Pick The Best Guy Movies And We'll Guess Your Celeb Lady Crush

While anyone can like any film, many guys enjoy action and adventure movies...and many guys also have a celebrity crush. That being said, we are combining these two awesome things today in this quiz where people will pick the best guy movies, and then we will guess everyone’s celeb crush! Sounds fun, right? Good! Then let’s cover some of the basics first…

Down below, there are many different questions that cover different “guy” movies. Each question has a description and an image (in case some people are not familiar with some of these films). And for each question, an answer must be chosen: pick (if the movie is good and favored) or pass (if the movie is not good and not enjoyed).

Then, at the end of the quiz, we will total up all the points, we will do some calculating, and based on what we review, we will be able to guess which leading lady in Hollywood everyone is crushing on! Will it be a blonde bombshell? Could it be a brilliant brunette? Perhaps the result is a really fab redhead? We will soon find out...so go pick and pass on some thrilling flicks so that we can all get matched with a star!

Question 1

Pick or pass on Troy?

Troy is a film that is based on Homer's "Iliad," so it focuses on the battle between Troy and Sparta. It stars big names like Brendan Gleeson, Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana, Diane Kruger and, of course, Brad Pitt. It is not for everyone, but if any dudes out there are into historical pieces and/or big fight scenes, then this may be a movie that is favored over all the rest. Either way, we will need an answer from everyone, so pick or pass!

Question 2

Pick or pass on Bad Boys?

Bad Boys is about detectives named Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett - main characters who are played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. A confiscation, a heist, a notice from Internal Affairs regarding the narcotics division, a call girl who is a key witness...This film is full of action, but it is also full of humor (which makes sense when looking at the two lead stars right here). So will it be a pick or a pass for Bad Boys?

Question 3

Pick or pass on Creed?

Apollo Creed is a character from the classic Rocky movies, and in this action/sports film, Michael B. Jordan plays Adonis Johnson, Apollo Creed’s son. Adonis seeks out Rocky Balboa and him to be his trainer. There were surely even some people who had not seen the original Rocky movies and who enjoyed this newer one. And true fans of the film series surely enjoyed this continuation. But some people, of course, will choose to pass on it completely and fully!

Question 4

Pick or pass on Avengers: Infinity War?

Marvel Comics is known for comic books as well as hit movies, and last year, they released Avengers: Infinity War. The Avengers are, of course, a team of superheroes, and this was the nineteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With action from Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, Zoe Saldana and Chris Pratt (all versus Thanos), there will definitely be a lot of people who opt to “pick” this one.

Question 5

Pick or pass on Mission: Impossible – Fallout?

Mission: Impossible – Fallout, also from the year 2018, was the sixth installment in the Mission: Impossible film series. Many fans were thrilled that Tom Cruise was back in his iconic role as Ethan Hunt, but some people thought these films should have stopped being made already. Did anyone like watching him track down missing plutonium? Or was this a big miss, nope and pass for people? Choose an answer choice from the options that are below in order to let us know!

Question 6

Pick or pass on John Wick?

Wow, talk about action...A legendary assassin lost the love of his life. A mobster kicked him while he was down. Now, he is out for vengeance, all while a bounty is on his head. Opinions will vary, but we know that many men are very into Keanu Reeves - and especially into Keanu Reeves as John Wick. Therefore, we are anxious to see who picks this one and who passes on it, which will help us guess everyone’s celebrity crush.

Question 7

Pick or pass on Mad Max: Fury Road?

There have been five Mad Max movies, and this one sounds complicated to someone who is not a devoted fan...A collapsed civilization, enslaved apocalypse survivors, a desert fortress, a daring escape, the War Rig, a high-speed chase through the Wasteland...Wow. Who liked this flick? Anyone who raised his hand should click on “pick”. Who is not a fan of Mad Max: Fury Road? Those people should click on “pass”. Then move on to the next question that’s up down below!

Question 8

Pick or pass on Moneyball?

Moneyball is an inspiring and entertaining sports film that is based on a book. It stars Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill who build up a new type of baseball team in order to switch up what the game has known. We know sports movies are not for everyone, but we also know that Brad Pitt is a pretty popular actor. So, consider all of these facts that we have presented here for everyone, and then answer this question, please and thanks!

Question 9

Pick or pass on Rogue One?

Star Wars may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a pretty big deal. There are fans around the world - more so now, since, in recent years, this story has been continuing with new movies, such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In this particular piece, Jyn joins a spy and other resistance fighters for some more space action a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. And now, of course, it is time to either say yes to Rogue One or to give it a thumbs down.

Question 10

Pick or pass on Friday Night Lights?

Another popular sports film is Friday Night Lights, which is about Boobie Miles, which stars Billy Bob Thornton and which teaches lessons on things like self-respect, pride, honor and teamwork. To many, this is the best sports film. To others, it is just okay. And still some think it is just not good at all! Whatever the thoughts are, we need an answer for the movie version of Friday Night Lights (so click on one of the two options that are down below).

