Pick The Best Junk Food And We'll Guess Your Favorite Actor

Junk food makes life sweeter. Of course, candy and desserts do this, but we’re not just talking about all things sugary and covered in chocolate. Pizza and hot dogs and even potato chips make this list. These are foods that might not nourish the body (and indeed, tend to have the effect of widening the waistline) but they definitely nourish the soul.

Similarly, another of the spices of life is found in art, and the great art consumed by the masses in the modern era is cinema, be it movies, TV shows, or any of the new spinoff branches of televisual storytelling that have emerged with greater technology.Our lives are enriched by having actors and actresses who inspire and entertain us with their performances.

For this quiz, we will connect one of these pleasures with the other. By asking questions about the most enjoyed junk foods, we hope to guess people’s favorite actors and actresses. The best chocolates and ice creams, the sweetest syrups and cheesiest greasiest of delicious delights—these are things that express one’s tastes. By telling us what tastes most appeal to the palate, we hope to guess people’s favorite actresses and actors. So get ready to take a bite out of this quiz!

Question 1

Choose a favorite chocolate bar.

Chocolate bars are the perfect sweet! They’re easy to carry around. They’re big enough that they don’t (usually) leave us wanting more than one but not so big that we get ill from scarfing down too much. Of the chocolate bars listed below, tell us which one is the best for sinking a sweet tooth into.

Question 2

What’s the best potato chip flavor?

Potato chips are little salty crispy slices of edible happiness. But guess what else is great about them: they come in more flavors than just salted potato! There’s a whole bevy of chipped potato spinoffs, from barbecue to vinegar to some of the more out there flavors from Japan like hamburgers with fried egg. Yes, that’s a thing. Seriously. Which potato chip flavor is the best?

Question 3

What’s the most enjoyable seasonal autumn flavor?

It’s that time of year when the seasons change, the trees begin to lose their foliage, and the pumpkin spice invasion overtakes us all. Of course, beyond just pumpkin spice, there is a growing array of autumnal flavors that have become popular. Which seasonal flavor makes us fall for it every year?

Question 4

Which soft drink is most refreshing?

Soft drinks. Soda. Pop. Soda pop. These carbonated beverages have a number of names and a number of flavors. They are the bane of healthy teeth, and really of any form of healthy living, but that doesn’t stop us from craving them as badly as we do. Pick the most refreshing soft drink.

Question 5

Tell us the greatest snack mix.

Snack mixes are the unhealthy distant cousin of trail mixes. Sure, trail mix is good for us what with the nuts and berries, even when the occasional smattering of M&Ms are thrown in, but trail mixes are still a healthy food. But snack mixes make for better snacks. Tell us the best from those listed.

Question 6

Pick a favorite fried food.

If it weren’t for the deliciously addictive phenomenon of fried food, 98% of fast food chains wouldn’t exist. Interestingly, The Simpsons may have best addressed it through the character Moe Szyslak. “At Moe’s, we serve good ol’ fashion family cooking—deep fried to perfection.” This was said as an entire meal of peas, chicken, lit candles and a glass bottle were lowered into a deep fryer. Which good ol’ fashion fried food is a favorite?

Question 7

Which of these is the best ballpark food?

Ball parks have a special quality to them. Fans go to watch a game and enjoy the personal real life thrill that can’t be gained from watching it on TV. With that cultural experience comes a variety of foods which are probably a little less nutritionally beneficial than chewing on a gym sock. Which is the best ballpark food?

Question 8

Pick the best kind of popcorn.

The best thing about popcorn as a junk food is that it can actually be healthy. Unfortunately, the healthy version of popcorn is pretty plain. No butter, no salt, no flavoring, really. But, some people really do enjoy it like that. However, there's a ton of other delicious ways to enjoy popcorn. Pick which of the following is the best!

Question 9

Tell us which ice cream sundae is the best?

We’ve already spoken the praises of ice cream as a dessert perfectly suited to the modern world. But what’s even better than plain Jane ice cream on its own? Ice cream sundaes! There are a number of types of these amazing cold desserts. Tell us which is the best of them.

Question 10

Give us a favorite choice of these Coca-Cola products.

Coca-Cola is more than just a soft drink brand. It is a brand—one that is recognized and attainable anywhere in the world. It has a number of drinks that it serves. Some are caffeinated. Others are not. All are sweet and bubbly. Which Coca-Cola product goes down just right at the end of a long day?

Question 11

What’s the best kind of pizza?

Pizza was once a regal Italian dish of exquisite richness that was made only with the finest ingredients. It has since devolved into a greasy mess of burnt circle toast with cheese, and frankly, we think that’s fantastic. Sure, a proper Nepalese pizza with sea salt kneaded into the dough and baked in a brick oven has its place in the world, but so do all the cheesy oily junk food meals we love. Which type of pizza is the best?

