Pick The Best Action Movies And Find Out What Your Dream Girl Looks Like

Action movies have a bit of a bad public image, with people seeing them as simple and easy, but we don't agree with this at all! They're a great way to get the pulse pumping, to keep an audience on the edge of their seat, and blow the cobwebs away from a boring day. We think it's about time that we gave people a chance to pick or pass on their favorite action movies and gave them the respect that they definitely deserve.

What we've done is pull together some of the biggest actions movies of all time, the best that Hollywood has to offer, and we want to know whether or not people enjoyed them. Everyone will have the chance to pick the ones they enjoyed and pass on those that just didn't get the adrenaline into their system. Once they've done that, we'll be able to tell exactly what their dream girl looks like!

If everyone is ready to look through some action movies, we think it's about time that we got started. There's no need to take things slow when we're looking at these sorts of movies, so let's just dive right in!

Question 1

The Departed

A remake of an original, this is a movie directed by the well loved Martin Scorsese. More of a thriller, this movie still has its fair share of action in it that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. With amazing performances from Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson, it's a movie that is filled with talent. Everyone involved knew what they were doing, and it's easy to see this when watching it on the big screen.

Question 2

Independence Day

As a species, we are quite rightly terrified of the concept that we are not alone in this universe, that there might actually be aliens out there with their own worlds too. This is a movie that plays on that, showing us what might happen if aliens decide that they do want to make themselves known, and not in a particularly peaceful way either. While the humans may get their own back, the pulse pumping actions comes from the concept that they might not!

Question 3


This is a movie all about how most of us would react if we were suddenly forced to act on behalf of someone unhinged, somebody that could do us harm if we don't act exactly as they want us to. We may not agree with what is happening, don't even feel that we fully understand exactly what is going on. All we know is if we don't do as we're told, then we're going to end up on the wrong side of a bad man...

Question 4


One of the highest-grossing movies of all time, there are few people out there that haven't seen Avatar. Ostensibly a children's film, there's enough spectacle here that even adults can enjoy sitting back and letting the 3D come jutting out of the screen at them. With sequels in the works, now is a good time for anyone that hasn't seen it to give it a go if they're still undecided on whether or not it's for them. There's something for everyone.

Question 5


Based on a set of novels, this is a movie with a high level of story running underneath the various action scenes, but it's aware that most people are turning up for the spectacle. Even people who don't know the story before seeing it on the big screen, or don't have time to bother with the narrative they're being shown, will have enough here to keep them happy. Definitely not the best in this quiz but worth a look for any action junkies out there.

Question 6


There are a lot of things that a modern audience will take for granted, such as the fact that war machines like tanks were once hugely unreliable. We like to think of them as rolling machines that can not be stopped, but it took a long time to get to that, which is exactly what this movie takes a look at. It tells the story of a US tank crew during a time when being a part of that sort of crew was quite risky.

Question 7


This is a movie that asks us to delight in revenge, that wants us to follow the main character on a path of vengeance that can only lead to one place and one place only. It allows us human beings who have learned not to lash out when we feel like it, been taught not to step out of line when we feel wronged, to live vicariously through a main character that will stop at nothing to take down the man that wronged him.

Question 8


Unlike some action movies that assume audiences are not willing to follow a plot while being dazzled and surprised by amazing special effects, this is a movie that wants us to come along for much more than just a ride. We're expected to engage, and thankfully it works very well. The action set pieces are enough for the actions junkies, but this movie is about so much more than explosions and car chases, which anyone who has seen it will be able to attest to.

Question 9

The Dark Knight

Part of a superhero trilogy which is unlike many other superhero movies out there, this movie is filled with action set pieces that keep the audience on the edge of their seats, while also giving us a look into the relationship between Batman and one of his greatest villains. This is a movie that will continue to influence superhero movies for a long time, and the way that the action scenes were shot will have a lot to do with that.

Question 10

War For The Planet Of The Apes

Planet Of The Apes is one of the most famous movies of all time, so it's understandable to why some people weren't too happy with a whole reboot followed by an entirely new series of movies. However, while they aren't the same vibe as the movies that came before them, they manage to create their own interesting narrative that has the audience on the edge of the seat the whole time. This is a chance to get a younger generation into a classic series of films.

Question 11

The Matrix

This is a movie that defined a generation, became an iconic masterpiece, and lay the ground for a whole other group of movies to come after it and try to find the same sort of success. While it has a larger story in the background, this film is all about spectacle, with the creators of the movie even using various types of new technology to create things that had never been seen on the big screen up until that point.

