Pick Some Travel Souvenirs To Find Out Where To Visit Next

Some people prefer road trips.  For them, it's more about the journey; it's more about the drive ... not just the destination.  Others would just rather fly.  Statistically, it is still the safest way to go, whether we want to believe it or not.  And, it's not like those are the only two options available.  Tourists (let's be honest, that's really what we are) can travel any number of ways; we can drive, we can fly, we can travel by rail or by bus.  Or even go by boat to some places!  All of those things and more are what make traveling through this country so great!  It's not just about all the unique and amazing sights to see; it's also about how we want to see them, or how we choose to get there.

But, this quiz is really more about remembering where you've been and how one chooses to hold onto those precious memories.  Yes ... we're talking about souvenirs!  Different nicknacks, different trinkets mean different things to different people.  Sometimes it's not even about the tangible items; sometimes it's more about the pictures and the visual memories.  Of course, there are also times when that weird thing on the side of the road just begs to be photographed.  So, "PICK" a souvenir.  Or "PASS" on it.  Either way (by the end of the quiz), we will make a prediction for your next vacation destination!  Enjoy!

Question 1

How about some fresh, Key Lime pie from Key West, Florida?

If one truly wants the best quality food, they don't buy it in a store. They go right to the source. If one wants the best in music, they don't go out and purchase the CD or download it from a device, they go to a concert! If someone wants to truly experience the finer things in life, they go to where it first began! Mmmm ...

Question 2

How does a person REALLY say, "I've BEEN to DISNEY WORLD?" Mouseketeer ears!

The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida! The one place that can truly bring out the kid in ANYONE! With over five parks (including water parks), there just isn't enough time in the day to see it all; but, boy, it sure is a whole lot of fun trying! Whether the itinerary is to spend most of the time in the Magic Kingdom, or Epcot Center, or Disney Hollywood Studios, there will be a store with ears custom made for any visitor!

Question 3

Why not cook with REAL salt?

Authenticity! Isn't that what it's all about? Only the finest ingredients should go into the finest foods. Right? The same thing applies to condiments. At least it should. And, they don't call it the "Great Salt Lake" for nothing! It may not be the purest form; but short of heading out to the ocean and auto-evaporating the salt personally-- it's definitely the next best thing.

Question 4

Where else would one go for the BEST peaches?

Round, firm, plucked right from the trees, and full of flavor! Does it get any better than this? Whether it's breakfast, or a snack, or maybe for a pie ... Georgia is the place for peaches. Some might think that when it comes to food-- "location, location, location ... " doesn't apply. Well, they'd be wrong. There's a reason geography comes into play when farmers have to choose what they're going to grow.

Question 5

A Map to the Stars! How else would somebody see the biggest stars?

Hooray for Hollywood! It's all there! The glitz and the glamour alone are enough. Anybody who goes to Hollywood has to at least TRY to sneak a peak at a celebrity! Why else would they sell maps for it? Taking a trip somewhere new? Then a map is one of the most important tools in any adventurer's arsenal. And this is no different. Well ... maybe a little more exciting.

Question 6

Grapes straight from the vine

California's Napa Valley. This is where the grapes (and the wine) grow best! Well, that's what they say, anyway. It's right there on the sign. Take a tour, try a sample, maybe even buy a bottle or two. That's right, California has much more to offer than just movie stars and and shopping on Rodeo Drive. There really is SO much more to see on the West coast!

Question 7

A can of Lobster Bisque

Well, sure ... any coastal region is going to be a great source for great seafood. But, right now we're talking about the Northeast. We're talking about shellfish; we're talking lobster. Yes, Maine is gorgeous when it comes to it's local geography and spectacular forestry, there's just no arguing that. But what better way to end a day of trekking along the tree line than with some quality shellfish?

