Pick Some Favorite Comfort Foods And We'll Give You A TV Show To Binge

Comfort food and binge-watching TV are two things that go well together. Going through a breakup? What better way to feel better than to binge-watch some excellent TV shows and eat some delicious comfort foods. Had a troubling day at work? Watching three episodes in a row of a new favorite show while munching down on some savory comfort foods is the way to go. Had a stressful day of school with one too any exams? An hour or two spent in front of the TV with a plate full of comfort food is a great way to go to begin the process of feeling better and getting past whatever struggle is going on.

The purpose of comfort food is to comfort us and the purpose of binge-watching TV shows is to temporarily distract us from the real world realities that surround us at all hours of every day. It is nice and pleasant to be able to escape for a while, even if it is just for a short while. Comfort foods can be sweet, they can be savory, or they can be a combo of both. Either way, let's pick or pass on some of these options now and get a new show to watch!

Question 1

Fried Chicken?

Fried chicken is pretty darn amazing! A lot of people in the world love it and that is because it tastes so great! Places like KFC are popular when it comes to selling food like fried chicken. Things that go well with fried chicken or french fries, coleslaw, salad, gravy, biscuits, and many other food items. For this comfort foods quiz around, it is time to pick or pass on fried chicken. Pick or pass on fried chicken for this round.

Question 2

Apple Pie?

Apple pie is a warm, homemade dessert that is usually always made with a lot of love. The baker in charge of making it knows that their friends, family members, and loved ones will be eating slices of the apple pie and that is why they fill each bite with ounces and ounces of love! Apple pie tastes sweet and sometimes, it even tastes like cinnamon. Who would want to pass on the chance to eat a slice of this?

Question 3


Grits is a delicious breakfast food item that people can enjoy with their pancakes, waffles, or even with their French toast. People might want to enjoy their grades with and bacon, eggs, sausage, or other breakfast food items that one might find on their plate in the morning. Grits are hearty and healthy and taste a lot better with salt, pepper, and butter mixed in while they are getting ready to be served. Pick or pass on grits for this round.

Question 4

Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

These sandwiches are best when they are served and eaten fresh off the grill or stove. "A cheese sandwich is a basic sandwich generally made with one or more varieties of cheese on any sort of bread, such as flatbread or wheat bread, that may include spreads such as butter or mayonnaise. A typical grilled cheese sandwich is made by grilling the sandwich with butter or margarine and toasting it." (Wikipedia). Pick or pass on grilled cheese sandwiches for this round!

Question 5

Chicken Soup?

Chicken soup is a yummy soup to eat for people who might be feeling ill. "Chicken soup is a soup made from chicken, simmered in water, usually with various other ingredients. The classic chicken soup consists of a clear chicken broth, often with pieces of chicken or vegetables; common additions are pasta, noodles, dumplings, or grains such as rice and barley." (Wikipedia) Try to pick or pass on chicken soup right about now for this comfort food quiz round now!

Question 6

Macaroni and Cheese?

Time to play a game of "pick or pass" with a meal like Macaroni and Cheese. Macaroni and Cheese is clearly a very comforting food option because it is cheesy, warm, and amazing. Delicious melted cheese over yummy noodles is such a great combo. Whoever thought of this combo is a total genius and he or she deserves to be wealthy and set financially. Macaroni and Cheese is a comfort food that most of us in life have totally loved.

Question 7

French Fries?

French fries are the best of the best and are considered a favorite food to so many people alive today on this planet. Fries seem to go good with everything. They go well with dipping sauces like ketchup, ranch, and BBQ sauce as we know but they even also taste good with chocolate flavored milkshakes. How random is that? They taste great alongside burgers and even alongside slices of pizza. French fries are super fun to eat because of how they taste.

Question 8


A casserole is a great comfort food to eat also because casserole is something that is made with love. It is usually a home-cooked meal that is made by a mom or a grandmother who know how to chop every vegetable and diced every noodle to perfection. Everything about casseroles come together in the perfect way when they are baked in the oven because the person in charge of making them knows exactly what they are doing. Pick or pass.

