Pick Some Baby Names To Find Out How Many Kids Are In Your Future

Names do a lot more than just distinguish us from one another -they also help define us. They say not only what our parents thought sounded good verbally, but also what they hoped we would become later in our lives, what they felt about their cultural background, and they reveal a little about how we see ourselves -which is why so many people go by nicknames or even change their name altogether. After all, whether someone chooses to go by John, Jack, Johnny or Jonathan says quite a bit about how they want people to view them.

When you consider all of that, it's no wonder that soon-to-be parents put so much effort into picking the perfect name for their baby. The end result can often provide a good look at the parent's values and personality as well, which is why it's actually a great way to evaluate the parents themselves. That's why simply picking your favorite children's names could give some insight into your personality, which could, in turn, help us predict how many children you should have.

If nothing else, this quiz might at least give you some ideas for your future baby names (no matter how many you're destined to have)!

1What's your favorite of these names:

Christopher is Greek and means "carrier of Christ" -aka someone who carries him in their heart. Colette is French and means "victory of the people." Camilla is Latin and means "virgin of unblemished character" or "temple servant." Caiden is Gaelic and means "spirit of battle" or "fighter."

2What's your favorite of these names:

Charity is English and as a name, it means exactly what it sounds like -"giving/generous." Connor is Irish and means "strong willed." Charlotte is French and a feminine version of Charles that means both "free man" and "petite." Carl is English and means "strong" or "manly."

3What's your favorite of these names:

Dexter was originally an English surname and means "one who dyes" or "right handed." Dario is the Italian version of Darius and means "possessor of good." Darryl is English and means "darling." Devon is Irish and can mean "defender" or "poet."

4What's your favorite of these names:

Sarah is a Hebrew name used in the bible and means "princess." Sandy is Greek and means "protector of men" or "defender of mankind." Suzan is French, but is originally derived from Hebrew, and means "lily." Scarlett is English and, you guessed it, means "red."

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