Pick Or Pass These Rom-Coms And We'll Reveal Your Vampire Diaries Hubby!

Everyone loves a good rom-com. They may not be the most structurally sound pieces of film in a narrative sense, and the plots may be silly, but they’re still quite entertaining. There’s nothing like cozying up in a bed and picking a low-commitment romantic comedy from Netflix.

They’ve got everything: laughs, love, and a lot of feelings. We all wish that our lives were rom-coms (at least a few times) even though literally nobody’s life is actually like that. Who doesn’t want to have a cool job (like a magazine editor) while living in a cool loft in New York City and running into a cute guy who is always wearing a suit and falling in love with them after a few dates? I would.

I’m going to guess here, but there’s a good chance that people who like mainstream rom-coms have also dipped their toes into The Vampire Diaries at least a little bit—they’ve got the same elements in them after all. There are tons of cute guys and a lot of fuzzy romantic feelings, but there is also a lot more heartbreak because the writers like to be mean to people who sat through eight seasons of the show.

What kind of rom-coms would the boys of The Vampire Diaries tolerate watching? What does preference in rom-coms say about which kind of dreamboat is the ideal hubby? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1


Cher Horowitz has got it all: she’s got a loving family, an awesome best friend, and a computer program that syncs up with her closet and coordinates amazing outfits for her. There’s a new girl at school, and Cher makes it her duty to make her one of the cool girls. Caught up in her projects, she ends up being pretty clueless about her own life, and the fact that she’s pretty into young Paul Rudd (who isn’t, though?).

Question 2

She’s the Man

This movie is what put Channing Tatum on the map, and also was a great showcase as to how funny Amanda Bynes can be. It’s loosely based on the Shakespeare comedy, “Twelfth Night,” and follows Viola’s journey to proving herself as a great soccer player. While her school is cutting the girl’s team, she pretends to be her twin brother, Sebastian, and joins the men’s team. It’s all fun and games until she gets caught in the act.

Question 3

13 Going on 30

Jenna is not happy with teenage life, and after a pretty bad birthday party makes a wish to skip over her youthful years. The wish somehow comes true and she wakes up 30 years old and in the body of Jennifer Garner (IMDb). Adult life, she soon learns, comes with a lot of challenges and the boy stuff really never becomes easier. Can this teenager really fix all of these adult problems before things go too south?

Question 4


“Bridesmaids” stars an all-star comedy cast with people like Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Maya Rudolph (IMDb). Annie (Kristen Wiig) has a messy life where nothing seems to go right, especially when it comes to her best friend’s wedding that’s coming up. Everything that could go wrong seems to go wrong and Annie might lose her best friend after getting into a fight with a giant cookie at the bridal shower.

Question 5

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Two worlds collide when Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) ends up newly single, after his wife of many years asked for a divorce. Trying to get back in the game, he stumbles across Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) who helps this old guy get some game with the ladies (IMDb). At the same time, Cal’s daughter is kind of dating Jacob and things get weird real fast once everyone’s lives start intertwining with each other.

Question 6

The Proposal

It’s a normal work day for Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), he’s getting emotionally torn apart by his awful boss, Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) until she asks him to marry her. Of course, this isn’t out of love but as a way to make sure she’s not deported back to Canada (IMDb). They plan for the wedding in Andrew’s hometown in Alaska, and use the trip to sign the marriage license and learn more about each other so they can prove that this is more than just a green card marriage. During this time with each other, this relationship seems to become the real thing.

Question 7

500 Days of Summer

This is probably the most misunderstood movies of the entire century but it’s still a good one. It follows Tom, who is an aspiring architect working at a greeting card company. He falls in love with a girl named Summer, and he thinks she’s the one because they have the same weird taste in music, but she breaks up with him. He’s trying to figure out why, but it’s pretty obvious why.

Question 8

Easy A

High school is bad for most of us, but it’s definitely worse when you have to deal with rumors. As a way to help her dude friend out, Olive (Emma Stone) pretends to sleep with him while at a party (by jumping on a bed and making noises). She starts to help other guys with their reputations by faking it with them, and ends up with a false reputation of her own. She starts to own it and takes inspiration from the great literary work, “The Scarlet Letter,” and starts wearing her own red A.

Question 9

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Peter (played by Jason Segel) is a struggling musician and was dating the television star, Sarah Marshall. After a bad breakup, Peter feels broken and decides to make a getaway trip to Hawaii to escape his heartbreak in paradise. Unfortunately, though, it seems as though Sarah is also at the same resort with her new boy by her side (IMDb). Of course, things get weird pretty fast.

