Pick The Best Baby Names And We'll Reveal How Many Kids Are In The Future

Babies! At a certain point, it starts to feel like babies are everyone around us. They're on the bus next to us on the way to work. They're in every commercial on TV. They're even in the same line as us when we're checking out at the grocery store. Don't judge me for buying a giant jar of Nutella, baby!

Once we get baby fever, it's hard to give it up. Even if we're not quite ready for babies of our own yet, it's nice to dream big and think about what the future will hold. Are we going to totally Duggar it and welcome as many babies as humanly possible? Are we going to load up the car with our brood of seven for Saturday morning soccer games? Or are we going to be content with just one or two littles at home? Or perhaps none at all!

Just because we're not in the mommy and daddy stage of life just yet doesn't mean we can't think about it. It's so fun to imagine dressing your little one in cute clothes, taking him out shopping, teaching her to read, watching him take his first steps and listening to her first words. We'll just pretend the diapers and crying don't exist for now. And one of the most fun parts? Thinking of awesome baby names!

1Name this baby

Look at this cute little boy! You can tell that he's super curious because his wide eyes are right on you. He wants to know what you're doing all the time. He's observant and definitely a little explorer. He's also got awesome blue eyes and red hair, so he's striking. What would you call him if he were yours?

2Name this baby

Hello there sweet thing! This baby is a newborn - look how fresh and cute he is. He's all about cuddling with his mama and discovering the world. You don't quite have his personality figured out yet, but you think he might be a bit of a mama's boy. At least for now. What's his name?

3Name this baby

Hi there, sweet girl. I am loving this little one's beautiful pink bow and those great chubby cheeks. She looks quiet, but don't let that fool you. She can be loud when she wants to be. But she can also be very sweet and sensitive. She's tuned in to what others are feeling. What's her name?

4Name this baby

Who doesn't love a baby in a costume? I swear, when I have a baby, all they are going to wear is costumes. They're just so stinking cute! Here we have a sweet little baby girl dressed up like a sheep. And you can tell she's loving it. She's super comfortable in the outfit and has no problem living out her Pinterest dreams.

5Name this baby

Look at this cutie pie! This is a little girl who is ready to be your side kick. She'll accompany you absolutely everywhere. She's your shadow and wants to totally follow in your footsteps. She's the kind of gal who brags about how mom is her best friend. And you know she's down for a fun craft project with you!

6Name this baby

Another sweet baby girl who is totally rocking her bow. This little baby is an adventurer. She loves running around, climbing on things, asking questions and discovering new things. She'll happily play outside in the leaves for hours. So you better have a big backyard or a park nearby! What's her name?

7Name this baby

Who's ready to see the world? This little baby girl is! She's strapped onto mom's back and ready to go! She has her trusty bucket hat, cute sweater and rain gear. This is a little one who is on the go from day one. Her parents never slowed down, they just picked her up and took her with them. She's probably got more passport stamps than you!

8Name this baby

Well, hello there little sir. How dashing is this sweet baby boy? I absolutely love when parents dress their kids up. How cute is it to see a little guy in a dress shirt and dress pants? He's so fashion-forward and as cute as a button. So what kind of names suits him? What would you call him if he were your son?

9Name this baby

Look at that big smile! This is such a happy baby boy right here. Some kids are just naturally full of smiles and that's exactly who this kid is. He wakes up with a big smile - so you can't help but smile right back at him. He's the type of kid who waves to strangers on the bus and just totally melts all of the hearts.

10Name this baby

Hello there, little one! We're back with another red head with the piercing eyes. Maybe this guy will grow up to look just like Prince Harry? Fingers crossed! Maybe he can have Prince Harry's fame and fortune too! This guy is a little quiet, but you can tell it's just because he's thinking things over. He's going to be a little brainiac!

11Name this baby

Now here's a little girl who just wants to GO! She's zooming around the house faster than you can keep up with. While some babies walk at around 10-12 months, your little one was already on two feet by 6 months. She's not letting anyone slow her down so you just need to keep up!

12Name this baby

Aww look at this little sweetheart with the chubby cheeks and light blonde hair! This is the type of baby who is totally stealing hearts. She's got all the other babies on the playground eating right out of her hand - sometimes literally as she likes to pick up things from the floor and eat them, just like every other baby!

13Name this baby

Well hello there, kind sir! I love when parents dress their little boys up like grandpas. And this kid is totally rocking the grandpa chic look. Look at those chinos, the nice layered tops and that newsboy cap. He's just too cute! And he's out having his day at the beach so he can tell all the youngins to just keep it down!

14Name this baby

Hi there, little man! I love his big expressive eyes and those great big cheeks. Of course, the little baby lips are pretty cute too. Some kids are born with tons of hair and some kids, not so much. This kid definitely falls into the not so much category. But don't worry, it will all grow in soon!

