Pick Some Foods And We'll Reveal Your True Sign!

Foods contained on this quiz originate from countries located throughout the world. A few of these foods came from ancient cultures thousands of years ago. There are too many reasons to want to try these foods. The right dish can leave a long-lasting memory. Japan, India, the United States, Vietnam, and England are some of the countries whose cuisine you'll have to pick or pass on.

One may wonder how food relates to our astrological signs. Well, the answer is simple, everything is connected. Horoscopes are interpreted when looking at the stars. Astrologists gaze upon the cosmos to see how it affects the human body.

Foods on this quiz might be irresistible to some and not the others. Just pick the ones you like the most! You don't have to be a foodie to take this quiz, only someone who is capable of eating. It is perhaps one of the simplest and most gratifying quizzes on the internet. Pick or pass the foods on this quiz, and we'll reveal the sign you were meant to be.

Question 1

Grab a serving of poutine?

Originally made in the province of Quebec, which is located in Canada, poutine is fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. This simple combination is abundant throughout Canada and has several variations. Some versions top poutine with other ingredients like bacon or mushrooms.

Question 2

Is it pick or pass for lobster?

Although it can be expensive, lobster is a tasty seafood dish served in restaurants. Some may have visited the Red Lobster restaurant. They serve lobster at a reasonable price, making it a worthwhile visit.

Question 3

Take a taste of West African chicken stew?

Many West African families grow the food that they consume. The people of West Africa must have revered flavors since they can produce exotic dishes such as their traditional chicken stew. 'Pick' or 'Pass' this tasty dish?

Question 4

Is it possible to pass on a submarine?

Nothing beats a hardy sandwich on any given day. They are high in nutritional value and are easy to prepare. A submarine sandwich has a lengthy bun that is split lengthwise. Is it possible to pass on a submarine sandwich?

Question 5

How about Belgian chocolate?

Despite being chocolate that is manufactured in Belgium, most of the ingredients used to create Belgian chocolate are from South America, Africa, or Central America. Truffles and pralines are both tasty types of Belgian chocolate. How about Belgian chocolate?

Question 6

Make a choice for sushi!

Sushi is a healthy alternative to other higher calorie foods. It is popular in many regions of the world including North America. Sushi was invented in Japan, but other countries such as South Korea adopted their versions of sushi. Make a choice for sushi!

Question 7

Could anyone deny an In-N-Out burger?

A burger is a pick for most regardless of where it came from. In-N-Out burgers are some of the juiciest and most tasty burgers on the planet. In-N-Out Burger restaurant uses real ingredients and removes process foods. Could anyone deny an In-N-Out burger?

Question 8

How about butter chicken?

Indian cuisine is famous throughout the world. For a dish that has your taste buds craving more, choose butter chicken. It contains a blend of Indian spices, clarified butter, tomato sauce, and other ingredients to deliver a superb flavor. How about butter chicken?

Question 9

What about a croissant?

For a snack that is gourmet, take a buttered croissant. Croissants were invented in Austria and are now popular in France and other parts of the world. Their texture and flavor make them a delight for many occasions. They can be used for a sandwich for a salty snack, or for a sweet snack when topped with jam. They're even tasty plain! What about a croissant?

Question 10

How about a donut?

There are at least a dozen reasons to purchase a box of donuts. They can come in many different sizes, containing a multitude of flavors. They can even come as just a donut hole! A cup of coffee and a donut is a winning combination. How about a donut?

Question 11

How about Peking Duck from a Beijing oven?

For those who are more accustomed to meats such as chicken and beef, it might be time to take some chances. Peking duck has been a popular dish in China since the Northern and Southern dynasties. Who's adventurous to pick this tasty meal from China?

Question 12

Pick or pass fish & chips?

Fish such as halibut or cod covered in battered, fried, and served with fries is known as fish & chips. It is one of the most noteworthy meal creations from England. The meal first appeared in England in the 1860s and soon after, in the 1910s, there were more than 25,000 fish & chips stores.

Question 13

Take a taste of maple syrup?

Maple syrup from Canada and North America in general is hard to beat due to the region containing the perfect weather conditions for syrup production. Maple syrup is poured on pancakes, waffles, and other foods. Sugar maple, black maple, and red maple trees output delicious maple syrup. Take a taste of maple syrup?

Question 14

Could anyone pass on potato chips?

Unique dishes served all over the world are contained in this quiz, but who could forget simple snacks such as potato chips? Lay’s, Kettle, Ruffles, Pringles, and Miss Vickie's are few of the top chip brands. Could anyone pass on potato chips?

Question 15

Is it a pick or pass for lasagna?

Lasagna is a classic dish. It can be made with meat or only with vegetarian options. And it can even be made as a vegan option. It would be hard to pass on such a versatile dish but we're not making the choices here. So what will it be, a pick or a pass for lasagna?

Question 16

Pick or pass on stuffed pork tenderloin

The beauty of stuffed pork tenderloin is that it can be stuffed with almost anything we want; whatever we're in the mood for. In this case, it's stuffed with butternut squash, which contains copious amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C. How do we feel about stuffed pork tenderloin?

