Pick The Best Baby Names To Find Out How Many Kids Are In Your Future

When it comes to having a baby, there are a ton of important decisions you have to make. Some of these are small and minute, while others are huge. You have to decide on a room color, a room theme, decorations, a way to parent, whether or not you want to do daycare, what diapers to use, what formula to buy, among so many other things. One of the biggest decisions that you make almost right away is what you would like to name your baby. Many people opt to pick out a handful of names during pregnancy, and once the baby is born they pick the one that they think suits the baby. Others, find out the gender of the baby as soon as they can, and pick one definitive name that gets plastered all over the baby's room.

Whichever way you prefer, sometimes picking a name can be a bit too much to handle. Especially if you have a list of several names that you like a lot and cannot decide between. Maybe the baby should have a strong and classic name, or maybe the baby should have something unique that will set them apart in life. This quiz lists 50 different baby names to be picked or passed on, and we will reveal the number of kids in your future!

Question 1


The name Sarah is technically a Hebrew baby name, and the meaning is 'Princess.' It is a very common name that is given in many different areas of the world. It is usually very popular in the US and in Europe, as well as the Middle East. It has been counted as one of the top 150 names given since the year 1880. It was in the top 10 of the ranking between 1978 to 2002, and has been falling in popularity.

Question 2


The name Michael is a masculine name that has Hebrew origins, and it derived from the question 'Who is like God?' It has several variants, and is one of the most common given names for men in the whole world. It was the most popular name of the twentieth century, ranking number one from 1954 to 1998. The variations of the name Michael are common in other countries, including spellings such as Mikael, Mikhail, Miguel, or Mikkel. What do we think?

Question 3


The name Kendall is an English baby name, that has the meaning Royal Valley. Currently, it is number 225 on the popularity charts for baby names. The name became common because of the soap opera, All My Children, where actress Sarah Michelle Geller starred as Kendall Hart. The name had been steadily increasing beginning in the 1980's, but since about 2010 it has been on a steady decline from its peak at 2000 babies per million, to only 500 babies per million being given this name.

Question 4


The name Richard has German roots. It is derived from the Germanic words 'ric,' which means ruler, and 'hard' which means strong, the overall compound meaning Strong in Rule. There are several nicknames associated with Richard, including Rich, Richie, Rick, Ricky, and others. This name peaked in popularity several years ago, but today has been on a steady decline for the past couple of decades. In the US, this name, in particular, peaked in the 1940s with over 16,000 per million babies with the name.

Question 5


The name Katherine is popular in religious circles, but originally came from Greece. The idea is that the name came from Hecate, the Goddess of Magic. It means 'pure,' and has had several variations in spelling from Katharine, Kathryn, to Catherine, and others, as an opportunity for parents to make their child's name a little more unique than the common spelling. This name and its spelling variations have been on the list of the 100 most popular names since 1880.

Question 6


The name William has roots from Germany, and became popular in England after the conquest in 1066. The name has been popular since then. It has many different shortened versions as well as nicknames, including Will, Willy, Bill, and Billy. The name translates into the phrase 'knight's large helmet.' The name William started at around 8% of the population in 1880, but in 2017 it was only used by about .7% of the population, through a steady decline over these years.

Question 7


The name Anna is a Latin form of the original version that came from Greece. It means favor, grace, or beautiful. It is a common name, that has been used in countries that use English for hundreds of years. The name has been commonly used as a name for several saints and queens. Currently, it is number 53 on the popular baby name list. The name Anna has been on a decline, but had peaked again in the year 2000 by being used by 5% of the population.

Question 8


The name James has been derived from the name Jacob, and means 'supplanter.' There are some spelling alternatives that are less common, and many nicknames including Jay, Jim, Kimbo, and Jimmy, which are popular. James was one of the five most common names for boy babies for most of the twentieth century, and it was extremely popular during the Baby Boom from 1940 to 1960. Its popularity has declined in the last twenty years, but is still one of the twenty most common names.

