Pick Or Pass With These Celebrities And We'll Reveal Which Zodiac You're Most Like

It's crazy when you think about the number of concepts and beliefs out there that there will always be some disagreements on. There are obviously some things that people in general just take as a fact without having to really justify themselves, but even some of them get fought back against. In general we like differences between people and enjoy a little kickback from people once in a while, because debating with somebody can be more fun that finding someone who agrees with you a lot of the time.

Whatever you think of the Zodiac signs, whether you believe them to be accurate measures of people's character or not, they all come with set rules and measurements, meaning you have definitions that you can apply to people who both believe and who don't. We thought it would be fun to create a quiz based on how you pick or pass celebrities. Based on those answers, we think we will be able to tell you which Zodiac sign you're most like! Maybe you'll get a different sign to your birth sign but find that it actually makes more sense with your personality than your original one!

So, are you ready to find out which Zodiac sign you're most like? Looking forward to picking or passing on various celebrities?! Well then, let's get started!

Question 1

Daniel Craig

Is it really possible to turn down James Bond? This man was picked to play the suavest man of all time, to ever grace the screen even, so how could we not have him in this quiz? If you're looking for a man who looks dignified no matter what he's wearing, this is your guy.

Question 2

Tom Hardy

We can understand why so many women find this man beautiful to be honest. Not only does he look like a bit of rough, he's also got a boyish charm that seems to speak to an innate curiosity that it's almost impossible to find unattractive.

Question 3

Andrew Garfield

Sure, he'll never be our Spider-Man, but he has appeared in enough films at this point to be respected for more than that. You can see him hear in The Social Network, a film that we enjoyed a lot and through he was brilliant in. He played the spurned partner incredibly well.

Question 4

Justin Timberlake

There are many people in showbiz that decide because they've been successful in one form of entertainment, they can become successful in another. We would hardly describe the musician turned actor as unsuccessful, but he's hardly won an Oscar!

Question 5

Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal burst onto the scene with Donnie Darko, a film that showed he had what it took to take on a serious role but possibly needed more time to grow as an actor. Since then, he has grown into a Hollywood hit, somebody who you really want to get into your films!

Question 6

Sam Rockwell

This man seems to be brilliant in pretty much every film he chooses to be in, and yet he's never on people's lips when they're talking about their favorite modern actors. We're not sure why, because we think he's absolutely fantastic.

Question 7

Ashton Kutcher

This guy has got a lot of hate throughout his years in showbiz, and while we don't exactly love him, we're not sure why. He's pretty inoffensive and stays out of people's way so you would think that they would stay out of his in return!

Question 8

Bradley Cooper

Is it even possible to deny that this guy has amazing looks? Despite the fact that he pretty much uses the same acting style with every character he plays, we can see why he has a place in Hollywood's heart. Somebody this good looking will never get kicked out.

Question 9

Bryan Cranston

Who would've thought that this man would prove himself to be one of the best actors in the modern world? We loved him in Malcolm In The Middle and his over-the-top acting was a great source of entertainment, but his work on Breaking Bad was phenomenal.

Question 10

Ryan Reynolds

Look, we know that this guy has appeared in various other films before and will likely want to move on with his career, but can't we just have him be Deadpool forever now? There is nobody in this world better suited for that character and we love it!

Question 11

Robert Pattinson

Will this man ever be able to prove himself as more than just a vampire? Well, some would argue that in a couple of performances since the Twilight Saga finished, he already has. Believe it or not, this guy is definitely one to watch and keep an eye out for.

Question 12

Channing Tatum

There aren't that many bodies like this in Hollywood, and we always assumed that's why people liked him, but we have to say that if The Coen Brothers are willing to side with him as an actor, then we're going to have to side with him purely on that basis!

Question 13

Charlie Day

Look, we know that he's not everybody's cup of tea, but we do know that there are a hell of a lot of people out there who look at this man and see nothing but a beautiful hunk of beef. He's an acquired taste, but we think he deserves to be in this quiz.

Question 14

Oscar Isaac

We know this sounds stupid, but just looking at this man we can tell that he's a good actor. We know that makes no sense, but it's something about his eyes. It helps that he can back this up by appearing in various roles and absolutely smashing it as well.

Question 15

Norman Reedus

Yes, we know that some women can't believe that this man would be picked, but just like Charlie Day he's filling a niche. This niche of women are all about men who look a little bit scruffy and unwashed, and we don't think any celebrity looks more scruffy and unwashed than this dude.