Question 8

Some real fresh Idaho potatoes

Maybe Idaho is just on the way to Washington. Or vice versa. Maybe Idaho is just on the way to Montana, or Wyoming, or Oregon. Either way, there's no better tasting reason to stop than for the country's best baked potato. Then again, we're talkin' 'taters! Have 'em prepared any number of ways ... it doesn't matter, they'll be great no matter what!

Question 9

Doesn't every fan need a Cubbies jersey from Wrigley Field?

The Chicago Cubs may not be the winning-est team in the league, but they are (beyond a doubt) one of the most revered and most loved of the sport. And, they certainly don't have to win every game for one to go to Wrigley Field and just enjoy the day! Get a hot dog, a soda , and some nachos and that ... is a true baseball experience!

Question 10

A genuine bar of Hershey's chocolate

Yes, it's true. Hershey, Pennsylvania is known for exactly what everyone expects it to be known for ... chocolate. And, they are not shy about showing it, either. That's why the largest attraction is, of course, "Hershey's Chocolate World." Uh, how could it not be?! Tours, shows, tastings, and (best of all) creative freedom in a chocolate-making factory. Does it get any better than this?

Question 11

A visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art truly has a unique reputation all it's own! The building and the steps leading up to it were made famous back in 1976 with Sylvester Stallone's Academy Award winning "Rocky!" And then, again, in 1982 with the unveiling of the Rocky Statue. While there may not be any miniature statues for sale, it is certainly a photo opportunity of a lifetime!

Question 12

A deck of cards from a popular Vegas casino

A precious few might be so bold as to ask, "What is there to do in Las Vegas?" But, of course, the real question is, "What isn't there to do in Las Vegas?!" The lights on the Las Vegas strip alone are a sight to see. Then there's the shows, the music, the street performers, and ... yes, the casinos. That's why so many choose a deck of cards from their favorite casino as their favorite souvenir.

Question 13

Some ornate pottery from New Mexico

No, not Mexico. NEW Mexico. New Mexico weaving, pottery making and silversmithing have all been in existence since the early 1900s. One of it's most unique characteristics is the sheer variety of Pueblo Indian pottery. It's made from naturally occurring clay that is cleaned, ground, wedged, and shaped by the potters themselves.

Question 14

Genuine smoked salmon from Alaska

Is someone looking for quality citrus? Then they should go to Florida. Want to sample some of the finest chocolate; we've already established that Pennsylvania's the place to go. There's Idaho for potatoes, Maine for lobster ... but for the freshest, tastiest smoked salmon ... there's no place in the country like Alaska!

Question 15

Turquoise from Arizona

If it's not apparent by now ... certain regions of the country are just better known for certain goods. And Arizona is no exception. But, isn't that part of what makes the U.S. so great?! Isn't that part of what makes this quiz so great? It's fun, maybe a little educational, too (not to mention the pretty pictures).

Question 16

Some San Francisco Chowder

Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco absolutely has to be one of the pinnacles of seafood sampling. Isn't that what so many great coastal towns are known for? Well, the local sea life has a little something to do with it, too. Then again, that's pretty much what the definition of a wharf is anyway. Right?

Question 17

A Texan stetson

Because everything is BIGGER in Texas! At least, that's what they say in Texas. Does that mean that there's someplace in the country where everything is smaller? Probably not. But they will tell you that, " ... the stars at night are BIG and BRIGHT, deep in the heart of Texas!"

Question 18

Maple syrup from Vermont

Vermont of course! Home of the purest maple syrup around! Places like IHop and The Waffle House must make a fortune in these parts! But, no, it's not just about the syrup here. Vermont has some of the most beautiful countryside anyone could ever want to see, especially when the leaves begin changing colors in the autumn!

Question 19

Pike Place coffee from the heart of Seattle, Washington

It's true. Today's mega-successful coffee company, Starbucks, first began in an open air fish market in Seattle, Washington. Yes, Seattle may be known for it's rainy (okay ... REALLY rainy) weather and beautiful mountain peaks, but this is how it came to be known for it's coffee as well. It's a place right on the water known as "Pike's Place Market."