Question 9


The name Kayla has the meaning of 'crown,' and has Hebrew origins. In 2017, it was number 138 on the popularity list. The name grew in popularity from the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, with the character Kayla Brady. In the 1980's, it reached number 12 on the charts. Kayla has dropped on the charts a bit, since there are derivatives of it including Michaela or Kaylee. Recently, the name has appeared on the show Desperate Housewives and NCIS.

Question 10


The name Joseph has Hebrew origins, and has a meaning of 'shall increase.' The name appears in the New and Old Testaments. The form, Joseph, is used in a number of different countries. The name is used in other ways as well, with spelling variations that include Yousef, Jose, or even Giuseppe in Italy. The name Joseph is one of the two names that stayed on the top ten list of boys popular names from the years 1925 to 1972.

Question 11


The name Veronica is the Latin translation of the name Berenice, which came from Greece. It means, she who brings victory. it also can depict an image of saints, sense, and strength. The name is popular due to its extensive use as a royal feminine name. Some nicknames of Veronica include Vera, Ronnie, and Roni. It is not very common, and was number 378 on the chart of popular girl's names in 2017. Veronica is also the name of a herb that has tiny blue flowers.

Question 12


The name Noah has Hebrew derivatives. It is believed the name comes from Babylonia, and means repose or rest, which may come from the flood story. Noah is one of the top 100 names for boys in the US, in 2013 and 2014 it was the most popular boy's name in the US. Noah really began to increase as a popular name in the US in 1998, and has been on the rise since then, but is beginning to decrease as of recently.

Question 13


The name Sadie is said to have been derived from the name Sarah, with the meaning 'princess.' The name Sadie is considered to be a hipster baby name, with English origins. In 2019, this name was number 93 on the chart of popular girls name, increasing from number 100 in the year 2018. It was a popular name in the late 1880's, but declined down throughout the entire twentieth century. Since 1990, the name Sadie has grown to be more popular.

Question 14


The name Liam is a derivative of the name William. The name Liam is common in pop culture, with people including Liam Payne, one of the singers from One Direction, Liam Hemsworth, a popular actor who is currently married to Miley Cyrus, and with Liam Neeson, a popular action actor who is known for his thriller like roles. The name Liam has grown to be extremely popular in the last few years, and in 2017 it was the number one popular baby name for boys.

Question 15


The name Charlotte is a classic girl's name. Many people can instantly recognize this name from the classic story, Charlotte's Web, where Charlotte wrote messages in her web to persuade the farmer to let Wilbur live. The name Charlotte is the female form of the name Charles. It has French origins, and means 'petite,' or 'free man.' This name is another classic that is becoming more popular today, and is growing to become one of the most popular names for girls.

Question 16


The name Jacob gained a ton of popularity with the vampire craze throughout the Twilight series. Although it has survived for long after the series ended. Fans of the series were either on Team Edward or Team Jacob, which would make sense because it is a big decision. The name Jacob itself means 'to follow behind.' It is one of the most popular names for boys and has been for quite some time, and in 2017 it was number 10 on the list.

Question 17


The name Kennedy is one of those names that has grown in popularity in the last decade or so for girls, as many parents are leaning more towards gender-neutral names rather than gender-specific. Kennedy is a beautiful name, that would be fit for a girl with a strong personality. While this name is a common last name, it works pretty well as a first name for either a baby girl or a baby boy. So is this name a pick or a pass?

Question 18


The name Benjamin is classic for boys, but has been on a bit of a decline for the last few years. There are a few nicknames that go along with it, including Ben, Benny, or Benji. This name is popular in the acting world. We see is with Ben Affleck who is known for his dramatic roles in movies, as well as with Ben Stiller who is known for his comedic presence. While this name may not promise commercial success, it is still an adorable boy's name.

Question 19


The name Carla has origins from Germany, and is the female form of the name Charles. Carla typically means a dear or beloved one. The name Carla is not extremely common, and is not one that you hear often. Some famous woman named Carla include Carla Gallo, who is an actress that is known for her roles on television including the show Bones. There is also Carla Gugina, who is an actress known for her roles in the Spy Kids Trilogy, and in Sucker Punch.