Question 16

Chris Pine

It's men like Chris Pine that remind us that there is definitely a type being cast around Hollywood. I mean, we of course, aren't complaining, and are willing to admit it's that the beards and stubble do make them look a lot more alike, but again, no complaints. Seriously, look at him!

Question 17

Christian Bale

He can be a bit hit and miss, but when he hits, Bale can put on a real performance that has you on the edge of your seat. If you don't believe his commitment to the role, go away and watch The Machinist. That is a man committed to a role!

Question 18

Aaron Eckhart

While you may only recognize him from The Dark Knight, this guy has been appearing in films for a while, and with his dashing good looks, we're surprised we haven't seen in more high profile projects if we're being completely honest. Look at that jaw!

Question 19

Colin Farrell

This guy has been going downhill for a while, every now and then coming up for air to show off a great piece of acting. We were hoping that True Detective would be his redemption, but sadly it turned out to be the opposite, because everyone ended up hating it.

Question 20

Daniel Radcliffe

A lot of us grew up with this guy, following him as he appeared in all of the Harry Potter films, ageing at the same time as him, so it's no surprise that some people out there will think he's a bit of a catch. He's got an air of nostalgia about him.

Question 21

Michael Fassbender

We first became aware of this man after he portrayed the IRA member Bobby Sands during his time in jail. If you've never seen it, you owe it to yourself to go and watch it as it's an amazing piece of work, with Fassbender standing out as a real star.

Question 22

Mark Ruffalo

It's funny to think that guy plays The Incredible Hulk, a character that could be argued as a metaphor for the rage and anger many men feel, while also being a vocal ally for feminism. Quite a contrast when you think about it!

Question 23

Tobey Maguire

Now this is our Spider-Man! Say what you want about the third Spider-Man film, this guy had us interested for the first two films in the trilogy and we think he deserves some props for that. He's not our favorite actor, but he's not our least favorite either.

Question 24

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It's funny to think that this man went from appearing in a sub-par television comedy to starring in films like Looper and Inception. He's got some real talent and we imagine he will go on to achieve fantastic things throughout his career in Hollywood. We're excited to see where he goes next!

Question 25

John Cena

If you're into a man with muscles, then surely you've got to turn to John Cena when you're looking for a celebrity to idolise. Not only that, but he's a funny man if his Instagram account is anything to go by, so if you ask us, this man is the full package!

Question 26

Jason Statham

There are some actors out there who are in it for the craft, who want to try and push the art form to places it has never been before. There are others, like Jason Statham, that just want to make fun action flicks and make some money. We can't say we blame him!

Question 27

Jason Lee

What's funny about this guy is that, while he's never appeared in that many projects of worth, we always see a great actor underneath his performance. We think with a bit more luck, he could prove himself to be a really good actor.

Question 28

James McAvoy

Believe it or not, we first saw this Hollywood heavy hitter in a little known UK television comedy. Since then he has gone onto acting in huge projects, knocking it out of the park whenever he's handed a difficult character. They seem to pull the best work out of him.

Question 29

James Franco

We don't really know what to think of James Franco. It's as if he's got this secret like that we know nothing about, but one that he clearly can't hide that well judging by his face. Is he a clown or a genius? Do you think that we will ever know?

Question 30

Trent Reznor

If you're someone who likes the dark and brooding type, then Reznor is here for you. However, if you're looking for a quiet life, maybe wanting to just relax after a hard day at work, there's a chance that he may be too much for you. Something to think about...

Question 31

Hugh Laurie

We know that he's not everybody's cup of tea, but we think that this guy has shown he can act with the best of them. Not only that, but he's a musician and has the ability to make you laugh. There are some people out there who just annoy you with their talent...

Question 32

Guy Pearce

We'll be honest, if it wasn't for Memento, we wouldn't really rate this guy. However, that film is so well written, so well directed and so well acted, that we're willing to stick up for him. He's not that bad in L.A. Confidential either, but Memento is better.

Question 33

Giovanni Ribisi

In a similar fashion to Sam Rockwell, we always see this guy doing pretty great work, popping up in loads of different types of films, and yet he rarely gets the props he deserves. Somebody cast this guy in a big budget film so people will start to realize how good he is!

Question 34

Sam Riley

If you've ever seen Control, then you know that this man was a perfect fit for Ian Curtis, a role that he played brilliantly. Since then, he has gone onto appear in various other roles, but mainly he's on here because he's dictionary definition of dashingly handsome.

Question 35

Denzel Washington

While he has certainly shown that he can act with the best of them, it's a shame to see Washington take on roles in films that are clearly lacklustre. We know that it's his job, but you would think he could at least be a little more discerning.

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