Question 9


Cornbread is an amazing side dish that should be added alongside any main entrée for eating. It is great when it is buttered up and so, therefore, anyone who is about to enjoy some cornbread should also have some butter on deck and ready to go. Spreading butter on top of a piece of cornbread is the first step before biting down into that piece of cornbread. Cornbread simply does not taste that great without butter spread all over it.

Question 10

French Toast?

French toast is a delightful and delectable breakfast food item that is often compared to waffles and pancakes. It should not be compared to waffles and pancakes at any of the capacity because it definitely stands alone and stands tall against its breakfast food competitors. All we need are slices of bread, powdered sugar, syrup, butter, and egg yolks! That is pretty much all that it takes to make the perfect French toast. Pick or pass on French toast now.

Question 11

Red Velvet Cake?

Red velvet cake is popular around a holiday like Valentine's Day because that is a major holiday that revolved around love and the color red. The color pink is a big deal on that day also but red is really the color that steals the show. It symbolizes love in connection to our red beating hearts. Hearts are another symbol of the holiday focused on love and romance. this dessert really does stand out for being so delicious and incredible.

Question 12


Cheeseburgers are so amazing! They taste good and they really fill us up. It is so great to be able to go to places like in and out, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Carl’s Jr. and order a hearty and delicious cheeseburger! Regular hamburgers are quite boring. Cheeseburgers are great because there is a slice of cheese that is added to the pieces of meat, the tomatoes, the lettuce, and everything else between those two buns. Pick or pass now.

Question 13


Time to play a game of pick or pass with this yummy dish. "Spaghetti is a long, thin, solid, cylindrical pasta. Spaghettoni is a thicker form of spaghetti, while capellini is a very thin spaghetti. It is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine. Like other pasta, spaghetti is made of milled wheat and water and sometimes enriched with vitamins and minerals." (Wikipedia). This dish is one of the best things we can think to order from restaurants or cafes!

Question 14


Pizza is the comfort food of all comfort foods. It is the number one food that everyone can depend on and rely on to make us feel better. It helps make us feel warm and fuzzy on the inside because it simply tastes so good! Pizza is something that always tastes good, no matter where it comes from. Even if it comes from a place that uses cheap ingredients, it still somehow comes out tasting amazing. There is no getting around that!

Question 15


Donuts are wonderful comfort food for people to depend on and lean on when they are feeling down. Ever felt sad and went to the local donut shop to buy half a dozen donuts? We have all been there. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Going to buy donuts is a really common thing for people to do when they are feeling sad and that is because donuts are considered an ultimate comfort food to depend on all the time.

Question 16


Turkey is the first food item we think about when we think of a holiday like Thanksgiving. Turkey is not solely reserved for that holiday though. Turkey tastes great with mashed potatoes and it tastes even better when gravy is drizzled on top of it. Each bite of cooked turkey tastes like heaven because it is so succulent. Turkey should never be passed on because it is one of the best food items anyone could ever imagine trying in life.

Question 17


According to Wikipedia, "A pancake or hotcake, griddlecake, or flapjack is a flat cake, often thin and round, prepared from a starch-based batter that may contain eggs, milk, and butter and cooked on a hot surface such as a griddle or frying pan, often frying with oil or butter. Archaeological evidence suggests that pancakes were probably the earliest and most widespread cereal food eaten in prehistoric societies." Pancakes are the best breakfast food item to choose during a hungry morning.

Question 18

Corn Nuts?

For this round, we are going to play a game of “pick or pass“ with corn nuts! Corn nuts are very popular and they are very popular for a reason! The reason why people love them is that a lot of people love corn. If we love corn, of course we are going to love corn nuts also. Corn nuts are crunchy, salty, and delicious. Plus, they come in lots of different cool flavors. One of the flavors they come in is called barbecue flavor and another one is a Cool Ranch flavor. How amazing?

Question 19

Pumpkin Pie?

Pumpkin pie is a delicious pie that has the main ingredient of pumpkin. Pumpkins are something that we carve for jack-o’-lanterns during the fall season, right before Halloween. We also use pumpkins to make a delicious pumpkin pie! Without pumpkins, pumpkin pie would not exist and it would be so sad. Pumpkin pie is often compared to apple pie and pecan pie and it definitely fits in with its competition. Pick or pass on pumpkin pie for this quiz round!

