Pick The Best Junk Food To Binge And We'll Guess Your Favorite Movie

Junk food might not be the healthiest option for you (by definition)... but that doesn't mean it isn't absolutely delicious! Whether its junk because it is packed with sugar, salt, fat, or something else that we are told is going to kill us slowly, it's still so satisfying just to pig out from time to time - and your favorite junk foods can reveal a lot about you!

Which junk foods are your favorite? Is pizza the king of treat night at your house, or would you rather dig into a giant tub of ice cream instead? Whether sweet or savory, are you into the kind of junk that you used to get as a treat when you were a child, or are your junk food tastes a little more grown up than that?

Take our quiz, and from your preferences on burgers, fries, candy and sweet treats, we'll tell you what movie you should be watching when you pig out - because it's probably your absolute favorite. Are you a big kid, who will dive into a bag of gummy worms while watching Disney, or would you rather pop some corn and settle in for a horror movie marathon? Maybe you love superhero movies, cult classics, or are more of a drama and romance fan who pairs the junk food with a box of tissues...

Question 1

Pizza or burgers?

Two classic junk food meals - a burger, laden with bacon, cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato and sauce, or a pizza, with melted cheese and all the toppings. Which would you rather have for your meal? Are you a fan of the hand held burger, or would you rather grab a slice of pie instead?

Question 2

French fries or poutine?

French fries are one of the classic junk food snacks - deep fried sticks of fluffy, salty potato, smothered in whatever sauce you love best. However, fries can become much more of a meal as poutine - french fries and cheese curds covered in hot savory gravy... would you prefer the classic fries or the more filling poutine?

Question 3

Hot dogs or chili dogs?

When it comes to the humble dog, how do you like to dress this greasy sausage in a bun? Are you a fan of the classic hot dog, with some combination of mustard, ketchup, and relish on top (maybe a few onions, if you are in the mood)... or would you rather top one junk food with another, with a pile of chili on top of the dog?

Question 4

Cake or cookies?

Cake and cookies are two of the most classic sweet treats from childhood... but which is better? Is it the simple chocolate chip cookie, warm from the oven and dipped in milk with the chocolate melting? Or is it a vanilla cake, layered and topped with chocolate frosting and plenty of sprinkles?

Question 5

Donuts or chocolate eclairs?

Fried pastry treats are the name of this game - but are you a fan of the simple, or the fancy? Would you rather satisfy that sweet tooth with a fried ring of dough, topped with icing (and maybe even filled with jam or cream)? Or would you rather a choux pastry filled with cream, and topped with a layer of chocolate?

Question 6

Gummy bears or gummy worms?

To some, gummy bears and gummy worms are basically the same thing, but candy and junk food conosseurs know that there is a big difference between these two! Would you rather chomp off the heads of the gummy bear, or slurp up the wiggly gummy worm?

Question 7

Soda or milkshake?

Junk food doesn't have to just mean solid food - there are plenty of junk food drinks out there, too! Would you prefer the sugary sweetness of a fizzy soda, like a coke or a 7Up, or is a milkshake more your style? Maybe you find soda more refreshing, or it could be that you think that creamy sweet milkshakes are where it's at.

Question 8

Chicken wings or nachos?

If you want some bar food to nibble on, which of these are you more likely to order? Do you want to pull apart a mountain of cheesy nachos, topped with meat, peppers, and olives, and with sour cream, salsa and guacamole for sauces? Or would you prefer a basket of chicken wings, spicy and salty with some blue cheese dip?

Question 9

Mozzarella sticks or jalepeno poppers?

What could be better junk food than deep fried cheese? When it comes to hot, melted deliciousness, would you rather be dunking some breaded and fried mozzarella sticks in their marinara sauce, or do you like things a little spicier? Maybe you would rather bite into the combination of cream cheese and jalepano...

Question 10

Cupcakes or cheesecake?

