Pick Or Pass These Makeup Looks And We'll Pick An Engagement Ring

Makeup has been around for centuries, but today's looks have to be some of the most trendy in history. The art of photography has given us windows to the world from hundreds of years prior, and if anyone looked at photographs of today's makeup looks, they would definitely be able to pinpoint us on a timeline.

Just by looking at eyebrows it might be challenging. Eyebrow makeup trends have fluctuated over the years, but we doubt they have ever been this sharp, defined, or chiselled. Especially when not too long ago, the slimmer the eyebrow, the more on trend the look was. R.I.P to everyone's eyebrow hairs that never grew back after that.

A picture of an on-trend woman of today would have a high coverage, but natural looking base. The appearance of makeup has gone out the window, but covering imperfections certainly has not. She'll probably have some form of contour or bronzer on to define her cheekbones. We can thank Kim Kardashian for bringing that to the spotlight. Our selfies have never looked better. Instead of a traditional lipstick, she may have on an intense, high pigment, liquid lipstick.

Wedding makeup, however, has stayed pretty consistent, unless the bride really goes against the grain. Pick or pass these makeup looks and we'll pick an engagement ring.

1Pick or pass this look

This delicate warm toned look would be great for a day to night look. It's amazing what false lashes can do. Although her crease color is a brick red tone, this is totally office appropriate because it's done very subtilely. It ties together nicely with the lip without being too matchy.

2Pick or pass this look

This look is definitely meant for a night out or a music festival. Although if you work at MAC or Sephora, then the skill needed for this fun look is definitely work appropriate. Everything about this is super on trend, especially that purple metallic lip. She completes everything with the matching nail polish.

3Pick or pass this look

For your knowledge, because it's important in deciding to pick or pass this look, it came from a collection of Taco Bell inspired looks. Change your mind? This totally gives out brand vibes. Taco Bell is super trendy and fun, so it makes since that this artist had fun with creating unique elements for this look.

4Pick or pass this look

We've seen some crazy looks so far, but this one is pretty basic. It's like a step and half above the no makeup, makeup look. It's clear she's wearing makeup, but all colors are pretty natural, just a little dramatic in the blush department. This girl has some beautiful brows that she has defied well.

5Pick or pass this look

There's some soft glam editorial looks going on here. The skin has this beautiful dewy and effortless glow. Though we guarantee, there was a lot of effort going on here to create this look. The lip is a peachy nude while the eyes are a slightly smokey quality to them.

6Pick or pass this look

Zendaya always looks amazing and that's definitely true here. Remember when she co-stared with Bella Thorne on Disney Channel's Shake It Up? Boy, have these two grown up. We love how the pop of color on her eyelid matches her lip color. Doing this makes you look super put together.

7Pick or pass this look

This soft look is very bridal. Everything is natural and glowy while complimenting the natural beauty of the face. That's such a pretty shade of pink for this brunette. Adding a slight wing to the eyelid elongates and opens they eye for a brighter look. This is truly a beautiful look for a bride.

8Pick or pass this look

Another great every day look for people who enjoy a little daily glam. All of the stops are pulled out here for this look, but it still has a semi-natural appearance despite the full coverage. The eye makeup is the focus of this look, it's like a brown smokey eye.

9Pick or pass this look

Wow this girl is giving us a fiery look for sure. Not for the faint of heart, but it looks gorgeous on her! The detail of color on the eye is fantastic and definitely doesn't look like something's wrong with her eye. The wing is super dramatic and fun as well as the bright orange under the bottom lash.

10Pick or pass this look

It looks like this girl has great cheekbones to begin with (not fair) but look how nicely defined they are with bronzer. Contouring and bronzing help define the face and can make features hidden or emphasized. We're so glad she chose to emphasize those lovely hollows. If only we all could be that blessed.

11Pick or pass this look

This eye and lip combo is definitely a little sultry. This cool toned red lip is gorgeous, and we love how defined the lines are of the lips. The pointed cupid's bow is definitely more geometrical than most natural lip lines. The smokey eye is emphasized with super large false lashes.

12Pick or pass this look

Another beautiful bridal look! I mean, it makes sense since we're matching you with an engagement ring. What kind of ring do you think this bride has on her left hang? Our guess is a large, flashy ring but maybe she's more of a classic girl. Her makeup certainly is classic!

13Pick or pass this look

Not everyone can pull off a dramatic eye and dramatic lip, but this goes together quite well. What ties everything together is a consistency in color scheme. Her lipstick is a warm shade of red, and there's warm red hues in the transition shade under her brow bone that blends the darker shades.

14Pick or pass this look

The skin on this look appears very natural and semi matte. Maybe she's wearing a BB or CC cream because that skin is flawless! If not, we have to know what skincare she's using. This look really only has one color, but the matching eye and lip definitely makes a statement.

15Pick or pass this look

This vampy look is perfect for year round wear, not just Halloween! Now what makes it vampy? Aside from the Elvira V neck that's going on here, shades of red and black are usually associated with vampires. This cut crease with the girl's natural skin color is awesome!

16Pick or pass this look

Whoa, this look is futuristic, industrial, and goth at the same time. Let's start with the most prominent feature - her lips! This wine color is beautiful with her pale skin tone. Even if the lines are over drawn, they're clean which is super important with dark colors. Love it with the warm eyeshadow colors.

