Pick Or Pass These Game Night Snacks And We'll Guess Your Favorite NBA Team

Basketball season is about to tip-off. This means that there will be 82 opportunities to enjoy a game-time snack while watching the best team in the world play four hard quarters. There could be even more if that team makes the playoffs. Ok, so they can't all be the best team in the world, but everyone has their favorite team, and there will be a lot of chances to root for them this season. When it comes to snacks for these games there are a ton of options as well. Some snacks are amazing, and others may be duds.

The snacks at game day parties can actually reveal a lot about the nature of the fan serving them. Is tradition a big deal, or do they prefer to keep it new and fun? Are they big on heavy and hearty meal like snacks, or do they go for the light and fluffy options? Are there sweets or is it all savory? Are there healthy options at the table, or will it be entirely deep fried fare? What kind of dip will be at the party? Take this quiz and we will take a guess at each fans favorite team based on their party spread.

Question 1

Will there be potato chips?

Potato chips are one of those snacks that almost every single party has. There are so many different flavors and combinations, that there is bound to be a potato chip for everyone. However, some fans are going to find these crunchy snacks to be too greasy and not satisfying enough for their game night. Are they at the party?

Question 2

Will there be nachos?

A fan can add almost anything to a plate of nachos. For a snack to qualify as a nacho it has to have chips and cheese, but every other addition is available and a viable possibility to make these nachos the most amazing game time snack ever. They can add sour cream, guacamole, tomatoes, beans, meat, and salsa, just for starters. Will they be at the party?

Question 3

Will there be soft pretzels?

Soft Pretzels are often considered more of an arena snack. They are one of the items fans get from the concession stands. However savvy game-time snack buffs know that they sell these delicious treats in the freezer section. Warm them in the oven, add a favorite sauce, cheese or mustard, and enjoy these doughy salty delights. Are they at the party?

Question 4

Will there be salsa?

Whether this party has chips, crackers, veggies, or cheese, fans are going to need something to dip them in. There are a few options when it comes to dipping, but one of the longtime standbys is salsa. There are a lot of choices to be made with salsa, it can be chunky or smooth, spicy or mild. Some people even add fruits to theirs. Has it earned its place at this party?

Question 5

Will there be guacamole?

Guacamole is a game-time dip if there ever was one. Avocados are this amazing oval superfood that just continues to rise in popularity. It seems like it can be ordered on almost anything now, from subs to pizza, but there is no better way to enjoy them than as guacamole dip. With its smooth texture and mixed flavors, it can make anything taste better. Will it be at the party?

Question 6

Will there be pizza rolls?

Pizza Rolls are amazing. They take all the best parts of a pizza and put them in one easy to consume bite-sized package. Everyone loves pizza, and these snacks give a person all that goodness, with a lot less mess. Pizza rolls come in all different flavors, allowing the party to have a few different topping options. Are they going to be at the event?

Question 7

Will there be jalapeno poppers?

Somewhere on this planet, there is a genius who figured out that fans could have all the fun of spicy peppers, but with the addition of the cream cheese, it wouldn't fry their taste buds for the whole night. These savory poppers are great ways to add more flavor to the snack table, but not burn everybody's mouth. Will they be at the party?

Question 8

Will there be veggie platter?

The veggie platter is often the least used option at any game night. There is always someone who brings it, usually someone who is trying to eat healthy, but often even the fan that brings it doesn't touch it. Rumor has it as fans age, they are more likely to partake from this platter, but no one has ever confirmed this with practical evidence. Is this platter at the party?

Question 9

Will there be pigs in a blanket?

What a delightful name for such a wonderful snack. These ovens baked sausage and croissant masterpieces may be one of the most underrated game snacks. This takes a good game time snack, mini sausage, and makes it even better by wrapping them in buttery flaky goodness. Is this culinary delight at the party?

Question 10

Will there be cheese platter?

This is one of the classic party platters that almost has to be at the party, regardless of how many people use it. Often this relic of the past is left untouched in favor of newer and more exciting snack options. It is in the simplicity that this platter often finds its niche though. This is a great option for fans who like to not only cheese but choice. Is it at the party?