Question 20

Cinnamon Rolls?

Cinnamon rolls are seriously the best! People love them a lot for a reason. It is because they are sweet, delectable, Tasty, and delicious! Cinnamon rolls are the perfect breakfast food item to enjoy on a sunny morning day. Cinnamon rolls are also great to enjoy in the evening for dessert. It is so cool that they can double as a breakfast item and as a dessert item. Donuts are similar to cinnamon rolls in that way. Pick or pass.

Question 21


Twinkies are a sweet dessert that kids love to see in their lunchbox when they are eating lunch at lunchtime with their friends at school. It was once rumored that Twinkies never expire but that has since been debunked. A Twinkie that is super old should not be eaten because it probably is not really healthy anymore. Although, if we really think about it… Twinkies were never really that healthy, to begin with, in the first place. Pick or pass.

Question 22

Alphabet Soup?

Alphabet soup is a delicious soup that people can eat when they need some comfort. The cool thing about it is that they can eat up all of the bad letters that they do not want to look at or think about and leave only the good letters for their last few bites of soup! If they are in love with a girl named Amy, they can save all of the letters that are A’s, Adams, and Y’s in order to enjoy them at the end of their meal! How sweet is that?

Question 23


Burritos are an awesome breakfast food to enjoy when the burrito is filled with eggs, sausage, bacon, and cheese! Burritos can also be served for lunch or dinner when they are filled with things like taco meat, lettuce, tomatoes, diced onions, and other dinner food items! Burritos are amazing because really anything can be added into that tortilla and it usually always comes out tasting totally amazing and wonderful. Pick or pass on burritos for this round. Try to pick!

Question 24

Tater Tots?

Tater tots are super popular and often compared to onion rings and french fries. People of tater tots because they taste like little warm potatoes that should be dunked in ketchup or barbecue sauce! They can be made in large batches and that means that they can be served in bulk to many different kids at one time. That is why they are a popular lunch menu item for elementary schools, junior high schools, and regular high schools. Pick or pass.

Question 25

Potato Chips?

Time to consider potato chips! Potato chips are really high in calories and they may add a lot of extra pounds to someone’s hips and waist, but for someone who is not counting calories or for someone who is not worried about the size of their hips and waist, potato chips are definitely the way to go to try to gain some comfort. They are salty, crispy, and totally amazing. Plus, they are sold in bags from vending machines so it is super convenient to get them.

Question 26


For this quiz round, we are going to focus on the idea of picking or passing on a delicious batch of brownies. Brownies are the best because they taste like chocolate! Everything went taste like chocolate is heavenly. Chocolate is one of the best things that has ever been created on this universe. It is so amazing that we are able to taste chocolate flavored cakes, pies, and candy bars whatever we want. Brownies are no exception to that rule.

Question 27

Hash Browns?

According to Wikipedia, "Hash browns or hashed browns are a popular US breakfast dish that first started showing up on breakfast menus in New York City in the 1890s, a simple preparation in which potatoes are pan-fried after being shredded, diced, julienned or riced, in the style of a Swiss Rösti. In some regions, hash browns may be listed on restaurant menus as home fries." Time to pick or pass on this food item. Try to decide about hash browns.

Question 28

Sugar Cookies?

Sugar cookies are an amazing dessert that a lot of people enjoy! They are very basic and simple. That is why they are so popular. Anything that is easy to make is popular because it does not take too much effort or exertion. Sugar cookies require flour, eggs, sugar, oil, salt, and vanilla! There really is not much else that needs to be added into the batter in order to make the perfect batch of sugar cookies. Pick or pass.

Question 29

Scrambled Eggs?

Scrambled eggs are considered brain food. That is why moms and dads like to make scrambled eggs for their kids before their kid has to go to school for a test or an exam. If their child has a spelling bee that day, they might want to consider making scrambled eggs for their child because it helps their child feel focused, energize, and ready to face up to a difficult challenge. Scrambled eggs are a really good food option to pick.