Question 20


The name Ethan has Hebrew origins and means strong, firm, and impetuous. Ethan is an adorable name for a baby boy, but is not a commonly used name. It is not popular in pop culture, but there are some men with the name that are known. Ethan Cutkosky is a young actor who is known for his role as Carl Gallagher on the Showtime series Shameless. There is also Ethan Embry, who is an actor that is known for his roles in Sweet Home Alabama, and some '90s films.

Question 21


The name Bethany typically means 'house of figs'. It peaked in popularity in the 1980's, but has been on a steep decline since then. The name Bethany usually leads to girls using the nickname, Beth. The name is not very common today, and there are hardly any people in Hollywood with the name Bethany. One Hollywood example of the name Bethany is Beth Behrs, who is an actress. She stars as Caroline Channing on the sitcom produced by CBS called 2 Broke Girls.

Question 22


The name Elijah is growing to be more popular in today's day and age. In 2017, it was ranked at number 8 on the list of popular boy's names. A famous Elijah is Elijah Wood, who is an actor that is primarily known for his role as Frodo Baggins. He played this character in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy by Peter Jackson's. He also starred in some other smaller films, that were not as popular as Lord of the Rings.

Question 23


The name Elizabeth is a classic girl's name that is growing to be more popular than it used to be. This name can lead to several nicknames, including Betty, Beth, or even Eliza. We know of Elizabeth Banks, a popular actress who is known for her role as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games series of films. There was also a lead character that was named Elizabeth from the series Mad Men, who was constantly called Betty by her husband Don.

Question 24


The name Matthew is a common name for boys. It can derive nicknames including Matt, Mateo, or Matty. The name usually means gift. There are several men in Hollywood with the first name Matthew. One of Matthew Perry, who we fell in love with for 10 seasons of laughs while he starred as Chandler Bing in the NBC sitcom Friends. Another famous Matthew is Matthew McConaughey, who has been in dozens of movies including Dallas Buyers Club, Mud, and Fool's Gold.

Question 25


The name Alexandra is an elegant name for any baby girl. With a shortened nickname option of Alex, this name can be perfect for someone who is torn between something casual and something precious. This name is common in royalty, but is also pretty common for the general public. While there are not many actresses named Alexandra or Alex, is is a common name on television series including Alex Rousseau on Lost, Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place, and Alexandra Dunphy on Modern Family.

Question 26


The name Daniel is a strong name for a boy, with nicknames like Dan or Danny. One of the most popular Daniels in film or television is Daniel Radcliffe, who for years starred in the Harry Potter series as Harry himself. Since starring in that hit series, he has starred in several other popular movies and even starred in a Broadway play. Another famous Daniel is Daniel Craig, who is known for his role as James Bond in those five different films.

Question 27


The name Madison is an adorable name option for a baby girl. Madison can lead to a nickname like Maddy or Maddie. Madison is becoming more of a common name in the twenty-first century. A famous Madison is Madison Pettis, who first came to be known by the public starring as Sophie Martinez in Corey in the House on the Disney Channel as a child. Since then, she has grown and starred in other films, and continues to be an influencer.

Question 28


The name Joel comes with the meaning strong-willed, meaning you may end up with a hard-headed baby. Joel is not a very common or popular name when it comes to baby boys, but there are a few notable men with this name. Joel McHale is one of them, he is known for hosting the television series called The Soup. He is also known for his role starring as Jeff Winger on the NBC sitcom called Community. What do we think?

Question 29


The name Jade definitely has some gem-like qualities, as it is beautiful. The name Jade is growing in popularity. In 2005 it was the seventh most popular name for girls. There are several women in popular culture with this name. One woman is Jade Thirwall, who is a member of the girl group called Little Mix from England. Along with famous women with this name, Jade was the name of one of the Bratz, which was a popular doll collection as well as a movie.