17Pick or pass this look

How fun are the details of the eyeshadow? Weather this is a Halloween look or for a special occasion, this girl is a rock star. Black lipstick is also super trendy. It used to be only for goths to wear, but now black lipstick is (almost) totally acceptable. Just make sure your lines are clean!

18Pick or pass this look

What a glowing goddess! The makeup on this girl seems pretty minimalist, but there are probably a bunch of layers of base makeup for that perfect complexion. Just a guess, since it's a studio setting this photograph was taken in. The pink lipstick is a nice pop of color on her.

19Pick or pass this look

If you've been following the beauty guru drama of 2018, you definitely recognize this face. Minor public meltdown aside, Laura Lee has returned to making her online content. This makeup queen is nothing short of glamorous. Look how beautiful and glowy her makeup look is. Love that cupid bow and nose highlight. It's all about the details.

20Pick or pass this look

Does this eye makeup look like a cardinal to anyone else? Maybe she's from St. Louis and is a fan of baseball. What a way to show great spirit! All of he other makeup otherwise is pretty simple, but the red color in the eye makeup looks cool with her red hair.

21Pick or pass this look

If you're familiar with this face, then you're probably familiar with her makeup line as well. Kylie Jenner, of Kardashian royalty, created a line of makeup that started out with liquid lipstick and lip pencil bundles. We love this super matte red lip. Could it be a Kylie Jenner lipstick?

22Pick or pass this look

Now fun is this lipstick color? This cool toned magenta contrasts beautifully against her pale skin. Speaking of pale, can we talk about how perfect her contour shade it? It's hard to find a taupe enough shade for pale skin that doesn't look orange. Such a pretty pink blush as well.

23Pick or pass this look

This could be a bridal or soft glam every day look. With the hair pulled back, curled, and the appearance of a white straps - we're going to with bridal on this one. Everything is soft and very pink except for a dramatic smokey eye that brings out the blues of her eyes.

24Pick or pass this look

Holy geometrics, this girl has nailed the eyebrow and winged eyeliner proportions for her face. Both edges are sharp, as they should be. That takes practice and skill. Oh, and let's not forget that blinding highlight. Be careful in the sun, this highlight may cause an accident. Glow, baby, glow!

25Pick or pass this look

At first glance, this makeup look is pretty standard, but look under her lower lash line. What a cool eyeliner detail that totally plays on her natural freckles. This beautiful girl is definitely a little alternative so it makes sense that she would be creative with makeup. Would you try to pull this off?

26Pick or pass this look

No this is not a tattooed ghost, it's Kristen Leanne. This model and influencer is famous for her neck tattoo and alternative look. She has even collaborated with brand Urban Decay on makeup so she's definitely legit. But, what do you think of this makeup? At least the lipstick matches the hair!

27Pick or pass this look

Have you ever seen eyelids so perfectly metallic? Either these are a cream eyeshadow, or it's a metallic powder that was applied with a damp eyeshadow brush. This orange is so beautiful on this model's skin tone. The rest of this look is very simple with a natural lip and smooth base.

28Pick or pass this look

Just a natural every day look here. The basics are important too. Unfortunately, not many of us can get away with glitter eyeshadow and metallic liquid lipsticks every day. Sometimes (or every day) you just have to let your natural beauty show with emphasizing your best features with subtle makeup.

29Pick or pass this look

This look is so cool, look at that blending on the eyelid. Not only is there a pink wing, but half of a cut crease. The best part is that it matches her shirt and earrings. A true pink master! Whatever lipgloss she's using also makes her lips that perfect about of shiny.

30Pick or pass this look

Okay, now we're really talking vampires. Doesn't this makeup look right out of a Twilight film? (Come on, we all know you all love Twilight.) There's something super piercing about her eyes. They are either A.) contacts or B.) her natural eyes and she's ready to feast again with the Cullen family.

31Pick or pass this look

Our final bride, and this time we have her engagement ring to marvel over. It's another classic soft bridal look. The eyeshadow is so gorgeous, imagine what she looks like with her eyes open. The opaque pink liptick is perfect on her skin tone and coordinates great with the pink eyeshadow.

32Pick or pass this look

Heard about the hype of the "Jaclyn Hill Palate"? Well, here is the face behind the Morphe collaboration. This YouTube influencer followed her passion for makeup and started doing tutorials. This is how she gained a huge following and started getting brand deals. What do you think about this makeup professional's makeup?

33Pick or pass this look

Where's the makeup, you may ask? Well, this a promo image from the beauty brand, Glossier. This brand that was founded in 2010 is all about effortless products. They have skincare and makeup, and everything is pretty minimalistic. Although perfect skin is not a requirement for a look like this, many would be self conscious.

34Pick or pass this look

Once you get past how cool this girl's hair is, you'll find some subtle glitter action under the eyes. Other than the glitter, both the eyes and lips have a pretty metallic pink that matches. The glitter is super fun, and it almost acts as her highlighter. Was an interesting concept.

35Pick or pass this look

One last look to pick or pass before getting matched with an engagement ring. This look is super simple, but definitely makes a statement. The brick read lipstick, black turtle neck, and hairstyle definitely gives off some cool artist vibes. Sometimes mascara and your favorite lipstick is all you need.

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