Pick The Best Engagement Rings And We'll Guess Your Favorite Rom Com Hunk

Getting married to the right person is a wonderful and beautiful thing. The first step towards marriage is the proposal! The proposal is where everything begins and starts to unfold. Nowadays, with the rising popularity of social media and everyone documenting their major life events online, when a man proposes to a woman, pictures are always taken to be posted across different social media platforms!

The pictures obviously showcase the happy couple but what they also show off is the lovely engagement ring she is wearing on her left hand! The ring can be any size, any shape, and any color-- as long as it is coming from the right person, a woman will always be happy and she will say "yes"! it is so exciting to think about wedding planning when it comes to wedding music, decor, food, guest list, dresses, tuxedos, shoes, hair, makeup, and more... but none of those things can start being planned out until the proposal takes place!

Once the proposal happens, the future bride and groom can begin searching for a wedding venue and ironing out all of their wedding details! It all begins with the proposal, and what is needed for a divine proposal is the perfect ring!

1This ring?

This is the type of engagement ring that dreams are made of! This engagement ring is top notch in every way due to the way that it sparkles and shines! The more sparkly a brand new ring is, the better!

2This ring?

Getting engaged is a big deal for a young man and woman! The ring has to be just right... in fact, the ring has to be absolutely perfect-- like this one! If it isn't perfect, the proposal might not feel so special!

3This ring?

When one partner proposes to the other for the first time, it is a very big deal. That is why the ring is supposed to stand out in a crowd the way this ring does! Pick or pass on this ring!

4This ring?

Pink is the ultimate color of femininity. It is also a favorite color for a lot of women in the world. To be proposed to with a pink ring means that the hubby knows exactly what his future bride adores!

5This ring!

Emerald engagement rings are all the rave these days! The green color looks so elegant and mature! Emeralds are usually used on necklaces but when used in a ring, they really make a statement! Pick or pass on this ring!

6This ring?

Marilyn Monroe sang a song about diamonds being a girl's best friend and she was absolutely right! They last forever! Marilyn Monroe was an icon and she is still revered to this day. Her opinion of diamonds, like this one, stands firm!

7This ring?

The moment a man gets down on one knee to propose, the first thing on a girl's mind is how amazing the ring is going to look on her finger! The ring has to look stunning like this one does!

8This ring?

Rings that are not the prettiest might not be a dealbreaker but they can sure be a disappointment. A woman might not always speak up about how she feels about the ring but with a ring like this one, she won't have to!

9This ring?

Women usually do not purchase heart-shaped jewelry for themselves. Usually, a man purchases this type of jewelry for her! When it comes to a heart-shaped engagement ring, that story stays the same! Pick or pass on this amazing ring now!

10This ring?

Ever seen a woman wearing a ruby ring on her left hand? Rubies are lovely gems that can stand in place of a diamond for women who love the color red more than they love regular diamonds. Pick or pass!

11This ring?

Getting married is such a wonderful and beautiful experience to share with the person one chooses to be with forever. The wedding ring is a symbol of eternal love. This ring truly symbolizes eternal love in a very big way!

12This ring?

The shinier the ring the better! The way this ring sparkles and shines is seriously magical! Any girl who gets proposed to with a ring like this one will want to say "yes, yes, yes!" How could she say no?

13This ring?

Diamonds really are a girl's best friend! That is why the brighter and bigger the diamond is, the better! It should sparkle and stand out everywhere she goes, just like this ring does! It is time to pick or pass!

14This ring?

A sapphire engagement ring like this one could really change the game for a guy who is about to propose to the woman of his dreams. This type of ring really stands out and would be hard to say no to!

15This ring?

This is a ring that almost every girl would absolutely adore having! Wearing a ring like this one is special! It means that the person she is with really loves her and cares about her. He wants the world to know!

16This ring?

When a man proposes to a woman with a ring like this one, he is almost guaranteed to get a yes from her! How could any woman deny such a lovely ring with such a sparkle and shine to it?

17This ring?

This engagement ring is so special because of its color! It is pink! Who doesn't just love pink? It is such a playful and fun color and it goes so well as part of an engagement ring! Pick or pass!

18This ring?

Marriage is supposed to last forever so the most amazing thing about diamonds is the fact that they last forever too! Even if a marriage does not last, the diamond still stays intact! This diamond ring is an example of that!

19This ring?

Sapphires are perfect to use in an engagement ring in place of a diamond for couples who want to try something less expensive! Sapphires are just as lovely as diamonds are and the best part about them is their color!

20This ring?

Pink is the color of cotton candy, piglets, starfish, and flamingoes-- and this ring as well of course! Pink is a color that reminds people of a playful and free time in their lives! That is why this ring works!

21This ring?

It is now time to play a game of "pick or pass" with an engagement ring as pretty as this one. It stands out because it is pink, which is somewhat rare for a typical engagement ring. It is worth it!

22This ring?

A peridot jewel is a perfect gemstone to use instead of a diamond for some couples who want to save money. It is simpler and less expensive which makes it way more reasonable. This ring is the perfect example of that!

23This ring!