Question 11

Will there be french fries?

French fries are some of the most iconic potato snacks a fan can munch on. Though chips are easier to store and prepare at home, fries almost always taste better. Whether they are the thin and crunchy type or the larger and mushier one, fries can be enjoyed at the arena, the bar, or at home. Will these be at the party?

Question 12

Will there be party sub?

Party subs come in all shapes, sizes, and combinations. They can be ten foot long monstrosities or cut up twelve-inch sandwiches that can still serve a bunch of fans. These subs could be considered more of a meal than a snack, but when cut into bite-sized pieces, they can be quite fun. Will they be at the party?

Question 13

Will there be hummus?

Hummus is one of those dips that can make even the veggie platter a star at the party. It is made when chickpeas are ground up with sesame seed oil and lemon. It is traditionally consumed with pita bread, but it will also work on chips, crackers, and veggies. Will this dip be at the party?

Question 14

Will there be cold cut platter?

Cold cut platters may seem more at home at a lunch table, especially when paired with bread, cheeses, and veggie toppings. However, even without using them to make sandwiches these delicious deli meats can top crackers or be picked up with toothpicks and enjoyed. Would this platter be at the party?

Question 15

Will there be crackers?

There are so many choices in crackers. They can be simple like saltines, buttery like Ritz, or complex like multigrain crackers. Sometimes they can even have a bit of sweetness to them like graham crackers. They are good to munch on alone, or as a base for cheese or dips. They are extremely versatile, but would they be at the party?

Question 16

Will there be spinach dip?

There are two types of spinach dips out there, there is the heated dip that usually has a lot more cheese, and the cold version, that usually skips the cheese. Both versions of this dip are amazing and can really make anything more enjoyable to eat. The cream and spinach combo always makes a very enjoyable treat. Will it be at the party?

Question 17

Will there be mini tacos?

One of the great things about making snacks for a game is that larger versions of these foods would usually constitute a whole meal. However when they are turned into mini versions, they become a snack, and can be eaten with a whole group of other mini options. Smaller versions of tacos can be a lot of fun, especial when paired with the right dips. Will they be at the party?

Question 18

Will there be queso dip?

Most fans are not going to say no to adding more cheese to anything. For many, the idea of too many cheese options is a myth that could never actually become a thing. There are some fans though that aren't willing to smother everything in more cheese. Queso is often a little spicier, but it doesn't have to be. Will this party have a cheese dip?

Question 19

Will there be mozzarella sticks?

There is nothing like the sheer joy that can come from taking the first bite out of a hot cheese stick. The way the cheese feels as it stretches out leaving a long string of mozzarella goodness flowing out of the breaded shell just adds to the experience. Describing the event doesn't really feel like it does it justice. Is this delectable snack making it to the party?

Question 20

Will there be mini egg rolls?

Mini egg rolls take all the goodness of regular sized egg rolls and shrink it down into bite-sized morsels that can be enjoyed with a bunch of other flavors. One of the best things about a well-stocked snack table is all of the unique flavors, but some fans would prefer to stick with the classics. Would egg rolls make the cut?

Question 21

Will there be buffalo chicken dip?

Fans may have noticed that this dip always seems to be the specialty of one member of their group. It seems like an easy recipe, but there is always someone that has just the right proportions in this dish to elevate it into a special game time treat. Fans who lack this key member of the crew may find this dip to be less special. Will buffalo chicken dip be at the party?

Question 22

Will there be 7 layer dip?

This extremely popular dip has a few different recipes that add different layers and different flavors. The overall take away from this dip is that it combines 7 fan favorites and puts them into one snack. There are people who like mixing everything together into one great dip, but there are also many fans who prefer to keep the flavors separate and enjoy them on their own. Will there be 7 layer dip?

Question 23

Will there be chicken wings?

Chicken wings are a game day classic. These delightful finger foods can have so many different options. With all the different sauce flavors fans can tailor these hunks of meat specifically to their tastes. Fans of wings can make them traditional, or boneless. These can be anywhere from savory, spicy or sweet and they are all delicious. They can even be enjoyed without any sauce at all. Will they be at the party?