Question 12

Which is the most enjoyable cheesy dish?

When one thinks about it, cheese is really REALLY weird. Seriously. Think about it. Sure, there’s that old line that humans are the only species to consume milk after infancy and the only one to drink the milk of another animal. But that milk has then been hardened into a moldy block, and often aged or processed in some other way. But who can argue with the results? Which cheesy dish is the most enjoyable of those listed?

Question 13

Pick a favorite fast food chain.

Fast food chains are restaurants that don’t necessarily always be fit for human consumption, but have still managed to pop up all over the globe and garner massive customer bases. They are also convenient, addictively delicious, and—as the name suggests—fast. Which of the fast food chains listed below is the most delicious?

Question 14

Of these caffeinated drinks, which is the most appealing?

Caffeine is life. At least, it makes us function better in life. There is no limit to the number of caffeinated beverages in our society, and as it is one of the only mind enhancing substances which can be easily obtained without legal hassles, the demand for it is huge. It is also delicious. Choose the most appealing caffeinated beverage.

Question 15

Tell us the most delicious of these sweet syrups.

Syrups get overlooked when one is considering various junk foods to enjoy. This is probably because they are the condiments of the junk food world, not so much food in and of themselves as flavor enhancers. That said, the mere presence of syrup in a dish can render a normally healthy meal into junk food and many syrups are specifically designed for dessert dishes. Pick a favorite syrup.

Question 16

What’s the best ice cream topper?

Ice cream is a great dish on its own, but there is a reason its seldom topped with a little something extra. The idea might have just come around because ice cream shops were trying to make more money and think of things they could overcharge for, but there is no denying the results. Which is the best ice cream topper?

Question 17

Pick the ideal donut.

Donuts are the angelic halos of the pastry world, anointing our palates with their glazed delicious divinity. The classic donuts have become a staple for many people, making a good on-the-go breakfast or a sweet snack. And like so many desserts, they fill the hole in our hearts from life’s disappointments. Which flavor is the best?

Question 18

Select the cereals essential to a complete breakfast.

Starting off a day right can make the difference how in the rest of the day unfolds, and there are fewer better ways to get started than with a complete breakfast. That’s what makes breakfast cereals so great. They have just enough energy to keep us going without taking any hassle to prepare. Select the cereal that starts every morning off right.

Question 19

Which of these are the best cookies?

Cookies are perhaps the perfect baked good to prepare for group events. They’re fairly simple to bake, have a huge variety of variations, can be adjusted to meet people’s health needs without a lot of hassle, and are very portable. Tell us the type of cookie that just feels right every time.

Question 20

Choose the best flavor of muffins.

Whether one is having them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just as a quick bite, one can’t go wrong with muffins. These delightful bready treated are fluffy and flaky to the palate when done right, making them an enjoyable texture as well as a flavor. Which of these muffin flavors is a personal favorite?

Question 21

Which kind of milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard?

In the immortal words of Kelis: “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.” The metaphor might be heavy-handed, but let’s not pretend that a delicious creamy milkshake doesn’t make one’s mouth water at the thought of it. What flavor seems most likely to bring people flocking for a sip?

Question 22

Tell us the cake that is never a mistake.

From birthdays to weddings, cakes are the dessert everyone seems to prefer for big events. It makes sense. More than just tasting great, they also look great when presented properly on a platter. The contrast between icing and the baked part of most cakes also offers a layered quality of complimentary flavors and textures. Which of these is the best cake?

Question 23

Pick the best chocolate peanut butter dessert.

Peanut butter and chocolate are such a natural pairing that we take it for granted. At some point, these foods—which once upon a time were not all that easy to make and acquire the ingredients for—were combined. This historic day was parodied by Family Guy in one of their more iconic cutaway scenes. Pick the peanut butter chocolate dish that’s tastes the greatest.

Question 24

Which processed meat always hits the spot?

Meat is something we think of as healthy, and it definitely can be, but all too often what we get is far from the farm fresh cuts of animal our ancestors ate. Anyone who has encountered the modern scientific abomination that is pink slime knows not all meat is equal. Which processed meat is a favorite?

Question 25

Pick the best of these coffee additives.

Coffee is dark, bitter, and unsettling to the heart. Like life. And also like with life, people try to distract themselves from the bitter darkness, even as their heart rates continue to go up from what they ignore. In the case of life, people use videogames, books, movies, relationships, and even online quizzes. But with coffee, we add flavor. What is the best coffee additive?

Question 26

Give us an opinion on the best type of gummies.