Question 30


Logan is a free-spirited type of name that would be perfect for any baby boy or baby girl. The name Logan actually has Gaelic origins. It has grown in popularity as a gender-neutral name that parents can select for their child. One famed Logan is Logan Lerman who is known for starring as the title character in the Percy Jackson series of films. There is also Logan Mankins, who is a professional football player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Question 31


The meaning behind the name Jennifer is 'fair one,' which would be a perfect name for a beautiful little baby girl. The name Jennifer can be derived into several nicknames including Jen and Jenny. There are alternative spellings, such as Ginnifer, as in Ginnifer Goodwin, an actress known for her roles in Big Love and Once Upon a Time. There is also actress Jennifer Aniston, who is known for her role as Rachel Green for ten seasons on the NBC sitcom, Friends.

Question 32


The name Oliver symbolizes beauty and dignity. It is a common name for boys, and can lead to the nickname Ollie. Oliver Hudson is an actor with this name. He is known for starring as Adam on the series Rules of Engagement, Jeff on the series Nashville, and Wes on the series Scream Queens. Another well-known person with the named is the character named Olive Oken from the Disney series Hannah Montana, who was portrayed by the actor Mitchel Musso.

Question 33


The name Rebecca is a cute option for any baby girl. It can lead to the use of the nicknames Becca, or Beck. The name is pretty common and has been for quite a few years. The name is also common in popular culture, Rebecca Romijn is an actress and model, she is primarily known for her role as Mystique in the X-Men film series, and as Joan from the Punisher. There is also Rebecca Black, who became an online sensation through the production of the song and video 'Friday.'

Question 34


The name Lucas is common in several countries, and has a meaning 'bright,' or 'shining.' Lucas is growing to be a more popular name as of recently. The name Lucas can have nicknames such as Luke. Luke or Lucas is a common name, especially in Hollywood. There is Luke Bryan, a wildly popular country singer known for his songs including Play It Again, and Do I. There is also Luke Wilson, a famous actor who starred in Legally Blonde, and Lucas Grabeel from High School Musical.

Question 35


The name Patricia was common in girls many years ago. It can lead to nicknames such as Pat, Patty, or Patrice. The name is not very common today, but there are still some notable women with the name. There is Patricia Arquette, who is an actress known for her small roles in Holes, and Boyhood. There is also Patricia Clarkson, who is an actress known for her leading roles in movies such as The Station Agent, The Green Mile, and Easy A.

Question 36


The name Sebastian is growing in popularity, as one of the more 'uncommon' common names of the year. One notable character with this name is the lovable crab from the movie The Little Mermaid, who is forced to constantly watch over Ariel while she adventures the ocean. There is also the actor, Sebastian Stan, who is known for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He first appeared as Bucky Barnes, but in later films became known as The Winter Soldier.

Question 37


The name Olivia is a classic enchanting name for a baby girl. You could shorten it and call her Liv or Olive. One notable woman with this name is Olivia Wilde. She is known for her roles in several movies including Booksmart, Tron: Legacy, The Change-Up, and Life Itself. While also working as an actress, she is constantly focused on philanthropy and giving back to the community. There is also Olivia Newton-John, who is a singer and songwriter that has won four Grammy Awards.

Question 38


The name Carter is a wonderful choice for a baby boy. Carter has Old English origins. It is one of those names that could absolutely work for a boy or a girl. The name Carter is common in the US, and is currently ranked at number 13 in popularity. It first grew to be extremely common in the 1990's. The name Carter is not very common in popular culture. There is Carter Reynolds, who is known for his popular Vine Videos.

Question 39


The name Sophia has origins from Greece, and means 'wise' or 'wisdom.' It is a pretty name for girls, and can be shortened into Soph, or Sophie. One very recognizable Sophia in popular culture is Sophia Vergara, who is known for her role as Gloria Pritchett on the sitcom Modern Family. There is also Sophia Smith, who we all remember as being the girl who temporarily took Liam Payne away from us while the two of them were in a relationship.

Question 40


The name Wyatt has English origins and means 'brave in war.' It is growing to be a bit more popular than it was in the past, and is ranked at around 25 of the most popular baby boy names in the country. One use of this name in popular culture is through the actor Wyatt Nash, who is known for several things including being a contestant on the reality series Survivor, and starring in Pretty Little Liars as Nigel Wright.