Question 30


Waffles are an amazing breakfast food item that everyone should try at least once in their lives! Waffles are great to order from hotels during the morning hours because room service waffles are always the best! Frozen waffles are really good to even though they come from a box and spend most of their time in the freezer. As long as they can be paired with butter and syrup, we are good to go. Pick or pass on waffles right now!

Question 31


When people see popcorn the first thing we think about is going to the movie theater to see a new film! For example, a lot of people recently went to the movie theater to watch Avengers: Endgame and when they went, they ordered themselves a large tub of popcorn to eat while they watched the movie! That does not mean that the movie theater is the only place that we should go to enjoy popcorn. We can eat popcorn anywhere and everywhere in the entire world.

Question 32


Beans are excellent comfort food for everyone to try. They help us feel better because they are filling and hearty. Beans are a great meat sub for people who are trying to ease their way into a vegetarian lifestyle. There are plenty of different types of beans for people to try and brown beans are only one of the flavors. Black beans are popular also and so are pinto beans. Beans should never get passed up on! Try to decide.

Question 33

Corn Dog?

Time to consider picking a corn dog or passing on a corn dog. Corn dogs are often compared to hot dogs even though they are very different. The difference is that corn dogs are completely encased with a honey baked bread shell while hot dogs are encased with a bun! Both of these food items can be dipped in ketchup or mustard but that is pretty much where the similarities come to an end. Corn dogs are incredible in every way!

Question 34


This comforting dessert is amazing. "Fudge is a type of sugar candy that is made by mixing sugar, butter, and milk, heating it to the soft-ball stage at 240 °F, and then beating the mixture while it cools so that it acquires a smooth, creamy consistency. Fruits, nuts, chocolate, caramel, candies, sweets, and other flavors are sometimes added either inside or on top. A recent trend has been to create novel flavors of fudge, giving vibrant visual appeal at the same time." (Wikipedia). Pick or pass!

Question 35


Bread lovers everywhere can agree that croissants are amazing! They might be French but people all over the world absolutely adore them and love them. One of the best places to get a croissant from is Starbucks. The croissants that Starbucks cells are not very big but boy are they delicious. They are buttery, flaky, and amazing in every single way. They are definitely the perfect addition to go along with that tall cup of coffee! Pick or pass now!

Question 36

Hot Chocolate?

Hot chocolate is a warm, delicious, delectable, and delightful comfort drink to sip on during a cold winter evening. It is even nice to drink during an evening that isn’t cold! The best thing about hot chocolate is that it tastes great when whipped cream is added to it or when marshmallows are added to it. Anything can be added to hot chocolate in order to make it taste better and that even includes candy canes! There are plenty of other things that can be added also.

Question 37


Those of us who love bread are in good shape when it comes to bagels! Bagels are the best and they taste even better when paired with cream cheese. Cream cheese is definitely a bagel‘s best friend. It is so frustrating to watch someone eat a bagel with butter. Butter is white toast is meant for. Bagels should not be eaten with butter, they should always be eaten with cream cheese. Everyone needs to know that! Pick or pass now.

Question 38

Egg Nog?

Eggnog is a comfort drink that people like to drink around the holidays. It is something that only comes around during the Christmas season. That means that during the month of December, we have an all-access pass to all of the eggnog in the world. It simply would not be so special if it was available to be purchased from grocery stores all year round. The fact that it is only available for a short while makes it so much more amazing.

Question 39


Time to ponder the idea of eating Nutella spread! Nutella is so popular because it tastes like hazelnut, peanut butter, and chocolate. What a delicious combination of flavors! Nutella is definitely something that people like to add to their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to pair with the jelly and replace the peanut butter! Try to imagine a world where peanut butter is replaced by Nutella! It is totally possible. Pick or pass on Nutella spread for this quiz round.

Question 40


Bacon is a breakfast food that no one can deny. It pairs perfectly well with eggs whether the eggs are scrambled, hard boiled, sunny side up, or whatever! Bacon should never be passed up unless a person is a vegetarian because otherwise I really have no excuse. It is so delicious and so amazing! It is hard to miss out on something like bacon in the morning because it really makes breakfast taste better. Pick or pass on bacon now.

