Pick The Best Milkshakes And We'll Reveal Your Favorite Girly Movie

Imagine this, you just ate dinner but you aren’t quite done eating yet. There is still a little room left in your stomach for something sweet. You have decided that you want a milkshake, and why not? It is a perfect cool treat to enjoy, and there are so many different flavors to choose from too. Some are somewhat typical, but some are kind of crazy and elaborate. It can be hard to choose which flavor you want because you can get anything from extra sweet like bubble gum and cotton candy, or fruity like strawberry banana and berry, or rich like peanut butter cup or mint chocolate.

Which milkshake is your favorite? Do you have a bunch of different flavors that you rotate between, or do you have one flavor that you stick to? Do you go for the more sweet concoctions or do you like something that is a little more tropical. Maybe you like something that mimics your favorite dessert like Oreo cheesecake? Do you like bananas in your milkshake? How about peanut butter? There are so many options! Take our quiz and pick all of your favorite milkshakes and we will reveal to you which girly movie is your favorite!

Question 1

Double Vanilla

It is a classic shake, and some may wonder what makes this shake anything more than a regular vanilla shake, but it is loaded with double the amount of vanilla flavor to make this shake really pop more than a typical vanilla shake. If you like vanilla than this is the shake that is right up your alley.

Question 2

Salted Caramel

Oh no, it is not just caramel—it is SALTED caramel. There is a huge difference here. The salt brings out the flavor of the caramel even more than if it was just simply caramel. Come on now. it is like an adventure in a glass. If you really want to get crazy, add a little chocolate to this adventure.

Question 3

Orange 50/50

Do you remember those orange 50/50 bars when you were a kid? The ice cream man would sell them from his truck and they were such a hit! They were orange and juicy on the outside but creamy on the inside. Well, this shake is inspired by that popsicle. It's creamy and orangey at the same time.

Question 4


This shake is a play off of the classic coffee drink that you can pick up at your favorite coffee shops. It is packed with coffee flavor, but it is also creamy and has a chocolate undertone as well. This is not a shake that is typically ordered by kids, but rather by adults. hey, it is coffee.

Question 5


Okay, this shake is definitely for adults. Kids might not be able to handle the swift kick of coffee in it. It is basically just a frozen cup of coffee with cream. Of course it is pretty sweet compared to a cup of coffee though due to all of the ice cream in it, but that is besides the point.

Question 6

Oreo Cookie

Alright, who doesn't love Oreo cookies? That is like sacrilegious or something. This cookies and cream shake is basically the best type of shake because it is made with none other than Oreo cookies. Kids really go gaga over this shake, but adults love it as well. it is a shake for everyone.

Question 7

Peanut butter cup

Peanut butter cups are epic. There is really nothing that compares to that chocolate and peanut butter combination. This shake basically combines rich, creamy peanut butter and Hershey's chocolate to create the taste of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in one delicious shake.

Question 8


Bart Simpson coined the saying, "You better not lay a finger on my Butterfinger," and for good reason. This treat is delicious. It only makes sense that they turned it into a milkshake. If you are a candy lover, than this is a great shake for you because they basically blend up Butterfinger in vanilla ice cream.

Question 9

Chocolate banana

Elvis Presley made the whole chocolate banana combo a thing when he would eat his crazy peanut butter, banana, chocolate, and bacon sandwiches. Although it is not quite that combination, it is still a pretty epic combination with chocolate, banana, and vanilla ice cream.

Question 10

Chocolate turtle

Get a load of this: creamy caramel, rich chocolate syrup and wholesome pecans blended into creamy vanilla ice cream. How the heck do you beat that? Yeah, it is pretty difficult. Chocolate turtles on their own are pretty awesome, but mixed into a shake are all the more epic.

Question 11

Chocolate chip cookie dough

A really popular ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough, and for good reason. Who does not like picking out those little pieces of cookie dough in the vanilla ice cream? Well, not you get the same experience in a milk shake. It is kind of like licking the spoon after baking fresh baked cookies.

Question 12

Double dark chocolate chip

This is not just chocolate chip. Forget that. This is double dark chocolate chip. This is for people that like extra dark and rich chocolate. This shake only uses extra dark Hershey's extra dark syrup and dark chocolate chips. You really have to love chocolate to get this shake because it is packed with the stuff.

Question 13

Strawberry banana

Yes, it is possible to make a fruity shake and this strawberry banana shake proves it. All they do is slice up some of the freshest strawberries and bananas and toss them into some vanilla ice cream for some of the best fruitiness ever. This is a great shake for a summer day.

Question 14

Chocolate mint

Chocolate mint is a pretty classic combination—it has been around forever. However, not everyone is in love with the strong flavor of mint, so it is not for everyone. But the people that like mint really fall in love with the stuff. This shake has winter fresh mint along with Hershey's syrup in it.

Question 15

Black cherry

Cherries are always a favorite flavor among many people, so why not throw it into a shake? They prove to have a rich, fruity flavor, and they become somewhat creamy when they are combined with vanilla ice cream. This has been a classic combination for a really long time.