They may both have 'cake' in the name, but these two sweet treats are very different! Would you rather bite down on a forkful of rich, creamy cheesecake with that graham cracker crust and a berry topping? Or are you more of a cupcake fan, loving that fluffy vanilla cake piled high with frosting?

Question 11

Chips or popcorn?

When you just want some junk food to nibble, rather than eating a full meal, are you more likely to reach for the chips, or the popcorn? Both of these salty treats are satisfyingly crunchy, but do you like the feeling that popcorn might be 'healthier', despite all that butter, or are you going for chips every time?

Question 12

Twinkies or Ho Hos?

When you want some sweet junk food, but don't want to waste time actually baking something, just rip open a snack cake and enjoy! Would you rather reach for a Twinkie, with it's golden sponge and creamy filling, or are you more of a Ho Ho person, going for the chocolate and cream combination?

Question 13

Chicken burger or fried chicken?

Chicken might seem like a healthy choice to some, but that doesn't mean that this white meat can't be junk food! Would you rather get a bucket of fried chicken, with crispy, spicy skin? Or is a chicken burger, with a crispy fried piece of meat topped with cheese, sauce, lettuce and tomato more the meal for you?

Question 14

Macdonalds or Burger King?

When it comes to grabbing a fast food burger, there are plenty of different options available... but the two biggest chains are the Golden Arches of Macdonalds, or the Golden Crown of Burger King. Whether it's because of the burgers, the fries, or the sides, which of these would you head to for a burger fix?

Question 15

Cheetos or Doritos?

If you want something crunchy and cheest, which of these famous chip-style snacks are you more likely to reach for? Are you a fan of the original Cheetos, with their puffy texture and powdered cheese coating, or do you prefer the triangular shape and crunch of nacho cheese flavor Doritos.

Question 16

Pringles or pretzels?

Another question between salty snacks - are you a bigger fan of pretzels, or pringles? Both of these snacks have a unique shape, but are you a bigger fan of the twisted crunch of the pretzel, or the thin, curvy crisp of a stack of Pringles? Once you pop... can you stop?

Question 17

Ice cream or chocolate?

When it comes to comforting desserts, are you going to reach for ice cream, or for chocolate? Maybe you love curling up with a pint of ice cream and a spoon, and enjoying that creamy cold goodness... or maybe you would rather not risk the brain freeze and just grab a giant bar of milk chocolate.

Question 18

Fudge or caramel?

What about a candy choice? When it comes to a little square something to nibble on, would you rather go for fudge, or for caramels? Fudge is creamier and crumbles, as well as coming in far more flavors that its caramel cousin... but some people will always find a chewy caramel with that buttery flavor to be the better option.

Question 19

Twizzlers or redvines?

To some people, both Twizzlers and Redvines may seem like the same thing... but true devotees of junk food know that they are as different as Coca Cola and Pepsi! When it comes to a pack of red rope liquorice to nibble on, which of these two brands is going to be the one that you choose?

Question 20

Chicken nuggets or popcorn chicken?

More questions for chicken lovers! When it comes to bite sized and breaded chicken, which of these two favorites would you be more likely to order? Are you a fan of the classic chicken nugget with sauces for dipping... or do you prefer the slightly smaller and crispier popcorn chicken?

Question 21

Chocolate milk or strawberry milk?

At one time, milk was treated like a health food, but now people aren't quite so sure... and while some people still believe that milk does a body good, few people think that the sugar-heavy, flavored and colored milks are anything but junk food! If you were going to drink some anyway, would you be picking strawberry or chocolate?

Question 22

KFC or Popeye's Chicken?

Time to grab some fried chicken... and fast! Which of these two popular chicken chains would you head to if you wanted to grab a bucket of crispy chicken? Would you head to the Colonel's, for some of KFC's blend of secret herbs and spices, or is Popeye's Chicken the only (and the obvious) choice for you?

Question 23

Tacos or burritos?