Question 41


Oreo cookies are some of the best desserts that a person can ask for. The reason why Oreo cookies are so popular is that they are considered milk's favorite cookie. People love to dip their Oreo cookies into a tall glass of milk and watch the milk absorb into the cookie! The hard parts of Oreo cookies get softened up when they are dunked into a glass of milk and that is part of what makes them taste so much better.

Question 42


Oatmeal is one of the best breakfast food items that we can enjoy on a daily basis if we so choose! One of the best things about oatmeal is the fact that it comes in a lot of different cloth layers. It comes in cinnamon flavor, apple flavor, banana flavor, strawberry flavor, and much more! On top of that, we can also add strawberries, walnuts, and other delicious toppings into our oatmeal if we want. Pick or pass on oatmeal.

Question 43

Garlic Bread?

According to Wikipedia, "Garlic bread, also called garlic toast, consists of bread usually a baguette or sourdoughs like a ciabatta, topped with garlic and olive oil or butter and may include additional herbs, such as oregano or chives. It is then either grilled or broiled until toasted or baked in a conventional or bread oven. It is typically made using a French baguette, or sometimes a sourdough-like ciabatta which is partially sliced downwards." Pick or pass on this type of bread!

Question 44

Ice Cream?

We all scream for ice cream! Yes, that is right. Ice cream is one of the best desserts that we can simply choose to enjoy. There are plenty of brands that sell plenty of different flavors of ice cream. There are also plenty of different ice cream parlors that sell plenty of different ice cream flavors as well as ice cream shakes, ice cream cakes, and ice cream pies! It is so awesome to have cool ice cream on deck.

Question 45

Hot Dog?

For this round, we are going to consider the notion of picking a tasty hot dog! The reason why these are so popular is that they taste so good. The sausage link inside of the hot dog bun tastes great. Once that is put together, we are free to add ketchup, mustard, relish, or whatever other toppings that we might want to add. Some people like to add all three of those toppings and some people like to eat it totally plain.

Question 46


Cereal is a great breakfast food item that people can enjoy when they first wake up. The coolest thing about cereal is that we can enjoy it with cold milk! Milk is really good for us because it brings us calcium and that is something that everyone needs in order to have stronger teeth and stronger bones. Calcium is one of those things that the human body really needs to absorb on a daily basis. Without it, our bodies would be in trouble.

Question 47

Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Chocolate chip cookies are seriously the most amazing things ever! It is actually a very interesting and funny story behind how they came to be. The chef who is in the middle of making cookie dough accidentally dropped a bowl of chocolate chips into the dough. Instead of throwing it all away, he decided to bake the dough with the chocolate chips anyway. It ended up tasting way better than it would have before. Pick or pass on this comforting sweet.

Question 48


Pudding is delicious and creamy comfort food that people can enjoy during lunch! Some people like to get vanilla yogurt and add granola, fruit, and other toppings to the yogurt. Vanilla yogurt is a great base yogurt to do that because it has such a plain and boring flavor. Other people preferred to get yogurt that already tastes like something. Strawberry flavored yogurt is a great example of that. Pick or pass on pudding for this comfort food quiz round.

Question 49

Waffle Fries?

Waffle fries are super delicious. One of the most famous places to sell fries that look like waffles is called Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A is a really cool restaurant that sells delicious chicken sandwiches. The only unfortunate thing about Chick-fil-A is the fact that the restaurants are not open on Sundays. It is OK that they are not open on Sundays because they do that in order to honor the Christian religion. Pick or pass on waffle fries for this quiz round.

Question 50


Cupcakes are a delectable sweet treat that people love to enjoy during the holiday season. It does not have to be a holiday for people to enjoy cupcakes. People can enjoy cupcakes on their birthday, or even on just a regular Tuesday! Cupcakes are the type of dessert that should be enjoyed any day of the week no matter what. Cupcakes come in many different flavors. Pick or pass on cupcakes for this comfort foods quiz round! This should be easy!

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