Gummies are soft wonderful gelatin candies. They are served at movie theaters as a perfect companion food to go with popcorn and a soda over a major Blockbuster. They are also one of the main appeals of candy shops too, where whole display cases are filled with armies of gummies just waiting to be unleashed on the hungry public. Which is the best type of gummy?

Question 27

Which of these preserves is the sweetest?

Preserves aren’t exactly junk food, but nor are they really FOOD food. Spreading raspberry preserves on toast doesn’t make it healthier or heartier, but turns that toast into raspberry dessert. However, preserving those raspberries changes them from a fruit into a form of gelatinous candy. So, we ask which preserves are the sweetest?

Question 28

What type of crackers are always great snackers?

Some might scoff at this question and point out that “snackers” is not a word. To those rare few, we say “don’t be pedantic.” Crackers, of course, can be a healthy, but most of the time they are a food made for snacks. The healthiest of these snacks tend to be the sort with empty calories over which fine cheese is spread. Others are flat out junk food. Which crackers make the best snack?

Question 29

Which Ben & Jerry’s flavor makes people scream for more ice cream?

Long before inventing an empire of ice cream, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield grew up as kids together in New York. Then, in the late 1970s, they began to study ice cream. With punny names to their pints of frozen flavor, these two understood how to make ice cream right. What’s the best flavor of Ben & Jerry’s?

Question 30

Tell us the greatest type of crepe.

If one were to look up crepes on Wikipedia, they’d be told that crepes are “a type of very thin pancake.” They’d also read that crepes are usually divided into two types: sweet and savory. Of these various flavors of crepes we have listed below, which is the all-time sweetest?

Question 31

Pick the most hard-hitting hard candy.

Candy is the sweet treat every child craves, and almost every adult indulges in as often as they can. We’ve addressed a few specific types of candy in this quiz, but really, there is no limit to the amazing types of candy one can devour. Pick the candy that always wows those who eat it.

Question 32

Which pretzels twist the taste buds in a knot of delight?

Pretzels are one of the oldest types of junk food that has survived into the present as a popular dish. Seriously, this is a really old food. Its exact origin is lost to time, but the oldest possible origin scholars seem to think is likely is 610 CE—almost 200 years before most historians declare the start of the Middle Ages. What type of pretzel brings the most joy?

Question 33

Select the best of these chocolate desserts.

Chocolate is one of the greatest discoveries of the New World. From its initial introduction into European cultures, it was praised as a cure all wonder medicine. In modern times, there is no dish one cannot add chocolate to. What is the best chocolate dessert from the list provided below?

Question 34

Choose the breakfast pastry that starts a day off right.

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but what makes it so great is choosing the right dish to set the rest of the day in motion. In these busy days, the best breakfasts many can make due with are often those made and eaten in a hurry. Hence the popularity of breakfast pastries. Choose the best one.

Question 35

What type of bread is the most delicious?

The ancient Greeks said bread is one of the foundations of civilization among the human world that separated us from the mythological creatures they feared. Since those long lost days, bread has gone from more than just a filling part of the food we eat. It has been upgraded to junk food. Which is the most delicious of these breads?

Question 36

Name the gum that can be chewed on for hours.

It is amazing how many different cultures have independently come up with some form of chewing gum. Neolithic dig sites in Finland have found traces of Birch chewing gum from 6,000 years ago. Both the Mayans and Aztecs used chewing gum, while the peoples of Ancient Greece chewed mastic gum from the isle of Chios. Pick the most enjoyable modern type of gum.

Question 37

Which pastries always taste great?

Pastries are not always sweet, but they’re frequently made that way, and considering the sheer amount of empty carbs in them, we’re counting them as junk food for the purpose of this quiz. Of the pastries we are naming in the space below, tell us which is the best tasting?

Question 38

Tell us the type of chocolate truffles that are most enjoyable.

True truffles are a type of fungus that has been popular to eat since the time of ancient Sumer, and that the famous French chef and statesman Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin called “the diamond of the kitchen.” Chocolate truffles are a candy whose name comes from these edible fungi. What’s the best type of chocolate truffle?

Question 39

Pick the best fruit snacks.

As the old saying goes, fruits are nature’s candy. Fruit snacks are actual candies of incredibly processed food that is made into gummies and flavored to emulate the taste of fruit (or a sugary taste approximating fruit about as closely as cough syrup approximates fruit). Pick the best fruit snacks.

Question 40

What’s the sweetest sandwich spread?

Ever since John Mantagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich popularized the famous dish named for him, those of us who eat sandwiches have tried to find a way to balance its nutritional variants with the most delicious combinations of flavors. Often, sandwiches are made with sweet spreads on them, such as in the all-time classic PB&J. what is the sweetest sandwich spread?

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