Question 11

Pick or pass on The Matrix?

One of the most celebrated and talked-about movies of all time is The Matrix, and it is another that features actor Keanu Reeves (Yes, the one who does not age...He looks the same now as he does here, if not better!). Are there any Neo fans out there? Any there any Keanu Reeves fans out there? Are there any fans of The Matrix out there? We hope so, since we need everyone who is here to click on an answer and tell us if this is a yay or a nay.

Question 12

Pick or pass on Casino Royale?

James Bond movies have been entertaining guys (and gals) for years and years, and Daniel Craig played the lead in a recent one that was called Casino Royale. It featured Madagascar, a poker game and a new 00 operative, but, like every film, it was liked by some fans and not by others. Those who enjoyed it can feel free to give it a yes. Those who did not care for it can feel free to pass on it altogether.

Question 13

Pick or pass on Hancock?

While Hancock may not be the most well-known superhero movie out there, it was definitely about a superhero who was named Hancock and who was portrayed by actor Will Smith. Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron were also in this one, which some may remember better than others. So, tell us: Is it a true, good, solid pick for this superhero movie? Or is it a big, bad pass for it instead? Either way, click on an answer below, where the choices are.

Question 14

Pick or pass on Taken?

Taken is one of the most popular action films ever, and people still can’t get over how amazing Liam Neeson was in it. His character used to be a government operative, so when his daughter went missing (yes, when she was taken), he did whatever it took to get her back and to kick some booty! We figure that many men will pick this one, but it is okay to click on “pass”, too - Just give us an answer!

Question 15

Pick or pass on Black Panther?

Okay, we are moving right along, and the next question is up right here...In 2018, Marvel put out Black Panther, which starred Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa aka the Black Panther. This exciting movie also featured big names like Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Letitia Wright, Angela Bassett and Forest Whitaker. Viewers laughed, cried and felt inspired by the strong characters in this superhero movie, so let us know the thoughts here today by either picking or passing on Black Panther.

Question 16

Pick or pass on The Bourne Ultimatum?

Just like James Bond is a popular action movie character and just like Brad Pitt is a loved actor in general, The Bourne films, with Matt Damon, are also pretty special to people. One work from this series is called The Bourne Ultimatum, and it is next up on this quiz. What does that mean? Well, of course, it means that everyone who is taking this quiz must give it a high score or a low score by either clicking on “pick” down below or clicking on “pass” down below.

Question 17

Pick or pass on RoboCop?

In 1987, a unique action movie, with a sci-fi twist, came out called RoboCop. It was set in a near-apocalyptic Detroit, and it featured a corporation called Omni Consumer Products and their cyborgs cops (hence the name of this piece). Whether it has been seen or not, we need to know if dudes consider this a win (a pick) or not so much (a pass). Answer now, please and thanks, then move on to the next question that's down below.

Question 18

Pick or pass on Kong: Skull Island?

King Kong is a classic character who has been seen in many works, and in a recent film, he was seen bigger than ever via Kong: Skull Island. This seems like something many guys would be into, since it showed off a larger-than-life creature and tons of action and adventure. But we know, we know, we know...Everyone is different, and each person enjoys their own thing. That being said, go either way on this movie by clicking on one of the two answer options below.

Question 19

Pick or pass on Invincible?

Here we go again...another movie about sports! Specifically, this next question is about a football film, and even more specifically, it is about a real football player named Vince Papale. This character was portrayed by Mark Wahlberg, and this real man became the oldest rookie in NFL history (not counting kickers and just considering those who never played football in college). Fans of the film, feel free to give it a thumbs up, while anyone and everyone else can skip out on this movie.

Question 20

Pick or pass on Ready Player One?

Steven Spielberg brought this bestseller to the big screen, which shows off a futuristic world and a virtual reality universe. There are video game references, there is an exciting contest that plays out, there are stars like Ben Mendelsohn, T.J. Miller and Simon Pegg...What is not to love, men? And, men, the drill should be known by now, since those usual two answer options are below. So answer, and then get ready for a few more questions on a few more films!

Question 21

Pick or pass on Robin Hood?

Robin Hood, the next topic in this quiz, is another character who has been known by many for many years, and a recent thrilling action-adventure brought him into our lives again. This filmed starred Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx, and it had a little something for many fans...but not for everyone. Fans of this work may want to go with the “pick” answer below, while those who were not fans of this updated Robin Hood story may go with “pass”.

Question 22

Pick or pass on The Dark Knight?

We have talked about several superhero films so far, but we have yet to highlight Batman. Well, now is the time. One of his most celebrated films was called The Dark Knight, which featured Gary Oldman as Lt. Jim Gordon, Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent, Christian Bale as the star of the show and, of course, the late and great Heath Ledger as The Joker. There were even some people who are not into superhero flicks who truly adored this specific piece! Who loved it? Who didn’t? Answer now!

Question 23

Pick or pass on The Transporter?