There are quite a few things that make this engagement ring special. Let's start off with the shape. This ring is cut to the perfect shape! Next, let's discuss the jewel. It is a green colored emerald! Pick or pass!

24This ring?

Certain engagement rings are prettier than others, sure, but this one truly takes the cake! Imagine cutting the first slice of classic chocolate wedding cake with this ring on the left hand! Wouldn't that be the most magical feeling ever?

25This ring?

There is something very magical about ruby rings. The pure red color looks so lovely on a woman's left hand! Red is such a loud and vibrant color and when it is within an engagement ring, it is simply perfect in every way!

26This ring?

Ever seen a man propose to a woman with a pink ring like this one? It is a little rarer and that is what makes it so special and amazing! Pink is such a wonderful color for an engagement ring!

27This ring?

What makes this engagement ring in particular so special is the fact that it is shaped like a flower! Who doesn't just love and adore flowers? Flowers are the bets! And so is this engagement ring! Pick or pass now!

28This ring?

It is not boring for a woman to wear a normal diamond in her engagement ring but it is very traditional. If a woman wants to try something a little bit different, she might want to consider a ruby instead!

29This ring?

This is a topaz engagement ring which is not very common at all but boy is it special. This jaw-dropping ring is just as beautiful as a diamond ring is, if not more! Time to play a game of "pick or pass"!

30This ring!

This ring might remind a few folks about the Wizard of Oz movie because, in that movie, the castle is made of emeralds! How stunning that castle was and how stunning this engagement ring is! Time to pick or pass!

31This ring?

Diamonds are so totally beautiful. They are the birthstone of people who are born in April but people born in any month of the year can wear them! This diamond ring is very special and should not be passed on!

32This ring?

Ruby rings make the perfect engagement rings because they are so vibrant! There is no way to miss a ring that looks like this one! Red is a super strong color that cannot be ignored or denied in any circumstance!

33This ring?

Ever seen a man propose to a woman with a ring like this one? It is special because it is heart shaped! Hearts symbolize love and love is a very big deal when it comes to getting engaged and married!

34This ring?

Blue is not a color just for the masculine folks out there or the men of the world. It can also be used in an engagement ring like this one! Sapphires are blue and they are a great gemstone to use!

35This ring?

When it comes to saving money and keeping costs low, a diamond is sometimes too much to deal with! A peridot, on the other hand, is much more cost effective! This is the type of ring that would make anyone happy!

36This ring!

How does a woman reject or turn down a ring that looks as extravagant as this one? It is surprisingly lovely with the emerald jewel in place instead of a diamond. It is truly worth every single penny! Pick or pass!

37This ring?

Diamonds may go through the wear and tear of daily life but after a quick polish and shine, they are right back to normal! This ring can go through so much and still end up looking just fine at the end of it all, just like this one!

38This ring?

Sapphire engagement rings are kind of a big deal these days! they are blue in color which is superb! They might remind people of the ocean or the sky! It is now time to pick or pass on this amazing ring!

39This ring?

Flowers are a huge symbol of love and romance because men usually buy flowers for or send flowers to the woman they love! A flower-shaped ring goes right along with that idea! Time to pick or pass on this ring!

40This ring?

Let's first discuss the shape of this amazingly awesome engagement ring. It has a perfect shape and would make any girl swoon! Now let's discuss the jewel! it is a blue sapphire which is incredible! Pick or pass right now!

41This ring?

It is now the time to play a game of "pick or pass" with a beautiful and stunning engagement ring like this one. How could anyone pass up a chance to wear a ring like this? It is so perfect!

42This ring?

Peridots are jewels that link up to people born during the month of August. August is a summer month that is usually very warm, depending on which part of the globe a person is located. This ring suits the warm weather!

43This ring?

Ever seen a bride wearing a ring like this one? It has a topaz jewel in place instead of a diamond! That is what makes it so wonderful! People expect to see a diamond but when they see this, they can't believe it!

44This ring?

Plenty of folks want to deviate away from the classic diamond wedding ring because it can seem way too traditional. That is why some couples opt towards the idea of using a ruby as the gemstone rather than a diamond, like this one!

45This ring?

When the diamond is the right size, it looks incredible! This ring, with its large diamond, is the definition of the word incredible. A woman wearing this ring has to know that the man she is with just completely adores her!

46This ring?

A heart-shaped ring is the type of engagement ring a man might want to use when he proposing to his future bride on a holiday like Valentine's Day! The shape of this ring is so special and romantic! Pick or pass!

47This ring!

Emeralds are the birthstone that goes with people who were born in May. If a bride to be was born anytime during the wonderful month of may, she might truly appreciate an engagement ring that looks just like this one!

48This ring?

This wedding ring reminds people of what love is supposed to feel like! Anyone who doesn't recall what love feels like just needs to take one single glance at this gorgeous ring in order to be reminded! Pick or pass!

49This ring?

Topaz rings are just lovely. This ring proves that! Any girl who could say no to a ring like this would have to be blind! The beauty is undeniable, the color is majestic, and the shape is elegant! Pick or pass!

50This ring?

An engagement ring like this one is very beautiful to have on the left hand of a future bride. Flowers are known for being beautiful and when a ring takes the shape of a flower, it is automatically very beautiful too!

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