Question 10

Notting Hill

William, played by Hugh Grant, is just a run-of-the-mill bookstore owner. His life is thrown upside down when a famous actress from the U.S., Julia Roberts’s character, comes to visit the shop (IMDb). After an accident involving some spilt orange juice, they end up kissing and the whole encounter becomes a full-fledged fling. While they both have feelings for each other, are their very different lifestyles going to work out?

Question 11

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Bridget (Renée Zellwegger) is 32 and her life is out of control. She’s a mess and she decided on the New Year to start documenting her life in a journal on her journey to clean up her act and find Mr. Right. Of course, because this is a rom-com, there are two guys she can choose from: her boss who is a total player, or the long-time family friend who is quite nice (IMDb).

Question 12

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Andie Anderson is an advice columnist who wants to push the boundaries on what can be published in a column like that. Her big idea was to write a piece on how to get a man to leave you in ten days. For this experiment, she finds a guy who believes he’s so good at the love game that he thinks he can get a woman to fall in love with him after only ten days (IMDb). Of course, both their plans backfire.

Question 13

Valentine’s Day

This movie follows a bunch of different love stories that all take place on Valentine’s Day and all end up intertwined with each other (IMDb). There’s a florist who proposes to his girlfriend, and while she says yes at first, takes it back only a few hours later. Then there are two high schoolers who are annoyingly in love with each other, even though it’s probably not going to last. A teacher is in love with a guy but doesn’t know that he’s already married. An elderly couple learn things about each other that may cause some riffs. It’s always complicated on Valentine’s Day.

Question 14

27 Dresses

Always the bridesmaid, but never the bride, Jane is the go-to friend for any wedding needs. She loves being a part of her friends’ weddings, even going to two in a night. A handsome reporter stuck on the bridal beat, sees Jane as his ticket out, writing an exposé on the girl that has a whole closet full of bridesmaid dresses (IMDb). When Jane’s sister ends up getting engaged to the man that Jane is secretly in love with, she starts to question her wedding enthusiasm.

Question 15

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Two childhood friends made a pact with each other that when the time comes and they’re both 28 years old and still single, that they would get married to each other. Julianne (Julia Roberts) waits for this moment, as she’s still single and almost 28, but Michael, her best friend, announces that he’s getting married to a 20 year-old. Julianne is appointed the maid of honor, but after realizing that she’s been in love with Michael for a long time, vows to stop this wedding at all costs (IMDb).

Question 16

When Harry Met Sally…

It has been ten years since the last time that Harry and Sally have seen each other, meeting by chance at a bookstore. Back in the day, they had a heated argument over if men and women can truly stay platonic friends (IMDb). This time, they try doing that very thing but their feelings get in the way and it seems like that’s not going to work out.

Question 17

Pretty in Pink

Andie is not one of the popular girls at school, and ends up getting bullied frequently by the popular rich kids. Her best friend, Duckie, is secretly in love with her, but she constantly turns him down. She starts talking to one of the popular guys, Blane, and they end up going on a date. Things go wrong and it looks like Andie is going to the prom alone--but when she arrives in her pink dress she realizes who her true love is.

Question 18

Never Been Kissed

For some reason, the Chicago Sun-Times is requiring young journalist, Josie, to go undercover as a student at a local high school. It’s not much of a problem to fit in, since she looks the part, and ends up being able to infiltrate the group of super popular kids (IMDb). Things are going according to plan until she starts to have feelings for the cute English teacher.

Question 19

Say Anything

Lloyd is a slacker who has his eyes set on Diane, a model student and overachiever. To the surprise of everyone, Diane reciprocates the same feelings and the two become a thing--but her dad has something to say about that. He tries to get the two to break up, and it works for a moment, but then Lloyd comes by her house to play a Peter Gabriel song from a boombox outside her window and they get back together again (IMDb).

Question 20

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This one’s an oldie, but still a goodie. While all the posters and covers for the film depict a woman in glitz and glamour, that’s not actually what the movie’s about. It actually follows two people as they live their pretty broke lives, all while hoping that someday they can achieve the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.

Question 21

Runaway Bride

There’s having cold feet, and then there’s having a problem with running away from the altar to avoid commitment three times over. That’s Maggie for you--her reputation has caught the attention of a reporter, who follows her back to her hometown to cover her inevitable fourth wedding flight. Even though he’s on the job, he can’t help but fall for his person of interest (IMDb).

