful, and they are so easy to mix and match as well. Like so many candies on this list there are many different flavor combinations, and they even have cinnamon as well. Mike & Ikes have been around for quite some time, and they are good.

Question 33

Bottled water

It is a simple choice, but it is still available at movie theaters for your consumption. Some people go with the sugary drinks or the sweet or salty foods, but some people like to keep it simple with bottled water. That is not a bad thing. It is a simple yet healthy choice.

Question 34

Kit Kat

Kit Kats are just all around great candy. Who does not search their kids Halloween bags for a Kit Kat to nosh on? Yeah, we are all guilty of it for sure. It is so great with its wafer center and chocolate covering. It is also so satisfying to eat during a movie. Pair that with some popcorn and you are set.

Question 35

Hot Tamales

Hot Tamales are not for everyone. They are hot and full of cinnamon. Cinnamon to this level is not everyone's cup of tea, but the people that love them really love them. They are similar to Mike & Ikes that actually do offer a product that is cinnamon just like these.

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