Pick Some Favorite Actors And We’ll Totally Guess Your Sign

We're not sure what it looks like out there in the real world, but it's a beautiful night inside the snow globe of this webpage, and the stars are burning bright like they're on fire. As we lie back on the binary code grass and look up at the world, we can almost see forms coming together - as if clusters of stars are linking. If we look deeply, the shape of a ram comes galloping forward; then a scorpion; then a lion! Holy smokes! We'd better stop this now before a star lion smacks our virtual world down.

The stars above are such a mystery, even staring up at them for too long is enough to drive a person loony. It's hard to imagine how many there are, how they're just sort of floating up there, and how their existence is linked to ours. Is there any validity to things like astrology? Anyone who thinks they know for certain one way or the other is probably a little star headed themselves.

There might be a better way to guess someone's sign, but really, our method today is probably as good as any. Pick some favorite actors and actresses, and we'll see what constellations we're clustered with today.

Question 1

Rate Colin Firth

Who doesn't enjoy a good Colin Firth movie every now and then? This acclaimed actor is known for his prominence in classic rom coms, though he also enjoys taking on a more serious note every now and then, like in The King's Speech.

Question 2

Rate Natalie Portman

There seems to be no character Natalie Portman can't fully embody. She's done it all - from sci fi, drama, and even absurd comedy as in Your Highness. Let's give her a well thought out rating and see how that plays into our signs.

Question 3

Rate Christian Bale

Christian Bale is best known as the face behind the mask of Batman in the Christopher Nolan trilogy, but he's done a ton of great work outside of the franchise, too. Let's give him a good rating, lest we see his sign in the sky above us tonight.

Question 4

Rate Rupert Grint

Ronald Weasley might not be the wizarding world's most skillful spellcaster, but that doesn't make Rupert Grint any less of a substantial actor. Something tells us we still haven't seen the best this performer has to offer.

Question 5

Rate Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill has gone through a series of evolutions throughout his time as an actor. He was first introduced to the world as the potty mouthed Seth from Superbad, and look how far he's come now.Jonah deserves a good rating, for sure.

Question 6

Rate Nicole Kidman

It's been too long since we've seen a Nicole Kidman movie, and too long since Nicole Kidman herself has been in a blockbuster flick. While the cinematic world pines for her return, let's encourage her with a solid rating here.

Question 7

Rate Amy Adams

Lois Lane is here, and she's being hunted by a mean DC villain! Luckily there's a bird, or a plane - no, Superman! - swooping down to save the day. While he takes care of Lois, let's give Amy Adams a rating.

Question 8

Rate Meryl Streep

A true legend of the acting world has descended upon us to take part in this quiz - it's none other than Meryl Streep herself. Given her endless accomplishments, the right button to click should be pretty obvious for this one.

Question 9

Rate Morgan Freeman

It's the creator himself, in all his virtual glory. Would any of us be here right now without Morgan Freeman? Probably not. Given that, it should be pretty easy to figure out which button to click here. Morgan Freeman is surely everyone's favorite actor.

Question 10

Rate Emma Watson

Hermione Granger is an incredibly skilled witch, but what does that say about Emma Watson as an actress? Is there a solid relation to be made between the two? Let's consider this actress' accomplishments, and see what sort of rating she deserves.

Question 11

Rate Seth Rogen

Few other actors can provide the signature dash of humor that Seth Rogen does whenever he's added to the cast of a major motion picture. Giving him a bad rating would be pretty funny here, but we really ought to be nice.

Question 12

Rate Hilary Swank

The Million Dollar Baby is here, and she's swinging her lefts and rights toward us like there's no tomorrow. While we resume with this high octane practice session, let's see what sort of rating we should give this actress.

Question 13

Rate Matt Damon

Jason Bourne is on a mission to infiltrate this quiz, and he won't be leaving here until he's acquired the data he's after. We'd just love to see him try getting past the series of obstacles we've laid out for him here. How good is Matt Damon?