When it comes to Mexican junk food, you can't go wrong with tacos or burritos - but which would you prefer? Are you a fan of the smaller, soft stuffed tacos with spicy meat and crispy veggies, or would you rather grab a (slightly less messy) burrito to chow down on beans, meat, rice and veggies?

Question 24

Brownies or blondies?

These two treats might seem very similar, but there are some big differences between the two bars - other than the color, of course! Brownies are gooey and chocolatey, while blondies are flavored with vanilla and brown sugar rather than chocolate. Whether they come with nuts or chocolate chips, which would you prefer?

Question 25

M&M or Good'N'Plenty?

Both of these candy brands may have a crisp candy coating, but they are very different on the inside... would you rather bite into a candy shell and find a center of milk chocolate that melts in the mouth... or would you prefer to bite into that candy and find some tangy black liquorice instead?

Question 26

Salt and Vinegar or BBQ chips?

When it comes to chips, everyone has a favorite - ruffled or regular, kettle chips, tortilla chips... and of course, a favorite flavor! While there are dozens of flavors, two of the most popular are salt and vinegar or BBQ - which would you prefer? The tangy bite of salt and vinegar, or sweet and smoky BBQ?

Question 27

Cocoa Puffs or Froot Loops?

Junk food doesn't just have to be meals, snacks and desserts - plenty of cereals are junk food too, packed with refined carbs, coloring, and so much sugar that it will make your teeth hurt! Would you rather get a morning junk food fix from brightly colored Froot Loops or chocolatey Cocoa Puffs?

Question 28

Red Bull or Rockstar?

Energy drinks are a whole different category when it comes to junk food drinks - and these caffeinated, sugary cans are so bad for people that some are even pushing to have them banned! But they definitely do what they are supposed to... so if you needed some extra energy, would you reach for Rockstar or RedBull?

Question 29

Waffles or pancakes?

More breakfast options that are basically junk foods are pancakes and waffles - especially when they are piled high with syrups, butter and whipped cream (even if there is a little fresh fruit in there too!). But are you a bigger fan of a light and fluffy stack of pancakes, or a pile of waffles with syrup in the holes?

Question 30

Kraft Dinner or Hamburger Helper?

When you feel like junk food for dinner, but don't want to order in (or head to the local fast food joint), there are always these boxed 'meals' to turn to... Would you rather make a pot of cheesy, creamy Kraft Dinner, or reach for the Hamburger Helper and add a little ground beef to your pasta and cheese?

Question 31

Mini donuts or donut holes?

Donuts are delicious - there's just no doubt about that! But when you can't quite manage an entire donut, which of these bite sized options would you turn to? Would you rather have a mini donut, and still get that dough-with-a-hole experience, or would you prefer to just take the hole itself and pop it in your mouth?

Question 32

Bubblegum or lollipops?

Candy is definitely a major group in the junk food pyramid... and these candies are basically just flavored sugar! But would you prefer to chew on some sweet and fruity bubblegum for a while, or suck on a delicious flavored lollipop instead? Neither is going to fill you up, but they'll satisfy that sweet junk craving.

Question 33

Peanut butter or nutella?

These spreads can often be touted as 'healthy' options, but most people will still consider them junk food: packed with fat, salt, and of course - lots and lots of sugar! Would you rather pretend to be healthy with some peanut butter (whether you go for smooth or crunchy), or for some chocolately nutella?

Question 34

Oreos or Nutter Butters?

The best cookies aren't always the ones that you bake yourself... and these sandwich cookies are familiar favorites for everyone! Would you prefer oreos, that can be split in half to get to that sweet white filling before munching on the chocolate biscuit, or is the peanut buttery nutter butter more your style?

Question 35

Pizza Hut or Dominos?

Finally, when all you want is to get home, order a pizza and settle in to watch some Netflix, where do you order from? Are you a die hard Dominoes fan, who will always think that they have the best ratio of cheese to crust? Or have you been a lifelong fan of Pizza Hut, and think that they have the best sides in a pizza box?

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