Question 22

Sleepless in Seattle

After his wife passed away, Sam takes his son and moves to Seattle. Seeing how sad his father has become, the son calls into a radio show to ask if anyone wants to be Sam’s wife so he can be happy again. A woman hears the story and begins to fall for the guy, even though she’s already engaged (IMDb). She writes him a letter to meet on Valentine’s Day, and feelings start to grow even though they haven’t met yet.

Question 23

A Cinderella Story

In this modern take on “Cinderella,” Sam (Hilary Duff) is treated poorly by her stepmother, who took over her father’s estate after he passed. She’s always stuck working at her family’s diner, but wants more in life. She starts to be internet pen pals with a guy, who she starts to have feelings for. They agree to meet each other at the school dance, but when she figures out that this mystery boy is Austin Ames, the most popular boy in school, she starts to doubt that this fairy tale could actually happen.

Question 24

Friends With Benefits

Jamie and Dylan become friends really quickly after she recruits him for a job that made him relocate to New York. They both have had a plethora of bad dating experiences, so they make a pact to just focus on having fun (IMDb). Once they start doing more things together, though, things (and feelings) get complicated.

Question 25

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Toula is in a very Greek family, and they worry about her since she’s already 30 years old with no plans to get married. She was still working for her parents at the family restaurant, but then took on a new job--and that’s where she found her dream man. The only problem? He’s very much not Greek (IMDb). While her family was waiting for Toula to tie the knot, this guy was not what they were looking for, and he’s going to have to navigate his new, crazy family.

Question 26

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Breakups are hard, and Nick is having a really hard time getting over his ex. One night, at a club, friend Norah reveals that she’s got a bit of an interest in him. The movie takes place over one night, but it’s a pretty wild one--his friend is lost in the city and they have to find her. Through this search, the two get closer and have to figure out what they’re going to be (IMDb).

Question 27

Can’t Hardly Wait

It’s the last day of senior year, the night before graduation and Preston decided that it was the perfect time to declare his love to Amanda at the party happening that night. They had never talked, but he knew she was the one the first day she arrived at school. At the party, emotions are going all over the place--people are hooking up and breaking up, and nothing will really ever be the same once they’re finished with school.

Question 28

The Wedding Planner

Mary is a highly ambitious wedding planner and has taken on the task of planning the high-society wedding for a very important client. The same day she gets the gig, a freak traffic accident has a dumpster almost toppling over her, but she was lucky enough to get saved at the last minute. Her savior is a super-attractive pediatrician, who she immediately starts to fall for, only to find out that’s the guy her new client is getting married to (IMDb).

Question 29

Legally Blonde

At first glance, Elle Woods is just a regular sorority girl, but when her college sweetheart, Warner, dumps her before starting at Harvard Law, she decides to follow him. To everyone’s surprise, she worked hard and got into Harvard’s law school as well. What started out as a way to get her boyfriend back turned out to be the thing she needed to figure out her passion in life.

Question 30

What a Girl Wants

Daphne had never known who her father was, and on a whim decided to take a plane over to England to try and find the answers. She soon learns, to her surprise, that her father is part of English high society. Not knowing he had a daughter across the pond, he happily takes her under his wing. While it’s nice to know that her real dad loves her, it’s hard to feel welcome when the rest of the upper class are not so approving.

Question 31

The Devil Wears Prada

After graduating college, Andy (Anne Hathaway) has big dreams. To gain some quality experience for her journalism work, she lands a job at Runway Magazine, even though she doesn’t care much for fashion. Her boss, Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) is insufferable, but she ultimately helps Andy find herself and she becomes immersed in the world of fashion too.

Question 32

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

This summer vacation, Lizzie and her classmates are taken on a trip to Rome, Italy. Since they’re children, they’re not supposed to be wandering off on their own, but Lizzie finds herself mistaken as one of Italy’s most popular pop idols by Paolo, another famous singer. He takes her on an adventure of a lifetime, but it’s revealed that he’s a fraud. Lizzie and her doppelganger sing one of the best songs of all time and then Lizzie finds her man, Gordo, and they finally are together after a whole show of tension.