Question 17

Make a choice for fried calamari!

If prepared in a certain way involving deep frying, squid can be turned into delicious calamari. Combined with tzatziki, marinara, or simply with lemon, calamari makes for an excellent appetizer or side dish for a meal. Make a choice for fried calamari!

Question 18

Who could refuse a serving of Aussie Meat Pie?

One doesn't have to travel to try foreign cuisines but to gain the most authentic experience one may want to head to a particular foods' country of origin. This Aussie meat pie looks absolutely scrumptious. Who could refuse a serving of Aussie meat pie?

Question 19

How about a bowl of Goulash from Hungary?

Take a trip to Hungary or visit a local Hungarian restaurant to gain a taste of Goulash. It is not difficult to make goulash, which is a type of soup that often contains meat. How about a bowl of goulash from Hungary?

Question 20

What selection for lamb chops?

Try to season lamb chops before eating them. Thyme, olive oil, and salt and pepper can make lamb chops irresistible. Lamb chops are a healthy meal and should surely be a pick. What selection for lamb chops?

Question 21

How about some beef ramen noodles?

Ramen noodles are comfort food for university and college students. Their easy preparation and delicious taste make ramen noodles a staple. Ramen noodles originated in Japan. After all, what's not to like about ramen noodles? How about some beef ramen noodles?

Question 22

What about vegetable pad thai?

Vegetable pad thai is a stir-fry dish that is made with noodles and often combined with ingredients such as garlic, peanuts, and chicken. This dish originated in Thailand and is eaten throughout the world. What about Vegetable Pad Thai?

Question 23

Is it a pick or pass for Tom Yum Soup?

Tom yum soup is something that everyone should try at some point in his or her life. It is a hot and sour soup that was invented in Thailand. It has tasty hot and sour flavors. Is it a 'Pick' or a 'Pass' for tom yum soup?

Question 24

How about Pho?

Pho is becoming well-known throughout the world for its unique ingredients. Chances are if you live in North America, there is a Pho restaurant nearby. Pho is a Vietnamese dish that is often made with beef.

Question 25

What about pumpkin cookies?

Pumpkin cookies are commonly cooked in a Crock Pot. It contains pumpkin and honey and can be cooked relatively quickly. They are a nutritional treat for plenty of occasions, especially during the Halloween season. What about pumpkin cookies?

Question 26

Pick or pass Jell-O?

Just like pudding, Jell-O makes for a tasty treat. Some love the texture and flavor of this dessert, but there are others who don't care for it. Still, it remains a classic snack for most people. Will it be a pick or a pass for Jell-O?

Question 27

Is it a pick or pass for ginger pear squash soup?

Combining flavors such as grated ginger and fresh butternut squash makes Ginger Pear Squash Soup delectable. It is a healthy alternative to other meals and could be served alongside other dishes. Is it a 'Pick' or a 'Pass' for ginger pear squash soup?

Question 28

How about a stack of pancakes?

Even if pancakes are made from scratch or is taken from a box, they tend to turn out pretty decent. The combination of the right syrup and perfect, fluffy pancakes is a winning formula for any day's breakfast. How about a stack of fluffy pancakes?

Question 29

Pick or pass a creamy slice of cheesecake?

A rich cheesecake that is delicious is not an easy cake to make. The Cheesecake Factory restaurant contains creamy and unique cakes such as the Peppermint Bark Cheesecake. The Cheesecake Factory has more than 50 signature cheesecakes, so take a trip today!

Question 30

How about macaroni and cheese?

One of America's most beloved comfort food should surely be a 'Pick.' It is a dish that has bits of macaroni and most commonly contains cheddar. The most popular brand for mac and cheese, Kraft Dinner, was established in 1937, approximately 81 years ago.

Question 31

What about Dal Makhani?

Indian cuisine is now popular all over the world due to its authentic flavor and in some cases, nutritional value. Indian cuisine such as Dal Makhani is mixed with lentils and combined with naan; it is delicious. What about Dal Makhani?

Question 32

Who wants ham and pineapple pizza?

Although pizza is one of the most favorited meals in the world, some don't care for it when it is combined with ham and pineapple. Some like the sweet and salty combination, others can't stand even the thought of it.

Question 33

Is it a pick or a pass for pudding?

Pudding is a tasty treat for either dessert or as a snack. Snack Pack is possibly the most popular pudding brand. Be it chocolate, vanilla, or tapioca; pudding is too tasty for words. Is it a 'Pick' or a 'Pass' for pudding?

Question 34

How about a giant pretzel?

A giant pretzel is not only impressive in appearance, but also in taste. A sweet doughy pretzel can melt in your mouth and it'll taste even better when combined with the right dipping sauce. Watching a baseball game from the stands with a nice giant pretzel is a dream come true. How about a giant pretzel?

Question 35

Take a bite of a sweet and savory pulled pork sandwich?

County fairs, amusement parks, and street vendors are among the places where one could purchase a pulled pork sandwich. Pulled pork in combination with coleslaw makes for a delicious sandwich. How about a sweet and savory pulled pork sandwich?

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