Question 41


The name Abigail means directly 'gives joy,' which would be true to any baby girl in your life with this name! You could shorten this name with Abbie, Abby, or Abi. Abigail Breslin is a popular actress with this adorable name. She has been acting since she was three years old, and is known for her roles as the daughter in Definitely, Maybe and Zombieland. She is also known for her role as Olive Hoover in the movie Little Miss Sunshine.

Question 42


Anthony is a strong name for any baby boy, and it means 'highly praiseworthy.' You could shorten this to Ant, or even Tony. One memorable Anthony is Anthony Davis, who is a professional basketball player for the New Orleans Pelicans. There is also the iconic character named Tony Soprano, from the HBO series The Sopranos that ran for 6 seasons in the early 2000's. Tony struggled to balance his illegal work with his family life, and tried to manage with the use of therapy.

Question 43


The name Zoey comes from Greece and means 'life.' It is a short and sweet girls name, that could also be spelled Zooey like Zooey Deschanel from New Girl and 500 Days of Summer, or as Zoe, like with Zoe Saldana who stars as Gamora in the Marvel Series. A memorable character with this name was Zoey Brooks from Zoey 101, portrayed by Jamie Lynn Spears. She lived at Pacific Coast Academy, a boarding school in California that made every person want to live on a school campus.

Question 44


The name Levi has become more and more popular since the 1980's. There has been a significant increase in the name since the early 2000's. It is now considered the 17th most popular name for boys. The name is somewhat popular in the famed community, Matthew McConaughey has a son named Levi. Sheryl Crow also has a son named Levi. Then there is Levi Strauss, who was the business man that founded the very first company that manufactured blue jeans.

Question 45


The name Cora actually means 'filled heart', and has roots from Greece. It is number 76 on the list of popular baby girl names, so it is not a very common name. It was pretty popular in the early 1900's, but decreased significantly since then. It has only just begun to increase in popularity again. The name Cora, with an alternate spelling, is the name of the main character in the spin off series The Legend of Korra, which tells the story of a new Avatar.

Question 46


The name Christopher has been a popular choice of name for baby boys for decades. It can be shortened into either Chris or Topher. This name is everywhere, we all know someone named Christopher. One iconic man by this name is Topher Grace. He is known for his role as Eric Foreman on the Fox sitcom called That '70s Show. He also starred in Spider-Man 3, and in Predators. Another famous actor by this name is Christopher Walken, who is extremely coveted and has appeared in over 100 films and television shows.

Question 47


The name Aurora has a princess-like vibe to it. It sounds elegant and classic, while also being a unique name that you do not hear every day. Of course, Aurora is the name of the princess from the Disney film Sleeping Beauty. This name would be perfect for any girl who wants to be the center of attention, in a good way, while also spending her time helping others before she helps herself. So, is Aurora a pick or a pass?

Question 48


The name Jaxon is based on the name John or Jacques and is a spin on the popular name Jackson. This is a newer name, with English origins. This is one that we do not hear very often but has been growing in popularity in the last twenty years. It could be shortened to Jax. Jaxon Bieber has this name, and he is the brother of Justin Bieber, the hit singer. There is also Jaxon Mercey, who is a young actor know for his roles on PAW Patrol and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

Question 49


The name Amelia is a blended variation of the named Emilia and Amalia. It means striving or defender. It could be shortened into Mia or Millie. The name is classic and brings a sense of elegance and sophistication. An iconic woman with this name was Amelia Earhart, who set out to be the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean by plane alone. Unfortunately, she lost her life on that trip but is still known for her drive and ambition.

Question 50


The name Thomas can be shortened into Tom or Tommy. The name Thomas has been pretty popular for decades. Currently, is is number 70 on the list of popular boy names. It has been on a bit of a decline for the last few years, but it is still a name that we hear pretty often. There are several actors with this name, including Tom Hanks known for his role as Forrest Gump, and Tom Hiddleston, known for his role as Loki.

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