15Name this baby

Well look at this little king celebrating his birthday! He's got such a satisfied smile on his face. He knows he's going to get to eat a huge piece of cake and probably play with a bunch of brand new toys. Plus, everyone keeps telling him how cute he is. And it's so true! What's his name?

16Name this baby

Look at this wild little lady just living her best life! This girl is all about the joy. She just wants to run wild and be free. She loves to climb up trees, try new things and play with friends. Her favorite friend to play with? You! She's a brave little lady, especially when she knows you aren't far behind and will catch her if she falls.

17Name this baby

Now this little girl is kind of shy. She's quiet and timid. She doesn't trust new people right away and she doesn't want to leave your side. But that's okay! Let her come to you for comfort. Because one day, she will learn how to grow her wings and fly away. With your love and encouragement, she'll be more daring.

18Name this baby

Look who we have here! It's Mr. Investigator. This is the kid who always has a question and always wants to know what's going on. He's endlessly curious! You're pretty sure he's going to grow up to be some kind of scientist or discoverer because he always needs to know how things work. What's his name?

19Name this baby

Oh my goodness! How cute is this little angel? Brand new babies are just about the cutest thing in the whole world. And look at that little open mouth yawn he's doing! Ah, I could just eat him up! Plus, that animal hat is making him that much cuter. So, what's his name? If he were yours, what would you name him?

20Name this baby

We've got another wild child here! This little one always seems to be getting into trouble. You turn around for just one second and she's managed to drop something in the fish tank or turn the dials on the oven. You definitely have to watch her because she's fearless, which is such a great quality for a little girl to have!

21Name this baby

Well, would you just look at this little cherub? How sweet is she? Sure, she doesn't have much hair at the moment and she probably doesn't do much besides eat and cry, but she seems like such a sweetheart. I love that she's all snuggled up to her mama like that. Too cute! What would you name her?

22Name this baby

Look at the smile on this sweet baby boy! I love when little ones are smiling like this. It's just so cute to see their faces light up over the smallest thing. They lose their minds over seeing someone they know, having keys jangled in their face or hearing a song from a show they know. What's his name?

23Name this baby

Now this little guy is a little bit more pensive and reserved. He's not the first one running out to the playground. He's not going to run and hide if you turn your back. He's just a bit more cautious than that. He's a little scared of the world and just wants to know that you'll be there to help him through it all.

24Name this baby

This little guy is on the move! They say you have to crawl before you can walk and this baby boy is wasting no time with that. You can tell that you're going to be busy chasing after this one. He just wants to explore, see the world and grab everything he can get his hands on. So make sure your house is properly child proofed!

25Name this baby

We've got a mama's girl right here! This little lady is definitely her mom's shadow. She always wants to hang out with her mom and do exactly what mom is doing. She'll make a great big sister as she can help mom out around the house and take care of her younger siblings. So what's her name?

26Name this baby

Well look who is trying to be a little model baby over here. This little guy has that catalogue baby look and you can tell his parents are trying to capitalize on it. Why else would they be getting his portraits done in dramatic black and white? They're clearing trying to get him started as a baby model or maybe even an acting gig.

27Name this baby

Looks like we've got ourselves a sleepy head over here! But that's okay. Aren't babies the cutest when they are sleeping? At least they're not crying. And look how comfy this little man looks fast asleep in the arms of his parent. He's totally comfortable to just snooze away while mom and dad watch Netflix.

28Name this baby

What would you name this little girl? Clearly, she's going to be a great photographer. She's a little artist who just wants to capture the world with her lens. She's also super creative and loves spending her time painting, drawing pictures and playing with clay. So what's the perfect name for her?

29Name this baby

Check out this little guy! Does he not have the cutest expression on his face, or what? I love it! This kid is curious and he's motoring. You got to keep your eyes on him because he is full of surprises. One minute he'll be racing towards the kitchen and the next he'll be distracted by a book he found on the way.

30Name this baby

Here's a little guy who is only too happy to have his bottle and a little snack. Some babies are fussy eaters. They refuse to eat their food and prefer to throw everything on the floor. They give their parents such a hard time at every meal. But not this kid. He loves having his bottle, a meal and some quality time with his parents.

31Name this baby

Well, here is a little girl who is full of life! She's just so excited to get out there and try new things. She doesn't have a shy bone in her body. Most kids are scared to go to daycare and cry when they have to leave their parents. Not this girl! She ran in without so much as a, "Bye, mom!"

32Name this baby

Now this is what we call a wanderer. If you're worried that having kids will cramp your style, leave you trapped at home, and force you to move to the suburbs and buy a mini-van, you couldn't be more wrong with this kid. This kid is ready to go! He would gladly join you on adventures all over the world.