Question 33

She’s All That

Zach Stiler was one of the most popular kids at school, but that faded when his long-time girlfriend left him for a reality TV star. In a funk, his best friend bets him to try and convince Laney Boggs, the weird art girl, to go with Zach to the prom. It’s a difficult challenge, but when they both start to have real feelings for each other, Zach has to be careful to not let her know about the bet, even if it doesn’t matter anymore.

Question 34

Just Friends

When high school was just about to end, Chris confesses to his best friend, Jamie, that he’s in love with her. She’s flattered, but says she wants to just remain friends. Broken up about this, Chris leaves town to try and get his life together. Ten years have passed and he’s a super swanky executive who has turned out quite handsome. He’s still not over Jamie, so he goes back to his hometown to try her heart again.

Question 35

Roman Holiday

It’s hard to be important, and Ann takes a day off of her regal schedule to explore the city of Rome. She accidentally falls asleep on a park bench, only to be found by a reporter from America. He learns about her identity as a royal and thinks this will be the scoop that he needs--but they start to develop feelings for each other, which puts a damper on the work plans (IMDb).

Question 36

The Big Sick

Based on the true story of comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, Emily. They met at one of his comedy shows and their relationship started to get serious. Coming from a strict family, he was worried that this mixing of culture would not be approved by his parents. At the same time, Emily falls ill and is stuck in a coma, which makes him bond with Emily’s parents in unexpected ways (IMDb).

Question 37

The Notebook

Everyone likes a Nicholas Sparks romance sometimes, and “The Notebook” is probably the most popular. It goes back and forth from the 1940’s to present day. The story follows a scrappy young man and a girl born from wealth. Her parents don’t want her to be with a guy like that, but true love always wins--and he stays with her even when she’s not able to remember him much from old age.

Question 38


Growing up, Amélie was homeschooled and to deal with the loneliness created a vast imaginative world. As an adult, she works at a cafe that she claims are full of eccentric people. There’s never a dull moment with her, as she meets some interesting people and lets her imagination run wild even more (IMDb).

Question 39

Leap Year

Another year has gone by and Anna’s boyfriend still hasn’t proposed to her. She decides to take matters into her own hands and to meet her boyfriend in Dublin to propose on February 29th, following a Celtic tradition that a man has to accept a proposal on Leap Day. The weather changes her course and she’s stuck in a small town, where she meets an attractive Irish man.

Question 40

The Ugly Truth

Ratings have been down for the TV show Abby produces, so the studio decided to have her pair up with the star Mike Chadwick (IMDb). They do not get along, since Abby is a hopeless romantic and Mike is way too cynical about how love actually works. They make a deal that if Mike helps Abby get the man of her dreams, she’ll keep him on the show--but nobody was expecting them to fall for each other.

Question 41

Mamma Mia!

It’s everyone’s favorite ABBA tribute movie--probably because I’m pretty sure it’s the only ABBA tribute movie (not counting the second film in the series). Sophie is about to get married so she decides to invite three guys from her mom’s past to their small Greek island in hopes to find out who her dad is. There are a lot of feelings and a lot of singing while everyone is getting pumped for the big day.

Question 42

Paris Can Wait

Anne doesn’t know what direction she wants to go in life, and feels like it’s in a standstill. She’s in Cannes with her movie producer husband, Michael, and they were planning on going to Paris after the festival, but there were some complications in the travel plans. She ends up taking a car ride with Jacques, Michael’s producing partner. It was supposed to be a short car ride but it ended up lasting a couple of days and started to make Anne question her feelings more (IMDb).

Question 43

Made of Honor

It’s the classic story of a person didn’t know they were in love with their best friend until it was too late. Hannah is about to get married to her ideal guy and asks her best friend Tom, who is known to be a serial dater of sorts, to be in her unconventional wedding party. Realizing his feelings a bit too late, he uses this as an opportunity to make her fall in love with him instead (IMDb).

Question 44

Pretty Woman

It’s sort of a modern take on “Cinderella” where a rich business executive and a lower-class woman meet and fall in love. Edward hires Vivian to stay with him for the weekend, and as the two of them get to know each other more, start to develop feelings for each other. They don’t realize how hard it will be for them to stay together, as they come from two completely different worlds.

Question 45

Just Go With It

Danny is a plastic surgeon who pretends that he’s going through a divorce as a way to get women and avoid commitment. He meets a new girl that he actually likes and gets his assistant, Katherine, to pretend to be the wife he’s fake divorcing. One thing leads to another and things get out of hand as he tries to keep the lie going—and in the end he ends up falling for his assistant instead (IMDb).

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