Pick Or Pass On This Junk Food And Get A Movie To Watch Tonight

Traditional snack foods are little meals or quick handfuls worth of a bite that soothes the big-time hunger pains. But even though bite-sized carrots are fun healthy snack, you're not going find them on this quiz. Junk food is the kind of food we all love. We all have vices for a specific set of junk food. Salty potato chips, gooey chocolate, chewy fruit, and the cookies. Oh boy, the cookies. If you haven't ever felt like Cookie Monster, check your pulse then. Cookies are universal loved, even when they aren't filled with fortunes or creamy centers.

Like most other things our internet quizzes have to offer this quiz is all about the junk food we love so much. Heck, marriages have been forged or shattered based on our love of sweets. Salty, sweet, both; no matter how you like your snacks, we can determine what kind of movie you should watch tonight.

Do you like the comforting sensation of melting milk chocolate? The thirst-inducing deliciousness of Doritos? So, let’s play a game of "pick or pass" with the junk food on this quiz. At the end, we'll pick a movie for everyone to watch while chowing down the best snacks!

Question 1

Pick Or Pass On Popcorn

Peanut Butter and Jelly. Air Conditioning and relaxing. There are seldom combinations that go together better than going to the movies and getting popcorn. It's not exactly a state secret. The saltier the better, the more butter the better. The bigger the tub…you get the idea. No other popcorn will suffice for some. Don't even think about telling some people about those microwaveable bags.

Question 2

Pick Or Pass On Doritos

The crunch of a Dorito being bit into can turn several heads if loud enough. That's because the rich texture, flavor, and smell of one of the best chips on the market today. Over the years some more flavors have hit the market that go from mildly spicy to radioactive. But the original flavors are still the best. Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch - the debate rages on.

Question 3

Pick Or Pass On Pretzel Bites

To many, bread and cheese in any combination is nature's perfect food. Some of those combinations are here on this quiz. Like this one - soft pretzel bites. As movie theaters became slightly more upscale, this delectable snack became a stalwart of the film going experience. Include a package of nacho cheese dip and these will be done before the trailers are.

Question 4

Pick Or Pass On Chicken Fingers

There might not be a more versatile piece of junk food on this list. We all love chicken fingers, unless you're allergic to chicken. Chicken fingers with fries, chicken finger with veggies, chicken fingers on a sandwich or by themselves. Generally, it's just a choice of dipping sauce that's debatable amongst friends.

Question 5

Pick Or Pass On Snickers

Nougat, caramel, and peanuts all wrapped up in a creamy chocolate shell. What more could you want from a candy bar? How about the newer flavors of crunch and peanut butter? Their ad campaign really says it all - when you're hungry (or hangry), snickers will help cure the pangs of hunger. When you're not being yourself, a bite of a snickers will bring you back to Earth.

Question 6

Pick Or Pass On Junior Mints

A crazy next-door neighbor once asked “Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It's chocolate, it's peppermint, it's delicious…It's very refreshing.” In the popular episode of Seinfeld, the little piece of heaven even helped to save a life. In real life, the giant box that you can grab at the movies is just the kind of explosion that you need while you're on the edge of your seat.

Question 7

Pick Or Pass On Kit-Kat

While it is one of the most beloved candies out there, Kit-Kat bars are not that great on paper. A wafer, which tastes like cardboard to some dipped in chocolate. But someone had the right idea. Let's take this boring old wafer that people dip in their tea and coffee and give it not only a great flavor, but teaches kids to share as well, since you can share it with three other friends.

Question 8

Pick Or Pass On Butterfinger

Conversely to breaking off a piece of a Kit-Kat bar, nobody should be laying hands on one’s own Butterfinger. Only one candy was cool enough for Bart Simpson back in the day. The spikey-haired yellow kid had his friends and family lamenting their own food choices over this tasty peanut-buttery crunchy treat.

Question 9

Pick Or Pass On Oreos

How much junk food out there has more than one way to eat it that everyone has universally accepted? Opening a bag of chips upside down or sucking on a candy bar - those are just cries for help. But no one would think twice about twisting an Oreo in half to get to that creamy center. No one would stage an intervention if you just ate one whole. However, you eat your Oreos, you might just have friends asking for some.