Question 12

The Hurt Locker

Following the story of a group of men that are tasked with safely getting rid of devices in Iraq during the conflict there, the disposal scenes are enough to get the pulse pumping. While the tension is there throughout the whole movie, the main story concerns the psychology of the men that are attempting to dispose of the devices, with some of the better off for it and the others much worse off. It's a fascinating and thrilling look into a world most of us have never seen.

Question 13

13 Hours

While it may not have received the greatest reviews, people know exactly what they're getting when they turn up to a Michael Bay movie. Nobody is sitting down to enjoy the narrative of this one, rather they want to see as much action as possible! Based on six members of a security team that were tasked with defending the US diplomatic compound, this tells the real life story of men that risked their lives against numerous militant attacks in 2012.

Question 14


The relationship between the US and their closest neighbors is constantly in the news, which is what makes movies like this so interesting. Concerning the movement of illicit substances across the border, the movie follows a group of people as they attempt to flush out one of the biggest kingpins going. It's a tense battle, one filled with amazing action sequences and moments of real worry. A central role played brilliantly by Emily Blunt helps bring the whole thing together.

Question 15

John Wick

In a similar fashion to The Matrix, this is a movie that wants to make a spectacle of everything that happens on the screen. Never letting up, this is an action movie that delights in making the audience gasp, wanting every moment to be filled with action of the finest quality. Sure, there's a story in there, but that isn't why people continue to line up to watch these movies. We're now on our third installment and it's still brilliant to watch!

Question 16

Mad Max: Fury Road

Many were skeptical when they heard that Hollywood was planning on rebooting the Mad Max franchise, of all the franchises out there. It had been a long time, and it sort of felt that the originals had done everything they could've done with the concept. We could not have been more wrong. What they brought to the big screen was an amazing feat, something that we delight in watching over and over again, which is something we can't say for the originals!

Question 17


It's true that all of the X-Men and Wolverine movies have been big on the action, but this is the first one that brought a brilliant story along with it. The narrative layered underneath the set pieces is amazing and will have everyone enjoying the movie. There are a lot of superhero movies out there at this point, but there are few out there that manage to have the same level of narrative drama as this one, so it's worth a look.

Question 18

Point Break

The thrilling moments in this movie don't always come from the action scenes, and more from the knowledge that we know something some of the main characters don't. Keanu Reeves plays an undercover cop who gets too close to the leader of a gang of bank robbers that he has infiltrated. It's this that adds the tension to the movie, and the action is just some nice dressing that we can enjoy as well. Brilliant piece of cinema that is a favorite of many action fans.

Question 19

Leon: The Professional

Any movie that revolves around a man attempting to teach a young Natalie Portman how to become a hitman is always going to feel pretty tense. Yes, there is a thrilling movie here, one filled with criminal moments that never let up. Rather than getting our attention through explosions, this movie wants us to feel tense due to the uncomfortable relationship that develops between the two main characters. The adrenaline is there, but it's achieved in a much subtler way than the other action movies in this quiz.

Question 20


Of all the movies in this quiz, we think that this one must have the most iconic scenes in it, the ones that people continue to quote to this day! Taking place in the seedy underworld of 80s Miami, this movie was a chance for Pacino to show the world just what he had under his belt. There is no way that anybody could have played this character better than he did, and people still watch it to this day.

Question 21


While it may have been turned into a meme by the internet age, this is a movie that can genuinely keep people on their toes. It may have a simple set up, but that doesn't change the fact that there is a lot built onto that foundation. We would like to think that a lot of action fans out there will have seen this one already, but we know the internet will have turned a lot of people off in the past!

Question 22

Saving Private Ryan

War movies are always going to have to try and find that balance between gratuitous violence and a genuine compassion for the characters, which we think Saving Private Ryan gets just right. Not only does it have a genuinely emotional portrayal of the accurate portrayal of war that people can watch and take in, but it has some serious action moments that those who only care about violence can get involved in! Its delicate balance, but we think they managed it well.

Question 23

Baby Driver

Edgar Wright originally came up with the concept for this movie while listening to a song, walking around with the opening song from the movie playing in his ears. He thought about a chase scene that he could put together, a scene that would follow the music as it played in the background, the visuals synced to the audio. From there, he came up with the entire script for the movie, and we're really glad he had that spark of inspiration.

Question 24

District 9

There's a lot in this movie that regards the concept of segregation, that makes parallels to what human beings have done to each other, never mind what they would do if aliens were to land. However, throughout those themes and motifs, there is a lot of action for those that just want to relax and have a movie take place near them. There is stuff to think about there if the audience wants it, but otherwise they can just sit back.