When it comes to action flicks, Jason Statham may come to mind, since this actor has been in quite a few. In The Transporter, he played an ex-Special Forces operator who is hired to take the daughter of a crime lord. What could go wrong, right? Some people truly live for movies like this (which is why “pick” is an answer option). On the other hand and to others, this may sound boring (which is why “pass” is an option, too).

Question 24

Pick or pass on The Equalizer?

Alright, folks, let us see what is up next on this quiz...Robert McCall (Denzel Washington’s character in The Equalizer) just wanted a nice, quiet life...but then Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz’s character) came into the picture. Everything changed as this avenger (not the superhero ones, though) went head to head with Russian mobsters. It wasn’t quiet, but it was entertaining! As usual, we have listed out our two go-to answer choices down below, meaning people here can select one of two answers options.

Question 25

Pick or pass on Jack Reacher?

It seems like many of these main men in these movies (say that five times fast) are ex somethings...something cool! Jack Reacher, for instance, was an ex-Army investigator, and he was called in after five people were gone. Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike starred in this one, giving fans of this genre the strong hero and the pretty girl. Who liked it? Then select the positive answer below! Who did not like Jack Reacher? Then select the other answer below!

Question 26

Pick or pass on Ali?

Some people who are taking this quiz are not fans of action-packed films or of sports, yet here is another one of them right here! This one is called, Ali, as it focused on the life of Muhammad Ali. Will Smith portrayed him, and we need to know everyone’s thoughts and feelings and opinions on this flick...Good or bad? Yes or now? Yay or nay? So great or not so fab? Really, though, is this a pick or a pass?

Question 27

Pick or pass on The Mechanic?

Hey, look, it is a movie with Jason Statham again! Donald Sutherland and Ben Foster are in this piece, as well, but they are not known for movies of this genre like Mr. Statham is. And even if The Mechanic is not his most popular film, we are sure there are those who enjoyed it. But we also bet there are plenty of people who do not favor this one, so choose an answer option down below before moving on here.

Question 28

Pick or pass on Rocky?

Another Rocky Balboa film, the original Rocky Balboa, was just called Rocky. For those who do not know, it starred Sylvester Stallone as the title character - a boxer from Philadelphia who had to go up against the reigning world heavyweight champion...Apollo Creed (who was played by Carl Weathers). There are classic scenes and lines and songs found here within this classic sports movie about boxing, so we are excited to see which answer gets selected more on this one!

Question 29

Pick or pass on The Fate of the Furious?

The Fast and the Furious movies are known (even if they are not loved by everyone who knows about them), as they feature fast cars and big stars. The Fate of the Furious came out in 2017, and it starred Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Scott Eastwood, Kurt Russell and Charlize Theron. Those actors and actresses alone make it seem like it could have had at least a little bit of potential, right?

Question 30

Pick or pass on The Godfather?

One of the greatest films of all time is a mob drama, that is based on a novel. Yes, The Godfather is quoted and is referenced all the time, as a classic film which featured Marlon Brando and Diane Keaton, to name a few of the stars. Is it for everyone? Absolutely not? But is it loved by many? Totally. Either way, tell us the thoughts on this popular film, and then get ready for the last couple of questions.

Question 31

Pick or pass on Raging Bull?

Well, well, well...since we were just speaking of boxing and of classics...Next up on this quiz of guy flicks is Raging Bull, which is about a boxer who falls in love and then is sent into a downward spiral. Those who have seen it and/or who like it can tell us that it is a yes and yay, while those who have not seen it or who did not like it can tell us so by passing on Raging Bull.

Question 32

Pick or pass on The Italian Job?

We could not help it; we had to talk about Jason Statham at least once more! This film, The Italian job, has a heist, a cool location, a notable cast (that also includes Edward Norton, Donald Sutherland, Mark Wahlberg, Mos Def, Seth Green and Charlize Theron) betrayal and then revenge. That certainly sounds to us here like the kind of movie a boyfriend or a male friend or a husband would choose to see when hitting up the movie theater!

Question 33

Pick or pass on Field of Dreams?

One of the most classic sports films out there is Field of Dreams, which tells the story of a farmer who hears that iconic line: "If you build it, he will come”. So what does he do? He builds a baseball diamond on his land. And what happens next? The ghosts of great baseball players walk out of his crops and onto his baseball field! Yes, this Kevin Costner hit is adored by many, but those who are not into it are free to go with “pass” on this, of course.

Question 34

Pick or pass on Fight Club?

Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter are the actors and actresses found in Fight Club. And what happens in fight club stays in fight club! This is another big film (so we know many will opt for choosing it down below), but it is also very unique (which means that, since it is not a “classic and typical guy flick), some will go with the “pass” answer down below). Whatever the answer is, we need it before we give the last question!

Question 35

Pick or pass on The Expendables?

In 2010, the biggest names in this genre came together for one movie. We have Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Steve Austin and Mickey Rourke. In 2012 and in 2014, we received more, adding names like Chuck Norris, Liam Hemsworth, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Kelsey Grammer, Kellan Lutz, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Ronda Rousey. If any of these films were liked, pick! If not, pass!

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