33Name this baby

We've got another little one who is just so enticed by the camera lens. But this time, it's a little boy. This little man is observant and loves to see the world through his own unique perspective. He's curious but also cautious. He prefers to watch others and learn before doing it himself. What's his name?

34Name this baby

Why hello there, sweet girl! This little ray of sunshine is such a cutie pie. And her sweet smile is only matched by her sweet personality. This little one is totally going to enchant you. She'll have you wrapped around her little finger with one bat of those eyelashes. So what's the perfect name for her?

35Name this baby

It would probably be fair to say that this little one is quirky. You can tell her parents are totally letting her be her own person - and I think that's so awesome! She's letting her natural curls grow out wild style and she's rocking some very stylish glasses. Plus check out that shirt!

36Name this baby

This kid could be a young Archie Andrews with that fiery red hair and intense gaze. This is the kind of kid who will study you from across the dinner table. He's got that look like he's wise beyond his years and might actually understand what's going on in the adult world. So what's the best name for him?

37Name this baby

Well hello there, little sir. This kid is about as cute as they get! There's something just so adorable about a kid in a onesie. And this one looks super warm, like he's ready to go out and play in the snow or some crisp autumn leaves. And this kid is all about the playtime. He loves getting in there with his new toys and being imaginative.

38Name this baby

His shirt and his face say it all - this is one happy baby! Just look at the smile on this kid's face. And all because he's getting to spend time outside on a beautiful day in the middle of a field of flowers. This kid will definitely be the type to stop and smell the roses and see the bright side of life. How awesome is that?

39Name this baby

Here's a little girl who is determined. Should she be crawling yet? Maybe not. But she's not going to let that stop her. She's going to keep working at it until she can crawl circles around all of the other babies. And then she's going to keep going until she's up on her two feet, walking, and then running!

40Name this baby

Look at this fashion forward little cutie. How badly do you want to dress up your future child like this? I love that she is rocking the scarf even better than an adult would! This is the type of girl who loves fall and her first word ever might be "PSL!" So what's her perfect name?

41Name this baby

Look at this tough little man! He's strong and he's showing off his big guys. This might be daddy's little boy right here. He wants to be just like his dad. He wants to be big and strong and super tough. Superman is probably his idol. So what's the perfect name for a little guy like that?

42Name this baby

Look at this little cutie pie. Her blue eyes are so intense! But you can totally tell she can go from being a little angel to a total diva in about a minute. This little one is not against throwing a tantrum. But we're hoping it's just a phase she'll grow out of soon. What's the perfect name for her?

43Name this baby

Now here's a kid with a huge zest for life! Look at that big smile and expression on his face. This kid is so into whatever it is he doing. He could probably be an actor with all those expressions. Plus, he's pulling off the grandpa baby chic style so perfectly. That hat is working for him!

44Name this baby

Look at this sweet little girl who is looking for her perfect name. I love her big brown eyes and curious expression. It also looks like she has some grogeous curly hair. And girlfriend is already accessorizing with that necklace and those earrings! She's a little lady in the making! So what's her name?

45Name this baby

If you have visions of putting your little girl in ballet classes and having a few tears roll down your cheeks when she puts on her first tutu, this is the little lady for you. How sweet is this little ballerina? That pink tutu is just too cute! Are you ready to be a dance mom? What's the perfect name for Miss Ballerina?

46Name this baby

What would be the perfect name for this boy? He's got style and he's a little cutie. But he can't really be bothered to get all dressed up for the camera. This kid just wants to be outside. He wants to be on the beach, at the park or in the mud. He's totally a Mother Nature baby and he can't wait to get back to his roots.

47Name this baby

It's always such a funny stage of life when kids are working out their expressions. They have the best time sticking out their tongues and pulling all kind of funny faces. And then it gets even better when they realize they have fingers. And that those fingers can pick up things and put them in their mouths!

48Name this baby

Hi there, sweet girl! How at home does this little one look at the apple orchard? She's a total fall baby. She would probably be content to sit there picking apples and eating them until she turns five. So what's the perfect name for this little one? What names suits her best?

49Name this baby

We have another wild child! This is the kind of girl who just wants to be set loose in a field so she can run as fast as her little legs will carry her. She won't do so well in a cramped apartment. She just wants to be outside, getting fresh air and enjoying Mother Nature. If you want to move to a farm with land, she'd be thrilled!

50Name this baby

Last but not least is this sweet little girl. She's a total rebel girl with a wild child heart. Just check out that hair! You know she loves being quirky and expressing herself. She loves to run and play but also enjoys thinking up stories and watching you do something new in the kitchen. She's interested in just about everything!

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