Question 10

Pick Or Pass On Ruffles

Whether you like French or Sour Cream and Onion dip, the waviest and crunchiest of potato chips to use with said dip is the way to go. There are currently about 973 flavors of ruffles available ranging from classic to the works and they've even tried chocolate before too. But the classic or the cheddar and sour cream are definitely the way to go.

Question 11

Pick Or Pass On Gummy Bears

Before people started soaking these little guys in vodka, they were a perfectly fine treat for kids. But they only grew in popularity as adults cracked the code on how to get even drunker with these great gummies. One bag is generally all kids (or adults) need. But every so often some crazy snacker will try to devour a giant gummy bear in one sitting.

Question 12

Pick Or Pass On Cookie Dough Bites

Licking the bowl after mom just made a batch of cookies is one of the best childhood memories kids might have. Thankfully one of these kids got in their head to box up the gooey treats and market them for mass consumption. Now there's no need to lick the bowl and look like an animal. Just rip the box open, tilt your head back and drink in the cookie gooeyness.

Question 13

Pick Or Pass On Sour Patch Kids

While most of our favorite junk food tastes are salty and/or sweet, Sour Patch Kids go in a completely different direction. As the name implies, these little guys are sour. Even if you love SPKs, you're liable to look like you just ate a lemon when you eat these. But that's a great feeling when you bit into these gummy sour candies.

Question 14

Pick Or Pass On Pringles

Not only are Pringles an extremely durable and tasty chip. Not only can you not stop once you pop them open. But those cans are an iconic brand staple, too. The little tubes containing delicious, salty, confirming goodness. We all know someone whose ancestors lived through the depression and use Pringles cans as storage. Even better, someone you know has probably gotten their arm stuck in the can trying to get that last chip.

Question 15

Pick Or Pass On Twizzlers

Twizzlers are NOT red vines. While some do have their love of red vines, they're just not as useful. Twizzlers are edible straws. They come as little bubblers. They come as giant strips. They come in chocolate, they come in cherry. They even come dripping in nerds (nerds rope). You can even untwist Twizzlers into Red Vines.

Question 16

Pick Or Pass On Tostitos Scoops

We all love various dips, we all love various chips. We love dipping our various chips in our various dips. But the Tostitos company went completely ridiculous several years ago and changed the game with Scoops chips. No longer do we have to lose the massive amount of dip that we just swept up onto the chip. Now it sits firmly in the bowl of our Scoop. Thank you, Tostitos, for saving our dips and the stains we no longer have to scrub out of our shirts.

Question 17

Pick Or Pass On Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Chocolate in your peanut butter. Peanut butter in your chocolate. What could be better? How about two of them? Rather than one huge burst of the peanut butter/chocolate flavor, you get two amazing Goldilocks style “just right” morsels. But the real star of PBCs is definitely the bag of bite-size cups.

Question 18

Pick Or Pass On Hershey's Bars

Simple, elegant, effective. A Hershey’s bar is glorious in its presentation. It's a candy bar clipped into 12 smaller pieces that you break off and eat individually. Whatever trade secret the Hershey family used over a hundred years ago still works to this day. When you eat a Hershey's, you don't need all the bells and whistles that other sorts of junk food have.

Question 19

Pick Or Pass On Disco Fries

Take the saltiest, starchiest fries you love and drizzle to drench them in your favorite kind of cheese and bam! Disco fries are born. Its name deriving from the disco crowds ordering the dish from diners after dancing all night. With or without a side of gravy and bacon bits, Disco Fries is one the comfiest of comfort foods you'll ever eat.

Question 20

Pick Or Pass On Take Five

Milk chocolate, pretzels, peanut butter, caramel, and peanuts. It took over a millennium’s worth of tinkering and toying with creating junk food to realize that all five of these key ingredients and use their combined might to create the tasty morsel known as Take 5. The candy came out in 2004 and is always good for a quick burst of sugary energy.

Question 21

Pick Or Pass On Cheetos

“Oh, the stains of snacking humanity!” We've all known the joy of devouring a bag of cheesy goodness only to be slightly embarrassed at your orange-stained finger tips. Then food coma euphoria sets in licking the cheesy dust off those fingers. For a real kick, grab the jalapeno flavor and turn it up a notch.

Question 22

Pick Or Pass On M&Ms

M&Ms come in all sorts of flavors nowadays. Caramel, Peanut Butter, Pretzel; and of course classic peanut. Nothing beats those little morsels of crunchy, chocolatey bliss. There's a really good reason Homer Simpson drools all over himself for chocolate. It's probably because of how perfectly comforting M&Ms are.