Question 14

Rate Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has been at the tip top of Hollywood's A-list roster for decades now, and for good reason - he's a singular talent, to say the very least of it. Considering Mr. Tyler Durden in all his glory, let's give Brad Pitt a solid rating.

Question 15

Rate Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has played way too many classic characters for us to name here, and we're sure that all quiz takers out there know all about them. Such a worldwide success does not go unnoticed, after all. Let's give Leo a rating?

Question 16

Rate Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet has been on top of the Hollywood games ever since she was featured in Titanic alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. Regardless of the role or film she's in, it's always nice to see Kate in a major motion picture on the big screen.

Question 17

Rate Will Smith

Big Willy himself has swung into this quiz, bringing the sweet sounds of the Fresh Prince along with him. This guy can dance, sing and act with fervor, but it's his acting we're really interested here. Is Will Smith a favorite?

Question 18

Rate Julia Roberts

There aren't many people in the world quite as famous as Julia Roberts, and it's been that way since the 90's, when she starred in Pretty Woman. Other titles also stand out in mind, like Mona Lisa Smile and Eat Pray Love.

Question 19

Rate Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes might not be quite as high up the A-list as some of the other names in this quiz, but she's still a formidable actress in her own right. Indeed, if we were Hollywood directors, we'd always find a slot for this actress.

Question 20

Rate Ryan Gosling

There isn't a character in the fictional world Ryan Gosling isn't capable of inhabiting. That might be a bit of an overstatement, but in any case, this is one fantastic actor. Though of course, some people might disagree with that one.

Question 21

Rate Johnny Depp

One of Hollywood's most eccentric faces has just shown up, of course carrying his signature smile. This face might seem like a straightforward one right now, but there's no telling what sort of zany character the guy will play next.

Question 22

Rate Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe wanted to come into this quiz fully clad in his Roman gladiator gear, but we wouldn't have any of it. We can't just let this A-lister steal all the shine in our virtual coliseum. Since he's here anyway, let's give him a rating.

Question 23

Rate Meg Ryan

We've got mail, and just look at that - Meg Ryan has sent us a nice message. She told us to keep up the good ratings, and hopefully give one to her if we could spare it. Since there's an unlimited amount of good ratings to give out here, we sure can.

Question 24

Rate Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst has been around since way back in the day, when E.T. was released to the world. Of course, she's been starring in blockbusters ever since she helped the little alien get back home. Isn't she one of the best?

Question 25

Rate Diane Lane

How can we avoid giving Diane Lane a solid rating here? Ever since she appeared in The Godfather film trilogy, she's been one of Hollywood's best names. Fans of her rom coms will definitely want to click a high rating here.

Question 26

Rate Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams has been one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood ever since she was featured in Mean Girls back in the early 00's. She isn't a mean girl in real life, at least she won't be if we give her a good rating.

Question 27

Rate Jason Segel

Hilarity ensues in every movie Jason Segel appears in. The humor comes from him of course, but we can't discredit the ensemble casts that follow him throughout his roles. Is Jason a favorite, or is he just another A-lister?

Question 28

Rate Emma Stone

Emma Stone's talent and grace on screen have catapulted her into a league entirely her own. Millions around the world admire her, though we suppose that there might be some who'd give her a mediocre or low rating, for whatever reason.

Question 29

Rate Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro has been one of the main faces of the silver screen for decades now, and he's still going strong. It's hard to picture a future where this guy isn't making moves - here's to Robert De Niro, may he live forever!

Question 30

Rate Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is quite possibly the weirdest guy in Hollywood, while also being one of the best. Despite how bad some of his movies are, the obvious genius level acting skill he brings to the table leads us to the ticket booth every time.

Question 31

Rate Renee Zellweger

There's no face in Tinsel Town like Renee Zellweger's, and no spirit quite as strong, either. We seemed to have gravitated toward the reality wherein she isn't as active on screen as she used to be, which is a real tragedy, for sure.

Question 32

Rate Jim Carrey

In the 90's, this jovial Canadian proved to the world how limitless his wackiness is, and he's continued to do that to this day. On the other hand, he's also proven his chops at dramatic acting. He's a born performer, to say the least.