Question 20

A wheel of cheese from Wisconsin

Dairy and cheese have been a part of Wisconsin's history since as far back as the mid-1800s. In the words of a "New York Times" article, " ... cheese is the state's history, it's pride, it's self-depreciating, sometimes goofy, cheesehead approach to life." It's been the largest cheese-producing state since 1910!

Question 21

A photo in front of Dunder Mifflin in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Yes, Pennsylvania is full of places to visit, things to see, and landmarks to photograph! Only 125 miles north-west of the Philadelphia museum of art is lovely Scranton, PA-- home of the DuunderMifflin Paper Company! While the show may have been filmed in New York, many of it's distinctive locales actually exist in the real Scranton, Pennsylvania!

Question 22

Grab an ear of corn right off a Nebraskan stalk

True. There are many states in the U.S. that produce massive amounts of corn, but Nebraska is one of the biggest! Perhaps that's why it's nickname is "The Cornhusker State." Interestingly enough, Nebraska's official soft drink is Kool-Aid, as it was invented in Hastings, Nebraska. This state is also responsible for the creation of CliffsNotes.

Question 23

Take a picture inside a redwood in Humboldt County

This would probably be considered one of the oldest and most natural photo ops in U.S. The redwood trees of Humboldt County are actually the tallest and one of the most massive species of trees on the entire planet! Most of the trees live an average of 500 to 700 years old. But there are a few that are documented to be just over 2000 years old. Talk about a historic photo opportunity!!

Question 24

A selfie with a seal in Oregon

There are lots of places on the Oregon coast where you can see countless seals basking in their natural or developed habitat(s). Harbor seals can usually be seen year-round on the rocky coasts and the bays of Shell Island and Simpson Reef or many of the areas along the 363-mile coastline. Some of the seals can grow as long as seven feet and weigh up to 300 pounds!

Question 25

A coconut from Florida

Surprisingly enough, 'California,' is NOT the answer. There are very few coconut producing palms along the west coast. As far as the U.S. is concerned, the majority of fruit producing palms are either found along the east coast of Florida or in the great state of Hawaii. Most of them are a single-trunked tree with grayish to grayish-brown color.

Question 26

A postcard of the Hollywood sign

The iconic "Hollywood" sign is located in the Hollywood Hills area (where else) of the Santa Monica mountains. The letters themselves are actually 44 feet tall and the entire thing stretches 352 feet. It was originally developed as an advertisement for the local real estate back in the 1920s. The landmark is now protected by a non-profit trust as well as the surrounding Griffith Park.

Question 27

How about a little Monopoly, Atlantic City style?!

The original version (created in 1903) was actually based on the streets of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Believe it or not, a great deal of people still travel to parts of Atlantic City to see the original streets that are still part of the game board today. Some of the names have been changed over the years, but the majority of them are still there.

Question 28

An inflatable alien from Roswell, New Mexico

To believe, or not to believe. Maybe that is the question. But, whether or not it's true, doesn't stop Roswell form being one of the most popular tourist sites in the southwest. The thing that most people don't understand is that there's really not that much to see there. In fact the population of Area 51 is just under 1,800. The Extraterrestrial Highway is really more about the story than the visuals.

Question 29

A Superman keychainf rom the real Metropolis

Yes. It's true. There really is a city named, Metropolis. And, yes, you can really go there to visit. It's just over the border of southern Illinois. And (as one would expect) the citizens are more than happy to cash in on the town's name. There is a "Superman" museum and many many gift stores and photo opportunities that any visitor can choose from.

Question 30

A baseball from the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York

It is the national pastime after all, but so few Americans spend their days at the old ball park. For a family that's into sports or somebody who just really likes memorabilia, a good museum can always deliver and that's essential what a Hall of Fame is. So, take the baseball or pass?

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