Tell Us Which Rom-Coms You've Seen And We’ll Guess If You’re Single

Romantic comedies can be some of the most entertaining movies released into theaters, and they have a way of luring a huge audience in with their take on romance and comedy alike. The two genres have been blended together in perfect harmony time and time again over the years, and we have gotten to see some truly spectacular films in the genre. Sure, they may fall into a certain formula every now and again, but the ones that brake the mold and raise the bar for the rest are the ones that keep us coming back for more.

Every person is looking for romance when they are single, and there are plenty that will turn to these films for some inspiration and some entertainment. Pair one of these movies with a pint of ice cream, and most people's Friday nights have been described perfectly. There is nothing wrong with indulging every now and again, but this isn't the best way to find love. Getting out there and mixing it up is helpful, and finding someone that loves these movies can be a great starting point.

So, let's see who's single by having them tell us if they have seen these romantic comedies or not.

Question 1

Silver Linings Playbook

Question 2

Easy A

Question 3

Valentine's Day

Question 4

50 First Dates

Question 5


Question 6

The Bounty Hunter

Question 7

About Last NIght

Question 8

Wedding Crashers

Question 9

No Strings Attached

Question 10

Made Of Honor

Question 11

Crazy, Stupid Love

Question 12

Definitely, Maybe

Question 13

Home Again

Question 14

Bridget Jones's Diary

Question 15

The Holiday

Question 16

Pretty Woman

Question 17

Pitch Perfect

Question 18

La La Land

Question 19

He's Just Not That Into You

Question 20

Zack And Miri

Question 21

The Other Woman

Question 22

The Proposal

Question 23

Crazy Rich Asians

Question 24

(500) Days Of Summer

Question 25

How To Be Single

Question 26

What Happens In Vegas

Question 27

She's Out Of My League

Question 28


Question 29

The Big Sick

Question 30

Think Like A Man

Question 31

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Question 32

Love Actually

Question 33

Just Go With It

Question 34


Question 35

About Time

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