Question 16

Dulce de leche

This is an easy one to come up with because dulce de leche was basically born to be made into a milkshake. All you have to do is mix this creamy stuff into a vanilla shake and you have created a whole different flavor profile to sip on. Many people have said that it is nothing short of heavenly.

Question 17

Caramel banana

There are many desserts that center around bananas and caramel. Take bananas foster for example. This shake is basically taking a page out of the bananas foster book, but without the flames, and this is a cold dessert rather than coming out in flames. It still is creamy and delicious though.

Question 18

Strawberry Pineapple

Here we have another fruity milkshake, and this one also involves strawberries but also takes the sweetness of pineapples as well. This shake has a hint of the tropics in it, and man is it delicious. Some people use this combination to make a smoothie, but it goes well as a milkshake as well.

Question 19


Cheesecake is already a pretty epic dessert, but you can even punch it up a little more by adding it into a milkshake. Who knew? All they do is throw bits of cheesecake into vanilla ice cream and Bam! You have a pretty rich shake to sip on. Some places will even throw some strawberries in too.

Question 20

Oreo peanut butter

This list has seen Oreo and it has seen peanut butter (with chocolate), but it has not seen Oreos with peanut butter. What a crazy combination! Some people like to dip their Oreo cookies into peanut butter and eat them that way, but this shake pretty much does the work for you. how cool is that?

Question 21

Triple berry

Here we have a delicious mix of berries including strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and wild berries mixed in vanilla ice cream. It is like going out and berry picking, but without doing all of the work. It is a fruity treat that has a creamy under tone to it. But you really have to like berries.

Question 22

Hot fudge

Well, let's be honest hot fudge is a great topping for ice cream. People get it all the time. Now how will this work in a shake. Well, it won't be hot to say, but you will absolutely get that unmistakable fudgey flavor that hot fudge has to offer. And that is a different flavor than chocolate syrup.

Question 23

Peanut butter

Peanut butter stands on its own when it comes to flavor. it really does not need anything else. Sure you can add chocolate, cookies, or whatever else you can think of, but really it does not need it. This shake just requires a scoop of smooth peanut butter and vanilla ice cream.

Question 24


Like the triple berry shake, this shake is full of berry flavor, but this shake only offers fresh blueberries. Some people like that blueberries are not full of sugar as far as fruit as concerned, so this shake is not as sweet as other shakes might be. In fact, it is a little tart.

Question 25

Oreo cheesecake

Here we have cheesecake AND we have Oreos. How great is that? Now that is a dessert combination! Think about it though, you can head over to restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory and order this great dessert, so why not turn it into a quality milkshake, right?

Question 26

Date shake

This one seems a little odd, but it is actually pretty good. Dates are not inherently really sweet, they are actually somewhat savory, so this shake is not an overly sweet shake to suck down. This shake is popular in Southern California. People might be hesitant to try it, but it really is worth it to give it a taste.

Question 27

Green tea

Now this is an odd flavor for a milkshake, but it is an ice cream flavor so why would it not work out as a milkshake flavor? Again, it is another flavor that just is just not that sweet, which some people are really a fan of. I guess you get some antioxidants out of the deal. Health benefits out of dessert!

Question 28

Fruity Pebbles

This cereal has been around for a really long time. Do you remember when the Flintstones would advertise for them? How cute were they, am I right? This super sweet cereal is a great choice for a milkshake, it also is really decorative if you sprinkle it on top of the shake as well.

Question 29

Vanilla cookie

Vanilla cookies remind you of grandma, don't they? Just think of a fresh baked plate coming out to greet you. You just can't rest until you scarf them all down. This great shake is mixed with vanilla ice cream, and it just makes the vanilla even better. This shake tastes like biting into a cookie.

Question 30


Now if you want some tropical flavors, this is the way to go. You can go regular coconut or you can go toasted coconut, which adds a little different flavor to the mix. you can also ask to add a little bit of chocolate to make it like a Mounds bar. Either way, it is a delicious shake to drink.

Question 31

Butter pecan

This is not a flavor for the kids to enjoy that is for sure. This is a typical ice cream flavor that adults go crazy over for some reason. Kids seem to turn their noses up to it, but it is a really great flavor. This flavor is also made into cookies, so it makes sense that it has become a milkshake.

Question 32

Rocky road

Now who doesn't want a bite or rocky road? It is basically chocolate, but so much better. There are nuts in it and marshmallow too. This yummy concoction has been turned into ice cream, bars, cakes, you name it and it has been done, so milkshakes make some sense here.

Question 33

Cotton candy

Now this seems like an odd flavor for a milkshake, but the kids seem to really love it. It seems like it would work thought because it is sweet and pretty much everything works will vanilla ice cream. However, cotton candy is not for everyone, adults seem to struggle with this one a little.

Question 34

Bubble gum

This one is not really for adults kind of like cotton candy. It is overly sweet kind of like the bubble gum that comes out of the twenty five cent machines. Sometimes these shakes actually come with a side of bubble gum, which is kind of fun. Kids really seem to get a kick out of it.

Question 35


Mint does not always have to be paired with chocolate, it can stand alone. In fact, it does do well when it is mixed with vanilla. This is a perfect example of how it can stand alone. Mint is an overwhelming flavor, so it definitely is not for everyone, but the people that like it really love it.

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