Question 25


The greatest thing about this movie is that it ever so slowly moves forward, never picking up speed until closer to the end really. Sure, there's car chases and moments of tension, all brilliantly helped along by the soundtrack, but otherwise it's rather subdued. Then, things start to kick off about halfway through, and the really brutal moments take place towards the credits. In a lot of ways, it's a sad movie, but it's a movie that takes us on a rollercoaster ride as well.

Question 26

Escape From New York

It's always funny when a movie from the past gets everything very wrong, which is why there is definitely a hilarious element to this movie. Yes, it is set in 1997, but don't let that distract from the fact that it is also a brilliant movie from the genius John Carpenter. It follows a man who is told that he has twenty-four hours to save an important figure from Manhattan, which has been converted into a giant high security island at that point.

Question 27

Fast And Furious 8

Also known as The Fate Of The Furious, this is a movie that doesn't take itself seriously, and it's much better off for it! It knows that it is here to bring the audience in, to make us want more as crazy things happen on the screen. There is a plot involved about an attempt to trigger a nuclear war, but really we're all here to watch things go bang as cars zoom past at ridiculous speeds, all while looking at familiar faces.

Question 28


Sure, it's a good thing that there are action movies out there that take the story seriously, but there's nothing worse than an action movie that takes itself way too seriously. Crank is a movie that knows what the people in the audience want, never letting the energy run out and always providing something to keep the adrenaline up. Nobody watching this film could ever claim that it was too slow, and there is enough spectacle to please any audience member.

Question 29


While many of the fans of the comic book felt that there was no way that a movie could sum up the importance of the original, people who aren't interested in the writing will find enough here to keep them interested. A lot of money went into this movie, which is easy to see when the visuals pop in such an impressive and exciting way. There are a lot of superhero movies out there, but this is one of the best when it comes to aesthetics.

Question 30

The Warriors

Following a street gang as they attempt to make it from one end of New York to the other on foot, there is very little in this movie other than action, chase scenes, and fighting! It became a cult favorite and for some, it's a perfect look at the era that surrounded it, with the brilliant synth swinging in and out of the ears of the audience. Whether people are watching for the story or the violence, it has it all.

Question 31

The Transporter 2

Believe it or not, but there were more than one of these films, and we actually think the second one was the best. While it doesn't have the silly self-referential humor of Crank, this is definitely one of the best action-oriented movies that Jason Statham has starred in. The scenes in which the main character has to get away from those that are after him take it some obscene levels, and we don't think it would be easy for other movies to top it.

Question 32

The Raid

We've included this one in the quiz to find out who really does know their action movies! Only the truly invested will know about this one, as it's an Indonesian film that got very little advertising in the Western World. It is all about an elite team that is tasked with raiding a tower block being run by a drug kingpin, and how every member of the team deals with the job at hand. A thrilling and exciting watch for any action fan.

Question 33

The November Man

Despite the fact that pretty much everyone will think of James Bond when they see this man, we think it's a sad thing that they don't think of this movie instead. Based on a novel, it attempts to bring this spy thriller to the big screen and succeeds in doing so. One of the best things about this movie is that if anyone enjoys it, they know that they have the novels to fall back on if they need more of an action fix!

Question 34

The Nice Guys

We may love movies that get the pulse pumping and keep the adrenaline up, but that doesn't mean we don't like a bit of humor as well! The Nice Guys is a brilliant antidote to all of those crime movies out there that take themselves way too seriously. While the number of set pieces included is low when compared to the rest of the movies in this quiz, there are more than enough belly laughs to make up for that.

Question 35

The Guest

Would any of us immediately know if someone new in our lives was actually a bad person? Isn't that something that would only become apparent as time went on? This is a movie that asks the audience if they truly would know a bad person if they came knocking at their front door. One of the tensest movies on this list, it's a brutal watch that every action fan should enjoy by sitting back and just letting the craziness start kicking in.

Question 36

Jupiter Ascending

As a space opera, it's no surprise that this movie is filled with highly tense moments, action always waiting behind the scenes to jump out and surprise the audience. That isn't to say that this movie keeps the action hidden, always wanting to keep people interested with an extensive use of special effects, creating images that would never be seen in the real world. There's nothing more exciting than something that would be physically impossible anywhere other than the cinema!

Question 37

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Just like The Nice Guys, this is a movie that wants to mix action and comedy. It follows a man as he attempts to uncover a mystery that he is thrown into by accident. The action scenes are often played for laughs, but by the end of the movie we're really rooting for the good guys, so any danger they end up in is genuinely tense to watch. This is one of the lighter movies in this quiz, but it's still great!