Question 24

Will there be potato skins?

These snacks are very dependent on what goes into them. Potato skins are great with salt and butter, but they get even better with cheese, sour cream, bacon, and chives. They can be fully loaded or plain, but they can all be fun to eat. Many fans prefer them to be crispy, but there are a few people who love them when they are a bit mushier. Will they be at the party?

Question 25

Will there be popcorn?

Popcorn is often considered more of a movie snack, but it is a great choice for anyone who is going to be watching anything. Load it up with butter, or just add some light salt, either way, this light and fluffy snack can be a ton of fun and it can make any event more exciting. There is also the added bonus of the popcorn smell. Will it be at the party?

Question 26

Will there be onion rings?

One of the best ways to get a fan to eat more veggies is to deep fry them and add marinara sauce or ranch dressing. These round wonders can be presented on a plate, or stacked into a fun pyramid shape that somehow even adds to their appeal. Some fans can't stand onions though. Will they be at the party?

Question 27

Will there be bagel pizzas?

Sometimes taking a food that is traditionally enjoyed in one way, and subverting that expectation can be fun. Using breakfast food and adding pizza toppings is one of the greatest examples of this. Bagel pizzas taste good and meet all the criteria of both bagel toppings and pizza bases. This snack is fun, but does it make it into the party?

Question 28

Will there be donuts?

Now in fairness, this is more of a traditional hockey snack, but who doesn't like having a few sweet options on their snack tray. Donuts are perfect in the fact that they aren't necessarily too sweet, and they can be enjoyed in both full size and mini versions. There is also a bunch of flavor choices and combinations to add to the variety of the table. Would they be a part of the party?

Question 29

Will there be rice crispy treats?

Rice crispy treats can be shaped into any design that the fan may want. This makes them a perfect addition to a snack table to add a little fun to the dessert portion of the game night. For this quiz assume these sweet treats are little basketballs. They are gooey and chewy, but some people think they are too messy. Will they be at the party?

Question 30

Will there be caramel corn?

Caramel corn has many of the same advantages as popcorn, but it adds an option of sweetness to the snack table that anyone can enjoy. For some real fun, people can combine handfuls of buttered popcorn, and caramel corn to make a delicious sweet and savory combination. It can also be enjoyed by itself. Will this be at the party?

Question 31

Will there be cookies?

There are so many different kinds of cookies that a fan can enjoy. They could go with classics chocolate chip, oatmeal, or sugar cookies, or they can add crazy toppings, strange add-ins, or unique recipes. Fans could even go with Oreos or thin mints. Cookies are one of the most diverse dessert snacks out there, and a plate of them makes a great anchor for any game. Would they be at the party?

Question 32

Will there be brownies?

Brownies are a classic dessert snack that works great for any game time event. Fans of sweet can enjoy them with or without nuts, and with or without toppings. They are at there best when they are gooey, but some even like them when they are a bit more dried out. Some fans don't see the big deal with brownies though. Would they be at the party?

Question 33

Will there be rice cakes?

When someone is looking to add a little bit of sweetness to a healthy snack table they may be hard pressed to find something that works. However many people add sweetening agents to rice cakes to quench a sweet tooth while staying healthy. Additions to these cakes can be fruits and healthy spreads like peanut butter. Would rice cakes be at the party?

Question 34

How 'bout some bubbly drinks?

This drink is probably going to find its way into every game day event. So this question isn't about whether or not it will be served, it's about the name of this beverage. More than most things the region people are born defines what a person calls this drink. It could be a cola, or a lemon-lime drink, but what is it pop, soda, or soda pop?

Question 35

Will there be punch?

Punch is another popular game day party drink. It can be used as a fun mixer, or it can be enjoyed all by itself. There can be a bunch of different versions ranging for tropical fruit mixes, to apple based versions of it. It is usually most enjoyed when there is a large party to consume it. Would this party beverage be on this game day?

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