Question 23

Pick Or Pass On Nestle's Crunch

Take some puffed up crispy rice and douse in chocolate and you have another long-standing junk food stalwart. Nestle’s Crunch bars were created in 1938 the same year as Hershey’s Krackel bar. But Crunch has been king more or less the entire time, it was even voted as such at least once several years ago.

Question 24

Pick Or Pass On Swedish Fish

Colorful, chewy fishies from Sweden is where this snack comes from. Swedish Fish claim to be fat free, but then you go and eat a whole bag of them. And then another, and maybe a few more. In some parts of the world, only the red ones are available. But there's also lemon-lime, purple, and several other colorful flavors available.

Question 25

Pick Or Pass On Skittles

Everyone knows those three little words - taste the rainbow. From the same company that gives us M&Ms, comes their sugary, fruity cousin - Skittles. All kinds of fruity, juicy flavors all bagged up into a package of flavorful explosion. As far as fruit snacks go, Skittles is probably the best.

Question 26

Pick Or Pass On Twix

Twix are awesome. Part creamy milk chocolate, part sweet caramel, and lately they're even a a peanut butter flavor as well. But the best part of Twix bars as we all know is that there are two of them. So after you devour the first one, there's another one not far behind.

Question 27

Pick Or Pass On Milky Way

In the land of beverages, the great divide is Coke or Pepsi. But in candy land, it's Snickers or Milky Way. For those of us who don't like peanuts, Milky Way is our choice for nougat, caramel, and chocolate. In some parts of the world, it even floats in milk, which kind of revolutionizes cereal forever.

Question 28

Pick Or Pass On Hershey's Kisses

That winning Hershey’s bar formula - nothing but milk chocolate. It sounds so simple, because it is. But that's also why they have been so successful. Hershey’s Kisses, has been another phenomenal treat for over 100 years! Kisses are the one of the few times where teardrops are tears of joy.

Question 29

Pick Or Pass On Cracker Jacks

Nearly forty years after baseball was created, they got their Cracker Jacks. Considered by some the world’s first junk food, Cracker Jacks debuted in 1896. A mix of caramel popcorn and peanuts in a box perfectly made for tipping it back and chugging on the snacks. Just don’t accidentally swallow the little prize inside.

Question 30

Pick Or Pass On Ice Cream Sandwiches

The world loves ice cream. The world loves sandwiches. The ice cream sandwich all over the world has all kinds of delicious variations. But the make-up is always the same. Delicious, refreshing ice cream squished between two wafers, biscuits, even two buns. If it’s bread of some sort and ice cream of some sort, it’s globally loved by all ages.

Question 31

Pick Or Pass On Milk Duds

It’s one of the movie theater’s most underrated snacks out there. Perhaps you’ve done the old poor man’s milkshake routine of taking a bunch and swigging on milk. Milk Duds are also the only time where “dud” is a good thing. Formerly made with cocoa butter, now made with a different recipe since Hershey’s bought the company, Milk Duds are still anything but a dud come Halloween.

Question 32

Pick Or Pass On Smarties

Smarties are for the people who don't want sweet chocolate all the time. The tarty smash of flavor that sends a big-time sugar rush to right to your brain. The little capsules are actually what Pez should taste like, it's just too bad that the sugary tarts don't have their own set of collectible dispensers.

Question 33

Pick Or Pass On Fun Dip

Only the zany folks who work for the Willy Wonka candy company could come up with this treat. The descriptive and simplistic name says it all - Fun Dip. They come in little pouches of various colors and flavors - cherry, grape, apple, or raspberry. The sugary powder makes your tongue whatever color you're eating. And you can even eat the Dip-Stick.

Question 34

Pick Or Pass On Candy Corn

Take the addictive qualities of fondant icing, mix them with marshmallow and pour them into teenie-tiny triangular molds and voila, Candy Corn becomes the bane of dentists everywhere. There might not be a soul on this planet who isn't addicted to eating heaping gobs of this stuff. If you do, get away from them, you don’t need that negativity in your life

Question 35

Pick Or Pass On Pizza

Cheese, bread, sauce. There's really not much better than this. There's a reason pizza is the only meal listed here. Because it doesn't matter what time of day, when your nose catches that familiar scent, there's no stopping your stomach and brain from demanding a slice or two. Or three. Or just eat the whole pie.

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