Question 38


The central concept of this movie is ludicrous, but it doesn't change the fact that it is a lot of fun to watch. There are two great performances at the center of the movie that keep pushing it along, but there are also huge moments of tense action that make the whole movie a pleasure to sit through. As we said, don't think about the story pinning it all together too much and there is no chance anyone will come away unhappy with this one.

Question 39


This is a movie that takes all of the action movies that came before it and blends them together into one big smoothie that is a genuine pleasure to watch. As long as people don't come to this movie expecting something they should take seriously, then they will definitely walk away happy. This is the movie equivalent of junk food, in that it's not the best thing that we could be watching, but it's just so good while we're watching it...

Question 40


Nobody is going to deny that this monster ending up appearing in some bad films, action or otherwise, but this original that spawned the now iconic character remains a fantastic piece of work. There isn't a single moment where a man isn't firing, or someone isn't being hunted by a technologically advanced space alien. This is exactly the type of action movie that we love, and we don't think that anyone could end up bored when they sit down to watch it.

Question 41


As we move closer and closer to a time when most of our jobs will be taken over my machines, it isn't odd to think that our police force will one day be populated by robots like this one. A cult favorite, this cult movie is known for its action scenes, while also becoming an iconic representation of social tensions that were slowly beginning to rise in the 1980s. An amazing piece of work that has a lot to say.

Question 42

Source Code

The second movie from Duncan Jones, Source Code begins with a young man waking up on a train, unaware of why he is there and certain he doesn't know the woman sat next to him. About eight minutes later, the train blows up. We don't want to spoil anymore for the people that haven't yet seen it, but please make sure that it ends up on the list of movies to next watch, as it is unlike anything else out there.

Question 43

The Equalizer

There are people out there that live life differently, have to figure out how to spend their nights, which is exactly what happens in The Equalizer. Unable to let things slide, this man goes out and takes part in some vigilante justice. There's something exciting about a character that goes out and does what they think is right, even if we know that we would never engage in the same behavior, as it's actually not right to do it at all!

Question 44

The Bourne Identity

The concept of someone waking up and not knowing who they are is a cliched one, and yet this movie managed to do a lot with the concept. It was gritty, not offering the same sort of experience that audiences had come to expect from other spy thrillers, which gave the action sequences a feel that people couldn't find anywhere else at the time. There were sequels, but we don't think that it ever got better than this one if we're honest!

Question 45

The Terminator

One of the most popular action movies of all time, The Terminator is about a woman who must escape a cyborg that has been sent back in time to take her out. It's a thrilling movie, and while it doesn't have the sort of action sequences they put into the next two movies in the trilogy, it has an understated dread that leaves people feeling unnerved throughout the entire thing. A great watch, and one that we would recommend to everyone.

Question 46


Another movie based on a novel, this is a UK thriller, one that follows the adventures of a man as he attempts to take down an international cell. It's not surprising to see things like this getting a lot more interesting to audiences over the years, as it is something that we have become all too familiar with. The tension and adrenaline come from the fact that it isn't all too farfetched to think that this sort of stuff could happen.

Question 47


The concept of a bus not being able to slow down doesn't really sound like a movie that would push people to the limits, but that's how good the writing of this movie is. It follows a bus that can't dip below a certain speed otherwise it will explode. Think about how difficult it would be to ensure that a bus doesn't have to stop in the built-up area of a city?! It leads to a lot of tense situations.

Question 48


This movie is all about a cop and a criminal, constantly in a state of attempting to overcome the other, a real cat and mouse chase. However, right at the heart of this tense thriller is a group of action scenes that are an absolute delight to watch. Any Pacino or De Niro fan that hasn't seen this movie should definitely give it a watch. There is a lot to love here, and it should be watched numerous times over.

Question 49

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Nobody is going to pretend that the Spider-Man franchise needs more reboots, which is exactly why we weren't too excited about this one when it was first announced. That being said, we were pleasantly surprised by the way that this movie simultaneously got us interesting in the life of the character, while also keeping us on the edge of our seat with some serious action sequences that we don't think have ever been done better by any other superhero movie!

Question 50

Black Hawk Down

Based on the events that took place around The Battle Of Mogadishu, this is a movie that follows a group of US special forces as they attempt to gain the upper hand in a situation that looks very unpleasant for them. The name of the movie comes from the plot in which two Black Hawk helicopters are brought down, leaving the people onboard to try and scrabble to get some power back while enduring heavy fire from the enemy all around them.

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