Question 33

Rate Steve Martin

While we might not see much of Steve Martin in new Hollywood releases anymore, there's more than enough classic content of his to keep us happy. He's a real Hollywood legend, and such a status demands at least a decent rating.

Question 34

Rate Tom Hanks

With so many iconic roles under his belt, it's hard to believe just how much of an impact Tom Hanks has had throughout his career. Of course, he's still going strong, and something even tells us that his greatest role has yet to come.

Question 35

Rate Diane Keaton

Being cast as the Godfather's wife in the Godfather is one heck of a credit, and Diane Lane carries it proudly. Of course, she's also piled her resume up with tons of great work on top of that, and we truly admire her for her filmography.

Question 36

Rate Heath Ledger

While Heath Ledger might not be around on this side of the veil anymore, the world still seeks repeats of his great work time and time again. Never will be there be a better Joker than Heath, though we'd encourage everyone to try.

Question 37

Rate Ben Stiller

Just one look at Ben Stiller's face is enough to make us laugh - that's because he's funny, not because he looks funny. Indeed, the world seems to agree with us, judging by his box office numbers alone. What do we rate this guy?

Question 38

Rate Jodie Foster

Another classic Hollywood face, we can always count on Jodie Foster to do justice to drama in each of her roles. She's often seen in a great deal of trouble in her movies, but thankfully, she'll find nothing but peace in this quiz.

Question 39

Rate Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker might be mainly famous for her starring role in the popular TV series SATC, but the fact that she only has one huge credit to her name does nothing to make her name any less huge.

Question 40

Rate Michael Cera

Michael Cera's signature dry humor has granted him great distinction in Hollywood. He might not be the most active performer in Tinsel Town, but he delivers an abundance of delight in each of his appearances.

Question 41

Rate Drew Barrymore

This entry is glaring with a huge amount of positive energy and good vibes, and we get the feeling that it might be coming from miss Drew Barrymore. Let's return the favor by giving her a great rating here.

Question 42

Rate Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore might not be the biggest A-lister in the world - even though she's pretty high up there - but many consider her to be among their favorite on screen performers. She's a grand talent deserving of the highest rating.

Question 43

Rate Matthew Broderick

After rocking the world for decades, Matthew Broderick is currently out there somewhere taking his well deserved rest from the big screen. Who knows - he might be back some day with Ferris Bueller 2 if we give him a good rating.

Question 44

Rate Jessica Alba

There are way too many great Jessica Alba roles for us to list here, though the one that stands out to us is her colorful role as Nancy in the black and white Sin City. For fans of her out there, now is the time to give a super high rating.

Question 45

Rate Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter himself has come to us in this quiz in his true form - Daniel Radcliffe. This actor is the chosen one, and he's graced our webpage with an abundance of magic. Let's rate him well, before he casts Expelliarmus on our mice.

Question 46

Rate Al Pacino

This entry is filled with sheer acting talent, and Al Pacino is surely responsible for it. This classic actor is no stranger to high pressure roles, so he's totally comfortable in the intensity of this quiz. Though he'll be upset if we give him a low rating.

Question 47

Rate Jay Baruchel

In This is the End, Jay Baruchel and friends had to face off against the end of times, and what a challenge that was for the lot. However, by the fact that he's made it to this quiz, he must have gotten out of the debacle relatively unscathed.

Question 48

Rate Jennifer Lawrence

If there could only be one high priestess of modern Hollywood, it might be this lady right here - Jennifer Lawrence. Here's a face and talent that's totally inescapable - if we can't beat her, we might as well join her with a high rating.

Question 49

Rate Kate Hudson

Talent runs in Kate Hudson's family, and she's honored her mother's name quite well with a super colorful Hollywood resume. She's still highly sought after to this day, and something tells us the possibility of an Oscar still looms in her future.

Question 50

Rate Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is punching his way through our webpage - we told him we wouldn't let him in here, but he wouldn't take no for an answer. Leave it to Marky Mark to live life on his own terms. What rating should we give him here?

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